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Mimei Ogawa
Japan Released:1925/01 Akaitori
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2016/02/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3668 Host:3475 Browser: 5213
"Bonds and friendships that are connected, even if they are separated, they are not cut off"
I wonder what I wanted to say, in this work.

The main character Masao boy is supposed to meet a transfer student who was a girl, and those people are easy to be bullied now and again, but she is unfortunately not an exception,
Masao was also involved in that bully. However, it seems that the roots were not a bad child only when the transfer student 's mother got into the room and regretted about it, it was shed somehow around.

Regretfully, let me stop bullying, but it seems that I did not receive any retaliation, but from the above-mentioned ride scenes, the house of Masao is something like a company executive, a politician or a powerful house Although such a back horn was not drawn much, it seems that a child of a transfer student had already been a deceased mother-child family, this time at the end of the Taisho era when this work was announced, a tougher home It was not difficult to imagine what was in the environment,
It was a moment that I spent my days as a friend.

Have my mother's parents house been there, have you relied on? "Moving to a distant country"
It seems I had it, but I could not have forgotten those days for a while.
Put all the blue buttons you got in cherish forever to yourself .....
It was a mistake that did not come.

Two of three were given to a man on a train and a man who sells goldfish who seemed to have traveled countries as well, but the probability that one of them will meet this transfer student either seriously depends on the survival rate of the sea turtle's baby (0.02%) would be better than that. However, it is still not zero, I would like to go see a distant country where the transfer student lives sometime someday ...... Who can laugh at "feeling" that would be the case?

I would like to try traveling seeking somewhere far away ... somewhere ... It might be a piece of a short story with romantic and heartwarming things that makes me feel like that. Evaluation is "good".

2015/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6007 Host:6052 Browser: 5173
It is one piece of Ogawa Miki's fairy tale, which is a piece drew a short touch with a foreign girl and hope for reunion.
Well, well, it was a romantic drama, although not far from fairy ticks, the blackness was relatively suppressed.

Well, girls from other countries are in the class, but as we all gradually began teasing the child, the hero's boy will stop to stop it from a bit of a chance.
That properly stops bullying and makes friends with girls. So I got a button, but it is a girl with a very polite tone.
So the girl will go somewhere before I know it, but I feel like relying on three buttons, each one having a hope to meet you someday.
Clearly, I do not feel like getting on a train or selling a goldfish, I feel like I got it by myself, and since the world is wide, I do not know whether I can hope for a reunion with a button degree as a landmark, so the aftertaste is very good I do not mean that.

By the way, what does "country" mean in this work? If it is a sense of this era, Westernization will proceed, it is supposed to be beyond the ocean as we think about "country" as Japan and France in such units. Can I find a train ride?
This girl Mr. Mizuno is supposed to have come from abroad, is not she a Japanese? It is not written about appearance and I do not know what kind of country it was in the past, is not his name but real name?
At first, we associate Korea quickly from the characteristics of the fox, but if you think about it from the time of 1925, it is impossible for Korea to become an exotic country, and well that era era is also necessary in that neighborhood .
Or, originally, this is a fantasy world, there is somewhere in the land and another country, is there also a Japanese name used in that setting? It is not well understood.

Evaluation is "good".