[Novel]Accel World 2 The Crimson Tempest Princess (Accel World 2 Kurenai no Boufuuki)

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Reki Kawahara
Dengeki bunko
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Japan Released:2009/06/10(Wed)
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2015/11/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
Suddenly that "big boy" or a new character appeared somewhat, but it did not have any appeal in a good sense.

First of all, there is a girl named Roli called Unico. Haruyuki 's mother was so busy that she was not unusual to return home late at night and pretended to be a son of a relative to the good thing, he approached Black Snow Princess ......
Although I was forced to follow such an alleged birth certainly became a personality named Oh,
My sister's naughty little sister who caught me somewhat normally got into my nose.

The reason for approaching was that there was circumstance to her, and there were also ways of drawing such as the work that Kuro SnowHime had in his / her own way. I also inserted the casual scenes casually,
I could not feel such a bruise, but if I think so, it was Yellow that was supposed to be "bigger" and Radio too. The way of talking rude like rushing down that other person from Hana also took a nose with another nature with Unico. It was a stereotypical one, although I was disappointed whether it was cozy or not, there is no charm as a villain.

It seems that the destruction of the strengthening exterior that was supposed to have destroyed was also the key point of this ... ...
It was born from the same abandoned child general conservation education school as Unico which wore it,
Since there was also a mention which made me think that it became friends with Unico, it was good at that point, but the backing up until runaway was weak, eventually he also headed towards the face and saying that it is good if it is good even if it is okay It was something that existed only for complementing the coolness of Haruyuki that I preached like "No way!" middle.

Say clearly ........ I saw it until the 14 th film, but it was a subtle one among them. Evaluation is "bad" on the side of "very bad".

2010/09/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25638 Host:25702 Browser: 11758
It was good that it was not dependence on flight abilities because there was something I was wondering about where I could fly.
But in the end Chrome disaster fights with aerial battles that depend on flying abilities.
It is a good point that anti-aircraft shooting avoidance has not lost the flow which seems to be reflexive gauging.
A bad point is a cheating hero who avoids short range sniper.
Even though Rain falls from the building in the first half, Silver even though it is no damage.What is it possible to rewind with a Crook kick?
This is inconsistent contradiction.
Because it tries to make it a burning development, it increases because it increases the strength of the enemy and raises the hurdle.
The content of the story itself was more interesting than the previous volume.

2010/08/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26397 Host:26372 Browser: 5839
There is an impression that it became the second work of the series, the standing position relationship between the characters and the world view have stabilized.
Also, compared with the first work, the daily depiction became more and it was good that the scenes that were being read and increased were improved.
Although the first work had a somewhat serious impoverished impression, I felt that a conversation in a little daily depiction was a good accent.
This work further develops a story, a new character has appeared, the impression that the world view became lively.
It is an impression that interest has stepped up greatly, such as a new element in "Blaine Burst", an event close to the core part of the story, and a battle depiction which became more intense.
I was able to successfully draw out the hero's spring snow and "bonds" with my colleagues, and there was reading grievance.

It is an impression that the interestingness of carrying out a tense feeling of story development and the skill of composing power of a sentence are kept intact, and the entertainment is gradually increasing.

There is a difficulty of arranging words in the sentences peculiar to this series and the "weight" of the story, and there are points that I am a little tired after reading, but appeal to the story composition that is enough to make up for it felt.
Evaluation is made "very good".