[Novel]Asai Nagamasa

Literature rank of 2001 Rank 87(No review)in 140 titles
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Noboru Nishi
PHP Institute
Japan Released:2001/11
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2006/03/13 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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Speaking of Asai's Chomisato, the shaved monthly fee is famous for its portrait of a characteristic (he is covered with a hat, but looks like Moro). In a certain big river drama which is currently on air, Mr. Nobunaga's younger sister Nobunaga was supposed to have married to the city, but there is also a theory of 1563 during capture about marriage. Either way, when the Oda family and alliance changed the fate of his greatly, when Nobunaga attacked Mr. Asakura who was bad on a regular basis,
Father who was pinpin while retiring, originally Oda Oda, pushed by Hisashi's assertion,
I challenged the battle that would go along the way to extinction with the Oda family and I lost it,
The second daughter of Jiang later gave birth to the Tokugawa shogunate third shogunate light and the late Kotobuko who was married to Emperor Tsumidao, and the Princess who was born during that time became Megumi Emperor over the other Prince and became a loser of history Even,
"The ambition of Choshinaga" (which can also be called "Nobunaga's hope") could have been fulfilled and unexpectedly rewarded .........
Actors who played such a thing are recently remembered in Kusanagi Hideyoshi and Mr. Kinya Kitadeoji,
That was a bit too old, was not it ............. Perhaps it was better for you to invert the cast with Fujiki Nen, Nobunaga who did not match at all ... ... ........

It is one of Nobunaga's losers who can make life thinking in various ways with Mr. Hisahide Matsunaga. He.