[Novel]A UN

Other media: Comics:Aun / Drama:AUN / JP movie:A UN
Literature total pnts rank Rank 3,606in 4,626 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 46.59
Literature rank of 1981 Rank 34in 39 titles
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Kuniko Mukouda
Japan Released:1981/01
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2011/12/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34273 Host:34343 Browser: 5379
I have never seen a drama version ............

[good point]

As it was originally, it was in script form,
It was a good impression in that it was easy to read.

[Bad point]

Senkichi who progressed from the branch office to the head office manager, president of the company who is a woman.The friendship of Shuzo was the theme, but drawing itself is good.
However, trying to make a child who is born without understanding the feeling of his wife, trying to make a repair, watching the company's bankruptcy of the prostitution, slapping back his wife who opposed trying to help, and the wife of the prostitute, I saw that I was about to make a child with another woman, express my determination to get out of myself, etc. Seiji sirs. Seemingly it was conspicuous in describing the descriptions convenient to the construction conspirator.

No, at that time it would have been to blame it from my feeling now, because it was a male and female base who was "a father, until my marriage, after my marriage to my husband, after my husband died my son" Senkyu's wife, miscarried, I misunderstand that my daughter has eloped, I was refreshingly treated as refusing unreasonable demands and wielding violence.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Hatsutaro who was believed to have pulled the legs of Senkichi as his son was actually a good person But the last time I also knew that I wanted to draw "friendship" though I had a nose with the wind I was dressing . However, it seems that "Kudosa" and "opportunism" are felt ... ... ... This Senkyu.
Evaluation is "very bad" is equivalent.

2010/05/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25955 Host:25738 Browser: 7336
Men are female, women have difficulty grasping human relations between men.
Some people think that it is ugly than it actually is, but some people think that it is beautiful.
This work is the latter. A female author depicts a man's friendship, but if she thinks that it is serious this might be a little scary.
Well, this writing is also a woman, so if you are told that you do not understand it completely (laugh).
For example, if you say where you get stuck ... the first thing you can not do is to promise to raise your child to the other person,
I imitate the other, obviously I feel like feminine.
I feel a sense of incompatibility looking like a good bowl of male and female friendship.

Although I do know that it is not this way, I think that it would be fine if you wrote just a beautiful friendship with hope.
Because the scene is also heartwarming, it is certain that the atmosphere of the sentence is good.
The fighting scenes also stand out because of it.

2005/08/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33021 Host:33021 Browser: 5978
A literary script known as a drama script such as "The Terai Gentaro Family" Kuniko Mukda Mr. Kuniko Mukda The drama starring Mr. Naoki Sugiura, the only novel, is a popular work.

Personally, I thought that the daughter of rice paddies who goes on loose and steadily acts boldly is funny.