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Anne Frank
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Japan Released:1952
Outside Japan :Released:1947
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2011/11/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Since the residence moved to a hideout place, I suffer from how to treat my parents, quarrel with my colleagues, a small world passed away, and there are no real friends. On the contrary, I also think that being here is happy, but I think that it is against the mother in every sense and it will not work. Rather than saying the spicyness of latent life, the adolescent troubles around that are well depicted. However, from the time you passed 350P you will be able to read the air or think about your partner's feelings. I will not think to mourn the misfortune of my body. I am fighting with the inner feelings and noticing that the susceptibility is too strong. I also know that my family is lacking both respect and praise by thinking that it is really awfully tricky to get along with each other. And the relationship with Peter gets deeper. In addition, the war is also caused by the general public, Britain will come to think about what he was doing, what he was doing until now, why he would like to do this to Jews, not men and women, but to become an independent woman.

[Bad point]
There are many common events, it is a bit long.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There are lots of fans, dads, parents and D腴〓sel with many people colliding with themselves as being told that they are smart enough to be totally like foolish or their father is wrong. But I know that I am happier than a Jew who does not have a latent life. However, to say that living in heavy pressure is transmitted.
I enjoy reading only, learning and radio. But even then such a thing is not academic to D腴〓sel! It is told that I will not use a table here. Moreover, it is said that parents' education is bad for fan. Fan Da 's husband gets suddenly an objection, so it will be hard to live with such a person. However, it is one of the themes to find out who can reveal yourself as it is. And it may be saying that the good side was a tragedy at the end of a long conflict saying that Peter would inevitably go inside.

2011/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In order to escape the persecution of the Nazis, the work of eight Jews lurking in the hideout where the 15 year old Anne spelled it in his diary. The story continues until an inexperienced everyday in latent life is caught by German secret police by the end of the diary.

I think that someone corrected it, but I think that it is a work that I could imagine as a diary of a 15 year old girl. The end of this work is somewhat sad, but I'm sure that it is truly truly complete.

She passed away in a camp at a young age, but as long as there are people who can read this work, I think that it will never die.

2011/01/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In short, it is a diary literature of a woman's adolescent girl.
Speaking of diary forms of literature, there is a wandering book by Fumiko Hayashi.
It is a war literature written in the Netherlands 20 years later than that wandering book, but this work and Anne Frank (biographies) always comes with one set, so be careful when reading.
As diary literature there are sweets and sours that are suitable for adolescents, and the powerfulness to live, still good writing power for teens, etc. are conspicuous works.

Anne of reality was a girl with friction with her mother, the result was not good, it was a girl whose emotional ups and downs were intense ... or somehow.
Why did she not warp with her mother?

Ridiculous things in the diary do not happen extraordinarily, but they are written about the lodging habitually.
What was impressive in the diary is that of Margaux (What is her official name? I do not understand it is too much Margaux or Margotto or rarely Margaret).
I was surprised by the high writing power that I can not compare with the mobile novel in recent years.

2009/08/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
From the diary, Anne Frank 's literary talent, the attitude to live positive, has been conveyed.

[Bad point]
As the diary itself was relatively bright, is it the part that makes you feel uncomfortable if you think of her last term?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

This diary was written as if Anne Frank was talking to a fictitious person called Kitty which she could have probably produced about the everyday life in the hideout, but she was a hiding place Even in my daily life, I always had a positive attitude, such as seeing the life of a hideout as an adventure through a diary, and I put it together with wonderful writing power. She strongly informs me that she was alive without abandoning hope until the very end in the space that seems to be extreme.
In the end she finally got caught by her family and finished his life too long because of sickness at the Bergen. Berlen camp in Germany, but ... for me, she is called "poor" I feel strongly that "regretful" "too good too much" is more important.
She was a very good masterpiece and a very good person as a human being. She seems to have taken the distribution of food even in camp life and shared everything equally and chose the one that seems to be the least number. She knows that she is the one who takes the initiative in oneself even if she dislikes others. I think this self-sacrificing spirit I myself also want to learn, and I think that such feelings are important as a person.
That's it .... I think it's a very regrettable person.
She probably believed that a world full of peace would come someday. Now it is a peaceful world. However, in order not to waste her feelings, maintaining a peaceful world is the duty of modern people, and it will be the first time for her to be saved.
Anne Frank is still living in our hearts. As a "writer".
I think that she is one of the best wonderful writers in the world with excellent sense of literature. She will continue to live in the hearts of people from now on.
With no complaints .... I will give you the word "highest"!

2008/06/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I read it when I was small, and now it is an evaluation that reads some pages occasionally.

I was funny normally when I was little. The year is younger than Anne.
I was interested in German history and I was wondering how the Jewish people of that era felt.
I wonder if I lived in a hidden room, I am living happily unexpectedly, I do not know that I get caught before all is caught,
I was reading it knowing that thoroughly.

The way of viewing is quite different if you read it after becoming an adult.
Knowledge about Germany is also increasing, because I am watching and reading various testimonies of Jewish people other than Anne.
I can catch Anne as a single girl.
I have read it since I am older than Anne.
Is something really 15 years old?
Because there is also a diary counterfeit theory that the father might have forged.
If really 15 years old Anne Frank wrote, there is considerable writing power.
It is enviable that I can write honestly in my character so far I have written my feelings well.
I am doubt that I am a high school student when I was 15 years old.

Well, personally it is good either forgery or genuine.
If it is real, Anne will be a genius-rich best-selling Jewish girl writer.
If forged, father of genius will say that the crystal of love that she wrote for her daughter became the best seller.
Besides, my father is also a prince who was persecuted, so it is still a valuable sentence.

It is a good work as a single diary to know Germany and Jews.

2007/11/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47260 Host:47126 Browser: 4184
It is Nichido; Nisado.

New prize; it is fresh.

It is a diary of simply "Jewish girl".

Shin: I'm sure you are right, puberty, awakening of sex, budding awareness of society. Just like war was just in between.

Bishido; But actually it seems to be quite sexually depicting or something.

Well, because it is adolescence, even if there is a depiction that noticed the transformation of the body, I guess I wanted to be a genuine innocent girl again. Anne 's father. But I really do remember that it is a good thing. I thought so because I wrote it, so it would be nice to be different.

Bishopdo; Anyway, I think that it is not like criticism of the war that is told. It is not the age to understand the interests and disadvantages in diplomatic relations. In the first place it is obvious that she is not trying to eradicate war with this.

New writ; Well, if you read it somehow, it makes me realize how hard it is to involve an ordinary person by the convenience of some powerful person. "Very good".

2007/10/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1042 Host:821 Browser: 7322
Evaluating this book is very difficult.
Because many people will see the biography of "Anne Frank" in some form before reading the complete version of "Anne's diary".

So, reading it with the existing Anne statue is surprising.
Anne is a perfect dad child, mother is boro-kun, and other adults still have
(Laura of a small house series is also a dad child, but it is not a ratio of her).
Even with Peter who is the first love player, the first impression is insanely bad (bitter smile).
Anne of whom I spent with a bright feeling at all times ... in a sense a virtual image.
There is a real real intention of a girl in adolescent and rebellious period.
On the contrary, it may be easier to sympathize.

For Peter as well, I feel like "boring" 〓〓〓"interest" 〓〓〓"love" 〓〓〓"not what I thought" 〓〓〓"disappointing".
I feel like a girl at the age of love in love, and it is unilateral, but that is also "Oh, I have such a child."
Especially since Anne loves father, the ideal man statue may be father.
To his father, dissatisfaction may escape.

Well, perhaps the surrounding "Anne statue" may have been beautified.
On the other hand, it seems that it was also said that "If you become famous, you thought that it was my older sister Margaux."

If you read it alone, surely Anne is growing, but it can be said that there is nothing diary.
Of course at the time, you can get knowledge from various books such as after Anne, of course.
Because the anne statue is completely different by the book, understanding will be deepened if you compare the whole.
There seems to be a sighting story that the camp was also good with both mother ADIT.
I have heard stories that my father Otto thought of Margaux and Anne as important as well.

I think that it was a very difficult thing to keep keeping being an "ordinary girl" under that environment.
Rather, it seems that it faces straight from my emotions.

In addition to being viewed as war literature, negative emotions that we normally push or kill are emerging.
It might be a good idea to make one of the opportunities for such adolescent's feelings.

To say that we need various books to face this book exactly ...
We will keep it "good" because it is difficult to evaluate independently.