[Novel]Akazukin chan no mawarimichi

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Literature rank of 1996 Rank 94in 97 titles
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Ziro Akagawa
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Japan Released:1996
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2014/10/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Certainly, although there were Red Riding Hood, Wolf and Hunter, there was reality at the half way, such as the speculation that each of the people intertwined and was "poor work" which lacked refreshingness after reading.

The hero who was a former detective was supposed to do the work of a circus called "Red Hooded Caterpillar Service", where he was to encounter kidnapping of "Red Hat Mana" Miyoshi (rich man, the only daughter of Takada) Although it was a girl who had a wife and child but was also friends with another woman who was South, "was it again?"

The main character, Oda is also called Oda, or persuading such as whether he felt her attracted to that so far was also inadequate. The real culprit was certainly unexpected, and I can understand the feelings I had a grudge against Takada. However, using such a relationship of Oda and the South as a material, he got into the heart of Okada's wife and touched various wise measures etc. "Secretary of less than two streams drunk on their own righteousness"
It was. In a way it would have been more malignant than Takada. Other characters, too,
Horie certainly knows he was working hard for Sayuri (Takada's wife.Miono's mother) who was dating him, but in the end he was losing to Aoki in the end, and Toshiko who was cooperating with the real criminal Well I guess they used to be in the same way after that. Well liked with Hayashi,
It was about a boy who had Okuda 's past in the past.

At the end seemingly seemed to be gathering as it seemed at first glance, but aside from Oda Kazuya,
Mimono who was trying to kill him even temporarily with his father's evil could have been able to enjoy youth after that wound even after that? Arita had a social sanction corresponding to it
(Although the company president seems to have stopped) was also given, it was subtle, and it is subtle, and it is subtle, and it is a work of many patterns in Akagawa works such as "It is good to excite what it was the truth of, but the final stage is indigestion in the end" And it has become. Evaluation is severe, but it is "worst".