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Anime rank of 2005 Rank 118in 191 titles
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2006/07/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38828 Host:38790 Browser: 4184
Short control in the first half, while the lady's lady was a long gaggy thing in the second half, but the former was more poisonous and laughable.
Below, if you comment on the main controls.

This week's Taepodong

I got out. Divide the fat that is hungry on its hungry to the hungry crowd! General General John Oil who can not stop thrusting.
He fired Taepodong unreliable, but he hits his head .....
It is useless.


Is it really a mischief like a childish dish? The teacher who broke it is actually quite a lost person?


No, people in the Edo period do not use such coggal language. Even though you can not afford it just because of you, the Yonezawa clan Uesugi family who finally became a fire fighter is feeling wanted to say "Cheveriba !!"

A stove

No, it is fine to warm up, but it's too out of place.


Why the Kansai dialect? (Laugh) It is not a man to make excuses.

Shadow Warrior

When General Johnil comes out, is that that Saddam can not come out? Although he was also chatting with the Kansai dialect for some reason.
No, because it is a shadow warrior, it is not necessarily wearing Japanese armor.
Are you misunderstanding that it makes me sad? (Bitter smile)

It is such a place, I think that the degree of completion is high normally. The original author who is in charge of voice actor seems not to be very different from a certain one, but he is a gifted person.
It is a place I want to expect for your future success. The evaluation is "good" on the side of "very good".