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Japan Released:2006
Outside Japan :Released:2006
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2016/11/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4405 Host:4425 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Well .. It's surreal and vulgar, but it's funny. There are a lot of prayers' premie goods in my house,
I think that it is quite moderate. I am calling it a habit but ... Also in the picture stand are two pictures decorated. There are other strange characters coming out ... It is interesting that the two people get away with a car and they are chased by the police. Putin is a fucking character, but Kirenenko is so amazing it is not a bad combination and a good combination.

[Bad point]
No special

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It's funny - Black humor ... My daughter is slumber. My son is a hawk's claw ... a rabbit is more visible.

2010/09/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14213 Host:14199 Browser: 3440(Mobile)
〓〓〓Overview 〓〓〓br> The stage is the prison of the former Soviet Union. Although he was a serious worker, Putin went to prison by being abducted as a "capitalist" because he was absent without permission due to a hangover. Kirenenko, a former mafia boss who is quiet but deeply innocent when he or she makes it happen. A surreal gag animation weaving individual comic characters such as comaneches (sex is okama and chicks) and Leningrad (frog) that firms aside.
[good point]
〓〓〓Putin ... goofy is interesting. By Kirenenko it will be unfortunate deployment. I sympathized with the unrequitedness of Putin who is sorrowful.
〓〓〓Kirenenko ... It is usually quiet and my own pace, but when you interfere with your own pace, you will be angry and ruthlessly attack like Ashraman's Ashraman, the character of Kinnikuman, a great devil.
[Bad point]
〓〓〓esign ... With its unique design, Putin and Kirenenko look like fish sausages. I think the face on which Kirenenko gets angry is a little disgusting.
〓〓〓bout the stage ... The former Soviet Union is the stage. The former Soviet Union collapsed and now it is Russia, but when I see this animation I think that what people think of Russia. I felt like I was wrong with the former Soviet Union's view of the world.
〓〓〓overall evaluation 〓〓〓
It happened to be an animation that flowed when I went to Village Vanguard (a shop of books and sundries). I thought it was an interesting animation. Anime with no voice is also unusual. Evaluation is made "good".

2010/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9479 Host:9514 Browser: 9154
I think that it is an animation that likes and dislikes individually It is my favorite work Personally, it is a cheerful Putin and easy to kire and immortal Kirenenko neither tired nor get tired of it (although the movement is over a bit)
Supporting com Konneti (HIKOKO) Leningrad (frog) also had a good taste It was good that the stage was Russia and the main characters were also silent? It was interesting that it was fun It was production Japan, I thought it was America .

2010/08/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6675 Host:6525 Browser: 9336
A short story that evolves with a rhythm of rhythm.
There is no dialogue, I make direct sound effects with the sound effect and BGM making full use of it.
However, it is difficult to understand immediately that it is a prisoner's story when you start seeing the main feature without sudden knowledge (laugh)
Although it is surreal, I think that it is not so violent.
I do not have blood depictions etc, and it seems interesting for children to see.

In the first term Putin's Cossack dance works like a metronome and is very simple.
The battle between Kirenenko and Kanshkov was refreshing and it was funny.

In the second term, it incorporates elements of the car chase, making it a more dynamic image.
I think that the second period was the best for the goodness and unexpectedness of tempo, and the synchronization with music.
Police officers of pursuers were likable characters.

In the third term, the necessity of the talk was not felt, and it may be somewhat redundant.
Dzorzorov is a bit weak in characters.

My favorite character is Kanshkov. For the reason that he is out, favorite is the first period after all.
I think that it is the second term if it is perfection degree.
Overall, the overall evaluation is "very good".

<Additional notes>
I also saw the fourth term.
While putting the elements of the continuation from the last time, I think that it was interestingly gathered as one story.
Personally I thought it was better than the third term.
Do you think that kire is reborn just by pasting with tape?

2009/11/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10451 Host:10521 Browser: 7345
The prisoner's rabbit is also a novel with the hero ...
There are lynching and execution neta, there is a black gag, because there are many violent depictions, I will choose a person to watch,
If there is only forgiveness it is quite funny, anything surreal gag work.
I can enjoy it without thinking deeply, and the tempo is very good, I will not get bored.
Cute and realistic rabbit character deza is pretty.

It is wonderful that the setting of a prisoner is used effectively, such as having time for labor and visitation.
Character is also unique. The face door (guard) comes out bullishly against a bearish and dead green rabbit,
I can laugh at being bearish against red rabbits who are violent strongest characters.
It is good not to be totally reset with a single story, but to start with the previous continuation state in many cases.
It was unexpected that an uncle chick and a frog coming out of the toilet became semi-regular and played an active part.

2009/11/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3389 Host:3308 Browser: 7213
I just watched the whole story at a stretch, but it is a word of fun!

This is made in Japan, is not it rare as a work set in Russia (and also the Soviet era), but the names of the characters are all excellent! Different personality and title in Russian style (such as Kirenenko and Kanshkov), those with names of celebrities (Putin, Sharapova, etc). Especially celebrity system, it is medically unconcerned with its name gap. Also, although there is no speech in this work, the movement of the character, the sound effect, and skillfulness of how to use the music will complement the laughter.

The first term depicts the prison life, but the punishment life that is supposed to be painful and gruesome is depicted in a fun way. It is because it is pleasant that Petin is just happy to have dinner only everyday. Prison is primarily intended to punish those who commit crimes. Moreover, if the stage is Russia where climate is severe, it seems that everything can be disastrous. However, color usage is colorful, it is a gloomy peculiarity in prison, and there is no cold image at all.
On the other hand, Kirenenko is exactly the strongest. Even if it is made into a honeycomb or it is smoked with poison gas, it makes it as a kerori, and when it gets caught it will show a broken rampage of the brake. Catharsis caused by destruction. Laughing and feeling refreshed. But thanks to that much power, Kanshkoffs can not punish him anyhow.

The second term is surprised by the surprising abilities of Putin in the two ruins that escaped, and is laughed at the great escape play of Boris and Kopchev's cops. Of course, the strongest of Kirenenko is also great. The third term is a story of a struggle (?) Until Kirenenko gets a new shoes, but the way of giving office that the second-term policeman combination appears again in the last was brilliant.

2009/07/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25260 Host:25366 Browser: 5740
This is tremendously fun.
I do not speak, but it is fresh (or not at all even in my own) to show it with images (facial expression, music) etc. anyway.
Putin, Kirenenko 's behavior, expression, personality, everyone is making me laugh.
The best comedy DVD I've seen this year.

2009/06/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34607 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
Personification of rabbits is rare.
When I hear it as a rabbit, it comes to mind the head is "Peter Rabbit", afterwards it is about the rabbit of "Alice in Wonderland".
As my impression on a living creature called a rabbit, I do not understand what you are thinking, it is scary when a quiet turns out, and even as a person's pet, it is not easy to understand like a dog cat and it is not easy to understand, either, In other words I think it is a minor.
How to use anthropomorphized characters (way), making use of the character as a living thing, it seems quite difficult.

So, what I thought at this moment when I saw this work was "Why a rabbit?" "Why are rabbits, not dogs that are easy to anthropomorphize!"

The answer was surreal. Honesty The meaning of this work is not understood well.
But it is like a rabbit, it is surreal!