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Gore Verbinski Graham King John B. Carls
Tim Headington
John Logan
Craig Wood
Hans Zimmer
JOHNNY DEPP Hiroaki Hirata
Isla Fisher Kanako Toujou
Abigail Breslin Reika Uyama
Ned Beatty Tessho Genda
Alfred Molina Kazuhiro Yamaji
Bill Nighy Youhei Tadano
Timothy Olyphant
Harry Dean Stanton
Ray Winstone Shinpachi Tsuji
Stephen Root Fubito Yamano ChaHuurinn Takeshi Maruyama
Ian Abercrombie Shigeru Ushiyama
Gil Birmingham Toshitsugu Takashina Yukiji Wataru Takagi
Claudia Black Atsuko Tanaka
Blake Clark Syuitirou Moriyama
John Cothran Jr. Naoya Uchida Toa Yukinari Seiko Tamura Aruno Takehara Setsuji Sato
Beth Grant Mami Horikoshi
Ryan Hurst Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Takuya Kirimoto Rokuro Naya
Joe Nunez Shirou Saitou Takubo Syuhei
Lew Temple Yutaka Aoyama
Gore Verbinski Sinya Fukumatu Kyohito Yosikai
Hiroshi Ito
Japan Released:2011/10/22(Sat) Movie
Outside Japan :Released:2011/03/04
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1. http://www.rango.jp/ (Translation)
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2013/03/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4895
Indeed the picture is really beautiful and the story does not do much, but the world view from the picture seems magnificent.
The battle scenes and the battle scenes where birds' horde is storming in the backdrop of the streets of town and others are impressive, and even if it is a way of making the camera move or how to develop the battle scenes, realistic and realistic feeling was there.

Just a video is not terrible, but it's nothing terrible, such as story or idea or imagination, there is a way of seeing it as if actually standing there and turning the camera, let's make it a picture or CG and make the quality of the image itself Every one of this series of work was professional and lacking even one of them was magnificent, and even if we could do beauty of the image itself among them it was not I think that the sense of richness and how to move the camera is questioned, and it is quite difficult to see it in Japan, and I feel like I'm pulling it in the other way with that one.
It is because there is such imagination so it will not be bored or pulled in just because the image is just beautiful.

I watched Hick, Dragon and Tintin, but both of them were amazingly amazing and interesting, but there was further impact in the difference that I went beyond these two places, even with only images.

Until a while ago I liked Japanese animation, I did not like American animation or CG animation so much, but I came here and I came here to understand how amazing or interesting it was.

The character design and the expression of the character and the gesture are also good, and if it were originally reptiles or the like, it seems to feel uncomfortable, but it feels cute and feels awesome.
Since it is difficult to see how to make this character and how to make facial expressions in Japan, there is unexpected nature like touching a new culture.

When an entertainer is in charge of voice actor in Japanese animation, there are many things that is not good, but Johnny Depp is really wonderful.
I do not understand English, but the skill of acting is transmitted, and it does not mean that I can see the face of Johnny Depp, but it has become a character properly.
It was a bit frustrating or trying to change the tone was the way Johnny Depp performed, but it was fitting to fit the character and definitely Johnny Depp pulled out the charm's charm.
Not only the power of the video or the screenplay but also the likability can be got and emotion transfer can be done.

Honestly, there is something more honestly - I thought it would be over if I finished it was a strange storyline, it was not a big deal though I was pulling with something pretty mysterious or meaningful like a hint or something That is where it is.
There is not much content or story there where there is good or bad of American animation, but since it has no unexpectedness even at the end even if it is done last, it ended at the same tempo and it did not rise exciting and even if it turned owl Although I was pulling from the beginning I was beaten.

Nevertheless there is a basic laundry transformation and there is a common pattern but there is a foreshadow that has become a hero with progress, the plating is peeled off at the last person and it is seen in the white eyes and is driven out of the city Because there is ", it will be drawn in and it will also be sharp, because it develops development that it notices and finds it and solves a mystery, it will emotionally transfer to the main character in conjunction with the message nature also for viewers.

Although the old scene was also meaningful, I think that it is such an interval, and even if it is the word of the road side or the village chief, it was meaningless.
Personally I think that the side of the road represents the human world, so by expanding the world of illusions in which the human world and reptiles live, the meaning of the side of the road will also have survived and the meaning of the reptile I think that the world has also lived, but I think that I just made it small for use as a reason to stop the water of the story and the connection became shorter.
In other words, I expected to go back to the ordinary chameleon after going to the human world by going to the side of the road.

It was good that I let her get in a mystery or somewhat like atmosphere, but there are also watching it with that, but there was only a simple answer there.