[Novel]Aizu koitaka

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Literature rank of 1986 Rank 30in 56 titles
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Japan Released:1986/09
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2007/06/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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From the end of the Bakumatsu to Meiji, the story of a woman who persevered that he is self, while being drowned in the era of singing. It is a splendid drawing of the scene, climate and social background of Aizu at the time, the brush that woven the person's life wonderfully. It is exhausted as one word of faithfulness, something that is confirmed era verification, spreading to details, writing force of spinning, and those in which the story is involved.

In the time of a girl, the depiction of "Sayo" caught by the existence of the hawk itself, living alive, depicting until death, its freshness is a wonderful work.
From the daughter of a farmer to the wife of a lower samurai - After a Aizu war, I often felt honest and disappointing in her life. As the stage was the stage, the misery was prepared to a certain extent, but still it was tight. It was more painful than anything with a lot of descriptions deprived of dignity as a woman. Because the author is a homogeneous writer - a powerful writer, I felt as if I had no brutality on the brush.
While I was reading it was painful and painful, I could not help it, but I still hoped for ahead. I want to make sure that the heart does not change the way she lives, she turns the page. It attracted to the suction power of a hard-to-talk story, to the extent that I could not get out.

When faced with a losing battle, her attitude of choosing to fight with the hawk, none of the fighting and self-harming - that is to choose to survive, in light of our present thoughts, is extremely true That's it, but at that time it was an arrowhead, it was a terrible act. (Although it is not related to the origin of the samurai, it may be related)
The unshakeableness of the decision he decided was also quiet, but that is why, because of that, a gentle father turns to her, as a disappointment can be taken as a disdain, as a reader, this is a reader, as if it were hurt It has become a feeling.

It was a few relief to see that the fundamental part of it was not changed until the end, and it was an alive figure that touched a hawk (for only a few years) and used a hawk. Probably the other part is gloomless, probably only there, to float up with a smile. As a vivid impression, I am burning to the back of my eyes.

Her transformation after flowing to the Yoshiwara's youth shop, after a turbulent turbulence difficult to write was about painful to chase the character. Thinking back to the girls' season who had never had a life struggle, I felt stunned by that much difference. It seems that it was torn down in the crack caused by squeezing in the midst of a period of dramatic change. Being behind "free equality", too much unreasonable unexpectedly chews.
In order to maintain that she is herself, she may have declared "not become a woman" - the scene to tell himself in the bathhouse is terribly bad. I miss being wordless enough. However, I think that the power of inner creaking is beautiful.

Eventually, she escapes from the youth shop and goes back to her hometown with her own feet. She lost everything and shook her everything was fine but she was quite nice but she was overflowing and overflowing more than any other emotions at the end of her daughter. I thought why, it was so lonely that she had no regrets for himself, and he had no preeminent pieces.

"There is a sky, there is a sky" - Did she not keep trying to be a woman as a little girl until the end? Was it fortunate that she was killed by a hawk, that she would be better than anything else? ...... I thought so, I wanted to cry a little bit.