[Novel]Akai sakana to kodomo

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Mimei Ogawa
Japan Released:1922/09
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2016/10/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In Ogawa Miki's short story fairy tale, it was a comparatively short piece, but children of fish caught in the desire to eat when it falls into the pond, looking at the flowers blooming in the spring season. The mother told her that she never eat it, but she was still a child, and he was even more curious and there were things that could not resist it. It was a moment when the petal fell, but it fell out quickly, but it did not mean there was no other way by that, but because it gave a brilliant pattern, it became conspicuous more Again I was warning the children that they should not come up to the water, but it seems I could not listen to advice again this time, it was a residue that my human children had caught. It was no longer a single room for sympathy because of his own work, but it was also fortunate that it was fortunate that the mothers of human children also warned the child in the same way and heard that the children would obediently escape Because that was what I was doing there probably was a salvation.

It is an extreme story in that sense, but it is not a child who does not listen to parents' advice like children of fish, hears the parent's saying properly like a human child obediently, the heart of affection for living beings I think that I wanted to convey most that I would like to have.

2016/02/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Again, a short story with a similar title is already registered,
It was a short story that drew a mysterious encounter between red fish and human children.

It is one of the good points of Japan that each of the four seasons have different beauty of nature, but it was probably exceptional for fish, especially in spring. I wanted to eat some more flowers, while the human children were children .... However,
It seems that fish and human beings were the same thing that they wanted to be unnoticed when they were told that they did not know so much because of their curiosity.

But even if that psychology is the same. At last the human children have caught the fish that ate flowers, but at this time the human mother was a wise person who never disregarded the existence of other creatures nor did respect it rather It happened to have escaped, but human children do not die immediately even if they lose another exam examination competition or job search competition.
However, the fierce survival competition that is predated immediately after losing to the fish children was waiting after such pity. Even though I had eaten the flowers and it became a more conspicuous appearance ... .... Although it was not drawn clearly what was the last time, "clouds like red fish" and The reactions of human children who saw it, etc. Descriptions were made to imply "severe reality" that they did.

Despite a short story of a fairy tale, I never tried to clean up beautifully, contrasting the severity of nature's beauty with the severity of survival competition, sharply drawing through encounters between children of fish and fish, and for those living in such a natural environment including fish It seemed that my view was made to feel like changed again. Evaluation is "good".