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Lucy Maud Montgomery
Muraoka Hanako
Outside Japan :Released:1908
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2011/11/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I read it when I was an elementary school student. It is still one of my most memorable masterpieces.
Ann is taken as an orphan to the brother-sister's house Mashu and Marilla, but Mashu and Marilla are confused by Ann's coming. Actually, I wanted a boy who took two years to replace, but the girl Ann came from the irregularity of contact with the orphanage. The complaint that exploded Ann's feelings at this time has her steadfast feelings oozing out. After all, Ann will live under the two of us.
Anne has a complex in his hair, he loves chatting, he is smart and gentle and trusted by everyone with honest personality in myself. Although it will cause various problems afterwards, I graduate from school with outstanding grades, and I am reconciled with Gilbert, who was fighting with each other, and it ended.
Ann 's line is very long, it is also a symbol of talkative love, and some of the guys may feel somewhat disgusted, but some people who are intelligent, clever and gentle with their complex in their body Personality should be the admiration of girls all over the world.
Evaluation is "highest!" Even so, the evaluation column of this site's novel is only a light novel and classics and modern literature are too sad. It's not bad to read a light novel, but if you have the opportunity I would like you to mention pure literature.

2011/11/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A girl named Anne Shirley is of course also attractive, but I think that it will be a rich landscape depiction of Prince Edward Island in Canada. And this is also a depiction that the author could love her hometown deeply and know the charm of the island to every corner.

The lakes scattered around the island and the shine of the lake surface. Wild cherry blossoms with majestic kindness, lined avenue of apple that lasts long. This rich nature and the endless imagination of Ann are tied together, and it is warmest that you can feel the rich feeling like a girl who has no depth, such as "Kagayaku Lake" "Queen of Snow" "White Road of Joy". And by reading, her story like this, I will stare at the four seasons of Prince Edward Island which the author loved while pursuing growth ...

I think that such a nature and authors Montgomery 's abundant expression expression power creates what it is a work called "Anne of Green Gables".

2010/10/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Ann is an attractive Ann and friend relationship of Gilbert

[Bad point]
It may be a pattern often as a story that the relationship between Ann and Gilbert is the present era

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a masterpiece, since it reads as a child, the evaluation is not very high. It was not so dramatic a story that I was not attracted so much. I just read about middle school, so I could understand that Ann is an attractive girl to a certain extent.

The scenes that I remember well remember Gilberd, a friend who will be friends without being rooted, although being struck with a painful response to Ann angered by Gilbert. Gilbert who thought that it would be a burning fire, but he thought it was a mischievous was not a boy who would rather be reluctant to retaliate with a boy like a young man. It is natural for now, but it was fresh because I could not create such a boy like such a young man at that time without having read too much such as girls' manga. There was a quarrel like fighting until reconciliation, but this became the source of understanding again. It was later that we knew that it was a typical Boy Meets Girl. It was fresh at that time, but now it reminds me of a funny relationship.

There were other scenes where Ann seemed to be attractive, but I forgot it for a long time ago. At that time I had no immunity in girls' cartoons I remember reading the two who are completely losing the charm of this relationship and becoming lovers in the sequel.

At first it was only fighting but I felt it was the red head in the pattern that I felt it was the first time I saw it in the pattern to become good friends later.

2010/05/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Matthew and her sister Marilla who do not like me (or rather female phobia) asks for help because I need help, but I ask you to give the baby to the orphanage, but a girl with red hair and a mistake came to Mathew, The name is "Ah," a bright girl who likes talking and has quite a fancy habit and loves romantic things of a dreamer. However, because manpower is insufficient, what should I say to Marilla who wanted a boy? How can Mashu get in trouble, but I can not tell the truth to Ann 's brightness. Anne by saying that the real surprise is Marira will get cry to know the real situation. But Anne in the intercession of Matthew is to be the family of Matthew and Marira.
Anyway a variety of things happens A lot of things happen Different friends Diana made a drink of currant juice mistakenly made drunk and made drunk or walked on the roof with a nuisance to the provocation of a girl, falling feet I broke the bones or put a pastor's couple at the tea ceremony and handmade "layer cake" with mistake as a vanilla essence and put "analgesic" (because there was no bottle containing analgesics, so vanilla Marilla put it in a bottle of a bottle, but Ann did not understand because of a cold then at that time) In addition, he had a complex in red hair and it had a bad fight with Gilbert, It has been done and the color of the hair has become green rather than "crow 's wet color", and Marira has made it short, and lost many childish mistakes many times You. However, when becoming an adult, the number of talks is few, and even in the village, she will be elongated to an excellent girl, becoming an important existence for Mashu and Marilla. Finally, Mr. Mashu said that "Men 's better this guy was" was passed on to the anonymous Ann that visited Anne visit "It is more than a dozen boys better is it for us to say that much'm important "...
, Mashu suddenly collapsed and became a nonsenseman, the bank which deposited money was crushed, the heart stopped from the shock.
Although their grief seemed to be crushed heavily, Ann was going to be a teacher of a distant town to support Marilla, but I am surprised by the word "I was happy to work at Avonly" by my neighbor's aunt He had persuaded the Board of Education so that Gilbert could cross each other and work Ann with Aborie. Two people will finally reconciled is possible.
This series does not have to look only early I would like to also see continued if there is an opportunity so pretty.
Personally I like scenes, Mushyu noticed that Anne is more relaxed than other children 's anxiety, "I noticed that only sleeves of her child's clothes are not inflated" Marilla is a type that respects functionality I knew that I was not wearing clothes that were fashionable to Anne, but I also liked the scene that Anne is very pleased to have clothes made by my aunt in the neighborhood.

2009/09/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 29314 Host:29044 Browser: 5774
Anne said, "A girl who talks as water flows" (from "Anne's friend")

Exquisite balance between practical muddy reality and the depiction of glittering dreams that Ann sees.

Anne of Green Gables was in series, so when it first announced 'Anne of Green Gables', it was so fun that Montgomery was prompted by the reader to write a continuation.

However, the very first "red green Anne" is still the most interesting.


As the series goes down, the Christian sermon emphasizing human good will become stronger.

It seems that it seems that Christian doingness has been increased.

If Christian faith aims to bring warm lights that are heartwarming to the hearts of people like fireplaces on the winter day,

Even if it is not a sermon from the pulpit, it invites the glow that makes the reader's heart believe in human good will,

The story of "Anne of Green Gables" full of Anne 's good intentions, dreams and hopes is just that, I think there is a value for more than a sermon.

It does not have the feeling that it is preached to what you listen, it infiltrates profound and rich sermons,

I feel a clever tussle with Mentomel's excellent celestial teacher.

The "Anne of Green Gables" series is not just a story that is common in children's books, childlike lively energizes adults' dull heart,

Life, meal, nature, life, death .... Montgomery Insight to deeply rich psychology of human beings who live out of their own lives,

It is also an excellent awareness crafting one side that notices the richness of life.

The stage of the world view is the hometown of the author Montgomery, Prince Edward Island of Canada, Avonlea.

The main character of the story The stage where Anne is active is the house of green roof, the house where Mashiru and Marilla live in Green Gables, and old brothers live.

I think that Anne of Green Gables has become the prototype of every girl story after that.

Rather than being rich in fantasy and imagination, Ann is beyond the reality of the world as it is today and the reality of human beings, presenting far higher ideals and beauty of heaven above the earth.

I read and understood the complete translation, but I think that it reflected Montgomery's faithful Christianity philosophy.

In the avonly until Anne comes, two elder brothers and sisters who are old and single, rumors like pinging neighbors, cranky people, orphans,

In other words, people who are not so different from the current human pattern are alive.

Montgomery there, Ann, throwing the existence that colors the fantasy color in reality makes the world richer, human beings are rewritten better.


At first, since An orphan Ann was mistaken for a boy and Mashie and Marila got it,

An eccentric marsh and Marilla feel that something like Annoyance that opens the heart and interacts with people in Ann who can open up and open my heart,

The appearance that changes little by little is natural and delicate.

There are also places where Ann is just a noisy but basically Ann is mistaken for this orphan,

I always have the danger and transience that I am allowed to stay here.

The loneliness and loneliness of "children without parents" that glance over and over in the shadow of An that always looks full of energy,

As I did not like the name Ann and created the name Cordelia, unless I do a self-directed production called "Energetic Ann"

Shadow hints that we could not bear the harsh reality, it is not the hero of a childhood story without shadows at all, while having dangerousness and fragility,

I think that the richness of Ann 's spiritual growth that overcomes dangerousness and transience by imagination, fantasies and human good will and faith is wonderful.

Ann is not just a noisy or rather an instability of the existence that I am allowed to stay here,

As fluctuations seem to be appearing in a relaxed relationship with surrounding reality and seeing as a figure of a talented child with an unstable heart,

It seems that reality seems to be rather rather seen from modern times where most children are unstable in heart and suddenly psychiatric.

So that Anne does not know realities' hardships and is not just a fancy lover of naivety,

A number of stories such as fairytales such as Montgomery's fantasy poles inserted casually in beautiful poems and sentences like Montgomery's scattered jewels or in writing,

I think that it is a work that rewrites the reality to a more ideal world, to an ideal human being because it knows only the realistic reality of reality, not real reality.

Montgomery was very practical and realistic seen from the end of the work,

There are places where it seems to impose oneself that it is practical and realistic rather than just fancy,

In addition, I think that it is a work that tried to fly by the imagination and imagination on the reality rather than burying in the figure which is not more than the reality of reality.

A beautiful work by antique class goods, the beauty of polite life depiction, nature depiction.

Or rather, I think that time was human beings spending time on their lives and carefully living.

I think that it is surely the time when human beings are not separated from nature, the time when nature 's rhythm and breathing were together.

Now can not know anymore, the world has no speed of the car and no speed of the TV,

I feel the world where the speed of the horse-drawn carriage and the rumors of the people flow in time that was the speed of information exchange.


It was probably seen on that day, Montgomery admired Ann all of a sudden, breathtaking in the beauty that the sun rises and the sun sets,

Dawn the world with various luxurious and spectacular coloring in spring, summer, autumn, winter, ecstatic time to be happily drunk like holding flowers around the world,

Nature that worked with human beings, just being there, feeling a world that is alive and lively, that is, trees, flowers, sun, rain, snow, wind, earth,

It smells the fragrant fragrance in the forest, the fields and the garden where flowers bloom, together with a part of the nature surrounding the table, the hair, the clothes, the sign of love,

Time to arrange the moment of life with flowers ... ...

Such time is once there, and now it is like a pressed flower in one page of a book that nobody reads,

When I see words in the story that only those memories of time are bound, I am aware of something the current human beings have definitely lost, something frightening.

Ann's, Montgomery's ability to decorate the reality is too beautiful,

It is hesitant to go back to the brutality of the real outside of fiction, the end of the lost time, brutality.

A record of memories that can only be preserved in words by the time that can not be seen anymore, the flow of the times, the beautiful things seen there, stories.

To the present human who can not live at the speed of a horse-drawn car, it is impossible for us to see, hear, to smell,

Time to decorate life from morning glow, sunset, stars, wind, flowers ...

"Anne of Green Gables" is a specimen box of poetry and words, which preserves something lost in the story in the course of getting something contemporary.

A sample box in which hope and dream for human beings and dreams are bound, which can not be seen in modern times.

Anne, Montgomery 's Christian faith always makes hope with its imagination.

But the characters ideally created for Christian faithfulness and better than real people,

Both the past, the present and the future, human beings have never been made into ideal roads by stories,

As it is not ideal in reality, it seems to be a disproof that it is only good in fiction,

"Anne of Green Gables" seems to be a beautiful dream that Montgomery saw "if the reality was this"

The more beautiful you are beautiful, somewhat sad, it seems you will lose sight of the reality and you will be scared.

It may have been easy to come true not only with faith but also with hope of believing in human good will and goodness with imagination and imagination,

I read a modern era as a fairytale of the lost era in which there was a close community,

Hope, like good faith and good faith and faith and dreams no longer pass in this world,

From the fear of the reality of the world I can not know what kind of injury I would have if I deflected my eyes with dreams and hopes that are unpredictable,

It may be fear and sadness that reminds me of being prepared for it.

Beyond idealizing humanity with religion, it is the fact that the joy of living in the story is given to the fact that the world is a beautiful proof,

It is the beauty of nature that Anne reaches the extreme of euphoria.

However, in modern times, you can not live without having sealed in front of the public body, the large imagination and imagination like Ann,

Even the beauty of nature that fulfilled Anne's fantasy power was not allowed for modern people.


As in Ann, when we believe human ideals and believe in human goodness with good intentions like modern times, it is not surprising that life is being compromised by life,

Anne's constant talking and restless behavior, in place of villagers who enrich their hearts with Ann, now "by good citizens"

It may be trapped in ADHD or lyricism habit or disease name and isolated from "healthy reality" as one to be corrected.

In the present age, it is unstable that human imagination deviates from reality, imagination is confined and confined to the reality of reality,

It is considered "healthy" and "normal" only when it is within the fixed concept of reality.

If psychiatry was introduced to Avonlei as modern as it is today, Ann was trapped in disease name,

It may have been isolated to be corrected as harmful.


"I am seen like this by others" "The other person is such a human being", "The reality is such a thing is not easy to move"

From the side of this line of confrontation that is self-defensive in the shell of prejudice and stereotypes, people constantly see imagination and imagination, which is more beautiful than reality,

Gaining courage in the power of good intentions, dreams and hope, breaking down the shell that keeps himself confident in the prejudice of myself and the other's heart,

Beyond the reality bound heart, it becomes widespread and richly warm, becoming a medium to let love pass through human heart.

I think that this role in which the role of the mediator like Christ in the past is Ann Shirley in the story and the story of Anne Shirley was written.

The reality is that human beings will be wrecked in any age and may be brutal.

A young man who is an orphan, a young man with limited career, a race with each other, a rumor, a neighbor who has a wicked heart, an eccentric old man,

Strangers of "oddbreads", a stranger to the strangers, turning to the stranger to strangers,

What I can see under the glittering description is the human pattern of a narrow village society in such a rural Canadian country known as Avonley.

But Montgomery introduced Mr. Ann Shirley into the story, temporarily pausing to see the reality under the name of Ann as it is,

Imagine it is more wonderful than the reality of now, his name is Cordelia instead of Anne, fantasizing,

By rewriting his spirit from hard pain that Anne does not move, by creating fiction that is more beautiful than reality,

As we fought with reality as it is, the story "Anne of Green Gables" is always cruel and frightening reality,

It might be a story to encourage the fighting spirit of girls fighting with imagination and imagination.


People still say imagination is the ability to form an image.

However imagination is the ability to "distort" the image provided by perception,

It is the ability to release us from the basic image and to change the image, even if it is decided.

In the human mind, imagination is just the experience of disclosure, it is nothing but the experience of newness.

The imagination characterizes human psychological phenomena than any other performance.

As Blake stated, "imagination is not state but human survival itself."

People go to God through mediation of imagination.

Human beings are saved from this world of crashed mistakes when human beings become one body of God,

The process and means there are in imagination, finally all human beings become one eternal body,

In other words, when unifying with God, it is itself a fulfillment of imagination.


"You have all the things you do in your own breasts, the sky, the earth and your eyes.

It seems to be on the outside, but in the imagination of yours, inside.

This world of mortals is just that shadow. "

"New person, eye-to-eye" Kenzaburo Oe

2008/09/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29983 Host:29908 Browser: 8090
[good point]
Favorite and stubborn places are empathetic and friendly,
Always positive and always striving to be an object of Ann that can be the subject of longing.
Descriptions of accessories, food, landscapes are delicate.
There are human tastes with only the characters whose characters are likely to be true.

[Bad point]
Anne 's fancy is lumpy and I can not keep up with it.
There is no element that men are pleased with.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I felt wonderfulness of modest happiness with melancholy for the simple living of people.

2008/01/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
This year is a masterpiece with world famousness that seems to be planning various events among fans because it is the 100th anniversary of publication (writing a few years ago).
Although it is not limited to this work, it is based on the experiences of the child's own time of the author himself that it is based on the information society that it is the same as saying from an earnest interview on the subject to create a good work Williams of this work are still and unique characters with reality which was central.
(However, Montgomery seems to have been frustrated when asking for sequel of readers 〓〓〓a big hit of this work.
The gap between consciousness of such readers and writers is also unchanged from the present age)

Just a bit, if you give a character that is not enough reality, Gilbert. Price.
Until the Shirayuri Hime case, a woman who exhorts just that abusive word to the benefactor of life even if it gives up a hundred steps
(I misunderstood Diana getting drunk, I had my life done with May life!)
I think desiring from this is the natural psychology as a person. Nonetheless he continued to embrace the thoughts of Ann, and when she declined the scholarship, he handed over his teaching job and took over the burden, "I wonder if this will forgive my old mistakes" It is a romanticized line that makes embarrassing who is listening to 'Anne' s position to say thank you and saying, "We are just destined to become friends, you were against that fate" I am saying that.
Marilla says which side is "Price man who has strong self-esteem and can not lower his head to people".

It is inevitable on the story that the hero is motivated to some extent But if a woman who seriously thinks about Gill comes out, the attitude that passed Anne's stubbornness and stubbornly and unburned would have got angry.
Why did Gilbert begin to like a woman who hits a lithograph on his head?
It is probably because the intellectual level is antagonistic and it seems that the talk is going well, but Gilbert has a sense of being attracted to him just because Ann was a woman who could hit a lithograph.
For him who is handsome and popular with girls and has been forgiven for laughing even if they make a mischief, Anne Shirley 's response is a considerable culture.It is no doubt that it was a shock.
Although this does not mean that he woke up to the masochist (although he does not deny its possibility)
You might have fascinated the strength of self-esteem as Ann's glimpse of this matter.
Conversations between Ann and Diana and women's suffrage rights come out in the works
(Although it finally has a family) Ann is drawn as a self-standing "new woman" and Gilbert is a character prepared to respect such individuality of Ann.

In a novel or a manga drawn by a male writer, a lady reader sometimes seems to have a lively heroine like a head wearing a "such a convenient woman?" This work is exactly the opposite.
Personally it is a nice guy, but Matthew was more favorable than Gilbert who was somewhat lacking in reality? "Eagle is better than a dozen boys, Ann is better, he is a girl who took Avery, a girl who boasts of Eagle"
I think that this word and the reader who likes this scene best is other than myself.
For Gilbert to reach the area of 〓〓〓〓〓arsh with an undecoratable inclusive capacity, further advancement was necessary ....

2007/10/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1042 Host:821 Browser: 7322
Since there is no item of the sequel, I will put a rating on the whole series
(Ah ... if you look closely there were a couple of them ... well oh well).

First of all, there is a charm scheme of Montgomery's works as "a beautiful personality but individuality> mediocre personality beauty".
If it is an old tale, beautiful personality is good and umami is mean, so that is fine.
In reality, it is not only that, but it depends on social status, money they have, belonging to, and so on.

That's why the biggest success point of this work is that Anne of the heroine is an orphan, not being related by relatives.
Ann is neither a beauty nor a high social position, so we truly gain the place in society with our own power.
As you go through the series, you can see how Ann grows.
The process of Ann grasping the hearts of many people is also natural.

Well, Montgomery did not disturb the popularity of the Annual series, or consistently break the charm scheme.
Looking at the settings of other works, the setting of Ann is still outstanding.

I like it very much, but I do not think I want to buy it, why?
So, I can not afford the highest, but considering various works and other works of the author, it will be "very good".

2007/10/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10534 Host:10740 Browser: 4184
Recently, Shueisha posted a biography for children (care of husband who was depressed, son who served in war etc, painful of the later years was painfully painted.) It is also masterpiece of Ms. Montgomery. There is no one who does not know.

Ann has quite a complex in his appearance and it can not easily be changed, but I understand that feeling,
The scenes which got strongly repaid to the gilbert boy who was teasing were still strong impact. But, at the end, I was able to make up and it was a good place to say. Even gentle Matthew and initially had pregnant with Anne,
My younger sister who gradually began to open my mind was also a supporting character who had a good taste.

When I remember this work, I think I would like to go to Canada where majestic nature remained again, but I was not as impressed as to be able to empathize to Anne ah well, so the evaluation is "ordinary" like an animated version.