[Novel]Alphaman Returns

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Japan Released:2012/11/27(Tue)
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2015/03/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6007 Host:6052 Browser: 5173
"Walpurgis Award", the first work won a prize-winning work of Goethe's "Faust" -like name next to the "Mephisto Award".
With a unique style of Newcomer Award, "Net users take the first round of selection", "Exclusive 8000 characters are the subject of selection", the publishing company's struggle for searching for various possibilities in the midst of publication recession I feel it.
Anyway, this is the recent award we could do, but "Alfaman.Returns" uses quite a bit of attention for binding.
On the cover which is parody of the "Space Detective Series", there are "Pipo", "TV Mazinga", "Company name that I have heard somewhere, as I have seen somewhere with the name of the magazine It is a pretty elaborate parody using the "logo" and laughed.
I bought it with expectation ....

Although I actually read it like this, the content is out as a book for a lanube. The words, interactions and sentences of the characters are not heavy objects, they are frivolous, and it is a thing of a feeling that I do not know well where to laugh when the year goes on. Junior high school student. Because it is a paperback book for high school students, it was a worry whether it is a sort of a high-tier book that matches the target demand.
It is a well-known special effects hero paro that "Freeter once saved the planet as Alfaman again ... ... says".
However, the special effects hero parody works are not reduced. Is it possible to sell it like something? There are good quality things like "RATMAN" or "TIGER & BUNNY", but there are things that are slightly drawn by humans who are not familiar with genres. Although this work may not be terrible in such a meaning (although there are elements of Japanese special effects hero, but it is american comic as a story), after all it is feeling somewhat unsatisfactory.
Clearly, as a novel, it was only a part that was not good or an unsatisfactory part, and it did not go far as "I was good to read this" in the end.

Well, from the conclusion, the direction of this work is the hardest to understand.
I do not know whether I want to draw a burning situation called "Hero's reoccurrence" or to draw a dark and hard world in black, especially after the final stage.
In the final stage, the action Alfaman said "absolutely accomplish" can hardly be accomplished, and it finishes even finally becoming the main character of a ridiculous conspiracy. It seems as if it is a hot hero one thought from the title and the synopsis "Alfaman.Returns", but it is not at all.
Until halfway, because he drew a way of living with a hero man as the main character, I do not know that he can not do much work until the end. I do not know whether it is "a failure of a hot-blooded thing" or "a black humorous story that cherished a hero ...".
After all, one precious female character died, can not do anything about 10 million cases, Alfaman owed much of the sacrifice, the criminal who tried to help also died, and finally hired it as Alfaman Scientists have something behind ... Well, like this, anyway, including the unknown place of the person himself, it is not rewarded considerably, it is almost a character that can not rescue someone pretty much up to the end. All I could do was earn money.

As for sentences and composition, there are only newcomers, so after all there are various problems.
Nonetheless, it seems that Internet users' pretty good work can be read for free, coterie works have exploded hits, and many hitmakers are born from writers of 18 ban game, Pros "and" amateur "are becoming ambiguous, the hurdles required for professionals become higher with nature. As soon as I thought it was a rookie, I would also like to ask for a certain quality.
In the case of this work, the confusing thing that "many women who are not unique" appears, and things that the setting of "hero show" is the core but the persons in the apartment almost unrelated to it are able to dig into them, It is worrying about long lines, such as torture, as long as one page.
Especially, as to the extraordinary length of the characters of the characters, it can only be said as "tough". Did not anyone try to fix that ...? Moreover, it does not mean that the long dialogue is actually related at a later time, and it is also minus that it relates to the unstable future of young people and the part not related to such a main line.
Just an explanation of poison is concrete before being unnatural, and if you think that "It is quotation from something like this", there is a chance, on the last page only one thing concerning toxic substances, there are references.
This is the kind of feeling that the readers can perceive.

There are also developments like "Unexpected Denting" at the end of the game.
Actually, looking at poison's past depiction, there are also hints pretty much stuck. Mislead worked quite well well. This is a common story, but I thought that this work did not do this kind of thing so it was a blind spot.
It is a worn-out dent, but it may be hard to notice that the genre is a genre or because the identity of the criminal is so clear.
However, I think that why the poison was rampant too much for anything, such as being too aggressive, or filling up the neighborhood (otherwise speaking) is something a little bit something ....

It is a mystery whether it is a premise why "Alfaman generation" is a criminal offender after all whatever it did not return, though.
A fake imit who will aim for the future of Alfaman will be coming up soon, so let's fight with it ... but it does not seem to be the case that a lot of such malicious imitators actually come out ....

Evaluation is "very bad".
Well, the present situation that is falling into the depression recession, anyway, there is no choice but to go out with more and more books with a stance that puts good goods out there.
Rather than fostering newcomers, it may only be possible to do so, by increasing the number of newcomers and choosing and growing the grandmothers who will grow thereafter.
This was one such work.