[Novel]Ankoku Douwa

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Syueisya Bunko
Japan Released:2001/09
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2008/08/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A work filled with Kurosa. Because it is a long film, I feel a little feeling of Gudaguda, but still it is the first one. It was a story that I was worried about reading. The last is also very excellent. I thought it was Naruhodo.

2008/04/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is the second time for me to read Novel's novel. As usual, it shows a grotesque description of a horror exposed.
First of all, before you evaluate this work, what you want to say is that those who have physiological disgust with grotesque or cruel depiction,
Do not recommend reading. It is painful for the reader who reads the cold on the spine with expressions such as "to gouge out the eyeballs" or "to take out the internal organs", but it is not painful just because the tolerance has endured.
The goodness scattered in this work must also be canceled by aversion.

Well, this work that the story develops like a mystery. I was asked if it was a mystery,
Were they structured to be able to answer with confidence that "Yes, that's right".
Mystery is an unlimited creation of situations close to reality, I think that readers will enjoy the unrealistic "murder" relaxedly. Old mountain lodge, uninhabited island, rural mansion living in a rich man. A place can be anywhere.
A large-scale trick that can not be realized. Separately it is also interesting.
However, there should be something in such a mystery that one draws "draw the things that can happen in reality".
For example, if there was a work of punchle saying "The criminal was slipped through the wall, so it was possible for a closed room murder", he would definitely buy the reader's antipathy. Turning our eyes on this work here, I will be stunned by anything anywhere in the world.
"We live without fuselage only" and "Men and women who share the same body", and this is a medical level of the centuries. For those who like mystery, I do not feel much like that.
Furthermore Miki's identity does not have much unexpectedness and may not be able to betray the reader.

Then, reading this work, it is not quite so if it says whether it was boring. Rather, I enjoyed it very much.
I think that the factor is that I did not capture this work as a mystery.
The main character of this work is a girl who lost memory, but what about trying this work as her growing story?
Until she lost her memory she was an honor student who would do everything perfectly as a genius.
It changes completely after the accident. Everyday every day compared to myself in the past.
Such a way of drawing inferiority complex of her is very fine and bold.
Furthermore, I am concerned about what I am going to become when I get back to memory.
There are so many stories that there are no memories to sweep away, but it is not only Mr. Oda that the person who incorporated the relationship between memory and personality into the story so far.
And she became friends with the owner of the eyes through the eyes of others and was able to establish a friendly relationship with the owner 's stakeholders.
The closing ends with her single personality whose character has returned. It is a sad last that shows that myself has already gone, but as you can see from the content of that single story,
It is felt that her action which lost memory was not in vain.

I believe that the charm of this work is not just a mystery of a top face, it may be said that it is the hero itself.

2006/12/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48665 Host:48670 Browser: 6287
It was pretty grotesque. It made me feel that it was nothing to say that there was no consciousness of the principals who had painful eyes. About the criminal I felt like "I am so" and I did not feel anything impressed. Many ideas were devised in order to make the criminal unknown,
It is a shame that it made it difficult to read it conversely.
From the first half, it was grossed so much that I thought that last was not going to make it easy to close the moving system, but on the other hand, I was impressed by the beautiful last.
The growth of the hero was well written and the evaluation is good.

2006/11/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32765 Browser: 2767(Mobile)
It is supposed to be pretty grotesque, but the work of Otaru is somewhat unlikely to make it feel. It also includes the unbearable nature of the brand. But I guess this is a short story writer.
I read a paperback book, can you be angry if you say that the postscript was funny than the main part?

2006/08/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20030 Host:19840 Browser: 4184
It is a story with a little egyi. A crow flying in the sky with an eyeball and a human living in the bare bones and a girl without limbs come out, so we can not recommend it for people who are weak for such things.
However, although it contains only the ego element, it is not a mere horror mystery, so if we can clear the neighborhood it will be fairly enjoyable.
It is denied from the surroundings and it is denied from the surroundings and it is denied from the surroundings, the image which the left eye shows and the appearance of immersing himself in the life of a boy who is the former main boy, and the memory returns and the current "myself" disappears Fear, monologue deep in the conclusion. Such a thing is painful.
Although Mr. Ochi's work has only been read 2 yet, I thought that it was a person who writes works that are strangely living together with terrible air and sadness.

2006/01/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13217 Host:13028 Browser: 5234
Even though it seems to be doing a good point as a fantasy horror, the main content is ... ... it does not feel much interesting, and there are parts that I do not like the horror novel itself, but the depiction of the former half Compared to the second half, the sense of whitishness and the feeling of clogging were not what I was impressed with.

It is a young artist and there are various troublesome parts, but it can not be helped even if complaining that "There are not many punctuators written!", And this work is awesome to your own air It was a fact that it was a work that did not exist.

Recently many novels of this kind have appeared, and the tendency to be made into a movie is very strong, but many of them end in a bad form, so I think that there is a possibility that this work will also walk that way Is he thinking too much?

2006/01/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 205 Host:364 Browser: 5444
... Synopsis seemed interesting, but the impression after reading was subtle .... Mr. Otaru's mystery honestly does not suit my taste personally .... It is a feeling that I shoulder the shoulder watermelon.
Well, I guess the mystery of Mr. Otaru is strangely aimed at surprising and I feel like I'm getting ridiculous, I am.
So, because I did not feel interesting, I would like to go with "bad" evaluation.

2005/12/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32742 Browser: 2771(Mobile)
This is a black novel like the title, is not it? A white one is also included, but many horror scenes can be seen.
The setting that the memories of the transplanted eyeballs revive was fun. Professor Ochi is not only a short story, is not he?

2005/08/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 854 Host:893 Browser: 3693
I recently read novels by Otsuichi.

Before this, I also read "Tei Ten fox", but "Dark fairy tale" likes it more personally than that. I feel comfortable enough from the beginning, there is a sense of speed,
It is frustrating. Petit Kyogoku Natsuhiko is apparently feeling.

In the meaning of being young, if you read, you will feel various essences.
Blackjack, Daijiro Hoshiro, silence of the lambs and so on. It was the same as Tei Tenfu but, well, once it is time to digest some of the story that I have. However, I think that it is quite thrilling and structurally well done.

And the bad scenes are exceptional. While thinking that it is already stopped,
I feel like euphoria is what kind of guy, super jerks. If it is the arm of human body cooking it may not be lost for Hannibal as well. Sorry.

Finally advice. You should not do that writing. If it is a horror writer,
I have to create a more mysterious writer statue and how to make a self-directing. Do not be shy about Otsuichi-kun! In opposition to Kyogoku Natsuhiko's black gloves, Kimi should make the eyepatch a trademark.

A flat dog. I do not sell easily ^ ^;

2005/02/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6144 Host:6203 Browser: 4184
Mr. Otoko's first long novel.
As you thought, Mr. Bata is impressed not to think that it is good to pull readers into unreal setting and world view. Eyeball Transplantation Naturally, Flashback of Memory Naturally.
I think that the depiction of psychology such as alienation and inferiority feeling of Nanba deepened in memory and dependence on dependence on the warmth of sandwoven (whether it can be taken as amae) were drawn carefully.
However, it is somewhat poor as a mystery. Some who overly overlooked the statue of the culprits, some misleading by subtlely making suspiciousness, but eventually there was no unexpected nature of the criminal itself. There is also a description trick such as the intention of the author who makes you think that there is some necessity in 'Ai's Memory' and the time axis in the case of the first person "I" and "Miki", but I am not satisfied with anything. Actually, I would like to evaluate that I was feeling a sense of incompatibility that something was deceived from the neighborhood where Nanja went to Kaede Town, but I still feel that the punch line was weak. I did not feel the impact as much as when I read the debut "Summer and Fireworks and My Corps". As for the later talks after the incident, it seemed to be only snake feet.
"I myself who had lost memory certainly existed, I will never forget it"
It is too refreshing too last something like ~. Personally, I thought that Mr. Otama was a writer who did not run on an easy-moving emotional line, so it's going to go crazy with ending like this. It seems like I was afraid that I was "embarrassedly embarrassed" as I was in the postscript (laugh). ... Who is Takashi (bitter smile) ...?
Even though it is thought that the spot is hitting the girl 's conflict and growth, it is "moderate". After all it is one book that seemed to me again that it seems that Otsuka is suitable for short story.

2004/12/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3450 Host:3316 Browser: 3646
It was extremely realistic and uncomfortable, such as the fairy tale part of the first half and scenes that got the eye out, it was a good feeling as a horror because the shivering feeling often appeared.
However, the second half has no choice.
Especially where we run around in the forest to find the last residence,
There was an unnecessary part of how you wrote it to earn the number of pages though what you thought.
I read the postscript added when I turned into a bunko,
He also looked back on himself as shameful as well.
As a young artist, I would like to allow it in the evaluation of a transient experimental work (that is, a failed work) that increases the completeness of a feature.

Afterword is a very interesting story, it is also a writer who wants an essay.