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TV Kanagawa Chiba Television Television Saitama Co.,Ltd. TV Aichi Hiroshima Home Television Co.,Ltd. SUN-TV Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.LTD. Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. Kids Station Inc. AT-X
Hidefumi Kimura
Megumi Kadozono
Nisiyama Sigeru
Megumi Ohashi
Jin Aketagawa
Konno Yasuyuki
Victor Entertainment,Inc.
PROCEN STUDIO Swara Production
Magic Capsule
BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. Katsunobu Ito Kiyoko Sayama Watanabe Shinichi Tatsufumi Tamakawa Junichi Sato
Hajime Ueda
Keinojo Mizutama
Hajime Watanabe
Mine Yoshizaki
Koshi Rikudo
Ken Akamatsu
Aa Takumi (takumi) Savage genius(savage genius)
Youko Honda Masumi Asano Tomoko Kawakami Yurika Ochiai Yukari Tamura
Nobuo Tobita Nobutoshi Kanna Kenji Hamada Hitomi Nabatame Maria Kawamura Ryoko Nagata
Japan Released:2004/10/02(Sat) / End:2004/12/18
Official sites
1. http://www.uta-kata.com/ (Translation)
2. http://www.mxtv.co.jp/utakata/ (Translation)
3. http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/m-serve/tv/utakata/ (Translation)
Opening movie (2)
Savage Genius - 想いを奏でて (Omoi Wo Kanadete)
Song:Savage genius(savage genius)
Compose:Takumi (takumi)
Arrange:Takumi (takumi) [Fan reg.]
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2015/01/09 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3675 Host:3788 Browser: 9629
It was a work I was in when I started watching late night animation

Although I should have liked it somehow, I have only remembered scenes from which girls appear from the mirror. It should be a bad work ...

2014/11/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5868 Host:5771 Browser: 7454
... At that time I said "" Rule "is to be broken (= not to be defended), rules are not broken at all in the first place ... If everyone keeps the rules ... From the very beginning" I do not need it (= there is no necessity) "I was completely indigned.

Recommended work for the second piece from girls of anime master's muscle who recommended "Sola".
(Or, I guess it is not a spammer from Daibi 〓〓〓Ah Ba?

Kimura Hifumi of "Battle Skin Panic" (Wow, old fun. Haha), and,
Drawing of "Magic Knight Rayearth" Emma Kaidono of the 45th episode director (also later the OVA version of the character dancer), which is said to be the god Kinroku,
Keisuke Goto, the creator of Hoshino Ruri of "Martian Battleship Nadesico" that is also his husband,
We started watching as expected as a work as "gimik" consisting of these three people.

Suddenly starting from the 1st cut of the first time, it is the development of "bracket & panchira" (laugh), "a" picture "street" in a sense.
(In addition to that, "skin color component" ... exposure of hakodaka ... pretty much, it's late-night frame broadcasting)

If I think,
The beginning of the story is a quite disturbing air ... the hero.One summer says something that "only one summer" knows "something" (including parents) "knows" and these people move with each "speculation" ... a bit It begins with a disappointing situation (like "Truman: show" for example).

Moreover, the development of the story of the first person is also pretty solid ... The expansion of those who are "associate" from the word "girl's one summer experience" written also in Tataki of the work introduction, that is, "France It is the world of "Shosoin" and "Madonna Mate", "It is taken asleep" or "Righteous Father Lap".
(One summer 's a little "Uruu" classmate {Bitter}, on that day we met "Kiss or more")
One summer is also a naked university student with an embracing embrace Attack ... in a delusion, but ... or something.

It is a bit of a gap in Hide (lol) It is the world such as "Dengeki Bunko" or the like where clothes and green girl 's girl (= Mai Natsu) emerges from the mirror as "Naro".

I totally forgot (lol), but in this story there is a so-called "selling" part,
That is "One summer is" transformation "every time ... every time to transcribe ..."
Makeover and transcend the spirit ... In the middle of it is to gain the power of the term "Jin" ... but even if you can get it, you can find out the disappearance (things & persons), only skill Ki Guy " You can not use ", in the second half almost" runaway "will cause electromagnetic wave burst or tsunami wake up.

I mean,
I did not feel "inevitable" as a story in "using the power of divine spirit" (bitter).
Just wanted to just draw "Transformation scene"?
("Transformation scene" is also a "selling" part of this work as above, so many guests ... famous people in each direction ... have costume designed)

In the same way,
A classmate who appears as a "friend" in one summer, a little "Uruu" child in an example, a child in the middle of a violent pink (= Utena Utena), "Mystery chan", these three people are also "regular" I feel like I did not need to be ... It seems like it was a good guest character for each single episode.
(Those 'single episodes' are pretty heavy as I wrote above)

* In other words, there is a setting called "I'm losing her age at elementary school" in summer, but is this "necessary"?

Even so,
Starting Hanashi of "Required / Unnecessary" like this, starting with Hanzushi's Mai Natsu which is also not other "One piece of the main character ... It turns out that it is literal" One piece "in the last 12 episodes of this main content ..." "I do not do anything particularly in the play (= not involved in the progress of the story)", so I feel like I do not need it ... While watching "Oh, this is what a girl who does not need green" What's it strangely I was convinced,
There is a role as a "bystander".

If it is this story, if it is originally Mai Natsu must do the so-called "Kyogen dialing", but when turning Kyogen it will be told by the villain that "rule violation ..." (lol), sidelines Because it is not the only thing I can do is to say "child I do not need" (bittern)
"Kyogen" is done by a sworn owner who is one summer.

The story of the story which began in solid French school letter also turns around unnoticedly, and if you notice it will enter serious development like dealing with "seven big sins" ... I will go, but "7 One big sin is a Christian element, but it is a common Japanese ... based on a Buddhist way of thinking ... it really does not come with a pin.

〓〓〓"seven big sins", in fact Buddhism is not so "heavy" ... Everyone has what they have, there is no need for individuals to carry them as "sin" (do not do so) Because.
(Therefore, it does not overlap much with Buddhist 's "evil sin")

That's why this story,
Nemoto is what is called "growth of a girl ... both stories of a heart and a story" What is it, but "seven big sins" was too heavy for that gimmick, before that, "a girl is innocent, an adult is dirty What a "stereotype" is.

If you do it in 13 episodes, you will be able to make more use of your "transformation" cacchia Uhufu fun story
(As good as "picture magical girl thing" as it is)
In a serious story that makes use of "seven big sinners", if it is about 6 episodes, it can be put together as a supreme
(One episode treats "sin" one by one, the final six episodes are about 45 minutes frame and digest "two sins")
I think that it became even more interesting if it was either.

It is Saya which is "villain" of "rule violation ...", but it was sadly up to half of the 12 episodes (lol) "Good villain", but it was disappointing because it reaches the end at the end,
I mean, I do not explain that "rule" at the beginning in one summer You are a "rule violation"! (Bittern)

* Not getting out of the sun, at the end it was thought that the catharsis was greeted at the end of the story if it was a "bad guy" as it was broken apart by that big mirror and disappeared.
Well, still it was seen as it was, so the evaluation is in a futu.

2014/10/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17199 Host:17000 Browser: 5171
Girls who appeared from inside the mirror I decided to do a homework assignment instead to return my mobile from Mai summer ....

[good point]
Atmosphere of the group of heroes.
I think that the exquisite smileiness of junior high school students was well drawn.

The summer - chan 's voice at the time of awakening is cool.

Every time a different transformation
The picture in ED also changed every time.

Both music theme songs and inserted songs were good. "One day melting tears" is my favorite.

[Bad point]
With 9 episodes suddenly the past with Tsukiyuki 's family came out for a while or so but eventually I could not pick up the story about that neighborhood.

Saya 's enemy totally pops up.
It is a terrible existence to show children the darkness of the world by the power of Jin to children of junior high school students. Well, as an enemy character, it may be OK with that, but it is somewhat unconvincing that this character ends up as a bad character feeling at the end.
Also, I wondered how many times I was noisy about how "rule violation" was, but I think that I'm getting ridiculous "I'm breaking the rules" to Ichin-chan, even if that rule is not explained.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If you only listen to OP songs, you get an impression like bright animation, but actually it is dark animation.
It seems there was a remember I thought of this animation 's summer when I started Miku Hatsune.
Evaluation is a troubling place, but it is "Good" at the last minute!

2012/01/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26835 Host:26838 Browser: 10030
[good point]
I changed various uniforms when I solved things using Gin 's power, I visually enjoyed it.

[Bad point]
To make the girl who is not getting older aware of how ugly she is soiled by the world and to make it suffer by that fact ... Is it conscious of ordinary people in this age? I also thought that it was necessary to have the sadness daily so far, I'm honestly making it deep too deeply (bitter smile) I felt the impression that everything was brighter was all broken in the second half.
It is too inefficient as the last that I am going to wipe out such darkness with a sense of hesitancy, so it will be no use crying out what I wanted to do in the end.

Even though I thought that anime works are suitable for the songs of OP's bright image, the work which made me feel the gap with the contents each time the story advances, also ED does not fit too well.

Inadequate explanation about Jin's power and its runaway
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is simply not interesting and the "theme" can not be seen well either. What kind of animation is assumed to be an unspecified majority?

2011/01/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27085 Host:27033 Browser: 9848
[good point]
Impressive OP.
The last round was heavy. It is said that it was such a work that comes with such a strong feeling ....
I do not dislike the picture either.

[Bad point]
Suspension from the last round until the end.
It is too aggressive to say that there are only these alternatives.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is good quality compared with many works not worthy of evaluation in that it was able to see until the end for the time being.
And I think that this is never depression animation.
I think that it will have a slightly different taste when watching again after understanding the conclusion. Normal, close to "good".

2010/09/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25252 Host:25225 Browser: 9466
[One summer]

"I am gentle, serious and talking with honorific words while I am thinking about my friends and sometimes being made fun of,
One summer character that I am trying to become someone's power or I can not hate people "was an ideal woman.


The summer was added to friendship group of one summer, Tsuki moon, fireflies, and the unknown district and the exchange was funny,
When their suffering was painted, it felt more grave.

The depiction that reminds me of homosexuality has made me feel overworked.


The brothers' drama of Buddhism and Kyoto is six years and one summer of the student became a child of a new trial,
Being a bystander watching over it,
The farewell of the two who shared the pleasures for six years also audited the seriousness and gravity of this work.

I thought that this depiction, which reminds me of homosexuality, is overkill.

[Transformation scene]

Every time, the transformation scene and the costumes after transformation changed,
One naked in summer in a transformation scene was very beautiful.

If possible, I wanted you to paint naked in all the transformation scenes.


Although it is a fantasy work, the troubles drawn in each story are not realistic,
Even though it is likely to be a reality (although there were exceptions), even if settling the incident did not reach the settlement,
Although the aftertaste is bad, even if the aftertaste is bad, it is not only bad things but it shows the complexity,
In the last round, I proved that not only was it unpleasant to connect with friends and encouraging emails of guest characters so far.

One summer encouraged by everyone "There are things I do not like, but now is not everything, I want to be able to love myself" The answer was also good.


Whereas the final round was closed with summer and summer monogues,
In OVA that drew a true completion, we closed up with a monologue of one summer who broke up true divorce with summer,
By depicting the beginning of a new story of a summer, songs or songs came true.


In addition to animation, sound drama, cartoon version, novels were also developed,
Sound dramas relieve the main story that tends to be heavy,
The manga version was arranging an animated version but sometimes it was serialized in a monthly magazine,
I am sorry that all the god spirits did not appear,
The novel gave me a deep feeling about the past of the main character's being drawn.

2010/08/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7763 Host:7452 Browser: 8779
I do not know the original.

[good point]
The best part of this animation.

[Bad point]
Too many.

Hello depiction departure from time, there is no one.

Which charm is not attractive What should you look for in purpose?

Spirit Mr. It is necessary to have a girlfriend in the first place. Is it necessary to change costume?

Drawing depicts with a picture in return

Junior high school students at this time are not unnaturally unnatural.

My parents who have touched me for a long time but nothing at all say

The most objectionable thing about the hero was that all the flow of the talk was "I was then ~ ~ ~".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Very bad

2009/12/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9207 Host:9204 Browser: 9670
It turned out pretty depressingly, and finally it felt completely clear with Wari.
It briefly summarizes the relationship between the front and back of the world, way of thinking, feeling.
I think that he was wearing if he was looking at the same age as the hero when he was 14 years old (Chunini).

As a composition, a strange story continues from the first pleasant talk.
Even if it is told that this neighborhood is "Utsukata" ...
The depressed development was also an important story for the final story.
Then, the final story.

Honestly, I think that it is not fun to see people with consciousness that is clearly said "This world is like this!"
It is a superb work that it really made for Nakaji.

2009/11/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13220 Host:13435 Browser: 12342
This animation is animation to choose a viewer.
It is betrayed that expectation will start with thinking that it is the impressed thing with comedy in combination with the comical character such as midsummer in the unique atmosphere.

It is dark anyway.
The depression of muddy will continue with the side supporting characters who twisted their character to such an extent that there is no salvation.
The characters and the hero who unfortunately suffer unhappiness often and are subjected to severe work to the contrary that they are considered the worst development so far.
And one summer of the main character also gradually breaks in the form of being caught up in it, and I will cry and cheat with worrying about it and I will personally play the most disliking female protagonist.
(I do not dislike what you want to say soon, the main character such as crying and escaping really dislikes it from the heart)

By watching until the end you can see why such worst development has continued, and one summer of the hero makes you feel a lot of growth (if you are a sharp person you will notice on the way?), It is a guarantee that stress will be accumulated very much.

I think that it is frank that it seems that it was a good work that it was a good work when it finished watching until the end as much as it is said that depression evolving such painfully watching is successful when considering the theme of the work.

It was good that the 13 stories of the talks at a later date give refreshingness enough to say that it is a single bowel freshener in this work.

Personally it is a good work, but it is also a hard work to watch and it is hard to recommend.

2009/09/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13221 Host:13083 Browser: 10588
[good point]
〓〓〓The picture is beautiful 〓〓〓Background, color and air feeling 〓〓〓The mane was cute. It was refreshing to enter into daily life as a feeling of nothing 〓〓〓The last day was touched a little 〓〓〓One summer's ugly heart. I admired that it is something that can expose the singularity of a person so far. I was able to laugh because I draw it greatly 〓〓〓I was able to laugh 〓〓〓The psychology of one summer friend also admired depicting ugliness modestly. I think that it is difficult to express a modest ugliness of a person

[Bad point]
〓〓〓The scenario is too shallow 〓〓〓I did not feel inevitable in the significance of the existence of Jin in the work 〓〓〓The appearance and tone and character of one summer 〓〓〓The settings that make one summer runaway or the setting to select whether to turn off humanity 〓〓〓It does not need 〓〓〓You do not need moe element 〓〓〓Chilarism that can not be worn 〓〓〓I wanted you to show the setting more 〓〓〓Costume. I'm usually disgusted. What is it like to be casual everyday ...
〓〓〓The pod. Just a mysterious beautiful woman. The last development will not be collected unclear 〓〓〓Too much overrun setting to the mirror's guys. The voice actor of one summer's parents became saddened. I wonder what kind of emotions I should touch the nerd

To be honest, I thought that it would be possible to make such a story that was not fun. seriously.
I do not know exactly which is interesting.
There is no depth because the background is not in place. I can not see what I want to convey.
Speaking of what I could see, the enthusiasm to make girls' moe elements and why BL elements and transformations. And I'm thinking of making it feel a little aggressive.
There is nothing that echoes.
Why will you let me choose whether to erase a human or disappear from me. I wonder what the meaning is put on there.
I think that it is natural that there are dirty surfaces, and whether each dirty surface is seen as dirty or not.
Thinking about the dirty face of the one who feels summer, I feel like a life-size junior high school student. I wonder how people feel when seeing moe for it.
My head gets better.
I think that it is the worst possible result, but it does not harm people, so I will make it bad.

2009/06/27 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7302 Host:7530 Browser: 8456
Children, because of ignorance, encompass purity without arguments, but wisdom comes in conflict with it. Can you spread the view and chew both acid and sweet but still keep purity?
It is the original sin committed by Adam and Eve. Plutonic as I replace it with a real problem, does it mean I can keep it as a love, or will it become stained with a physical love?
It is a fundamental dilemma that human beings fall into, and it seems like being consciously conscious at puberty.

After all, the conclusion that the hero issued was not an alternative between good and evil dualism but an extension of the so-called moratorium. It is a fact that it was the most calm ending although I just postponed the problem.
Since there is no knowledge there is no way to have wisdom, and I can not establish my own beliefs. But since wisdom is accompanied by ambiguity, there is a danger that beliefs will easily disintegrate. As long as I live, I will not know whether I was pure until I eventually fought with that dilemma and eventually died.
Whether that person was pure, it knows the divine only.

It can be said that it is meaningful if it is said that animation is made by deforming the proposition of the most fundamental philosophy gently, but it may be a misunderstanding.
I think that I would like to evaluate the drawing skills, drawing attention to message quality, but since it is sobering it will stay at "bad".

2009/04/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11114 Host:11172 Browser: 7282
One summer of the main character in the closing ceremony of the first semester ahead of the summer vacation, a girl who appeared from the mirror, encountering Mai Natsu, a mysterious summer vacation of one summer and summer vacation begins.

The basic flow is that one summer meets Dance Summer and gains the power of God Spirit (Jin) and looks at various aspects of human beings.
If you are watching while watching the summer and summer in the beginning as well as enjoying summer vacation with your friends, that expectation will be betrayed splendidly.
It was good because it was not betrayed separately badly, but still it was worthy to say that the second half was too dark.

One summer that gradually became to know the ugly part of human beings is uncontrollable, such as feeling strange in their bodies, not accepting meals, weakening mentally, and so on.
While viewing that change in one summer, viewers who will see the ugly part of human beings one after another may be spiritually involved.

However, it was not just a depression development, but because there was a reasonable reason and there was no dissatisfaction there.
By showing various aspects of these humans in one summer with a difficult age to handle with a child rather than being an adult of 14 years old, what kind of reaction will one summer show itself,
It seems that there is an aim to show what kind of decision to make.
It can be said that it is a work that portrays the growth of human beings of adolescence, so it can be said that there is no way to become such a stuff like this.
Although it can not be said that bringing in such a theme is good or bad, I think that it was good because it was a proper work.

Because one summer is a gentle and obedient girl, it is physically and mentally hurt by looking directly at the ugly face of human beings, but in this work it is such a conflict, because I think that suffering is necessary I think that it is qualified in meaning.
The summer that exists in a form that supplements one summer was a bright existence as if it would erase the dark part of the story, and it was an indispensable existence.
It is good that one summer friends, as well as one summer, have their own troubles, such as making it meaning besides one summer's character.

It may be a dark, hard to get artwork, but I think that the contents are solid so that you will not see any loss.
There are things that make me think like that.
Evaluation is good.

2009/03/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20349 Host:20245 Browser: 3875
I think that it is a hidden masterpiece just by not being known probably.

First of all, I first heard that a voice actor from a acquaintance appeared as the reason for seeing this work.
My senior who was a part-time job attended a voice actor school in Tokyo and I was watched by my seniors because that friend (Mr. Honda) will appear as a protagonist.

At the beginning, I was watching while thinking that it was just Moe animation ... well, the first story was right.
However, although there are typical representations such as panchira and chest valley up as in the case of traditional Moe animation, it turns out to be a heavy air that made it a muddy from the midfield, and finally it is impatient for a tremendous choice ....
Every time I repeat it, I have increased the atmosphere that is not extraordinary.

I just did not expect to see it until the end.
Recently Moe + heavy story is not uncommon.
The other thing that was fascinated is that the depiction of the "summer" of the stage "Kamakura" was drawn very beautifully.

After all it is getting close to you because you are set in the real land.
Was the work carefully done the preliminary survey, details of "Kamakura" are drawn to detail in detail.
Also how to draw a seasonal "summer". Seas, sand beaches, thunderstorms, festivals ..., it is good to be able to image the summer whenever you see it.

Well, it was an animation I knew with my acquaintance, but in the summer of the last round I was impressed with the "Serif with 14 years of age in the whole world", and the performance of Mino who played Mai Natsu also fought It has gone into the world view.
OP and ED are also excellent, I choose people, but I think that it is a hidden masterpiece made very carefully, so those who were proud of masterpieces hidden behind like friends, please do "this Utakata" by all means!

2009/01/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8073 Host:7823 Browser: 8455
[good point]
There were quite a lot of raw human relationships. I did not like it but I got to see it.

[Bad point]
A halfway service scene.
Mysterious cosplay. It is not a cosplay setting, but it is uncomfortable.
Content which I do not understand when I caught as a whole.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
it is normal

2008/11/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8931 Host:8972 Browser: 6306
[good point]
Drawing and so on. . . I wonder if ED is good, is not it?
I feel like I did not have a good time.

[Bad point]
Where I did not know the point that I did not know what I wanted to say in the end, I did not stay in the prefecture. There was no reason for the summer to be deprived of control even though she seemed to be the other person, and I did not know why Jin is for what.
It was nice to hear that it was depressed every other time, but it did not solve it, it was not going to solve it, it was not going to be awfully bad, and it was useless to have a bad crisp feeling with halfway feeling.
Unlike what I was expecting the final ending, I went to the day after tomorrow, already something already .... It may be that I wanted to end it with impression, but the dust was not impressed. There seems to be 13 episodes, but as I looked it seems not to collect anything out there and I do not see it anymore.
And this may be my own opinion, but I did not like children's geeky nori so much.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Very bad" but honestly "worst" may have been good.
Why "It is very bad" If it says whether it stops or not, I think that the work I am seeing is generally good and reputed, so I think there may still be work below this.
I think that school days or per hell girl is better if it is a depression, and if you are a moving system, I think that you can use time effectively if you saw Air or KANON.
I am sorry for being a fool.

2008/09/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
[good point]
Where there were a lot of strangely real dark stories, it was good that there is geography because it is local.

[Bad point]
There is a divergence between the SF-like element of the older brothers and the neighbor's older sister, the inner conflicts peculiar to the daily scene and the girl, and the talk tends to spread, and it tends to diffuse. I think that it is a work that has failed to blend the SF setting into everyday life. Focusing only on summer and midsummer, I do not care about a third party like a family tutor 's older brother in the story of SF, but I feel like I'd be somewhat more compact.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Normally, the drawing is not bad so far, the song was very good, but there is no character that is attracted to say this, and how to tighten it is not that good so

2008/09/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28462 Host:28454 Browser: 6683
At first I expected a summer that got a magical supernatural power is a simple and refreshing style to solve things using Jin's power, but in reality it is noticeable that depression develops remarkably There are no works.

Although it is certainly showing like a refreshing line at the beginning of the early stage, as this gradually advances the story little by little entering the bad aftertaste in the middle, from the middle stage to the second half depression development It will come out and head towards an unexpected direction than the initial expectation.
Besides, although this work uses Jin 's power, it ends only by looking at it, or the direction where Jin' s power does not necessarily resolve is also somewhat meaning though it goes to a dangerous direction.

Also, as you strikingly subtlely depress the story, it shows that it changes to the feeling of one summer as it goes in parallel, or what the mind that one summer's mind creates the flow of development and development of the main part as it is It is clever.

I think that it is painful to watch this work because the character of one summer is serious and it is too clean, so when suffering from the contrary, he suffered from unnecessary multiplication, though it is not his own intention but the air of the place and others Use a lie too much, or trust himself with a sense of disgust against being taken fake behaviors.
By using Gin 's power, I will never know the ugliness of myself and others and I will lose sight of myself himself summer,
Still it gradually gets to acquire the strength to know and accept people's ugliness.

Perhaps the axis of the story of this work grows in one summer, placing a greater emphasis on change,
This is touched on in this volume, but I think that setting age in a subtle place where one summer's age is 14 years old neither a child nor an adult is well fitted,
Besides, not only one summer but also other characters make me realize the reality in the manner of subtle psychology around the age of 14 who suffer with various problems such as friendship, love affair, family environment, etc.

The summer uses the power of Jin while you are trying to realize that the person who goes on the table and the back of the heart that you have,
While being suffering while rethinking ourselves while showing various swirling passions,
I think that it will gradually grow by knowing things accepting things newly appearing towards adults gradually.

In addition, for the answer that summer put out in the final judgment of Saya, six years ago the oath was not able to be chosen by my own will and it was disqualified,
In the summer I chose the third choice that I do not choose clearly against Saya's question by my own will,
While thinking that it is expansive to make the third choice here,
Whether the most important thing in the last choice was to show his intention clearly.
I think that focusing on whether the answer can be chosen by my own intention was the difference between oath of six years ago and one summer of this time,
I think that choosing by your own will lead to growth to adults.

Although this work seems to be like Moe Moe animation in appearance, there was a place which is hard to be considered variously in terms of its contents,
Although it is hard to grasp what you want to tell if it is first looking, I think that the second person and later will be able to see the whole work in full.
Especially, there was a response to the psychological description of each character.

2008/07/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4197 Host:4200 Browser: 8090
At first, I felt like I was watching a picture, OP feeling depression was a refreshing love transformation thing, I was surprised by pretty good depression animation, that depression development is different from other depression animation Someone is bad, doing terrible things It was not easy to watch it well because there was no choice but to be somewhere. However, in the last story Ichika and Manats were something other than what I thought would be to kill Ichika's serif like Ichika's directive, but at the end God knows that we are always tried in serifs It was nice to know somehow the meaning of this world feeling.

2007/09/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8594 Host:8389 Browser: 4184
A summer that is given special ability and knows the ugly place of the world and his ugly place.

At first it was only helping friends with the spiritual power, but by using the godspirit power you are troubled by the ugly places of the world and your ugly places, and it seems likely to be at the mercy of the power of the godspirit power. Saya keeps watching it with shadows. From the place where the identity of Saya and Todo brothers was revealed, it becomes clear what is being done for the circumstances up to now. Although the picture is beautiful, I thought the change in the feelings of one summer was hard to understand because the script was insufficient.

Ultimate choice as to whether one will die or a person other than me will die if I learned the ugly part of human beings. In summer, neither of them is chosen, human beings go through growing and insist on living. I think that this was good. It is a violation of the rule to give 3 choices although it is 2 but I thought that it was a good way of developing because it would be a bad way to end even if you choose either of these 2 options.

As an impression that I finished watching it was a feeling that it was not good or bad.

2007/03/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15218 Host:15004 Browser: 4487
Contrary to character design and opening songs, it is a work that a heavy story continues to be depressed.

The main character in the final story.The point that the message nature was quite strong, such as "a certain choice (to touch the core so details are not talked)" in summer was good.
However, I kept many mysteries as mysteries, and I thought about the composition of the final story to solve puzzles and messages together.
If most of the mystery was cleared up just before the final story and the gravity of the message part of the last story was made larger,
I think that the message was more easily transmitted.
Even about that final story, I could not get a sense of exhilaration enough to wipe away the depressing developments that have taken place.

From the above, I will assume the evaluation of my work as originally mentioned.

2006/12/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12298 Host:12597 Browser: 5650
Painting is also good, OP and ED as the base of the program are not bad either. I wonder if the story was okay, too? Because there are some parts that are caught somewhat, I let you drop the evaluation a bit on this side ....

2006/09/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13178 Host:13400 Browser: 3874
By a single girl seeing the "shadow" part of real society and people by "mysterious power"
It depicts the appearance of fighting the conflict occurring inside of himself, attaching to "strength" to adults and growing up,
For those who had experienced life experience to a certain extent, I felt that they would only feel as if they were talking about commonplace.
It was hard for me to empathize with it, so I did not feel appealing enough to attract to myself.
In addition, overall, it was a dark story, many settings, I felt something refreshed after viewing.
Perhaps it could not be helped to satisfy the theme, but even though the characters are drawn cute enough,
I thought that if it had a bit simpler clarity it would have made it more interesting.
However, I think that the configuration that converges the hint is quite good. I also like the picture very much.

2006/09/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23233 Host:23333 Browser: 4925
In short, every time, a story where a hero's girl meets something terrible. It seems that you are good at making viewers "depressed", and you have the impression that you have depressed your mood every time. Moreover, there is no problem if this only becomes "depression", but it is minus that clearly understand the victim and the perpetrator. It might be nice to change costumes every time, but that is not that it can be appreciated. Anyhow, it was a work that felt a gap in the somewhat brighter tune of the OP and the contents of the work. Therefore evaluation is sorry to the creator but I will assume it is "bad" close to "ordinary".

2006/06/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51405 Host:51372 Browser: 4696
The picture was beautiful, but otherwise ... ...

Targeting Moe elements did not suit me at any time I always thought I'm obviously aiming for Moe but I can not like being seriously talked about it I was a gag and suddenly depressed I like to become like

Oh, but Mai - I liked HIME I think that it was because you did it exactly when you entered depression

This is ... halfway feeling ......
But the theme was gathered, so well this evaluation

2006/05/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36963 Host:36811 Browser: 5234
I think that it is not bad, but it is an honest place to say that it did not suit.
I think that the drawing was beautiful, but I did not really like the picture.
However, I think that it was a very good theme as a theme.
The first grasp was delicate but I wish it was better to become later.
It was a delicate way to finish but it was nice that you kept the clarity firmly.
Just a transformation scene is erotic ... -
Evaluate "normal".

2006/05/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7593 Host:7688 Browser: 5200
It was unexpectedly seen without resistance. I do not get tired of costume being changed every time. It is interesting again when seeing 2 or 3 times!
It was good that OP, ED also matched this animation

2006/04/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21329 Host:21010 Browser: 4184
The person who was pure in fact is actually a dirty existence and finally becomes impossible to endure it and is forced to choose whether to disappear or the world disappears Why does girls feel such feelings when they are children? I was watching the world that I could not understand while having it (and a bit of a murky world) interestingly. (Boys and girls are so dirty from the beginning.

OP / ED and overall atmosphere is good, but the details were awkward,
If you do a new thing instead of a promised pattern, that kind of awkwardness will be a sticky thing.

Just being funny, there is something that wants to tell something, but it is valuable in the current animation. Animation directors called masters are in a state where there is nothing you want to talk about although there are technologies of directing to show. So I would like you to make it for the next generation group who wants to express this kind and I want to see it.

It is safe to say that thirteen episodes are good though they are expected endings. But men are wearing wine and it's normal. Only minus evaluation on this point.

2006/04/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9475 Host:9256 Browser: 4925
I think that it is an animation that stops from the middle. At first I thought whether it was a transformation system but it came unexpectedly.
Although the last round was subtle. OP highest.

2006/03/19 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17931 Browser: 2045(Mobile)
Somehow I was watching. Because I did not understand the story, I read the original manga at a secondhand bookstore. Is the character deza him that erotic manga artist ...?
Although it is a story of the essence, "It is not well understood at all" is the impression of the first impression. It is like a summer seems to borrow the power of a spirit (?), But now that the animation has ended, I do not mind that I should have watched it properly. I did not know what I wanted to do after all.