[Novel]Accel World 3 Yuuyami no Ryakudatsusha

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Reki Kawahara
Dengeki bunko
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Japan Released:2009/10/10(Sat)
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1. http://dengekibunko.dengeki.com/newreleases/978-4-04-868070-7/ (Translation)
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2015/12/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
〓〓〓Some spoiler included !! Caution !!

I first saw this series from the 4th to the 14th, and then back to the 1st piece .....
Although it was, it was good to say that the 3.4 work is Nomi roll. Glimpse.

However, at least the third of them was Ash & Sky, Leila - Volume.
Black Snow Princess was set up (a school excursion to Okinawa etc) This time it was not related to the main story of the talk as much as other series (although I also showed off the bathing suits), therefore, Haruyuki is superfluous It was to hit a big wall. Although the body was dwarfed, the mask was beautiful that Nomi was a villain, Haruyuki was robbed of the ability of flying. Will you return to the weak who just does not change from everyday life before Aratani exit who did a stupid thing, or just want to fall asleep? Or will you overcome it and aim for Level 10 again? It was stood up.

It was the first opponent of Haruyuki who brought a helping ship to him ... ... ... Haruka's probably fried things seemed to have started growing up. Or, as far as I have seen, he was also the most active in this time? Although it was there, Ash took him to Raylor and he also gave Raylor It also became a good spiritual pillar of another nature with Kuroyuki.

It was that Noumi that was the big discontent. Looking at the psychology of the opponent,
Although I was taking a nonsense attitude like I was eating, just because discomfort remained in that sneaky measure, "What will happen if I get involved in this strange thing ...?"
What kind of snappy it was not so good.

After all it was "?" Because it seemed that he was making such a distrust of letting you take it as much as you wanted for reasons of abusive abuses of a close relatives ...
At the end, I lost my memory and started working towards club activities on a regular basis under the senior member Takumu (Kendo). It was difficult to say that it was bad aftertaste in that there was no need to worry about retaliation, but it is not true whether all the people abused by such close relatives became such a distorted person, is not it? Haruyuki et al. For me, such a situation of Nami Bukkake is "I do not know", I let him to Tsuchibaza "I do not remember everything"
I do not mind it is such a wonderful status ......

Oops, I got a little more Maseless, but then again Nomi .......
Although it was totally as bad as usual, as a villain I was unsatisfactory with ordinary less than two streams. Evaluation is "bad".

2010/09/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25638 Host:25702 Browser: 11758
Author makes extraordinary cuts and turns toubishi to win the next volume.
"Praise" abilities are romantic, you can also raise the strength of enemies in a natural way.
However, it gently depressed.
It is not good that there are not wings, you have the sturdiness of reflection nerves and metal colors.
I thought.
Sometimes I think it's better to get lost.
But I could win.
Well, aside from the last.
And real cheat technique appeared.
Should not be put out.
I am worried very much as to whether or not it will be a widespread deployment of cheat rampant in the future.

2010/08/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3656 Host:3475 Browser: 5839
It is series 3 works. Like the series so far, it was a work that is dense and readable.
Because the story progresses with unpredictable development, it is full of surprises and it is funny.
I felt it again that the unexpected and readable sentences are the charm of this series.

In this work, spring snow is real.The game side is driven into a dilemma on both sides.
There was something painful to read, such as the state of spring snow which can express both floor and bottom, and the factors which brought spring snow to the plight.
That is why the depiction of a person who supported such snowfall in various forms, advised, and gave a chance to find the light of hope was outstanding.
I feel that spring snow is blessed with a good person and it grows steadily with the encounter with that person.
The sublime atmosphere of the battle depiction of emotions exposed was also good.

Also, from this work, in the world of "Blaine Burst", Tsururi who is childhood friend of Tunku and Takumu will participate full-scale participation.
There is an impression that her trend greatly influences the story of the future, and I am concerned about the future development.

The behavior of the person who reads a little disgusting.The behavior is concerned, so I make the evaluation "very good".
Since the talk is finished while leaving a mystery somewhat halfway, I would like to expect development from the second volume.