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Other media: Game:Wizardry - Seimei no Kusabi - / Comics:Wizardry
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Anime rank of 1991 Rank 55in 120 titles
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ASCII Sudapin Tokyo Movie Shochiku Yu Terashima Satoshi Hirayama Sasuchika Nagaoka
Hiroko Kasahara
Toshio Furukawa Keiko Toda Keiichi Nanba Tessho Genda Ichiro Nagai Yoku Shioya Norio Wakamoto Unsho Ishizuka Reizo Nomoto
Kenji Utsumi Yukimasa Kishino RyuuseiNakao Kazumi Tanaka Ryotaro Okiayu Kazunari Tanaka Takahashi Kenichi
Japan Released:1991/02/20(Wed)
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2014/04/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11085 Host:11351 Browser: 7465
It is Wiz which became an animation of the popular RPG original following Dragon Quest and Ys, but it seems that it seems that it ended up with one OVA as well as Wiz, unlike Dorakue.

However, from Dragon Quest, it seems that the style was simple, only for the modestly well.

[good point]
The voice actor is gorgeous, animating the battle scenes of the dungeon, showing a distinctive sense of speed and a magical crash, "Imagine this magic?", "Oh, that's what it was that magic!" It was made like it. I also painted the place that eaten energy drain (or it was powered down with Haman) well, and I felt interesting also with the hobbit robber Alper and the neutral ninja hawk wind uneven combination.

The advent of monsters is also a strong enemy on parade that appears on the 10th floor of the basement, the strongest demon boasting graphics and magic invalidation abilities Greater Demon, the terrible nature of the special attack department store boasting the synonym of Crazy Pierrot, fearful flack, obnoxious energy drain attack Vampire and Vampire Road, as well as the great magician Wardner who is the objective, together with the late Utsumi Kenji Voice gave a good taste as a villain.

The strongest weapon is Muramasa, and the battle over worda's amulet was well utilized.

[Bad point]
I also wanted a little more out.

Trevor is not the main cause of the commotion, and I think that it was necessary for element to use master of Muramaso ... How about it?

There are various enemies such as Fire Dragon and Poison Giant in the bottom layer, but even if they were cut off, even if there is no choice, the tilt weight + the 3 level death super dislike mon hateful enemy's Mile Fick I wanted you to put out ... I can say that. Though it may be patience to just put on a flack.

Heroine Sheila's sweetheart Randy does not know whether it is a samurai, but indeed I was the strongest siren enemy Hatamoto, but is it meant to treat Mifune, but if that looks like Labor Road I also feel it.

Well, it seems that the comic version of Takarajima was also referenced, was it necessary to visualize the regeneration of the amputated limbs? Well, it is the world of the critical hit = necked and dead world, so I wonder if I have to do it ... ... (indeed enemies that were hit by a Hawk Wind well).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it was able to reproduce the unique animation with world by incorporating each element of original interpretation and Takarajima comic drawn before this work.

I wish that "This is a little more ..." or not only Muramasi, but also the two remaining sacred treasures, the sacred armor and the shuriken ... If it is a luxurious wish in one hour frame animation There might be, but it seems that I wanted you to put it out. Because there were many neta and neta laughs playing various games, it seems that perhaps it was perfect if you added such parts and digging in buried things elsewhere.

Although it is a Japanese original interpretation with a gorgeous voice actor and an animation of the reproduction of the game world, although it is interpretation in Japan, there are various restrictions in the USA (even at night it is a game with a high mortality rate, death traps and attacks are abnormally large ......), it would not have been possible to produce it without Japan.

Although I did not expect much, although it was quite a while to look at it, even clearing the cited disapproval point - if it had cleared - it might be the best, the neighborhood is regret.

2011/10/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30580 Host:30495 Browser: 11755
I have never played any games yet ... .......

With an OVA of less than 1 hour of recording time, there was nothing at all in this case,
The voice acting team was pretty gorgeous. It fits well with the image of the character,
Although there was no losing, Alex was a beautiful road that was ordinarily determined, and Jusa seemed to be an elderly person, and its presence, such as precise advice, glowed. Mr. Kenji Utsumi who serves as a wordner was expressing the style and majesty like the great boss of evil well and standing characters of Wadner.
Flak may also have been a lovable (?) Small rogue.

However, the heroine was not likable much. She had a boyfriend played by a powerful young man, there was a scene that had condemned the fellows who killed Flack, trying to hear about him, but it is slightly KY Tsundere 's tasty woman and subtle did. (This boyfriend may have performed crazy acts in a better sense if it is a powerful young man now)

I think that the drawing was also relatively beautiful at that time, and I think that the view was different if I played the game, was it a place I said that a little more punch-less honorable mention. Evaluation well, I will consider it as "ordinary" which is a little over "good".