[Novel]Aozora no kanon koukuu jieitai chuou ongakutai note

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Fukuda Kazuyo
Maiko Ogawa
Japan Released:2013/02/15(Fri) Novel Houseki
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1. http://www.kobunsha.com/shelf/book/isbn/9784334928704 (Translation)
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2014/03/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Kazuyoshi Fukuda says "to space" and likes the subject's eyes.
Previously read "To the universe" was a protagonist who worked on a track elevator, but in this work it is a female self-defense officer belonging to the music team of the Air Self Defense Force.The main character of Yoshinori Naruse.
Although it often appears in the events of the Self-Defense Forces when it is called a music corps, there are also things that you do not know at all what what you are doing with what kind of unit what unit is usually doing,
It is tasty inside editing twice with only one volume that you can tell the story of mystery flavor and the activities of the music corps.

The content is fairly light. With the impression that it was released in Media Works Bunko etc., honestly, burns if you expect the reality content full of fresh and vibrant music corps.
The story itself is interesting, but I think that people feel boring with mediocrity. It is one of the weaknesses that basically seems to be only something you saw somewhere.
The point that "this is the book" is weak. That is the main weakness of this book. The point of focus is interesting but if you are asked if it is a story that is a music corps, you can only say NO.
Even if it is not a trouble to purposely be a music party, for example, a talk can be made sufficiently even with a strong brass band.
Besides, "There are many books of mystery flavor, there are a lot of elaborate hands and elaborate novels, so do not bother to read this novel ..." I'm thinking about reading.
It is rude to the writer, but I feel sad because it seems so.

The greatest strength of this book is "point of view of the subject".
We can tell stories of music corps activities that we have not been able to know about so many things, and we can learn fun with touch.
As I wrote earlier, expecting reality burns but what kind of activity is that activity and what kind of everyday life are you sending?
In such a doubt, there is not written such a detailed thing compared with the Mook book of 5 to 600 yen lined up at the shop front of the bookstore,
It's more fun and fun to read than Muke when reading books.
Personally, I like the story of the very first "Gilgamesh Symphony". The score of the Gilgamesh symphony that had disappeared from the warehouse,
An incident occurred in which a concert was sent from a mysterious person in a postal mail a day awaiting. As Kanon and his colleagues look it up, you will know the past sad separation.
To the end it is a mystery "flavor", so if you are a person who loves authentic mystery, although the content will be readable immediately, this handsome friendship is pretty weak.
In that respect, though, "Bell of Civilization Enhancement" can not be abandoned, he intends to propose "Gilgamesh Symphony".
It is because it is the first story after opening the cover, but it was because the story was impressive to what mind.

Somewhat, I do not know whether I like this book or not because I write a sentence.
Indeed, there is no appeal that people want to recommend this book. I have read several interesting books.
But it was pleasant and pleasant to read, and I understood somehow even if the music corps did not go to "tsu".
Although I wrote that there is no appeal, it may be a book that is attractive somewhere anyway.
Of course I would not recommend it, but it was an ideal book to read in time to kill.