[Novel]Arifureta Fukeiga

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Asano Atsuko
Japan Released:2006/08
Japan Released:2009/04/10(Fri)
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2015/10/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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For them, as usual, even with "ordinary landscape paintings"
It seemed like a youth from us who had good and bad strange feelings too.

It was a hero's brilliantly heard that he just robbed his boyfriend just by talking to a part-time worker at a flower shop, but I think that the character of Shoko that she encountered immediately was not bad. As if you were talking really to the crow,
There was an exquisite contrast with its beauty. Although I have a good, bad and hard-to-regret atmosphere, I actually became friends with Ruri, but it may not be constructive to declare others as "ahayou" certainly being captured by strange stereotypes not.

Well, the author who wished to have borrowed characters that appeared to themselves was not so bad, but the rest of the people are. The mother of Ruri and Kirara, Mayumi is a representative example of those who were captured by such stereotypical idea, truly a daughter (she is a sister of a ruler)
If you think of things, if you can not be pointed back to people, you should have let the daughter do what you want to do, and if you do not have it, support it as if you are supposed to be loyal parent and child love Is not it? Although Kira certainly had a place to say too much,
It was also impossible to get angry, and in the end I could see the fact that my father, who was making a mistress, was not the person I was thinking, but I was able to see the squashed figure, but how to play or draw my family insufficient. Ruling of the hero That person also said, "It is because there was a problem also in the lapis that can make strange rumors." It was drawn how to do, but I could not see any definite description that makes me think so Tashi, it was impossible to convince you. A part-time job clerk's older brother, too,
Surely my sister who did not hang around with my friends may have been such a personality character as if I could not show off like my own existence, but I do not like it, but I do not like it, but I am going out with myself and going out with myself My brother who was convenient was also my brother.
Looking at the tragedy of an older woman who was pressed for repression and was killed, that kind of "pain"
Whether or not I knew it was also subtle, but it may be a place I wanted her to follow up a little more.

Lastly I went on a trip with Izumo and I went on a trip and it is good to know that I can not prejudice it, but I say it is lily or not. It was funny and strange, but somehow the style of this author is half dark and grim. Although it was a little more astounding in this work, the point of "?" Such as how to conclude the transition and the consolidation, etc. was awaited and I could not make emotional imports. Evaluation is "bad".