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Makoto Shiina
Japan Released:1990/03
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2007/06/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a work I was interested in seeing at a bookstore some years ago, I bought it on the net and read it.
Masaru of the main character and his brother Chrysomel leave the place where I lived for a certain purpose,
It's about traveling.
I was sorry that the neighborhood felt suddenly abrupt.

"Hirsumushi" "Katsu Hikka" "Processed Human" "Brain Marrow Man" "Rock Zame" "Sumireika" etc.,
Various creatures, androids etc. appear, and stories are spelled from various viewpoints.
Therefore, although there are parts that it feels difficult to read, I did not get bored.

[good point]
(1) I think the composition of the SF world is splendid.
(2) the Kansai dialect that began to speak after playing Android Kinjo,
Processing called C4 It is unique and smiling to talk strange words by humans.
(3) Personally I like the "confrontation" between "hokkaido" and "mosquito biting". There was reading in the middle.
From the side of Masaru, it is a sub-story that it is insignificant, but on the contrary I learned a fascination.
It is good to be able to breathe with such play!
(4) The depiction of where Masaru will help Masaru 's unusual evolutionary creatures in the ocean at the end is impressive.

(1) It is an impression that 564 pages are too long in a paperback.
Although I enjoyed a lot in the second half, the first half is difficult to enter the world because I do not know what the hero is aiming for,
Just being aware that various creatures attack the hero did not feel much draw.
(2) You will also feel a bit aggressive in the last.
After all, I did not understand what is the subject of this story.
Since I did not feel Catharsis and others in particular, from the viewpoint of entertainment, I do not feel like high evaluation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did not feel drunk whether the stylist was dry and because of SF,
There is also a cruel story when you look calmly.
And lastly, Masaru will overlook the town that I reached from above,
I feel that such a place is interesting if it is animation etc.

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