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Other media: Comics:KUROZUKA
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The series begins in 12th century Japan and centers on Kuro, a character based loosely on the legendary Japanese swordsman Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Kuro and his servant, Benkei, meet a beautiful and mysterious woman named Kuromitsu while on the run from Kuro's elder brother, who seeks his life. Kuromitsu and Kuro fall in love, but he soon discovers that she harbors a terrible secret: she is a vampiric immortal. Following an attack by his pursuers, Kuro is badly injured and must imbibe Kuromitsu's blood to save his own life. Kuro is then betrayed and attacked by Benkei, who has been subverted by a shadowy organization called the Red Army, and Kuro's head is severed, which interferes with his transformation into a fully immortal being.

Kuro loses consciousness and wakes up centuries later in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Japan. The surviving citizens have fallen under constant oppression by the Red Army, and Kuro is quickly found and recruited by an underground revolutionary movement called Haniwa. The remaining episodes follow Kuro's fight with the Red Army and its host of elite warriors, who have been enhanced by samples of Kuromitsu's blood, and his quest to find his inexplicably lost love.

The starting plot for the series is probably inspired by Kurozuka, a 1939 Japanese dance-drama, which features a man-eating ogress named Kuromitsu, as well as the life of Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

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BS11 ANIMAX Broadcast Japan
Araki Teturou Kazuya Tanaka
Sony Pictures Entertainment(Japan)lnc.
Mamoru Miyano
Romi Park
Jyoji Nakata
Houko Kuwashima
Keiji Fujiwara
Shinichiro Miki
Miyu Irino
Kazuhiko Inoue
Toru Ohkawa
Banjo Ginga
Kaori Yamagata
Ken Uo
Junpei Takiguchi
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Japan Released:2008/10/07(Tue) / End:2008/12/23
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2009/01/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
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In Japan, in old Kamakura era, Kuro (Yoshitsune Minamoto) and his bodyguard Benkei, were going to escape someone's chase and stayed a house in the mountain. Kuromitsu, a beautiful lady lived there. Kuro was so attracted to look at the inside of her room in spite of forbidding it. This was a miserable story to begin.

Lords and mad scientists had researched for eternal life time of a human, they had abducted many people to experiment human bodies to extend their life time. This is Kuro's story to revenge them for abducting his lover. Episodes of 1 and 2 are introductive, but episodes from 3 to end are a main story.

[Love romance]
Kuro's love was the best at first. And he was left alone when someone abducted his lover. As he didn't stop to love her, he was looking for her. He hadn't still known what a person she was actually. Finally, he regretted getting her back because she was a maniac. I think the secret of eternal life time and beauty are too dangerous and addictive for general people to share.

The enemies used guns, but Kuro was a samurai fighter to use his sword. Episode 1 have the most complete and beautiful animation. The later number of episodes are finished to watch, the quality of the animation get lower. The boss character in the middle number of episodes is tough and wild. The moment Kuro's special ability was appeared, the fighting get slow and the pictures of the motions were painted green. It's cool.

This anime have many of impressive fightings. The story is simple except episodes of 1 and 2. The final episode have some grotesque pictures, but it is interesting to me. The quality of all episodes isn't as great and detailed as episode 1. The enemies are not so attractive. I think total grade of this anime is good.

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