[Novel]Accel World 16 Shirayukihime no madoromi

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Reki Kawahara
Dengeki bunko
Japan Released:2014/02/08(Sat)
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2016/02/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Nico was deprived of four strengthening exteriors, such as convergence after being driven into desperate circumstances etc. More than a certain break was attached, and what is going to happen from the next time? Yes. However, the unsatisfactory point was also conspicuous.

Haruyuki was busy with work Mother seemed almost like no parents touch and it seems that he had been asking for a type of opposite sex from the depths of mind that strongly teaches himself even when he scolds himself at times Let's see. So I wondered why I was caressed at that "reunion" in the final stage ... ... ......

It seems that Metatron actually existed itself as a legend, and how it is from the feeling of ordinary people itself may be incorrect, but ..........
It was a scene that should have been laughed at the nose, which was also seen in the late stage, looking at the cheerful scene that also exposed the chest, neither poison nor medicine, but it is a proud,
If you say badly it seems Era was seen from the top of Cho. That character, who became her friend on the way, appeared, but it was a stroll like something I picked up a little, so I was forced to live "anything is fine" was not it? Honest stories. There was absolutely no charm as a heterosexual.
It was stereotypical.

The white king, who was also a close relatives of Kuroyuki, who was the other key character, showed a glimpse of the biggest shootout such as the battle royal proposal. It was his performance that Haleyuki told her her "hot feeling" all the time, although he could not rely on it at first sight but it was not straight and he was straight. Takuma and his colleagues were written, and even though I could not regain completely the reinforced exterior stolen, Nico was thinking positively for her,
There was no objection. (Although it was a duplication, there is also Yomi "like" ......
A sample of such a bad ruff that it is impossible to do such a thing like such a depressed backhorn like an indulgence sign. I was sorry for sure, but I did not know anything other than that in such circumstances)

I also had such a high quality at the cultural festival, was not it?
Although it was mentioned that a memorial ceremony was also held even though it should be a defeated country in 2045 which celebrated the 100th year after the war, Japan in this world completely responded to that "historical view" completely, and a certain newspaper company I guess they did not even exist. Anyhow, it may have been said that "a fleeting rest" at the same time as such a cultural festival, but after all I still do not feel that the bad points of this series were as usual, such as "a late heroine lacking in attraction now" I did not get. Evaluation is "bad".