[Novel]Accel World 15 Owari to hajimari

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Reki Kawahara
Dengeki bunko
Japan Released:2013/10/10(Thu)
Official sites
1. http://dengekibunko.dengeki.com/newreleases/978-4-04-866005-1/ (Translation)
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2015/12/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
In the previous work, it turned out that magenta was not a simple villain, and I thought that it would be even more ... what was it like it seemed that somehow shoulder watermark was eaten?

Although service shots of Kuro Snow Hime including the heroines were also seen, it was not particularly interesting personally, it was something that I could smile a bit and allow it. Metatron,
It seems that the rescue of Nico that was abducted by BlackVise was an eyeball, but the former was somewhat eye-candy from the top to me, the latter was inconspicuous black vice and half-
Better, the Kansai dialect argon array which seemed to have eaten others, the enemy who should be big, the Machiavellist below the two stream and the character knowledge were shallow and it was unsatisfactory as usual.

On the other hand, apparently this encounter seems to have become a big "hint".
A rider that Kuro Snow Hime should have robbed the burst linker life appeared,
Nico Never Should Nico etc Amid desperate circumstances, was it that she did not have any resentment against her for salvation? Although it could be said that it was in contrast with him, Cerberus 〓〓〓 The reappearance of Nobumi as a replicated memory was "what you did now". As if the character was standing anyway, it seemed that he was making an indulgence for what he was doing as he liked depressed back horn with dirt such as abuses by his close relatives.

It seems that although copy-for-ownership robbed the ability etc. from others, I also wanted to go around like a voluntary selfishness,
Such re-emergence of himself was only a temporary excitement after all.
When the value of use ceased, it was abandoned to the arrayers and it was abandoned, but as the villain service as mentioned above, what kind of person was he treated like these two people or less like this, is not it?
In the animated version, Mr. Shozo Kobayashi seemed to be a voice actor, so also in Aratani, but as long as I saw this stroke in the original, it was "It was not unworthy", though.

I made a preliminary feeling of a further big wave, and it ended for the time being, but there is no such thing as saying that this series can be said to be a villainous actor in this series. Friendship and cooperation with Hakuyuki and Takumu etc were again deepened more than a certain amount, but the feeling of excitement such as "What kind of ton demo do these tigers do with the measures without what?" No.
Oomi also did not change at all in a bad meaning, and it seems that it was not funny to laugh at all about BEHON BAKON 's GEAST such as "Ah ..? ...?", But in this case the evaluation was "very bad" "It is bad.