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Ichijinsha bunko
Japan Released:2014/01/18(Sat)
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1. http://www.ichijinsha.co.jp/novel/2014/01/18/%e3%81%82%e3%81%84%e3%81%be%e3%81%ad%e3%81%a3%ef%bc%81-idol-is-money/ (Translation)
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2015/01/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24190 Host:24226 Browser: 5173
An idol producer called "demon's Sato" was a story to produce an idol without any engagement except for motivation, motivation and straightness, but this is a work that seems to have been made entirely entirely from copies of existing works Was not it.
As I mentioned in the posts as well, it was supposedly inspired by "Akatsu!", But as I thought the setting was too sweet, as I had no surprises in the development, so it was impact-like It was also a pretty weak work.

First of all, it's pretty loose from the perspective of the world view.
It is a sweet part of this work that the setting like the darkness of the entertainment world which is not able to fly to the entertainment world as an idol or an actress if belonging to this idol school-like place is being swept away. In modern terms, there is a major office like "Star 〓〓〓St", but there is a possibility for idols and actresses enough other than that.
Today there are idles from local places like AKB, and there was also an amateur who accidentally came out on TV even now, like a big thing. This is not mentioned in the Internet society of the present age.
In the genre of idol or entertainment world, it seems that it was an era, actually a dreamless worldview. I did not have any follow-up, and I feel like I have interesting places watching TV in such a world.
The entertainment world of this world view is somewhat impressed with the feeling that it is dominated by specific people.
In "Aikatsu!", In the early days, I saw the figure of solidifying the familiar part by writing something or the like (There was a scene to talk about the sign like an iconic piece even though I remember so, especially in the later development Was not it), you imitated it and it seems you can not do the work of "otaku" as if you did decoct it. It was made without using reference materials other than "Aikatsu" and "Aimasu" seriously because it was rarely used as a unique arrange- ment or worn out surprises.

Speaking of the sweetness of the setting, it is regrettable that he was not able to feel so much that he changed from "demon" because the hero's "demon's Sato" had little demon scene. I would have touched it if the awful throwaway past changed, but only he can not understand at the backbone (parents thing) told to the last line with a few lines of speech.
From this point on, I wonder if I moved to "transition" of relocation and reconciliation, but this is also a common pattern that strange DQN tries to destroy everything, it is nothing to be thrilled. I told you things like "get revenge" and left, but maybe this is a stone to the sequel.
This DQN also said that the hero "I will finish my idol life", but this usually ends up in arrest.
Perhaps the police are not functioning in this world either.

I think the heroine was okay.
Perhaps you want to draw is this kid. In the postcards, I wrote about "straight girls", but they were just girls that embodied it.
It was a child who saw a figure that was not pleasant enough but he was hiding while receiving "bullies", but I could tell when it says "to hide the bullying facts for others" is not real kindness I want you.
Well, it would be better if there was a scene that made more effort. 'Akatsu!' But 'Kaleido star'.

In the sentence, an obvious missing part is seen in the first edition book. Due to the missing of the conversation scene, the scene that should lead to the next sentence was broken, so I did not understand what I was talking about.
There seems to have been a mistake that there was not a lucky thing that the illustrations next to the author "Sky Ride!" Are missing illustrations, but perhaps it is a publisher as a publisher of Ikusa Bunko?

Evaluation is "bad".
I feel like lanoba recently.