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Asahi Broadcasting Corporation(ABC-TV) TV Asahi Broadcasting System of San-in ADK Hiromi Seki
Toudou izumi
Nakayosi Koudansha
Yui Ayumi Interesting Kindergarten Otomodachi
Tomoko Komparu
Keiichi Oku
Kunio Tsujita
Kazuto Nakazawa
Masauki Sato
Takuya Igarashi
Naritayoshimi Yabeakinori Akira Inagami
K Y Green
Yumi Kageyama Yamayoshiyasuo Aoyamamitsuru Mamoru Hosoda Toshie Kawamura
Rouge de rune Shigeyasu Yamauchi
K Y Green Tatsuya Nagamine Kasaiosamu Ko Ohtani Minako Honda Kosugiyasuo Ami Koshimizu Kazuya Ichijou
Takumi Yamazaki Fumiko Orikasa
Daisuke Kishio Reiko Kiuchi
Ikue Otani Hisako Kyouda
Mitsuki Saiga
Kaida Yuki Suzumura Kenichi
Ryo Horikawa Koji Yamamoto
Naoki Yanagi Yuko Tachibana
Akemi Okamura Reiko Yasuhara Tomokazu Seki
Issei Hutamata Kenji Nomura
Kazunari Kojima Mamiko Noto
Miwa Matsumoto Ai Nagano
Reiko Senou
Rumi Shishido
Japan Released:2003/02/02(Sun) 08:30-09:00 ABC TV / End:2004/01/25
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1. http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/nadja/index2.html (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
明日のナージャ オープニング
Song:Minako Honda Arrange:Ko Ohtani [Fan reg.]
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2004/08/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:13(72%) Normal:4(22%) Bad:1(6%)] / Provider: 7500 Host:7680 Browser: 4369
I wanted to love this series so much. I was hoping this one would be one of my latest "obessions". Unfortunately, it just so happens that Nadja-chan is pretty annoying under all that innocent cuteness (honestly, she isn't *that* adorable). Nadja is an orphaned girl who suddenly finds out that her mother may still be alive. Little does she know that she is also royalty (I think that's the story). So, she goes on a journey through Europe (this was way in the past) and meets a whole bunch of suitors, but she really loves the Prince who saved her that one night when she was going to be attacked by two guys who were sent by the uncle(?) who wants her dead. Well, I've only seen 3/4 episodes and that was enough for me. The animation and character design is too beautiful and too adorable which is why I hate how Nadja just isn't appealing enough for me to see the series through.

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2016/10/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4405 Host:4425 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Was it a series of good-naming stories ... If it got better and better than dark, Paris was a song ... Nadja, who was in an orphanage, entered a journalist's seat and thought that it was a story to go over the adversity brightly There ... There, that is good, but ...

[Bad point]
If it is the same, in the serial series, paintings and stories are all inferior to similar candy candy candy. A classmate who was together at the orphanage is uncomfortable ... Rosemary? .... I think that the case is different from candy, but who knew about Nadja knows Kandy I wonder if it is ..

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If it is in the range I remember, is there so far? There is a part I forgot for a moment, so the fan, sorry ...

2016/03/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9346 Host:9378 Browser: 10080
[good point]
The voice actors are luxurious. Even the content is not too bad at the beginning.

[Bad point]
From the middle stage, the end of the stage it became quite a strange thing .... Rosemary is better than naja for private. Because Nadja does not act on its own. It seems mostly people around us are coping ...? Ojamajo also has a dark story and a heavy story, but there are still brilliant salvation "magic" which is too much different from genre too much , Nadja is realistic, there is no salvation when watching people are painful. This time zone is much brighter and pop animation seems better. Suddenly it will be like a world-class masterpiece, and it will be natural that viewers will not be able to go on. Also, the ED was terrible ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is very bad.

2015/03/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6593 Host:6333 Browser: 7450
[Good point] It is a deep animation about society at the time, love, travel. It is not bored with only individual characters such as aristocrats, entertainers, and kaito. The picture is also beautiful, op is also good sense of love There are many romantic scenes in love, it is likely to be drawn in here also looking.
And I was pretty thrilled looking at my mother, being chased, broke stolen ... etc

[Bad point] It might be difficult for kids ... Myself who was 5 years old at the time also understood the matter with Rosemary and said, "Kuso Oh!" I was watching the circumstances of love with the two roses, And I did not know well about the status etc;
It is now felt in love with Nadja, and they are all so funny (lol), so I think I should have targeted adults a bit more than children

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I would like a second term, rebroadcasting!

2015/02/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29325 Host:29061 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Not only looking for mom, but also love patterns, you can enjoy mysterious and high school students there. It is different from visiting my mother.

[Bad point]
It seems that it is for 3 to 6 years old little. I myself was in the middle of a nursery school at the time of broadcasting, but I did not understand the story and I did not buy toys. There was nothing to deserve. In that respect, it seems pretty cure is better.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall it is normal. Although it was unfortunate that it was not for children, the love pattern was pretty good. I think that it was a work that ends in one year. I really want to see the sequel.

2015/01/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10985 Host:10890 Browser: 5287
It is this "tomorrow's naja" that is sandwiched between animations that represent Toei animation, Ojamajo Doremi and PreCure. I was looking at the primary school at that time, I was watching, but it was too lame to make this work with world class masterpieces and fairy tales of the world too much, and the story was too poor with an esoteric content.
First of all, the age group watching animation in this time zone should be a kindergarten girl. Why then did you make it a medieval European world view that the child imagines hard to imagine? And when I saw a phrase or story that I could not understand even at that time, I came to wonder whether this is really an animation for children.
Still, it was a work that was too severe with no element attracted by contemporary girls, such as disappointing as the top two works, a charismatic and grandiose girl growing up as a dancer.
The only good thing is that the OP "Nadja!" Sung by Honda Minako was excellent.
A gentle, sweet singing voice peculiar to women sounds and it is a very comfortable melody.
This song sometimes sometimes sings at karaoke.
At the time that this work was broadcasted, Toei had strong rival animation "Milmo in Pon!".
He gained popularity with the momentum that pulls out as much as possible, and further was kicking out animation for other girls.
And in such a work, we can not compare it at all, and the sales ratio of the toy, not to mention the viewing rate as much as possible, is greatly differentiated, and also the live-action version of Sailor Moon which was broadcasted at the same time loses the sales rate and toy sales, There was whispered that the frame itself would be lost.
After that, as a result of the savior called Pretty Cure appeared, these rivals were swept away and it became a government of Toei Animation for a while, but this work has fallen into Toei due to this crisis.
In other words, this work is a Class-A war criminal that symbolizes the slump of Toei in 2003.
I sincerely hope that there will never be such a work ever again.

2013/07/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2442 Host:2581 Browser: 4179
[good point]
It is my favorite animation! There seems to be some people being told that hero is a motemote and it is said that it does not like it, but since I am a hero and I am seeing animation, I feel very good (lol) Recent fighting I think that there is much emotion than anime which carries out friendship plays just to come. Too bad I am a big fan of 26 stories! That time is exactly God! In content, like a mother asked me to add Candy Candy, it is also recommended that all male characters are attractive . Nadia is cute. Whether it is good to see various dances. Although it is an animation for children, I am pleasant watching the mercilessness of rosemary of the last stage.

[Bad point]
The hero is too blessed with the environment. . .
I can meet someone who will help me conveniently when I am in trouble. . .

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if I deduct the bad points above, it is very recommended and it is still my favorite animation that has not changed.
Although it seems to have been suffering from the viewing rate, just saying that child reception was bad, you surely like the generation you like, surely! Content. The world class masterpiece the small feeling is good again. It is regrettable though it was supposed to have been more popular if it was in that time of that time period.

2013/02/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5922 Host:6000 Browser: 12343
[good point]
Masterpiece Theater style style It is clearly a heterogeneous work with Dream Creat & Damn, Pretty Cure.
There is a quotation by Mr. Kanchun.

[Bad point]
It is dark content for girls. "
Especially rosemary became a threat to both Nadja and the show.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Some treat it as a laugh, but I think that it is not a bad work.

2012/12/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13308 Host:13174 Browser: 7500
Naja is very pure and attractive to attract people. It is expressed throughout the whole story without excess or deficiency.
Francis (and Keith) is the only partner that Nadja has been actively appealing to himself,
Ikemen guests of each story also attract attention to her attractive.
The bond that Nadja has made with the trip. It will be a big help for Nadja after a while.
Especially when Rafael, John, Antonio is completely forgotten, and reappears at the time of excitement, there is quite a catharsis.
Finally, Rosso and Bianco are also on the side and reversed wonderfully. The scene where Rosso acknowledges naja easily comes to the lacrimal gland.

Well, it is another heroine that should not be forgotten.
After Egypt, the story showed rapid development, and the dark heroine, the rosemary which is at its best, finally emerges.
Rosemary was already impressing a dangerous child, showing her fierce delusional habit already from the time she showed her face in Spain.
After adopting Hermann, I am pursuing Nadia with skillful lies and acting. That villain is a must-see.
Although it is easy because of Hermann's loss of the end because he was forced to leave without fail,
I think that it was perfect as a competitor (although it slashed slap) by that amount.

Hermann stagnation, rosemary Nayja who left the obstacles and obstacles.
However, at the end the Marquis of Premier will stand as the biggest obstacle. Certainly well thoughtfully, this man.
He failed in Hermann's education, he was a criminal who torn Collette and Nagya, and it is the greatest culprit.
To preserve tradition and family and history is of course important, it is incorrect to get away from Hermann to escape to Nadja.
It seems that he loved Collette, and that his child, Nadja, had a habit of too.
But if we could pour that affection to Hermann more ...

Eventually Nadja will return to the dundee lion sitting on a journey but for pros and cons I think that I am a good ending.
Her purpose was reunion with my mother, not to be a nobleman.
And since she was finally reunited with my mother and I was able to recognize each other as a mother and daughter she is already free.
Both my mother and Francis will be able to meet and correspond at any time from now on. (The Marquis also seems to give up)
Above all, a bond with a family as good as a family. A free trip around the world as a dancer is the way she sees her.
Such freedom of freedom as she gathered allies and led to a reunion with my mother, so I should keep it and think that I should cherish it.

Well, well, I did not expect much from the beginning, as it is the origin of my favorite voice actor, tomorrow's naja I watched it in person.
From the beginning, I was surprised at a high-density story. I do not get tired at all for 50 episodes.
In individual times Silvie and Abel 's turn. Mother and daughter who meet in Rome. Spanish passionate story. Giulietta's love. It looks like it was grainy.
Black roses were also cool. It was also good, such as romantic love affair, sweet enough to shed sand by Ms. Kanchun and Ms. Narita.
I am very sorry that this work is handled black history and it is deceptively treated, but I personally think that it was very good quality for girls.
Evaluation is "highest" because I was satisfied very much

2011/12/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21948 Browser: 1957(Mobile)
[Good point]
Illustration is cute


Rosemary 's villain is not as bad as Sara, but it was quite good.

[Bad point]
There are lots of dark stories, but it is not easy for those who are not good at world class master theaters ....

Rosemary character

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A good work reminiscent of the world masterpiece theaters ... What is it, but has received strange calamity and incompetence.

The impression may change if you know the black history of Nadja and not knowing.

2011/07/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32007 Host:31970 Browser: 10238
At the beginning of the story there was not much change except that I could not go without having to leave the orphanage after being burned out of the orphanage and there were plenty of men who brought flow of girls' cartoons in bad and many boyfriend who bent down to Naja appeared, many loved by everyone Narja that was up to this point is normal and peacefully the story progresses so far I enjoyed it so much but I did not think that it was special.
I felt that Nazi was rather getting out of it.
After that, I learned the severity of the public in the society, I want to become a princess even if I defeat a man Taste rosemary and rosemary to a princess, and Hamari, a naja to the strategy of Hermann trying to aim for the property of the premiminor who was taken care of Your life will go crazy.

From around here, embarrassment and dullness and dreadfulness of rosemary come out and it is about to worry every week. I enjoyed it.
Especially the emptiness that Nadja and her mother's collet happened to lose the broach, happening to walk around the city happened to be met, but the emptiness was good on the contrary.
Also, as Rosemary plays a fake Naja, the story I first meet with Collet is a directing and the god was hanging. Although Rosemary hugs in the collet is something fake, Collett seemed happy, so he came. After that I saw Rosemary and collet together, but the development which the bell rings and does not notice even when crying, this production was also good.

I guess there were places where I was too bad, there was also a place that was bad, Rosemary's dressing scene or Nadja was arrested, or was it bad for children?
Finally, it was regrettable that Nagya and the Duke of Premier did not come to terms with each other, but it was good that Rosemary was the last to change his attitude and to not make up until the reconciliation.
If it goes over there, perfect reconciliation will be impossible

There was a bad place in the evaluation, but I was satisfied that it can not be helped if I consider the era background of the 1900s back then I made it good because the making I care about the continuation is good.

2011/05/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12945 Host:12763 Browser: 2884
It is said that this animation is pretty good, but it is not so bad. I love Ojamajo Doremi, but I also like this animation. The character was also cute, I merely disliked that voice personally. Although this is a personal impression, I think it is more interesting than the Precure series I am currently doing.

2011/05/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54978 Host:54923 Browser: 2884
Although I am a man, because Ojamajo Dorem is good, I felt a sense of incompatibility when this animation began, but though I did not go to Ojamajo Goddess, I thought it was quite a good work. However, it may be difficult for children, because I do not use transformation or magic to see Ojamajo Gasp, I may not have accepted it. I have been watching Nazha tomorrow in real time as well as Ojamajo Dad, but I think that it was not a bad work.

2011/04/18 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22583 Host:22600 Browser: 2256
It is an animation of frequent tearful gesture type. The part I was about trying to make a viewer somewhat crippled did not suit me. It was a regrettable content as it was just after my favorite Ojamajo Drama series.

2010/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15735 Host:15614 Browser: 3465(Mobile)
Ojamajo Doremi and Pretty Cure, it is a work of a biting dog-like position caught between these two large series, but it was quite good animation.
It is a story like a thousand ri from a girl version mother asking, but unlike that there is no heavy atmosphere as it is the main daily life with traveling coworkers.
As the story progressed, it became serious development such as the back side of aristocratic society and intrigue, competitors, feud with rosemary, accidental death of the director, but Hermann as the immediate enemy now was a smelly stuff It is disappointing. I feel sorry for poorness because education of a strict father (Premier) caused such a personality. I think that the worst man is the premier dukes as I'm pretty much in the lower side. The scene that I tried to detain the real grandchild using rubbish was amazed and I could not say anything.
Rosemary was a despicable and sneaky guy, but he oddly looked up to me because he had something like my own belief. It is for that reason that I did not dislike it without even standing. The cleanliness of leaving as soon as to say that "Do not make the standing birds turbid" ...
With "Good"!

2010/08/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34553 Browser: 3648(Mobile)
Nara, who is captivating men from all over the world, is attractive because hero likes stories.
I am sorry that the drawing became dirty dramatically from the vicinity of the last round so I dropped one rank from the highest

2009/07/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3168 Host:3125 Browser: 10742
[good point]
First of all, excellent directors are participating continuously from the "Ojamajo Doremi" series. Especially the 5, 12, 26 talk produced by Mr. Mori Hosoda was able to make a color, the drama is also increasing and it is enough to watch. In addition to the eight episodes Mr. Shigeyama Yamauchi's poetic production and series director Takuya Igarashi's romantic emotional depictions are wonderful, I think that I decided the atmosphere of the work. In the latter half of the day, the drama of the work started to move at once with the appearance of the character Rosemary. Will it be the place where the main character Nadja is drawn as an attractive beautiful girl (personality has some difficulty)

[Bad point]
First of all, at the first half of the course, the drama of the dancer lion troupe is too poor, and the main drama of searching for mothers of Nadja does not move easily so that it is boring. In addition, on the occasion of a scattered journey, I seduced men of the same generation ... I used them with pride and used black rose white roses that I thought were in the last in the last, and kept looking for that much Is it the place where you refused to live with your mother and did not like the hero who was chosen to stay on a journey with those of the tsuna who do not feel too much background as mentioned above?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I felt a crowded feeling suddenly in the series composition, the drawing directing as a whole is also stable, and since the skillful director will decide the drama's rising trends pretty well, I was able to watch with confidence. It is quite unusual to call around European countries and it seems that you can see it without getting tired because the atmosphere varies from country to country. Especially the Spanish version is outstandingly good.
If naja is crying in the scene to see her mother, it will be "very good" ....

2009/06/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22349 Host:22372 Browser: 6708
While developing the story contents reminiscent of the world masterpiece theater, there is the impression that it was a misfortune work hidden in that shadow because there was also the fact that the Ja Witch series of the previous program and the PreCure series of the later program were hit works However, personally I think that the perfection degree of the work itself was still not bad.

And, as others mentioned, the main character Nadja has a personality that often has his neck caught in trouble due to problems of other people There are also impressions that I can not possibly have a favorable feeling, but personally I am a naja There was a bad impression on the other, and the impression that the rosemary was drawn as a villain more than it was strong impression that it had a bad impression (This is the same as this time Sakako Masato of "Masked Rider 555" that was broadcasted 30 minutes before the start is also a character of this type and a person of a type that I do not like).
On the other hand, the people in the Dandelion Lisa were basically understanding of Nadja and I felt good about it, so I felt the point still has salvation.

Minoriko Honda and ED were singing by Nagai's role as Ami Koshimizu, but since both of us were impressed with the work involved in this work in all ways (Mr. Honda is fighting illness When I was still fine before being sent, Koshimizu said that this work was a debut work), there was a deep emotion when thinking about it.

Although the development of daydream after the appearance of rosemary and the nature of Nadja, how to handle the work etc etc are the division of evaluation, still it is a work that I did not think that personal was bad, the evaluation was "good ".

2009/06/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1777 Host:1559 Browser: 5292
A girl who burned down an orphanage in Europe about a hundred years ago, Nadja joined the Dandelion liaison of the moving circus team with a loss of chance,
While traveling around the country, I met various people,
It is content that knows that Nazha's mother is alive on the way,
I liked the flow of encountering various people around various places while doing the early arts.
While there are many characters such as Dandelion Lisa,
Every episode of that one is being properly trained,
There were also many entanglements of surprising people and it was enjoyable.
If this work consistently coincided with a trip while traveling around various places,
If it was contents centered on the episode which touches people, even if it does not accept it to small girls of the main target, even if it fails commercially,
I think that this work was rated more than "good".
I can also evaluate the point that the movements of dance are very fine and brilliant, including the opening.
Children manipulating twin lions and points of powerful enthusiasts,
There is something like playfulness so there is no feeling that there is impossible,
It was moderately fantasy that seemed to be anime and it worked well. I did not destroy the world view.

So why are you disappointing?
It is in the part of "Searching for Mother of Nadja".
The story of which mothers' search is the subject is ragingly irrelevant for elements,
It is inheritance of property, it is not something that I was never looking at never seeing the development, etc. how to use other people in peace.
Besides, the main character Nadja is always a false statement though he should be his own problem but he has not taken action as a thing by himself at all,
If it comes in troubles, it will only develop someone (and mostly beautiful form) will come to help conveniently.
Sometimes I think that I acted on my own, I did not think without thinking that would exacerbate things like damaging myself and collaborators.
In addition, we do not reflect on that fact, and behave as if the villain side acts completely bad while falling unhappily with the seeds we spread.
Even though I have a part of responsibility for myself, I could not have imagined sympathy for her who shows such attitude.
I also felt doubt about the setting that I would be on the same name by the same extraordinary name.
Since it does not mean that appearance is never cute,
You will fall in love with the boy who is near the year you meet on your journey, and it will be a moderate personality to the extent.
However, in her case you can fall in love with the older opposite sex,
Heterosexuals who fall in love with it too often are too bad for dislikes like voters, aristocratic status, and people with honor ....
But if you say that there are attractive parts in the inner part of personality etc,
When you become your outfield of the problem you say that you want to talk about your opponent's feelings with a shoe foot and to say good words with no convincing power all you want,
There is a possibility that it is better to leave him obviously even if the situation is good.
Also, as mentioned above, as a result of compliments and other requests, I often preach to other people pretty well, so it gets extra nature.
Even if I move occasionally, I do not hold a favorable feeling because I only take shallow speech without thought,
It was a heroine of character who misunderstood "unrestrained" and "selfishness".
Moreover, I will make everything succeed even though I have not made much effort.
When I saw a scene that broke a memorial dress to Rosemary, rather than sympathize
(Originally it was an incident that occurred because Nadja thought properly and did not move)
I have even thought that "I finally met a painful eye).

It was unpleasant that most bad guys who came out in the second half were also watching.
Rosemary is trying to grab her own happiness on his own,
Although it is better than Nadja, the answer is No.
The reason for sticking to the seat of the princess up to a strange way is "I want to have a comfortable and enjoyable life"
It was a stale content that neither hide nor sympathy nor sympathy,
I did not receive decent sanctions on the habit that I was staring at others.
Herman is simply a goldfire, and Nadja's grandfather was also cold-blooded by all aristocrats who had narrow ideas.
Clearly, they did not feel as much a salutation as Nadja.

It is regrettable that there was a lot of depictions that made us feel uncomfortable with the main character Nadja and disappointing in searching for the mother in the second half,
The pattern to travel in the first half was interesting, so evaluate there and evaluate it as "bad".
If I focus on traveling, I am sorry to think that I could have enjoyed more honestly.

2009/03/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13412 Host:13470 Browser: 8090
It is a program after the "Oja witch series"
Privately, "Oja witch series" was far better.

[good point]
1: The voice actor is luxurious.

[Bad point]
1: Characters that can not be liked.

2: "Seeing my mother, three thousand miles." Pakri of "House without child".
(This work is a story of finding a mother, so it only looks like that)

3: The story is not for children.
(I felt that the content was like a daytime drama with an old-fashioned girl animation and I thought it would be impossible for children to receive it)

4: Nanja's dance is shabby.

5: The story of the last round is also thin.

6: Nuja's item toy products were not sold at all.

7: I could not get ED songs.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2008/12/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26013 Host:26079 Browser: 4184
[good point]
Rosemary is attractive.

[Bad point]
I am curious that it is only people who exclude some.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I can easily think about aristocrats and commoners.
I do not know if the selection of naja or rosemary was really right. It would be nice if that was their will.
I am worried about their subsequent stories.
Just being told in the streets, "The premier's duke who is defeated and defeated in the First World War by ten years later" seems to be unfounded and it is unreasonable.
Actually, the Liechtenstein duke who was Australia's great aristocrat prospered as a millionaire, mainly in the territory which was given to Western Europe even today, and whether the premier's duke falls down during World War I I do not know.
Rosemary said that "20th century is not a period of aristocracy"
Actually, many aristocrats and their descendants are prosperous as capitalists, executives, politicians, etc. even in the 20th century based on financial resources, abundant territory, personal connections and credibility.
Of course, even in the 20th century you can be a great success depending on your talent and luck even though you are from a commoner, but the nobility was a big advantage in the sense that it has "assets", "credit", etc. from the beginning.

2008/04/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29405 Browser: 7625(Mobile)
It is a very regretful work for privately ...
I think that it was a style that I could feel fairly well in the beginning, but how, Rosemary's impression of the development since it was awful is too bad ...
That's why, even if I was tightened in the final round, I did not feel much like that, and because the deployment was evolving, I did not feel that it was such a beautiful way of tightening, after all, only the poor aftertaste strongly I stayed.
I was given a reasonable evaluation if I went to the end with the beginning atmosphere ...
"Very bad".

2007/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18183 Host:18109 Browser: 3875
[Good point] The theme song was good. The scene where Nadjur travels various places to find mothers and encounters lots of people was fun. It was a debut work of Koshimizu, so acting was good.

[Bad point] It is the place where Nadaja was occasionally on the right track. I was angry when I was watching.

[Comprehensive evaluation] I thought that it was animation-like feeling animation. The scene where Nadia reunited with her mother was impressed last.
Evaluation is good.

2007/05/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16388 Host:16273 Browser: 4184
Indeed, it is a reworking impression of the world masterpiece theater ...
It may be so if you ask me.
I like the masterpiece theater series basically like this work basically.
And how to draw the world is also pretty real.
However, as you all said, this work may not have been suitable for the morning, it might have been a dorodorous drama.
Although the deployment of the final stage was harahara, on the other hand, there were many scenes that I saw and feel uncomfortable.
Rosemary character too bad ... !! Why do you want a princess seat so much ...?
Nasja just wants to see his mother.
To that extent, the last round was relieved with a happy ending.
A nobleman's daughter is a dancer ... Dandelion lonely, I bet he will be profitable after all (^ ^;)

The impression of the work is not bad, but after all I can not abandon the impression that I lost to previous and next work.
Evaluation is "good".

2007/03/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12953 Host:13058 Browser: 6342
A work that was not destroyed by the waves of the times or children 's reception was not so. Legendary animation which put an end to domineering of the previous program which had been getting on tone, if I told it.
I think that there is a difficulty of the story as one factor which this work did not popularize. It was a composition of human relationships difficult to understand even with adults rather than children. Besides, Sunday morning is not suitable for me, I could not have made a mean savage character. I also made poorly the circumstances of the protagonist and could not pull the sympathy conversely. I receive the impression that I was idle for anything.

OP was pretty good.

I wonder if this work is received only by intelligent people. Therefore, I did not receive it (laugh).

Evaluation was "normal", it was a work that was seen in the framework of Sunday morning. I can not be seeing how it works for me now ....

2007/03/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47432 Host:47334 Browser: 5234
Not very, but it's not for children! Especially Rosemary, I thought that person is not a child anymore. I also do not like Nada too much. I think that the content is completely amazing work in a certain meaning of daytime dora level.
And OP and ED were the worst. This was an animation that is exceeding degrees. Perhaps I think this animation is a failure.

2006/07/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45107 Host:45230 Browser: 4184
While both pre and postwork Ja Witch and Rei, futari wa Pretty Cure is fun and popular, I did not think that tomorrow's Nadja is a program that a very young child would see. In particular, it did the same and are in the orphanage (and) University of transfiguration of rosemary was a good friend. (It suddenly changed contents from there) I broke the dress as bilibiri, as well as in the title, but acts like taking a mother of a man (Nadja) or an adult (if you are invited by an adult Hermann how much It was and said so on) children I think are not or transformed or such a thing. (Well, there is manga though.) If it was "Kindaichi juvenile's case book" it would have been killing without a doubt. And, even more of rosemary, I thought that can be made to others well throw away the things that he. In addition, Herman was also thought that Yareru far better Nadja is a niece. ... rather than saying that Hermann owes considerable lucky naja will be deprived of brooch and write a newspaper like "Please return brooch", but after that it is black rose Keith recovered the brooch, whereby Rosemary and Hermann passed the newspaper reporter (from rosemary) "The brooch was stolen" and the content was rewritten and the naja was made rosemary, Although I staggered and met with my mother's collet several times, etc. While I was taking a brooch, etc. I was not sure of who they were, or rosemary spoofed as it was Rosemary impersonated as a naja The director of an orphanage the director teacher also when you say trying to get in testimony to the teacher, orphanage died in the accident, dissolved ruins I think that it is "world's most unfortunate girl" than the Do-Re-Mi-chan in a variety of Toko or.

2006/07/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37646 Host:37690 Browser: 3875
Hidden under the shadow of the big hit "Ojamajo Doremi" series and "Futari wa Precure" series,
Poor work that is buried in the times. Personally I did not dislike it.
A trip to look for a mother of a girl set in Europe in the early 20th century.
It is often said that it is a world-class masterpiece theater, but that should be that, originally Toei Animation (present Toei Animation)
The project that I thought was trying to compete with the world masterpiece theater that was invincible at the time in the 1980s,
If there is no winning in the world class masterpiece, animation turns many times and warmed inside the company,
It is a work that saw the eclipse finally in 2003 when the world masterpiece theater was over for a while.
The defeat of this work is still the weakness of the concept. It was too much wacked too much.
The story and this work itself as well.
Meaning in the second half Meaningful of this work, the ultimate girl character Rosemary's excellence was pleasant for the first time.
I have to do something different from "any one", but I have to think about the sales of toys, and I can understand that the staff got hurt so much.
If you can meet your mother, it's a bit of a stamp of Nadja's stance, like anything else.
Perhaps it was better to put a gag line like 12 episodes in front of it. I think now.
I wonder what to do about the evaluation ... It is not a bad work. I will make a comment.

2006/07/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40763 Host:40597 Browser: 4483
A challenging work that tried to jump off the huge pressure of the previous show that lasted four years.
Although that attitude can be evaluated, as a result it is not only a deteriorated copy of the world masterpiece theater,
I overcame it from the way and I went back to the former trendy route, or less.

The hero can not read the air, there is a degree, from the opposite sexuality Motetmote,
The insect bites spurted that her words are justified "for now".

Such minor elements such as the protagonist and the development of excessive penetration in the second half, such as the development of unusual product ignoring the work world,
Let's add that Mr. Keiichi Oku's music was wonderful.
Evaluation is "bad".

2006/06/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19376 Host:19602 Browser: 4483
Motivation to revamp your Ja witch line buys the courage to challenge the big river element called a healthy heroine to buy mothers buy the stage to buy the scale of the scales that made it all around the world, not the modern Japanese living area

However, it seems that the planning intention and the world view of the producer who produced produces a difference from the site creator.
Was it obvious that it was a character of heroine Naja, did not repeat the behavior that did not suit it for the heroine set like the one described above?

The producer intends "good old romance things", the on-site staff side makes "a heroine character drama for contemporary girls".
Each one you ask for is different, and the completed work gets the impression of tiggy hug.

Eventually, the producer side will narrow down to the breakthrough of "Hyundai Heroine Character Drama" from the reflection of poor toys or other things (That is why "2 people are Pretty Cure").
The fact that the route is not wrong is proved by the commercial success of the current "~ Pretty Cure", but the "good old romance route" which triggered a recurrence as much as possible was picked up by the failure of this work It is painful that this is also nothing.

With a reflection on the future, it is dare "with a bad" evaluation.

2006/05/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3515 Host:3303 Browser: 3875
It was pretty funny ~ ~ Nadja too ~

Seriously, it was fun ... why did it end quickly?
Evaluation is good