[Novel]A Aiichirou no Roubai

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Tsumao Awasaka
Sougennsuiri Bunko
Japan Released:1978/05
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2009/12/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Naoki Award / Japan Reasoning Association Awards and other award-winning masterpieces who left the world, being missed in 2009, this year's series work starting with his debut shorts.

The masterpiece of physical tricks such as "the disappearance of sand moths" dealing with the disappearance of houses recorded in "falls" is also impressive, but the unforgettable charm in this series seems strangely and unique in particular It is at the outstanding skill of deployment / setting / hint that will make logic in the story.
There are not many works that seem to be "stupid!?" When taking out only the logic and psychology, but when they are told in humorous and occasionally bad production in Dr. Ashibaka sakura, they start to have a vivid and persuasive power at once It is amazing. There is an impression close to this "Crown Brown Father Tan" series of Chesterton.
It is a work group such as "DL 2 case incident" in "dismay", "straw cats" "straw cats" in "falls", "attire of suzuko", "red praise" in "escape" that is felt briefly.
It is also superb that this skill is reflected not only in persuasive power in terms of logic but also in works using physical tricks. Works such as "crooked room" where a tragic situation which is said to be a nest of defective houses caused tricks, and "incidents to sick people" where the incompetence of the medical field that is also familiar to modern times leads to an amazing weapon emergence trick .

Meanwhile, among all the series, I think personally the most wonderful is "god of Holobo" recorded "dismay".
A civilized society far away, a secluded ethnic group who lives his own life in remote areas. Although it is a work depicting a closed room incident occurred in such a different society, it is a society leaving our cognitive civilization so that it is the original logic developed in the place, and this work depicting a sealed office crime only in it, It seems that all of Mr. Fukazaka's techniques are packed.

I can feel the era in physical terms, but in terms of content it is a masterpiece that never fades. Evaluation is "highest".

Although others have also been commented on, please be careful with the commentary on the end of the "falling" book at Tokyo Creative Company. This story will not be fancy.

2009/05/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Only the first work "Aya Ichiro's dismay" only purchased a book and tried reading.
Although it is all eight stories,

"Very good" = 6th and 7th "Good" = 3rd, 4th, 8th "normal" = 1st. 2.5.

Although the debut work seems to be highly evaluated, it is not that personally personally,
It was about "Fuu".
I felt the expression was stiff, and it was hard to enter the world.
The first episode and the second episode after that, both of which did not feel the charm of the characters,
That's too bad.

I was proceeding to read while thinking it was not good until now,
After the 3rd episode, the work which I enjoyed with proportions came out, and the impression became good.

Especially what you like is "the excavated fairy tale" of episode 6.
A narrator who is a shrine of a painter's painter, this tone of Edo front of this man?
I felt that there was an accent in contrast with the sub-role of the detective role who speaks politely,
I think it's good.

Overall, the evaluation of this work is "good"
Because the 2nd and 3rd works are unread, we will say "from a position I think is good".

2007/07/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15884 Host:16041 Browser: 5234
Do not read this trilogy and talk about Japanese mystery novels.
It's such a masterpiece that I can keep my heart full.
No matter how much time has passed, the page has turned yellow, the contents are always fresh,
It's a crafting world without mobile phones, digital cameras and PCs,
I am admired that what this "dust accumulation" can do is what.
I think that it is universal, universal, unprecedented, Ai Ichiro 's funny funny smile, universally passable until the day humanity leaves the ground.
That nose is so rough and bullish.
Everything that spreads the talk and how to brown it is too brilliantly sweet as everything as the seed raised withered.
There is a mature taste from the debut work.
Because it is a collection of short stories, you can read it from anywhere except for the last end, even if you read it casually, it is really funny,
It is interesting even if reading it repeatedly. The real pleasure of the story that was thoughtfully thought out.
Mystery novel world, no, it is a drop of a gem in the Japanese novel world.
No matter how much we admire it, I am short. As a compliment, let me say it as "comic like like".
Trying to use a palindrome, hand-crafted sentences, superb first-class sense of humor, gimmicks are tricky and fun,
There are also various ways of being misunderstood, so I can not get bored. And how to talk is too beautiful anyhow.
But it is not a beauty indulgence, it is comical and funny like a joke.
It looks as if he is looking at the finest magic trick. It is also a member of the artistic and magical world.

I thought that it was an elaborate model aircraft, if you were playing for my hands, I was surprised to be "such a foolish" with a super high speed jet engine and flew to the outside of the atmosphere ... it looks like an image,
I do not understand what I'm writing.

With Tsuyoshi Usuzaka, Norihiko Rikago, Mr. Kenji Takemoto, Fumio Tanaka, Yoshiki Tanaka and others
Magazines are very interesting as "Genshiki Castle".
(Please see the text of Mr. Masaharu Gasuda whose commentary on "Aya Iiichiro's dismay" is written in this story)
Different direction, different elements, Arai Elementary School, Kaoru Kurimoto, Mr. Yume Makura, and although it has fallen from the election, it is wonderfully influenced by Japanese novel world, aligned with "fantastic outdoor" which enlightened and produced Shiina Makoto I think it is a magazine that gave it.
(Mr. Makoto Shiina, "Advertised" (Although it is a stroke, but a personally masterpiece!) Afterword,
It wrote that he wrote a prototype work in order to apply for "fantasy outside.")

The commentary on the third book "Ai Ichiro's escape" is Mr. Abiko Takeumaru.
It will moe even in places which are not related to this main part somehow.
And please do not read the explanation of Ms. Yoshiki Tanaka of the second book "falling down of Ai Ichirouro" until you completely read it.
Write powerfully here.
Because I think it's spoiled at last last thought.
That hate Yoshiki Tanaka so powerfully.
... Things to write are fun but the feelings to the work are different but I do not even know the feelings I want to say,
I think that love has passed since it was Oita, but I also wanted not to forget consideration for people coming later.
That act is truly sinful.