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Osamu Dazai
Japan Released:1940/01
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2015/04/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Osamu Osamu was born as the tenth child of 11 brothers, but as this title was the essay focusing on the people of each brothers.

Still, the older brother and the older brother seemed to have broken down before the reign (Shuji) was born, the elder brother in the work.The third brother is actually the third brother, the four elder brother. He was an older brother.
Among them, the focus was on the literature of the three older brothers and Keiji of the five elder brothers,
The former seemed to be a bit surprising that there was something a little bit related to the career drawn with wiki etc., or even though it was not as good as my brother, there were things that caught me a literature. After all it seems that it was ........

Eiji of the four elder brothers seemed to be a love reader of Junichiro Tanizaki, apparently the Tsushima family seems to have not been rare at families who were originally interested in arts such as literature, but especially in his five elder Keiji that depiction It was divided. Although he seems to have debuted literary literature also, there seems to be a place due to his boost, but it is only because of beautiful longevity Miyoshi Miyoshi (like an appearance looking like a woman) was carried out in the ground The tragedy against the fifth brother of the tragedy Perhaps there was too much emotion.

It was drawn that it was when he was 22 years old, this death of Keiji occurred in 1931 (Showa 6)
Although it seems that it was thing, it was also happening at the time of Shikoko Tabe and attempted attention in the mind. Even for Saudi Arabia, it may have been the very heart of a heartache that seems to have been variously deeply rooted as a non-prosecution. In the end, Eiji was the least shadowed among them, but the descendants of boys still remained now,
Probably it is only Eiji. It seems that he himself also served as the mayor afterwards.
If this work is made to be a live-action picture, I wonder if there are actors that are particularly suitable for the Keiji role .....
Suddenly, though, I was drawn to interested in brothers who once again tended to hide in the shadow of the life which boldly and briefly lived 39 years' life. Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.