[Novel]Aoi tokeidai

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Mimei Ogawa
Japan Released:1914/06
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2016/01/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Was it a short story of romantic fantasy painting with a good link with a girl who grew up with both mind and body, as well as "memories of that day? This work.

Sayako the hero was a setting that he liked to look outside, but certainly there was no further development of traffic as much as it was in the past, even the range of action is limited and even if there is only so much fun it is impossible I guess that was not the case.
So what a mysterious tone from a distant town, what is it? Although it could be said that it was inevitable that he was interested also because it is a vigorous age of curiosity ... ...

It seems that the skill of depicting the blue timepiece and the landscape, which had also become a title, shone.
I think that the mysterious beauty was felt, although it was still quiet (?) I could forget a lot of annoying things. In the building where the clock tower was, it seems that the old man and three girls were happily living, but unfortunately it did not last forever. Everyone can not escape from the fate of death, secretly keeping the gold coins in the safe so that they can leave them to their daughters when something happens to themselves, Although I said that there is nothing that does not change, strong parent and child love among them does not change to the end,
It seemed that he was also giving salvation, while also feeling unnatural feeling again.

After all, I think that I was probably happily married with another guy, this time .......
However, did such an impression also suggest that this Sayako climbed the stairs from a girl to an adult woman within a short distance? She would also have lived happily and happily forever, as well as the daughters who lived in a building with this clock tower after that, overcoming such impermanence, but the evaluation is "good".

2015/03/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is one of Ogawa Miki's fairy tales.
Even in his fairy tale with a lot of dark works, it is a work that nostalgic and dark are successfully connected.
Personally I would like to recommend this place than "red mermaid and candle" which is said to be a masterpiece work.

This work has become a story which grasp "sound heard from somewhere" from the child's point of view.
When I was a child I can not go far away by myself. It is because it is decided "Do not go far away", because there are no means of transport as much as a bicycle. Even in the city of Japan, there are quite a lot of information on the sound of bells that can be heard in the evening, the sound of kerosene sales, and the vocal tone around that.
So, what exactly is that sound, go out and actually check it ... The story of this work.

When I say it, there is a Western-style house where there are sisters like luxurious living.
Looking at it, Sayako of the hero feels something. It seems fun, I guess it feels somewhat lonely.
It seems that I also read it from music, and after I actually came there, I remembered something.
The color sensation that glittering things such as jewels, watches, and rings are reflected in the evening is somewhat lonesome as well.

Eventually, I saw that three girls seemed to have lost my father, and somewhere I miss the story closes the curtain.
It was certainly a fairy tale that was behind a beautiful and strange tone, but there is still a painful reality.
Among the three daughters who dance happily, there are a lot of sad events ... It is a story of a girl who knew such a thing (is it that the beautiful dancing three girls are supposed to be married ...).
Finally, in the end, after seeing that the house looking like a fun has lost her husband, she looks at becoming a seller and makes a lonely way to finish.

So, it is dark. Still nostalgic.
I could not get an example of Ogawa Miki's fairy tale, which also ends with the ending "Actually ... that looked gorgeous ..." but it is still interesting as a girls experience anywhere.
Since it was not a polite tone suddenly in the last two lines, there is sense of incompatibility as punctuation as sentences, is not it a difficult point?

Evaluation is "good".
As a matter of fact, we can never soak and soak up "mysterious sound" from the clock tower again.
The reality is not going to be a fairy tale, and there is something to be done someday.