[Novel]Abu no orei

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Japan Released:1925/09/13(Sun) / End:1925/09/15
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2016/06/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This is also quite a minor, but it was one of the short stories of Yumemoto Hisashi.

The story is simple. The protagonist Chieko gave out the abs who came out of the cider bottle and helped, after a while pinch! Let's say that the abuse was a narrative execution or help himself in exchange for his own life It is a story that was given. If you let me get thrust in a bit, Chieko could talk with Abu properly, of course, even if talking to it to mom did not trust me seriously, was he owner of something psychic power Is it?

Although there were almost no descriptions that made me think such a thing, there was almost no description, but when I saw Tokugawa Tsunayoshi who had kept the closing gate closed just by killing the mosquitoes that had stopped in the face, I might have admired and taken a special reward. I do not think so. Next, she seems to be a family of three with parents, thief had attacked the skis that mother had been going shopping, but this mum was also ordinary guards were sweet.

Although the thief did not know until the money existed, it seems that it was not a particularly planned criminal attempted attention, but it was like being tough as usual after being tore up with the abuse, etc. . (Bitter smile)

It happened that the thief had toppled over and the thief came down near the house did not feel like "the timing is too good" somehow, but "I do not feel good or bad, I will return it to myself" It would have been a lesson to say, "It is what comes about." Evaluation is "normal".

2016/05/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a short story for children of Yumino Kisaku.
It is a work that depicts the exchange between a girl and a rabbit, and it is quite a royal road as a story.
Despite saying that I do not know how to roll it, it was not a simple happy ending, it was a work somewhat sad.

It is pretty easy to read for children's things, and it depicts the purity of a girl who can make friends without prejudice with content.
Well, "Interacting with insects" or "Talking with insects or getting along with you" has a dream, but if the subject is from abstract person who is quite abundant, it is likely that a subtle opponent will decline or not.
Even such insects are a work that depicts the philanthropic spirit that does not feel bad or helps but it depicts the gentleness that such insects have, but it is not that weak personally individuals are not good at all.
In the beginning, there was also a story depicting exchanges with cockroaches at "Dr. Slump Arale" or "Weekly Story Land" .... As it is not separately a beneficial insect, if you do not like insects, you can not read it while imagining realistic pears alone.

From the latter half it is a pain at the grave visiting end of the abuse that will be sacrificed by fighting the robbery that appeared suddenly.
Because there is an obligation, it is a kind of royal road which is sacrificed by fighting a huge enemy and being sacrificed ... Nanhua ... because it is a kind of royal road but as a work like "seeds and sizes beyond the size" is generally good for children Is it?
It is felt like children's literature like a picture book, which has something tricky at the end, enjoying it safely.

Evaluation is "normal".
Yumesho Hisashi, after all, what is it like "Dogura. Magura" after all, but it seems that many of these works will also be seen in the Aozora bunko ....