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Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Japan Released:1927/04 Bungeishunju Ltd.
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2014/11/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a drama set in Asakusa Temple (Asakusa Park) which now it is now possible to go to TX.

It was distinctive (?) That the scenes were separated every few lines, and it was distinctive (?) That such scenes were divided nearly 50, but while drawing the landscape of Asakusa Tomiichi as the title, the hero who was throwing himself The state of the boy was also drawn. I thought that I was walking with my father along the way, I thought if I could resume, it was a different person ... Well it was a situation that was probably good.

Scenery of one side such as a cashier, an artificial flower shop, a shooting shop etc is still ....... still on 2014 ... On the other hand,
You may have felt some nostalgic atmosphere, too. Every single scene was short because of its shortness ... but it was extraordinary .... It was the scenery of a photographer, the last one, that was particularly impressive. Although it was seen that the man and woman reflected in the photograph turned into an old man, it seemed like it was symbolizing the adolescent's anxiety about the future of the boy.

It seems that he did not seem to be able to hide the scene that he was quite able to do, and the result was somewhat relaxed if it says badly,
I was able to get back to the policeman and I was able to see my father properly at the end.
Ryunosuke had accomplished sleeping pills suicide as well known in July 1927 (Showa 2) four months after this work release, but in January of the same year a brother 's railway suicide incident also occurred Was there also a meaning of "testamentary" to his sons from Ryunosuke who had become a hint of suicide, even if I do not get lost, you do not get lost and firmly in your life Living me "You say, Ryunosuke's" conscience ". This work was also a minor one, but there were things that made me think variously like that. Evaluation is "good".