[Novel]Ame no huruhi wa gakkou ni ikanai

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Literature rank of 2014 Rank 25in 66 titles
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Aizawa Sako Maaya Sakamoto
Japan Released:2014/03/05(Wed) Shousetsu Subaru
Official sites
1. http://renzaburo.jp/amenofuruhi/ (Translation)
2. http://books.shueisha.co.jp/CGI/search/syousai_put.cgi?isbn_cd=978-4-08-771552-1 (Translation)
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2014/05/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that those who only have good memories at school are truly happy people.
Certainly I enjoyed my school, but there were more boring things than that.
This novel is a collection of short stories depicting junior high school girls who are going to move forward while being able to receive such a dark everyday of such a school.

People who disliked school anyway and those who do not have good memories for the school have something a little hard to read.
It is not fun to read, even though I myself did not have good eyes at school so much.
The atmosphere peculiar to the classroom drawn in real is really disgusting, and a sense of alienation with a bright person. Feeling to be shocked by the difference with ordinary people.
It is because I draw such emotions wonderfully, it becomes a dark feeling when reading.
But the main characters of this novel will not end there.
No matter how painful I will take the first step I think.
Its shape is various, it is really a small step, but I'm reading it and I want to cheer.
So as I read it, I get disgusted, but the last thing that makes me wonder and talk of everything is good, leaving a good reverberation.

The story that I liked the most, "Focusing after school".
Although the hero who remembered the sense of distance with the best friend of the popular person only felt that there was no whereabouts by releasing his body on the net,
From a certain time I borrowed a film camera to my school teacher and took a picture and I was able to find a new place. And talk.
The sense of distance with my friends and my absence. I think that this is something everyone felt.
To such loneliness, I wanted to bless myself for the hero who was able to set off the game.

Another thing I liked was the title of the book "I will not go to school on rainy days."
Because the class receives abuse and teachers in charge teachers have a receding idea The hero who was said to be unfamiliar with the class,
Even though it is a school refusal, she starts talking back to the sickroom and starts again.
The last thing that light does not go even if it does not go to hope, in the second half, the unreasonableness of the school in the first half.
This was good. I want to support the protagonist obediently, and I take the first step while doing it.
I got the courage for that figure. It is cool that anyone can proceed forward in this way anyway.

It will be painful if a person who does not have good feelings against the school reads it.
Still, the hero who is trying to advance forward while making a bitter thought was reading, it was really cool.
It was a book I would like you to read for those who do not have very good memories at school by all means.