Other media: JP movie:ASSAULT GIRLS
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Mamoru Oshii
Japan Released:2009
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2011/01/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
In the movie version, the women 's team written in the mid' cloud upper person 'style (especially in the latter half) is hanged here as a life - size real person. I suffer from everyday life,
I was impatient about the situation in which I was placed, but still it was a great correct answer to go beyond anyone and to put in a scene to overcome someone. Successfully giving a sense of closeness to the personalities of female team members.

Jaeger 's meal scene. It is rare for Oshii director, the impact is strong,
Due to the high chance of catchy words being picked up, the picture of the food floats merely by reading,
I wish I could have drooled.

[Bad point]
For those who love Mr. Mayumi Kurata 's "I am sorry .... Ooooo", this work is a scripture.
The opposite person is turning right. Women's obsession. Strength, strength, wisdom, beauty is meaningful In a sense that the feeling of muddiness is very strong as it is written on a straight ball over the movie version,
There is a danger of causing wisdom fever.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A movie version of the mid-scene scene (which is a snail) blows away at once.

Indeed it is a strength of the media mix, it is not written in the main movie version, no, it is so short that the scale is short and gorgeous enough to think that "You should have edited it even if you can not do it." Compared to the movie that asked for, in this novelized version people's feelings.The bargaining is drawn precisely. It was reproduced to a place where it can not be represented absolutely by movement alone. It was the moment when the derivation won the major book.

People's modest but definitely present, small swirling desire: jealousy, disgusting, dark side of murderous intent etc. is written in detail. There was such a drama in that short time,
A facial expression in the movie version that has this feeling.The backbone which I do not understand at all by just gesture does not break the atmosphere, the main line does not change at all and it inserts greatly.

But can you like characters, it may be impossible.
Sure one by one is small. But, there are really many vortices in one person.
It has only interests from beginning to end. It does not save the world.
Just aim at only one big beast that undone in a narrow world.
Who should be out? How will I be the best? I wrote it in detail precisely.
Therefore, people in this work world are forever irrelevant to "beautiful".

Even if the terrible battle in the narrow world was written more than the movie version,
I think that it is "ordinary" because there is a high possibility that a major + additional episode will select a person quite (in a mundane way).