[Novel]Akai rousoku to ningyo

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Mimei Ogawa
Japan Released:1921/02/16(Wed) / End:1921/02/20
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2016/10/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This was also one of Ogawa Miki's short story stories, but in contrast to the same author 's fairy tale "golden ring" it was a somewhat longer impression.

Even so, indeed, although there was also a magazine in which the fairy tales for children, such as "red birds", were serialized by this time, Suzuki Miekichi et al., It was said that a fairy tale made of mermaids was written in this era I was surprised, perhaps you probably mean, you probably respected Andersen's "Mermaid Princess" in the most favorable way, did not he?

And it crowd comes out somehow, there was something that could remind us a little bit of "Match Selling Girl", but it was a couple of grandmother and grandmother raising mermaid's daughter, but the candle produced by the mermaid's daughter Although it became very popular and became prosperous and became rich, if it was this Kaguya Princess, it would not have been such a thing, but he told me that they wanted merchants to be handed over to merchants and received some persuasion Even though it was truly an eye-catching dedication to giving up mermaids, I thought it might be better to treat them like a convenient money rather than a daughter if it was done from them.

Therefore, although the butt end of the whole town remained, I think that it was a subtle class even among the Ogawa Miki's fairy tales.

2016/05/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Wiki also has a page, it is certainly one of the masterpieces of Miki Ogawa ... ...

Originally a woman 's mermaid is already pregnant, it is because you bought a mermaid on land.
She is not a human, but of course she is not a fish, of course she never touched human beings like Andersen's mermaid, and I also understand the feelings I wanted to believe in that kindness, but my child born with myself It was a similar figure, inside it had malice to see it .....
I could not imagine anything.

I suppose she was thought of as good, but unfortunately it did not end as she thought. An old man like Taketori monogatari ... When I thought that I lived along with my grandmother and drew a candle for prosperous business ... ......,
Certainly the cosmetic instructor who appeared when he was having such a happy moment was also particularly cunning like an oleole fraud which is reported well in the news recently and it was not clever and the business was thriving, It was too abrupt that gold was blinded and selling his daughter mermaid like a person changed, but did he want to say that there is no limit on human desire?

Although it would be a result theory to blame the woman 's mermaid also to do sinful things,
Speaking of consequence the cause and effect is this as well, red candle turns round and becomes a symbol of curse,
It seems that the shrine with the candle light was also obvious, but before he was sold off it is selfish to the way he had been there so much.

Although it was lifting a certain famous female celebrity as "〓〓〓〓〓like" in recent years, I thought that it was bashing as if palm returned just by a bad attitude in the movie stage greetings, and thinking that it was completely, Some woman politicians also touched "Naniwa no M ** sama" as well as some of the ubiquitous media that I'm raising which is lifting up, and some others are overlapping, certainly partly shoving the "essence" that is sharp There was also a side, but old man, I wanted a backing which felt more convincing feeling also because of the change of grandmother. With this, Mt. Fuji suddenly started from the third consolidation
It seemed like I climbed to the 6 th run. Evaluation is "bad".

2014/09/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Fairy tales writer. This is a masterpiece of Ogawa Miki.
This fairy tale is not a so-called happy ending fairy tale, it is a fairy tale of a tragedy in which the ego of a human being and the mercy of mermaids are depicted.
But I wonder if I can say that this is a story of a human ego ... ... there are some parts that I can not forbid doubt, so I can not evaluate it by any means.

Well, if you briefly explain the story of this "red candle and mermaid", a mermaid that was picked up by an old grandmother grows healthy for a while, but a perfumery who watched the mermaid calling for good luck to the village gold It is spreading bad reputation and taking mermaid from old grandmother, but feeling that the mermaid who was betrayed and killed cried the village.
In short, it is an antithesis of "Momotaro" or "Bamboo story". A child picked up by an old grandfather is now being betrayed and thrown away ... It is a story that took the story of the old story aside by the feeling.
However, this recipe method is basically "a fraudster salesman who sells high things to elderly people who have talked for a long time and weak judgment", "I recruit religion to speak for a long time talking about religion It is like a religionist.
That's why I tried hard to positively sell the mermaid just like my daughter who worked hard, "While resisting at first," unintentionally.

That's why people are changing too much? Grandfather and grandmother.
Although it is only a talk of a gentle person halfway through, the presence of a sudden teacher who appeared suddenly, the balance of the story became "full of malice" all at once.
At first I thought I was receiving mind control or something, but that is not exactly the same.
Although it is simply that gold looked blinded, candles sold by mermaids would be considerably more expensive, and although they were brought up for the reason that it is a gift from God, Because I do not feel, somewhat strangely the flow of expulsion of this mermaid does not come nicely.

It was not simply a brainwashing of an elderly person whose judgment was slow, and I felt the malignancy of the elderly personality itself as usual.
I do not understand why this happened. Even if I draw a human ego, the flow is too abrupt, as a reader I felt more like a "like that, how did it?" Rather than the feeling "betrayed".

Evaluation is "bad".