[Novel]Amayadori ha Suberidai no Shita de

  • Friendship
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Literature rank of 1984 Rank 5in 44 titles
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Jun Okada
Japan Released:1984
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2008/06/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5881 Host:5670 Browser: 7322
About a mysterious person living in the same apartment "Mr. Amemori", the form that children of 1st grade to 1st grade talking talk.
While there is a single axis, it is practically a short editing, while it is also a long story in which children's thoughts about Amemori change appear.

Children begin exchanging information from the interested point of view, "Is Amemori a wizard?"
From each story, you can also see the loneliness and kindness that each of the children has, the personality of the narrator.
This way, how to present the personality of each person, Otsuka Atsushi is very clever.

Although the stories of children are all a little magical experience, there are also many heartwarming things, and there are many things that you are impressed in the middle of reading.
Also, Ichiro and Kyoko with shared experiences (presumptions) are interesting how to draw their respective viewpoints.

And the reason why the children gathered is because there was an "issue" of "getting along with the commuting group"
While talking about Mr. Amemori, rather than "for tasks", it is skillfully depicted how they truly understand each other and become friends.

Mr. Okada's work is a lot of developments "a group of disjointed people gradually pass through their hearts"
This work has a good motif and it is interesting to draw kids with different age.

And last ... It is a conclusion that Mr. Amemori made the best use of the development that "a man of woman" seems to be glimpse by Yukie and Katsuya's brother-sister's story from "mysterious person".
It is recommended when the mind wants to make it easy.

Evaluation, while being a child's writing, composition. Because there is wonderfulness including portrait depiction, I will attach "highest!".

2008/04/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 674 Host:548 Browser: 6213
[Comprehensive evaluation] I remembered reading when I was a kid I think that I read this author's books mostly,
I remember everything interesting to children.

It is morally good, healthy content, you can recommend it