[Novel]Akuma detekuru

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Taro Achi
Dengeki bunko
Japan Released:2004/12/10(Fri)
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2007/12/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Mr. Taro Achi's short story.
Men and women put in an extreme state finish comedy that it is easy to fall in love.
As you can tell from its title sense, it is a work that is quite a messy element, but it is quite a workmanship if it thinks that it draws out the power of the shoulder and reads.

This book full of thrusts, but I can not keep in mind such a thing.
Even when I buy, the contents of the contents come from the title,
It should be written in the style that the author knows it and thrust it in.

Simple as a story.
Well, maybe I should say that it seems to be written on the "normal" light novel.
The devil comes out, the life of the hero becomes dangerous, and it is said to drop at the last happy end after it gets excited. The head is not cluttered because the transition is clear. You can read without thinking deeply. However, even in this kind of short story, the hypothesis is stretched tightly, so the author's skill can be heard.
Because it is a short story hints are not too few, not too much, just a good balance.
The scene that the demon seems to be saying his name for the first time.
The name of the devil who was written only one in the contract. Everything is collected tightly and has a great work in the progress of the story. It was a bit sweet that I summarized the hints in chapter as Father Peta 's sense of incongruity.

Characters are bright characters only for strong work of comedy touch.
Even if "Takao and Ellina are both fighting" even if it is understood that it is likely to draw a similar example from other works as much as possible. Father Peta was perfectly a gag character, but I am glad that there was a scene of a little active (?) At the end.

To mention disadvantages,
Male and female emotions in the extreme condition which is a catch phrase and theme can not be expressed.
No, it has not been done, it has been drunk in a comedy-like atmosphere.
Both of us are in frustration, it is understood from situation depiction that it is an emergency situation,
I do not feel a sense of tension at all from the perspective of the reader. Is it because the two characters have the work (brightness) to counter the theme of this work?
If a little more pessimistic part is put in, the reality may have been transmitted.
Because the emotion depiction is so pop, I can only think that they were on good terms with each other from the beginning even without conditions such as "being placed in an extreme condition".
Even if you say only fight, it is exactly different that you hate it.
I felt like I got a bit of a shoulder watermark just as I was expecting how to change to "like" in the condition of "dislike" under extreme conditions.

Comprehensive evaluation is "good", works that are well-organized in short stories.
The biggest attraction is that Takao and Ellina, the main story of the story, are building a kind relationship that the reader wants to cheer.
Fighting but friends. I think that it is wonderful that we can draw close and friendly couples.