[Novel]Aidoru Boueitai Humming Bird

Other media: Anime:Aidoru Boueitai Humming Bird
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Literature rank of 1993 Rank 59in 79 titles
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Hitoshi Yoshioka
Japan Released:1993/06/25(Fri)
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2006/08/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19044 Host:18783 Browser: 5623
A work that looks like an original but an animated version. I had a bit of time so I pulled out and read it back.
At the same time I pulled out the LD and saw it.

Detail which is missing in the animated version is complemented spectacularly. First, depictions of aircraft, sparrows, side winders,
From the use of Phoenix, the conversation coming from "price", and furthermore the kitchen circumstances of Hummingbird coming from there.
In the animated version there is a gorgeous base from Hana or a special machine comes out suddenly "True Tempstone (Tracy)
My house, oyazi is a former astronaut and a millionaire? "I think," as it is "poor has come out
(The special machine is supposed to have sold some mountains). Tsuki mo is easy maintenance himself. Descriptions to make supplies are also good impression,
After all the girls like this are for acupuncture.
In the animated version, "F 14 〓〓〓F 4 〓〓〓special machine" is "F 4 〓〓〓F 86 〓〓〓special machine". SAMP
The simulated battle with the team has a big head drop from F4 vs. F16 to F86 vs. F16, Hamming's ability also doubled. After all, because F86 does not animate in visual terms?
F68 is more convincing than the godless dialogue of this simulated fight at the stuffed animal "Because it is a low air battle" so "Colle" is okay.
In the scene where No. 4 shoots in full battle in the air battle of the last version of the animation version, it is not understood unless it reads the novel version because it is "Why almost does not fit". In other words, Mr. Yoshioka's plane awkwardness gives "depiction" to depiction.
Mr. Yoshioka's "Pooch" is an aircraft, not only for military but also for camera. Although it is floating from a story a little, it is irritated.
Kudo, director, also had a hint from the earliest that the first point of contact is the former SDF in the air magazine column,
It is much smoother than an abrupt self declaration of anime version at the time of bomb disposal. In anime version it's just a producer of idol industry.
Yajima president's harassment and the past that was actually a genius pilot can not be understood only with the animation version. Anyway, it seems to be about 150% of the information volume of the animated version.

If it is read up to this point, it seems to me that it will give me high evaluation by letting go to the original, but in fact this serious defect is in this work. It is the fact that "Hummingbird clearly makes war and is killing people."
There is no clearly such a depiction, and there is a crime like "I will not aim the cockpit" for the time being, but I guess what you think of any other battle warfare or anything else, it is a guy who "killed a lot of people during a daytime fuss!"

I know that it is not for the moment, including the animated version, "drama suffering murder". I think that it is a jabbo, I do not want to impose an ethical view, but I care about depictions of serifs and characters that are pretty indifferent. Although it is not worrisome if so in the animated version, there is no scene where the scene of the crash of the enemy aircraft becomes a big picture as much as possible as much as possible whether it is not worried whether the animation version is intended or not. In the '94 summer, there is no real scene scene,' '95 Wind song '' 'To the place of '95 dream' 'the enemy aircraft is an unmanned aircraft. It is natural that these are "wagakasshi", but that is also "smart, excuse".

Mr. Yoshioka's wriggling, the density of "rough" than the light novel of recent years is comfortable, but the line of defense against war and murder is insufficient. Therefore, plus or minus 0 assessment.

By the way, the animated version, as mentioned above, the amount of information is unsatisfactory, but the screen is doing both aircraft and girls' performance. At the beginning of the month, Pugachev cobra scene, after a stall it has become a single lung.
Although I have not seen it this time, I particularly like the second work "'94 Summer".