[Novel]Anata ga naku made fumuno o yamenai

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Literature rank of 2011 Rank 119in 122 titles
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Mikage Eiji
Dengeki bunko
Japan Released:2011/07/10(Sun)
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1. http://dengekibunko.dengeki.com/new/bunko1107.php#new12 (Translation)
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2011/07/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18179 Host:18094 Browser: 5345
Looking at the title of JOJO neta rounding,
To know how interesting Yu-Story,
I bought this book.

In a word,
It is "I murdered Alice and that family."

I do not dislike myself basically tsundere,
Violence on the grounds of Tsundere, I dislikes the tendency that violence is accepted (... or sick).

[good point]
Where the hero's Iwashita Toshiya rescues Alice ... that one point only.

[Bad point]
There are no decent characters, such as Kusuya and Alice.
It is not a level that you can laugh like "Enhance!"
They are just people who do not feel a bit like.

First of all it is a hero,
It is nice to aim for a temple-related boy (Pak-men) ... but,
It is no use at the time when I think of myself as "Pakumen I."
That is the first time it is accepted from around us.
At least it is not allowed from friends.

Even the "Cross Mr. Mr." which this hero respects in the first place is not a person who deserves respect, if I ask him.
I saw the corner of "Pakkumeni punishing consultation office"
"Cross Mr." is referring to that consultant as "Mikami" ...
Such a clause was seen.

And the most terrible character ...!
That is Alice.
In response to Shuya of the first meeting, the words such as "being a nutrient" is "Shin", "becoming solitary death" "being a lifetime"
It is said that there is a sense of insane as well.
One of the acts that intimidate Kusuya with a movie that "Alice is attacked by Kusaya" which is self-made and performed.
That habit It says "I want you to understand yourself" or the attitude like "Please help me!",
I would like to say I do not play around.
(Kusaya says, "Do not mess with other people's habits, you can not save you!"
I said, I thought that was quite right. )

You thought that Alice's sister 's nerve was crazy, did not he?
It is my sister's reaction after Alice knew the evil that came to Kusaya,
"This person can change something.
I should not expect too much ... ".
This sister has this older sister, is not it.
First of all, it is a streak to apologize for my sister's rudeness!

Even more so than it was Alice was saved
It was an episode after I fulfilled a real settlement with my parents and sister.
Although it was still good if it was completed at this point,
After all, Kusui will be caught by the police by Alice's father '
It is a strange eye to catch a suspension from school.

Besides, parents who knew Alice 's true nature,
Because I will press her carefully on Susuya, my mouth does not close
(Although it is better than trying not to work for free).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
What should I evaluate except [worst]?

In addition, although it is stated that "Continuation volume is already being written" in the postcard, it is not possible to read it at all.
Therefore, it is not [provisional evaluation]
We will close down [Comprehensive evaluation] (certainly).

"Nothing ... Elementary school students are the lowest!"
"Row Cucumber" is a true opposite evaluation ... It is such feeling.
(Alice is a 9 year old elementary school girl)