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Other media: Game:YS / Comics:Ys (Hideki Maeda)
Anime total pnts rank Rank 2,683in 6,557 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 48.31
Anime rank of 1989 Rank 48in 116 titles
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Character/Setting2.33(Very good)3
Voice/Actor2.33(Very good)3
Story2.33(Very good)3
Hot heart67%2/3
Made me think33%1/3
Learned something33%1/3
Shed tears0%0/3
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Takeshi Kusao
Minami Takayama
Chieko Honda
Mika Doi
Seiko Tomoe
Nobuo Tanaka
Tessho Genda
Takko Ishimori
Show Hayami
Katsuji Mori
Kiyoshi Kawakubo
Eken Mine
Kei Tomiyama
Rumiko Ukai
Kousei Tomita
Kousei Yagi Kyosei Tsukui Toshiyuki Morikawa Wataru Takagi Hirosi Horimoto Tomie Kataoka
Shouzo Iiduka
Daisuke Gori
Hidetoshi Nakamura Takashi Watanabe
Tadashi Hayakawa TOKYO KIDS KingRecords Nihonfalcom
Japan Released:1989/11/21(Tue) Media(ex. DVD) / End:1991/09/05
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2012/02/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19877 Host:19829 Browser: 4895
[good point]

You stood a character regardless of your friend or enemy. First.
Adol of the hero sometimes tends to run a bit,
It was exactly "a genuine adventurer", and Dogi also had charms such as its gag characters. Goubang was scary as he was the eldest like the elders, but it was astringent, Ruta and gemma were also good impression on the atmosphere that had calm down.
Dalem whose enemy character was also middle boss rating showed quite a strong enemy, such as the hero suffered, and Rasubosu Dalk. The facts were dignified and there was dignity. In other places, the villagers who formed the vigilante against the demons certainly disappeared without advice from Slav, but immediately after that ........
A person named Colladino Daskanio also "the public is stupid"
Although it seems that it seems to have said that there was also such a sense of crisis with reality there was something interesting.

The voice actor also well matched the image of the character, did not he? On replacing people, Dulles had no sense of incongruity, but Gouban and Ruta were the first ones, Nobuo Tanaka and Takashi Toyama, respectively, were better.

I do not know the game even though .BGM, but there was no losing.
Especially songs by Ms. Minami Shoko of ED there were delicate vocals and others to shine.

[Bad point]

Oh well nothing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It seems that OVA was originally planned to be produced until the fourth work, but the first one was funny. I think that it was well organized. Evaluation is "very good".

2009/01/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13570 Host:13356 Browser: 6034
The work of this 7 volumes composition is the original that I saw for the first time.
My thought is strong. Personally I liked the original ("The hall of worship" of Mesa 's chapters) ~.

[My favorite character]
The main character Adol
Doggi turned into a gyaku character
Gorban that turned into an astringent character beyond the original
Somehow suited Rida = Gemma (haha)
A young man who is more responsible than Adol, Slav
Las boss with shadow. Dark = fact

[Female character]
It was only "chapter of Hadaru" of Moe that felt to Feena (lol).

[Interpretation of a person called Ador = Kristin (subjectivity)]
Red haired boy who challenges the mystery of Esteria, the land hated by demons.
It is impressive to tell Norton that "If you do not go now, you will regret it all the time."
In addition, desiring from "surrounding legendary brave man", the attitude of "challenging the mystery of the esteria by my own will" impression was also impressive.
Sarah was beaten up by the petrified reality, depicted as "I was not a legendary hero ..." (lost sight of the beginning in the beginning) depicted, Gobban admonished it and eventually "I can do what I can It is one of the attractions that I regain myself, saying "I will do my best".

[Interpretation of person called Dark = Fact (subjective)]
In the past, the movement of mining silver in the estelle Dangar's parents opposed the danger of the silver (resurrection of the devil) Opposite the girls of Estelia who wanted silver to become unreliable The da kuk parents were killed And silver was mined, Dalk embraced despair for human beings. Dalk thought.
(Black pearls, Cliereia, it was too early for human being!)
(It was the goddess that made the black pearl ... ...)
(The world dominated by demons is the intention of the goddess!)
And Dark joined the devil and converted it into a magical army ...
However, Daruk is a legendary brave wish somewhere in his heart, that the advent of Adol - Christin will make him the savior of Ys. Therefore, Dalk is ...
I taught the position of the book of Ys remaining in Adol
I led Adri to a prison with Ruta (written by Gemma) (?)
Dark realized the extinction of black pearls ordered Adol to stick myself, is it this feeling? And then interpret the theme (one of OVA Ys II)
[The goddess' s fault has given black pearls to humans. But correct the mistake. ]
... That's why Adol is doing her best www
that's all!!!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a little worrisome that the character picture collapsed after "Toba no chapter" ...
Well, it is "best!"