[Novel]Ai to kanasimi no esper man

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Literature rank of 2005 Rank 57in 158 titles
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Yoshinobu Akita
Fujimi fantasia bunko
Japan Released:2005/10/20(Thu)
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2007/01/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is not motivated and disappointing Esper like things. Victory of the idea ... is not it? I think that skill is shining with regard to how to think about ideas.
Surely "Angel Howling" after a few posts it seems that some of the titles of the concept phrases were mentioned as being part of the story, but I think that this was also included ... ... that the story of that title really comes out The first impression I received when I saw this work at the bookstore was that I did not think.
Although the status of the setting is very stupid and it is doing a muscle which seems to be quickly becoming ruined if you made a mistake one more time, a story has been established and a good post-reading feeling remained Where I think that is still good. It is easy to read and interesting.
Since the magician 's offense reckless editing, since the sense of comedy that continues and continues is alive, it seems that he is mocking, and the main points are roughly putting pieces on the way of talking about the story and various things I like the feeling characters.
I wonder what I should say ...... As for the robot which comes out in the work, there is a dialogue of the creator who feels like "Well, I made it if I made something, probably it will move inadvertently" I am doing it, but this work itself is already such a feeling.

Evaluation is "very good". It is a comedy feels like "I can not help" in a good sense.
Although there is a feeling that it is a bit too expensive to estimate, this evaluation is based on the addictive height and easy handiness that can be read in a short time.
There is no place to make you think "This is amazing !!", which stands outstandingly, I do not think there is anything to make me think, but as I read it, I enjoyed it properly and I felt that a refreshing feeling of good feeling still remained. Not only that but also I do not feel such something that has been toxic enough to read it again somehow.

I think that it is interesting that it is not amusing even if there is a continuing publication privately, but I wonder if the continuation will not come out.