[Novel]Ai to Si

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Literature total pnts rank Rank 750in 4,705 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 52.02
Literature rank of 1939 Rank 3in 33 titles
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Saneatsu Mushanokouji
Kadokawa Bunko Sincyou bunko
Japan Released:1939
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2015/02/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Mid-volume novel by Mushatta Minori.
Whereas "Friendship" ends with broken heart, this work is a work that depicts the tragedy of "death" as the title.
It is pretty cruel to say that I did not even see the dead, not to mention it, but anyway, it is one of the romance novels that were very chested.

Well, first of all, in the case of this work, the title is nothing but spoiler.
I know the ending. However, despite knowing the conclusion, a conversational play that makes me want the result to be some mistake is amazing.
This hero called Muraoka, the heroine named Natsuko, is kind enough to want you to never die.
Besides being gentle, they are both full of fun and read the conversation of themselves with a laugh.
Clearly, if you say in the current language, the word "bakappuru" is right for you.
Initially, we will approach each other closely while abusing each other. Despite being able to show such a figure, there is still a sense of security after all, it will progress smoothly without disturbing the surroundings.
If there is artificial disturbance the story will not be established.

After Muraoka is going to Paris, two more people will demonstrate a lot of bachelops.
Interaction with letters can also be fairly funny. The fancy is useful, and the complaint of "your you" is exactly the blow that comes with Zu Gyun if you are a man.
The words of Muraoka are considerably heavy, and although I feel honestly painfully thoughtfully, I feel that Natsuko properly picks it up. There is no triangle which a disgusting man does not come out and tried to break in between two people.
And, finally, "Nature" brings you to stare at "death".

Of course, Natsuko will die as the title suggests, but I am surprised to think that the character living in such a healthy, energetic manner will die, I will beat my heart.
Muraoka and the feelings of Natsumura's older brother Nogamura feel so painfully is not it? I think that everyone was impressed with characters.
It is too painful to think that the way of calling "Natsuchan" is probably a way of calling that has not changed since childhood.
Anyway, I do not hear about the death of Natsuko only in the words of Nonomura, Muraoka himself has no evidence of death or feeling of death at all, only sadness is saddened and it is sad and it can not be helped.
It is quite tough that the letters of "Nomura Natsumiko" engraved on the grave marks never became "Noriko Muraoka".

So, while being a gentle world, the side who is reading is too ugly to be a romance novel.
I think that it was a really good middle-ranking novel. It is easy to read without abstractness, it makes me laugh, and in the end it comes to my mind.
For such novels, the evaluation "highest" is suited.

2012/03/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Love and death" in the 2nd Kikuchi Hiroshi winning work is a middle story novel by Musha Michiaki Atsushi. An unexpected misfortune that will strike two people, a beautifully unbelievable theme on the theme of the breakup of the two by "love" and "death" between youth Muraoka and Natsuko.

Muraoka, a novelist, is a younger sister at a friend's non-village seat Nomura saves her trouble, and since then she has been attracted little by little. Eventually, you will become married and sweethearted, with happiness in mind Muraoka will depart to France French. However, it was a report of Natsuko 'sudden death' that reached the former's home while returning home.

The depiction of Natsuko is drawn vividly and vividly. While fascinating one side of freedom like "Sorai ga Kara", you can see the delicate attentiveness of femininity and the messyness. When Muraoka looks at the current two people's things when it sees that they do not care for 'western row', I am sad that the half-year travel to Paris is sad but 'I will persevere as much as he can in order to do a fine job' I think that the depiction that pushes the back is exactly like that. As for the letter from her during the westerners, the content which is nothing but a wish but thought after her marriage is the content that spells her happiness, the eternalness of Natsuko I feel the purity and longevity of Natsuko.

That's why the hero's regret and sorrow are even more. I feel that Muraoka's great sorrow is strong and I can sympathize with the main character with a splendid depiction such as the character image of Natsuko in the first half "Lively, adorable woman". It is also emotional that her tomb story was still unmarried with "Nonomura", and those who read it can be saddened by repeatedly placing yourself on the characters. This is because Murakami Akira's easy-to-read sentences and expressions will draw in those who read it.
And these grief vividly embody the great "joy" and "beauty" of "love" within the reader's mind. This is the biggest charm of this work.

Just wont complain a word, the story is too beautiful too. Perhaps it is a crooked view of guts, but in order to produce that "beauty", there are times when you have no choice but to think of the "unnaturalness" that the heroine is being forcibly killed and not killed in the author's Eko is there. Evaluation is "good" side "very good".