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Keigo Higashino
Japan Released:2006/07/25(Tue)
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2016/03/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It seems that it was the seventh work as the Kaga Kyoichiro series which was also made live action with Mr. Hiroshi Abe.
This work.

Although the criminal and the material which already knew from the early stage like the criminal Colombo like modern social problem such as long-term care, bullying, withdrawal and the like did not have great uniqueness,
Kyouichiro, who had a complicated family environment and was also confronted with a relatives of his immediate family (cancer). Through comparison with the hero side of the 〓〓〓flat. She was sharply depicting the deep darkness of Maehara Family who was apparently an ordinary family.

It was hard to imagine that son's Naomi was the most gorgeous choice to notify the police at the time of killing the victim's girl ....... Akio, the family's lord, that's why I had to face each other more seriously and I had to clear each problem one by one, but with my self-centered personality, my wife, Yaeko who had spoiled Naomi's things as well, We have arrested this accumulation of things that we just picked up easy choices. Although it was "What I am doing now" that Akio tried to preach on his way to Naomi who had been letting her parents do the troublesome thing (such as dead body abandonment), it seems that they also had a conscience of conscience,
I want to protect my family, but there is something that really approaches such as "fear of a big secret" that can not be hidden, fear ", etc. The psychological depiction of the Maehara family was rather thorough.

Regarding the elderly who had been fighting against the old age such as dementia which will be increasing more and more from 2016 onwards under the aging society, it is said that "valuation should be respected even if understanding can not be done" It seems to be the quotation of this work, and Maehara Family was made to recognize again that the possibility of being us tomorrow is not zero at all. When I also learned that, I was surprised that I was already dead with my husband already What was the life of that politics, but in a certain meaning cruel "truth" revealed at the end
Etc. It was more and more angry development ...... The live-action version was not as good as the original as in "secret", but it is such a ryosaka that makes me raise the problem again did. Evaluation is "very good".

2015/11/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
A family protecting the family who committed the murder is drawn, and the viewpoint is almost the father of that family.
Kaga is supposed to be a hero, but he is a supporting player, or so to speak as an enemy on the part of trying to uncover the hidden homicide of the hero family. This way of being drawn is very impressive, I felt it was a shame that I was such a disgusting guy when I turned over to Kaga 's capable talent and enemies.
Especially when you are a newcomer and Hiroshi Abe has done Kaga I feel it strongly (lol)
Just a story is a remarkable feeling for Kagiro Kaichiro series which has released mystery work like 'malice' or 'I killed him' with a weak mystery element.
I wonder if it was a bit insufficient to have one story. Although it may be useless somewhat because there was circumstance that this story which was originally a story for a short story was made for a feature film.

Is it a point that draws a family who has committed murder while also looking at the family of Kaga that was not drawn much? As a result, the Kaga series after Kaga 's cousin Matsumiya and Tokiko Kanamori appeared as a series character became like humanity. Although it is also good, I want the guy who is waiting for the last such as "bad" like "malice" also to do in the Kaga series.

2013/05/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
I read about Keigo Higashino's works, but after all the work of this person is interesting.
It is not that he reads the Kaga Kyoichiro series, but he chooses what he care about appropriately from his bookshelf and reads it sixth.
There was something I thought was something like ... ... so far, so far I had a difficult part to understand for myself who only read "I killed her" either way.
Well, whatever, like "either one ~", the main point is that Kaga Kyoichiro is not the main point.
The hero this time is a participant of the "culprit". I will rouse the criminal. The criminal is the son of the hero.
Here is a mystery spoiler prohibition, but it is a story that shields him, and apart from the criminal looking for someone else. From the beginning it has been revealed.
That son kills the neighboring girl, but the axis of this work is like a crack at home.

At the beginning, the story of nursing care continues indefinitely, and the families circumstances of the hero are recollected.
It takes a lot of time with this, so it may be an unusual composition as a mystery thing. There seems to be no sign of this incident as it is likely to happen.
My son was depicted as just born and it was a boy who could still observe hopefully.
It may grow up as a bright child and may be drawn in scratches like the one drawn here. That danger is transmitted somehow.
First of all, the character of the mother (the main character's wife) is very bad. Excessive protection. Hysteric. selfish.
However, the hero can not object to any kind of rage on the circumstances that he has a job and leave his / her child up. This was a serious character of the hero who was too serious, but I did not think that he was a bad person.
I can assume that the source is already a wife like this garbage. It may be said that despite a respectable father-like father, due to the character of his wife, it became like this.
Originally this woman was the reason why she was trying to self-heal, so as to add extra sin and gradually become stronger.
Mr. Keigo Higashino did quite well writing what is wrong in justice, as if he said justice, "Realistic funnyness" ....
While being a parent of a murderer and abandoning a corpse or sinning a person ..., I sympathized with the hero.
It should not be a bad person, but the surrounding situation was too bad.
The bond with my mother was too sad. At the end I really cried in the train.

The format as a mystery is also interesting.
"People who do not know the criminal (= police)" searches for "the perpetrator (who knows the reader)", but it really extends the reasoning from trivial clues.
It is fascinating for the police to come to understand "What kind of mistake did the criminal knowledgeable to the reader committed?"
The police 's way of doing it is quite squatting, not blaming the criminal, but it can be kept away from discomfort. Kaga Kyoichiro is also soft to the criminal.
Also, I think it was good to see facts that did not even know even the culprit.

In a real case, this is similar to the case of "Sakon Rose Seiko" and "Miyazaki Shin".
The depth of impression of these incidents and the impact given to society, such as juvenile crime and method, hobby of the criminal ... etc ... will also be conveyed again (although I was 2 years old when I was a Sakya Rose, my parents got married when I was in Miyazaki It is not a generation that actually watched the report of the incident, since it is not even).
Often a friend from a nerd may sometimes be asked to sympathy while indignantly saying "Otaku is treated as a criminal offense", but in reality there are also many instances such as the Miyazaki incident and Riki Katsuki actually Oh, I myself thought, "It is a type that is easy for such incidents to happen", and I thought that the real escapeful character of this criminal juvenile and the nerd animated character were also real.
Hey, maybe I do not like people who are biased against geek prejudice (confusing ...).
Personally, I do not know why people who are watching works that appeal to kindness and correctness like a child-directed work are murderers (I usually do not like those messages because I am impressed with those messages) Because there is a mental delay, it can not distinguish between good and evil, there are people who just like animation somehow.

Well, it is natural that this work criticizes crime as "you should not do", but if you take the first step you may get involved there. I think that it was quite an interesting work that drew that danger associating with "family".
There are many places which overlap with contemporary society quite a lot with real events.
A hero with a certain bond with his mother and a son who was not so. It is terribly sad when I compare it.

2013/04/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2161 Host:2058 Browser: 4178
[good point]
〓〓〓ecause of the universal and contemporary contents that can happen to anyone, such as conflict within the family, care for the parents, homicide aimed at young children, the affair itself is likely to be close to the incident itself, I think that it was dramatic in the absence.
〓〓〓t was a wonderful story development that seemed to be a mystery seemingly steady while keeping the structure of informing the reader of the criminal first. I feel the height of author's competence.

[Bad point]
- Although it is supposed to be a mystery seemingly, when you look as an authentic mystery again after all, the fun of catharsis and solving puzzles itself is diluted. Especially the development until entering the second half is slow and a little boring.
Even in view of circumstances, "punishment" was very effective for palpitations and usage itself, but the setting itself seemed a bit unrealistic. Because the content was very modern and real, I feel that extra.
〓〓〓amily love is the core theme, but the drawing around it is not deep so much, I feel a little unsatisfactory.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Keigo Higashino. As a mystery of "Family" as a "mystery before the criminal first" is a social work tailored heavily for entertainment with stunning development while using a special structure.

It was a novel that resonates heavily from the latter half and the contemporary and heavy themes included in it. As a mystery, while using a rare class structure, it was tailored to a mystery-like development firmly, and it was also a work that feels the author's high competence.

However, as a mystery it is also a fact that it is somewhat unsatisfactory, it is healthy to read as a social work rather than to read as a detective item. Also, despite being a subject of the family, there were few developments to delve into it, it was also a work that felt a little unsatisfactory. Personally, I can increase 50 more pages, so it is honesty that I wanted to darken the description around that.

Using a universal theme to form a human drama ... I think that it was a work that seemed to be Keigo Higashino seemingly.
Evaluation is "very good" rather than good.