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Much of the storyline is taken from the original Ghost in the Shell manga, from a chapter called Robot Rondo, albeit heavily modified from the original tale. The story of Innocence begins in 2032, when cities are inhabited by the dwindling races of humans, purely mechanical androids, and cyborgs like Batou who still have a ghost (the in-universe term for the human mind), but are vulnerable to ghost hacking.

The movie features several characters from the preceding movie, like Togusa, the most organic member of the team, Chief Aramaki and Batou, as the protagonists. Batou was originally partnered with Major Kusanagi, who disappeared at the end of the first film. He's now teamed with a reluctant Togusa, who says he never asked for the assignment and that he knows he could never compare to the Major.

This story has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this story.
Information about this title

Production I.G Mamoru Oshii Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Toshio Suzuki
Masamune Shiro Hiroyuki Okiura Tetsuya Nishio
Kenji Kawai Kazuhiro Wakabayashi Hisashi Edura Kazuchika Kise The Yomiuri Shimbun Stadio Ghibli
Akio Ohtsuka Atsuko Tanaka Naoto Takenaka Yoshiko Sakakibara Yutaka Nakano TamioOoki Koichi Yamadera Sumi Mutou
Japan Released:2004/03/06(Sat)
Opening movie (1)
イノセンス OP 【HD/1280*720】 [Fan reg.]
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2016/09/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37120 Host:36971 Browser: 10183
[good point]
Mamoru Oshii is the best masterpiece in his work.

It is thought that it takes money anyway to embody his image. Impression that money and time are abundantly used. As usual it is a complicated stage device and production, but the line itself is very easy to understand. If you read the original comics by Shiro Masamune, there is probably no point of meaning unknown.

Unlike GIS, it was probably because of the financial allowance. Slow motion cuts are made very luxurious. Animator The director himself said it made me cry, but this time production is producing depth in the picture. Personally, I like the method of making landscape painting part of Oshii Mamoru, the gloominess and nostalgia (its laziness) to talk to the background and inorganic matter, so regrettable was the lack of scene rendition in Innocence. Game like CG is surprisingly beautiful, but it is a method not suitable for talking.

In live-action movies, the landscape and background are just time alone, it is a change, as Mamoru Oshii's theory, but like the reality control in animation, the animation director must also control the change of the background. Otherwise it will create meaningless images with a lot of effort. Oshii Mamoru probably tried to make the animation live but not nearly live-action by making the background CG, but I think that innocence has probably failed.

[Bad point]

Oshii Mamoru is doing the same mistake in theatrical version Patlabor and Avalon, but the evaluation which it touched his own string is too sweet. To put it simply, the Oshii work has a part that makes you feel odorous odor because that chord line is pulled out also from his childhood impression. In the previous work GIS felt it strongly was the tree of the life of Kabbalah and some cuts, but in this work it is Emce of alchemy. This is bad. I do not know what Mamoru Oshii thinks himself, but Kabbalah, alchemy, Bible elements of Patlabor are lowering the quality of the work. This is not a problem with the Western mysticism, there is a problem with Mamoru Oshii 's maniacism just like Avalon' s gunshot does not have reality. While talking about reality control quite often, I think that there is a place where his work enthralls without having to cook his tasteful materials in key places. Oshii Mamoru's movie works are beyond animation due to the beauty of images and music, but a childish part of creator's otaku temperament that can not be hidden seeps out sometimes. Although it may be that Oshii Mamoru will be gone without it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was the best as both an original fan and a GIS fan.

Often the original Kusanagi element is a character different from GIS, I see the evaluation that GIS is too sentimental like an adolescent boy, but in my opinion that after the encounter of the original Kusanagi element with a puppeteer its spirit It temporarily changes like GIS. Although it was not such a long period change though.

What is the problem as one side having uneasy existence and one side as realist, innocent one side, that they are all the same person's inner side? SAC's Kusanagi element is very nose, is it because she does not have anxiety about existence? I think that the GIS element is much closer to the original than the Major who ordered that general person .... How is it?

I think that the Kusanagi element of Innocence seems to have degenerated slightly from the last stage which told Farewell to Batou. The original element left without doing exaggerated separation with Batou without depicting the individual as Kusanagi element, but the GIS element acts as if the way of existence changed as a transcendent I left from Batou. For that reason, in the original version 1.5, elements which could be easily returned were ineffective in Innocence. It is because it was drawn so that the existence of Batou no longer has value or meaning to the element. However, after all, the innocence device seems to be always at the side of the Batou though (of course, I do not know the existence of the consciousness of Kusanagi element). I think that this is too sentimental ending. It seems as if Kusanagi Element could not escape from the value it was supposed to have thrown away. The word "angel" is used in the play, but is its way to be charity or sentimental? I do not know the director's intention, but as far as the depiction is concerned, I think it is a problem to look sentimentally.

2016/05/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 5213
Even in 2032, it is really not becoming a distant future yet .......

It seems that brought in 3D space cameras and DOMINO etc., as a result of the disappearance of Major Kusanagi after the disappearance of the owner of the owner due to the gynoid was a major incident in this time, Kaginagi is still in the final stage ...
Although it was eerie as the cold of the GIINOID and confusion as was also in the explanation, it seems that artistic beauty like a transcendent that was made finely was also felt Background and actions such as slow motion where glass at the grocery store broke, etc. On the image side, it was enough high quality even today even more than 10 years after release.

Batou and Togusa often take action together, it seems that they were struggling to take a drastic action saying "It is not necessary for us to become a gangster to go to the office of the yakuza", but in a human being Even if it is a cyborg, it may have been his strong intention to discover my own answer without forgetting my own policy.

However, as pointed out in other sites, it is certain that this Otsuka Butte was also a duplicate of Mr. Oshii Mamoru, and even though it was also that it was impossible to make animation only by watching animation alone, Buddha, Ozaki autumn leaves, Confucius and historical greats, quotations of talented people, I quoted the maxim too. The puppet song also certainly had difficulty saying that the order was kept as described above Chaos of the world view of the work In music like the one that symbolized the confusion for the first time, the song selection itself was good, but somewhat dangerous There may have been a disadvantage.

Mr. Oshii has a strong commitment to Mr. Oshii 's animation production, sophisticated,
It seems that I tried to sublimate as an adult near future SF drama, but I was worried that such a commitment was too strong and it was harder than necessary, and I felt bashful.

That girl who said "To doll ... ...", if he was that doll .....
I was wondering if I could imagine, the daughter of Togusa who was seen last, already being mentioned in the middle also) and the doll that she held were closing like this symbol, but that kind of quotation It seems that there was also a feeling that it was not pushed to the front enough to come to a strong punch as thought, such as the difference between the position of a human and a doll or a feud etc.

As a work of art, it was a first-class product, but as a SF drama it seems that there was still room for vectoring of vectors that stick to such a commitment. Evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.

2014/08/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 447 Host:472 Browser: 5171
This work is a proposal to Major at the previous work "GHOST IN THE SHELL / GHOST IN THE SHELL" Also told by Mr. Batou who has been shaken, with a stuffy heart ... Kana?
If you briefly explain the overview, it is like this.
I think that the theme is also philosophical like the last time.

The atmosphere is sad, it seems as if it expresses Mr. Batou 's feelings, the figure of living with a dog drifts sorry somehow (laugh).
For example, when you work with Togusa, it's somewhat dark, but when you fight with Major (strictly speaking, different) it's strange to be exciting and it's also fascinating to look for such places.
There are also scenes that the work is still difficult to understand or reality or vision, but it is somewhat easier to see if Mr. Batou's heart is shaking.
I think that quotation of Proverbs can also be interpreted that Mr. Batou is losing sight of himself.
Batou says too bad that we can not see and understand ... I think there are ways to enjoy it.

... but, I think that you do not have to pay attention to such a thing.
This work is "video work".
No matter how philosophical it is said, if we do not sublimate it to "video", that theme itself has no meaning and there is no meaning to do it as "video work".
That's the story that you can put out even a book about your idea.
But this work can be enjoyed only by "image plane", it may be possible to think about content about plus alpha.
Because the background is CG and the person is moving in the cell picture, it makes me feel strange feeling whether it is strange or strange.
I feel that its wonder is exactly matched to this work which interwoves reality and vision so that it has meaning as "video work" properly.
Also I thought it was very touching as I was watching the flowing movement purely drawing beautiful.

But it is not recommended for people because the image is beautiful. It is not an honest "funny" animation.
I think that it is not an animation as seen and recommended, and because entertainment is also low, I think that those who are looking for such things are really bad.
I think that there are many people who are interested in animation and are conscious of such feelings, such as drawing, drawing, production and the like.
Even if there seems to be tremendous if it can be said from a person who can say things like 'Drawing is good!' Or 'Directing is God'! 'From a person who is not interested at all, it can not be considered a "good work" I guess ... If there is a difference, I feel that I am moving away from how to enjoy ordinary animation.
As it were, it is said that it says "a work that becomes blinding as much as you like animation".
I feel a little thinking that I can not find a good point if I do not become blind.

As my evaluation "very good".
However, although it seems to be a "great work", I certainly could not think of "good work" ....
Since this "Ghost in the shell" is dyed up better or worse Mamoru Oshii's color, I think that likes and dislikes are easy to separate.

2014/03/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1475 Host:1371 Browser: 10022
Almost everyone who thinks that they are not able to keep in touch with each other thinks that "The failure of this work is nothing else but just talking really simple conclusions a little difficultly"
I think that it comes to

Next, assuming a lens for each scene moved to the picture, drawing contour based on that, it was done at the time by a machine that was 500 million high at the time and screen control was done for theater animation It is impossible for a theater anime of TV level that the current budget which is the height of quality is impossible, but almost all the scenes are executing the animator publicly by the costly overwhelming 2d with the compensation Batou is not suitable for use as the main in the first place (it has a white circle, so it is quite difficult to use it as a director)
It's only a dog's scene that is showing obsession as the only animation

The biggest problem is the cut splitting rendition IG was absent from the director, I thought that it was a good studio only showed in a wolf and a Brad, but this work can not be seen as an example of such a rotten production like beating a picture and throwing it away The easiest thing to understand is that the scenes of the yakuza office that you do not understand at all who knows where you are supposed to be cut off for everyone
One cut to 5 cuts Well-habitable habit of not having to wear a wide angle purse Although it is becoming cinematic, even if processing and materials are good as it is to speak with a huge number of lines rather than talking with pictures, Rather than dislike, even laughter comes out

In conclusion, why this work is in this evaluation position even if this minus point is subtracted "Since it is an animation thoroughly, it is possible that the audience is accustomed to analogizing the point in reverse" Rotating director is "common thing" with TV animation It is a ridiculous composition that makes it easier to make a high evaluation as being an addict who is watching animation. The Urusei Yatsuraya Anjo Ancestor It seems ironic for Oshii who was doing the director who adventured so much

Anime which confesses that it is a prisoner captured in the framework of animation although you should hate animation

2014/01/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8835 Host:8688 Browser: 7858
[good point]
Image is beautiful
There is a philosophical question, deep theme

[Bad point]
Anyway it is difficult

[Comprehensive evaluation]
First of all, I do not know what it is unless you are watching the Ghost in the Shell.
Philosophical subjects can not be understood without having to study even by viewing it many times.
However, I can understand even the first vision that I am challenging the theme that I want to explore there, and it seems that there is a scene that will be visible when I arrive.
It looks like it will take quite a while.

2013/10/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34060 Host:33921 Browser: 7460
"Sequel to the movie version of the Ghost in the Shell ... .... Eh, was it meaningful to watch?"
No, it was funny, but I guess it's unnecessary to have a story-like continuation.
But I saw it.
Then, interesting.

As far as the story is concerned or part of the theme I just told you to think on your own. I do not understand well. That's fine, but in the case of this work, I do not feel like thinking about it.
Because it's a human being and a doll, and we interweave life and fiction with reality?
And the character 's conversation came with a zen question and a quotation which cuts the tempo.

At the same time, there are no characters or fun. usually. That is troublesome. I wonder if it is popular in this world to quote the words of great men ....

I decided to enjoy only that image beauty without paying attention to the story from the beginning with a wake. As a result, this judgment was correct.

it's beautiful. It can only be said that it is really beautiful.
Background visuals by CG are masterpieces. The cityscape that is reminiscent of Blade Runner, I never thought that it would be reproduced in CG, the shock was big and the impression was inexhaustible.
Regarding this CG, I often see an indication that "hand drawing has floated", but I think it was good with this.
I agree with the point that there is uncomfortable feeling. But this incompatibility is something that must be added to this work. A real person floating in the fictional world called CG. I think that this matches the theme of life and death, fiction and reality in this work, is not it?
Because I think normally, it is unnatural for CG and hand-drawn, it is understood if you see it. It would be insidious that having adopted it without modifying it as it is. (If it is not so, it will be just a fantasy of cheerfulness;)

Or, because I do not reflect the background of CG only from a single point but dynamically fascinate with a cinematic way, I can not feel anything chilling by CG. Although it is fictional, it is definitely completed as a real world.
On the other hand, human beings are somehow inorganic or somewhat less human. By reflecting the background of CG graphically and drawing human beings fictionally, it is a magical image. Do not be troublesome, this person. I like that trouble.

After all, music is wonderful. Somehow, this work is confident that you can listen to the whole story alone with SE and BGM. All of the sound is pleasant.
Rather, I feel like I can talk to themes and subjects already with BGM. The level you do not need most is the level you can say as a story.

Japanamation smell disappeared before the previous work, a piece with a view that evolved one step as pure animation. But I will not recommend it. Because I can not enjoy this work (not limited to the Oshii work) without thinking that I want to see from myself.

2012/12/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38411 Host:38331 Browser: 9890
When a real woman touches it, it crumbles like a glass, a delicate and lyrical uncle sentiment like a girl

A woman who thought of herself or herself as a half-heart would discard herself and herself, become a different being from a man like God,
Still she does not forsake herself, she is watching to distant, nearby, spellbound.
There is no bride or child, there is nothing to protect, and as a substitute, seek comfort to unspeakable dogs.

Pro Intelligence Fight Pro, Ranger Unit, Strong Battle Cyborg.
A gunshot unleashed to the opponent, a reckless stumbling block.
... So?

Batou is lonely, empty, she is missing herself at a level that is not just a puberty boys.
That's because it's a cyborg. It's because you lost your life.
It is because Major lost.

This is such a thing with a movie depicting the straying of the heart of a man who was lost sight of himself at a good age and it is a cerebralization or a doll, that part is nothing but a technique to express decoration and its mind I think that it can be taken as such movie if I think it is such a movie.
Rather than hard boiled, it is a movie that feels like an egg's food sample.

Regarding the image, beautiful things are beautiful but I feel it is already "like it might have been great in this era".
(To be honest with how it is added value of movie evaluation as "CG so amazing"?)
In that sense, it seems that now I can enjoy it as a movie without being deceived by the Kokus〓〓o.

Just as I thought from the comic entered from manga,
Neither this Major or Batou is a character of Masamune Shiro's Ghost In The Shell.
Far away from the original, it was far better than the previous one at a rate of about the original draft.
The personality of this film version Batou has also influenced SAC, and I can not wipe out the feeling that something is wrong.
I do not dislike it as a movie so much, but I will be in trouble if it is said to be recommended to people,
This is the representative work of Japanese animation ... or so to say it is an exception in the exception to the end, "Oshiki Mamoru directed picture work",.
There is not a sense of balance that was established on negotiations with other key staff like the first version of Patlabor in theaters.

I do not dislike but evaluation as a movie is normal.
I got sleepy when I saw it ...

2012/12/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8030 Host:8318 Browser: 5143
Watch on DVD. Because I bought it cheaply, I bought a DVD.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is one of the outstanding masterpieces of regrets of recent modernism (other excellent work is "Sky Crawlers"), but it is also a wonderful work not worth watching.

No, it does not matter until it dies in my life, "Relationship between humans and dolls". CG is trying too hard and failing to match with cell picture. The title controversy is too serious (this is the Suzuki producer 's offense), and the important trick is meaningless unless you are looking at the previous work, and punch line is one episode of the original cartoon that was also used in SAC.

A fool who adores intellectually when speaking difficult things difficultly can do only "hurry up, yeah, that's right, is not it?" It is because I am afraid to reveal my ignorance. Because it is abstract, the viewer supplementarily interprets it without permission. The regrettable director's art always keeps talking about difficult things difficult for the intimidation. I do not have anything to do with human beings or dolls. Or am I going to do a strange quote like imitating Eva?
Indeed regrettable guards are nothing in intellect, and it seems that it is only a ghost of the militant comic-fighting mistaken era generation. Besides, if you are a wise man speak in simple terms even difficult things.

First of all, regrettable works are only "intense sleeping agents" besides maniacs. If you know that an acquaintance saw a regretful work, "I asked" How was it? ", But almost 100% established," It sleeps on the way ... "reply comes back.
But maniacs have to put up with patience and have to see the secret works. While grabbing the itchiness "I could not see the work of this famous animator for such a work for many years ...".

But I personally like this "innocence" quite a lot.
Clearly saying "It's crazy".
This work is unusual and the script itself is also handled by Mamoru Oshii, but for that reason the composition is a bit messy. If you are careless, you will suffer from "What criminal were you following the incident?" Actually I only follow one incident. Well, no, it looked like it was. Like the two criminals who follow a mystery incident, the viewer will be confused and confused. That is the true value of this work as a movie. Because the director who intends to be intelligent has lost the filter called a screenwriter, the crazy sense of the director is being visualized straight. This is reasonably rare.

Even though I talked about a little difficult thing at all, there was no meaning at all, a ghost girl who strayed in the world of Deja Vu, a runaway girl in a grotesque, a domestic dog, a wasteful violence yakuza raid and a sensation crazy director There is a strange density that I made visualization with full power while abandoning efforts to make the viewer understand. As it were, it is "the uncluttered figure of the director", which is the figure that most other directors are hiding. Because it does not sell like that. Construct a script properly to sell, eliminate waste, make work that is required of the public while considering budget and schedule. However, this work is only a dense masturbation that summarizes director's brain delusion into two hours. Such works can not be ordinary such as having a neat budget and capable staff and being produced as a super-large work. It is quite unusual thing not only in animation but also in all movie works.

So this work has considerable value if you want to see the paranoid part of prominent creators.
The part to be evaluated of this work will be only "its strength".
It is better to avoid ordinary people who want entertainment as much as possible.

2012/07/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12213 Host:12430 Browser: 5599
[Good point] The point that it is a CG with a little discomfort, a hybrid animation with hand-painted. A scene of a convenience store.

[Bad point] The image of music is the same as the previous work. The point where directing drawing can not be done.

[Comprehensive evaluation] In a word, this work has the theme of fusion of the digital world and the analog world. Also, it is an animation that challenged the expression in the methodology of directing.
Humans in this world are always connected to the net, that is, the digital world. I can share my consciousness with others, but I still can not abandon human nature. In other words, it is still evolving. Absolutely human being. I think that we must pay attention to it.

Such a view of the world of innocence.
Human beings, bodies (body is a machine, a brain is a human being) = gender which one person can not live, sex who must eat something, sex who can not escape from death, sexuality seeking love everyday every day = circulation .
Contrast element (a woman fused with the digital world in the previous work) = existence transcending sex of human beings = forever.
Director Oshii's sense of sublime that has evolved into a highly advanced, digital society "Ring" and "Eternity" is wonderful.
It is difficult to understand the world view of innocence unless you understand the existence of the element, that is, the main character of the previous work. That's why the threshold is high. On the other hand, it will be an animation that you can enjoy very much if you can understand it. Because it is also the story of the element and the love of Batou (the main character of this work).
Batou The private life is firmly and carefully drawn is a beauty point.
Next, the main characters.

Batou = Do not value things you should protect and do not have a firm purpose consciousness = life.
Contrary Togusa (buddy of his wife child Bato) = There is something to protect. Have admiration for life = cherish life.
Batou has separated from elements that he liked in his previous work and is despised. However, being alone is living together with a "dog" as it seems to be lonely.
Togusa is a very common sense.
Also, it is a story of Kim (hacker), which symbolizes "human circle" or "human work". Moreover, it was a device that transcended 'Ringo' that saved from that world. It is a repeated scene that many times.
In other words, it expresses that human beings have gone out of "the sex of circle".

Next on the drawing expression.
This work expresses the character design as a simple three-dimensional modeling experimentally, in order to obtain consistency of hand-drawn drawing and CG part. Therefore, the characters do not feel sex, sexiness, feelings.
However, on the other hand, there is little discomfort when shifting to the CG part. Moreover, as many people are set as "bodies", I feel like saying that.
However, it is true that human beings, including prostheses, are certainly expressed as the same person in the play as being unable to abandon as a person.
There is logical contradiction there. In other words, you can not express human gender skillfully by directing drawing.
There is a touch with a handwriting style that seems like that on the line of the video ....
Too much, as a result of aiming for consistency with hand drawing and CG, the characters have become mere formations.
Although its shaping must have beautiful artistic, it has become a "shape" without just intonation. There is no Renaissance-like beauty that the human body has, too, that is, the consistency with CG, which was consistent with the previous work.
I think that it is impossible to make the escape from the right bodies. I wanted the characters to act properly.
Because it is an expression ....
I think now, it seems that all the lines speaking that the elements of "When it came out to help Batou, full of battle prosthetic control system, crescents and faces are about this ..." I also feel it.

As for CG, innocence was already shocking and not so much even at the time of publication.
Impression already familiar to beautiful CG with already Final Fantasy, Star Wars etc.
Nonetheless, it is wonderful to express the consistency of hand drawing and CG and the theme of "fusion of digital and analog" without discomfort.
On the other hand, I feel regrettable that I could not express much of human analog part.
That director, Oshii 's spirit, would like to appreciate it .... I feel that it was somewhat experimental ....

2012/05/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1779 Host:1599 Browser: 5345
[good point]
A heavy story element I was longing for, the body theory in the shells
[Bad point]
I was hoping for it like 〓〓〓 but after all it felt like I ended up playing words ...
Lack of excitement
[Comprehensive evaluation]
There was a feeling that this work obsessed with the word game too much and chose the viewer. I felt that the animation was being trampled. I love the shells themselves, but I can not do this. Is this a work that should be released using the expression method of animation? Certainly the image is beautiful. The world view is well done. However, there is no "lightness" of animation anywhere, just a depressed air is precipitating there. It will become uncomfortable here as well. Of course, such a depressing work may also be necessary. However, as in the case of the battleshell series so far, it does not show any complaints that bring out the merits of animation with difficult escape problems, sprinting feeling that the case is solved, and lively feeling, just like a novel, Just being. I wanted to hear more of Batou's own voice. I wrote it as a heavy story, but it was similar to a comic. As expected, it was a hard work with reality. Evaluation is very bad.

2012/05/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16716 Host:16626 Browser: 4894
[Comprehensive evaluation]
This "innocence" was made as a sequel based on the story cultivated in the previous work "GOHST IN THE SHELL", but it became the best masterpiece suitable for culmination of Oshii movie in all on literary and visual aspects. I did not expect that I could meet such a terrible anime in 2000 or later. I had no choice but to keep my silence in front of the world where I was just standing in front of my eyes. I could not have words to tell. Still I was trying hard to explore the literature so that I could manage to speak with words, studied hard, desperately studied this work thoroughly. In fact, in order to make all this work yourself, we have reviewed nearly 100 times with this work alone. Still, the overwhelming power of this movie is still surprised every time. I did not cry, I was not laughing, I just accepted this work in the duct.

Mr. Oshii's feelings of hopelessness towards Japan and human beings are blatantly shown in this work more than "Pato 2". In this work we put it all into words, sometimes quoting great words' quotes and telling them all in words. But it is a brilliant work in the criminal drama of one criminal drama, "Platonic romantic relationship between Batou and Kusanagi" continuing from the previous work, "Ambiguity of the distinction between dolls and humans", "Human beings uncertainty" . At the same time this work summarizes all the SF animation including Robo animation which has come out so far and also shows even the ultimate world that it reaches and the limit that the more conscious world view can not be attracted It is just the "apex of SF animation" which has also shown. Tomino, Miyazaki, Anno and Takahashi all went through all kinds of Japanese anime SF anime writers and could not reach anyone. In a story with Mr. Oshii got all of his own writers' lives and arrived . The beautiful animation produced by this work with the heavy world view and CG and handwriting, the extraordinary enthusiasm and enthusiasm of staff of Oshii and Production.IG are coming to pass. As a result, box office revenues themselves were awarded, but they were awarded the Japan SF Award and were presented to Cannes (as of now for Japanese animation so far) they have gained high acclaim even overseas. Also, I think there are signs of reevaluation.

Well, let me introduce critique of this work in earnest about this intention. First, on the literary side, when this story goes back to the previous work "GOHST IN THE SHELL" Kusanagi has been missing for three years, Batou succeeded the seat of the captain and Togusa became its partner. Although Batou does not put out on the table in such a world view, it turns out that it has a more rounded character than at that time, and Togusa has become a detective at one end due to the loss of odor. In such a situation, it is about the doll that comes out this time. A girl-type pet friendly android "Hadari" caused a runaway of unknown cause, causing an incident of murdering the owner. Batou and Togusa will start the investigation pursuant to the principle, but it is "the ultimate body theory" that interweaves the most fundamental basis in this work. Many of the people Batou and Togusa encounter during the investigation have a firm philosophy and assertion on their body, and the body theory becomes complicated by the conversation in which quotations are interspersed. However, while all claims are apparent at first glance, none can remain beyond personal feelings. Without being able to affirm or to deny the thought of others, the answer can not be found also in the hero Bateau, only to continue fighting personal conflicts and duties.

Especially the claim which was the most painful in this animation was Kim's biggest boss existence Kim's "incompleteness of human recognition ability brings about imperfections of its reality, and its completeness is It is a speech that it is not conscious or has infinite consciousness, that is, it is realized only in a doll or a god. " In short, Mr. Oshii said "With human beings is the same as dolls anymore, we all made our own world without permission, and as a result we have come to such a world that is not so difficult." Yes, we human beings are incomplete and incomplete creatures. Even myself who is criticizing great works like this do not have criticisms that are self-aware, such as biased work criticisms that they write. This is a common theme to the Ozu Yasujiro movie, Yoshida Yoshikusei, a film director and a critic, is a symposium commemorating the centenary of Ozu Yasujiro's birth, "Ozu's how unrealistic the reality is human beings I knew how uncertain the eyes seen by living things are.But Ozu dare to try to give order to such a world.When it came out to that thorough low angle and a straight forward shot It is said.

Yes, it is an existence that can not be perfect after all, no matter how far it goes with humans. If you really get perfection you can throw out even consciousness, none will be a doll or a god. In other words, as long as you are given a soul and you are given your position as a person, you can neither see nor talk about things from a perspective other than yourself. Although imagination and speculation can be done, it can not exceed the area that individuals can eventually end up with. That is why the ultimate way to achieve infinite strength is to create a doll similar to yourself or your loved one, and then blowing in a fake personality (called ghost in this work) based on the original, as if you are a human being Let it live like. And Kim 's assertion continues not only this, "It is alleged that what you get as if you are alive is truly alive or not, and that things without life are probably alive The suspicion that the doll's eerie comes from is because the doll is a human model, that is, it is nothing else but a person himself. "" The fear that intervals are reduced to simple substances. The fear that human phenomena originally belongs to emptiness or not "" Human beings are also materials that weave the dream of life as well.The dreams, perceptions, even ghosts have occurred in uniform matrices with uniform matrices If it is distortion ", it continues.

However, even by all means Kim itself is only a convenient theory that Kim himself made up, and it will eventually be hacked by Batou and be broken down. This is an amazing place of the Oshii movie, taking a standing position that thoroughly sticks out not to give it to any of the persons who talk a lot of personality to one's own say. Like the Kubrick movie, this movie is made up of meta overlapping meta with lines as well as words. And, although it is it, Platonic confidence relationship which is definitely deep, although it has not the body of Major Kusanagi and Batou that comes out at the end, is truly told straightly and echoes within us properly It comes. And no one can have an answer in such a Zen question. But in the end Batou hugs the dog, Togusa will return to her beloved daughter. Yes, the place where Director Oshii wanted to arrive is eventually here. After all it does not have to stop living by saying that human beings are necessary perfection in the end after all. It would be fine as long as you can confirm your existence in other existence that fills you. It may be quite natural and mediocrity, but this is fine. After all it worries but at least it seems to me that the answer was that life is simple. Because it is true that speaking the opposite is true.

And these are made possible by handwriting, CG, and animation technology fascinated by sound. The CG used in this work differs in taste from those used in animation and special effects in addition. "Innocence" CG is "vanity" and there is no entity. When we call CG somewhere we have a perception that "a magical tool that can express things that can not be expressed with certain things in reality". In other words, it is also said that it is "a provisional false utensil" in reverse. I do not know such other things including anime, live-action photography, special effects, etc. that carefully used its effective way of using the way of using CG without strange illusions, and placed this kind of position. Usually, CG is a "dream tool". The significance of existence of CG in this work is not only in overwhelming visual beauty. The true appeal of this work is "image beauty skilfully using handwriting and CG", but that is not the only fact. It is true that it is half won, but it is not essential. It is a serene existence based on the stance of Oshii's stance that this seemingly overwhelming visual is also only a cold thing that it is transient.

And moving entities are consistently drawn with handwritten cell animation. Everything that Batou and Dolls have in their souls are all handwritten. And the movement of this doll is also interesting, "Reality control" which was characteristic of the previous work "GOHST IN THE SHELL" is outstanding and outstanding. It goes without saying that since the sound is of course using the real thing, it goes without saying, but the movements of the doll of the doll who is eating bullets and being blindly expressed is really funny and interesting. This doll movement may seem natural, but the animator should be considerably struggling to realize this movement. It is difficult in the first animation to convey the "shot being situated" which had been put out with facial expressions without expressing it at all. Besides, this is Oshii movie so it is obviously necessary to move it like that of reality. That's why "Please shoulder up, do not you just go up with your arms? If you shoulder go up, your shoulders will go down" is not common in human dolls. However, the movement of the doll that attacks one after another at the end of the race definitely reproduces that doll-like movement and the animator 's blood, sweat and tear drops are packed here. This is a tricky thing that can not be done in Studio Studio animated cartoon animations.

And although there is some sense of incompatibility, CG and cells are fused perfectly in this work, at least as far as I can see it is. Beyond the borderline called cell and CG lying between real life, animation, CG, life sense comes. It is so stupid that it is no longer possible for CG to contend for anything no matter how far it has come so far. In the end you can feel that all of this work is alive together transcending all such things. While exchanging meta-line dialogues in the artificially created world of dolls, there are still lots of sense of life in the end. It is a question from Director Oshii for modern people who only modern souls have left the physical sensation and the physical feeling is almost lost, and it is a present. In the world where it is difficult even to realize this living thing, based on the view of the world like a blade runner, as long as you see all of the writer life that Director Oshii possesses, it will be conveyed gradually. So far at least I have not seen any work that I could reach from such a true answer to such a true answer from the view of the world that seemed to be "life" at first glance. And, in the process that the soul dwells little by little in this doll that the work proved, I did not realize any SF animation until now "taste the reality that the world seems to exist just there" It will be together.

So already, once I know the magnitude of this work, it is no longer a big story SF anime, such as "Yamato" "Gundam" "Eva", etc. Also absurd animated cartoon covering the skin of SF is no longer a monument I can claim only the existence of. Besides literary and visual aspects, there is no other work that is more understandable and worthwhile and is sticking as an animation. At least I think so. I would like to thank you for having met this era in this era. No matter how good the image quality or the excellent work of CG comes out in the future, no matter how staggering and astounding idea comes out, I think that there is nothing that can produce reality beyond this with denseness. "The best masterpiece" that just arrived at the apex aimed at such animation industry, that is my innocence review. In the future this evaluation will not change at all. Of course evaluation is "highest". Finally a word ... Director Oshii, it is brilliant.

2012/02/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29625 Host:29546 Browser: 7353
There was no story property at all

It was a truly disappointing work because the degree of expectation was high

I just wanted to use a little less than I am sorry just because I borrow the word of a great man who can not misunderstand whether I can write words yourself or not

2011/07/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
It was boring to say clearly to those who were not interested in the shells and only watched the movies of the previous work.
As for the previous work too, I watched Oita before, I almost forgot the setting and the world view and it was a tedium to follow, but I feel like this novel is enough with ___ ___ ___ 0
It is a word borrowed from somewhere because most of the dialogue is not a story or content, if there is a connection to the story and the word is launched, the viewer will be able to follow, but there is no translation that can be followed in the enumerated place, the word itself Whether there is a meaning in the meaning but there is no meaning in the back and forth, I do not want to know that word.
In other words, for the viewer it is only saying a place name which is not understood.

Since I am replacing the essential story behind and replacing it with explanations with only my own words, the tempo stops one by one, neither the story nor the content itself comes to mind.
There are also places to say what you want to say, but since it is just a hint of being a hint, I just put it, so I do not have anything to say and I do not have any meaning.
It is a convincing thing to say what you want to say because you show it in the story, and this is only a dialog that only you know.

I have been stuffing what I want to say fundamentally and I am not sure if I just say it owing a work and I do not know what I want to say after all and I just put the things I want to say, Preaching smells and it seems as if you are showing a debate in a single theme, there is no meaning in content or character and there is no meaning in speech, but even if there is meaning in speech, charism is not felt for character, that discussion is fun There is a part to feel, but it is not a movie.
Moreover, in the case of a movie, especially in the case of Oshii work, since it will be made under the direction of one director, there is only one remark that needs to be headed, there is no point of view from an unexpected direction and so it is not such fun but after all I am satisfied.
That's why I will only list the words of great men.

I will postpone the content of the dramatic runaway, the most fundamental basis, and only with extra explanation there is only a slight explanation of the case in the last person.
Because there is no connection with the incident and the direct story, it is impossible to enter the story and it is impossible to understand with it.
Again, viewers are not explained by mouth alone, it is hard to understand if you do not show them in the scenes or in the scenes, it is incomprehensible for viewers to blame it, it is misunderstood and it is merely left to the audience Or rather it is pressing.

The image may not have been as honest as I thought it was because the environment was bad, but the clear reason is that even if I showed awesome picture no matter how story it is, there is no excitement and it does not look like a stupid picture.
Especially in the case of animation, there is no reality that makes us feel familiar unlike live-action photography, so it's not meaningful just by putting awesome picture.
It is not as simple as live-viewing to pull in with images alone.

Although the atmosphere has a lot of explanation and storytelling, it's a good atmosphere, but as a movie, I did not have a story so I did not have any fun, so I got the word of helping the first and the expression of the last doll, the sorrow of the hero Whether the content is (+ relationship with partner), if it is a robot similar to yourself or what is the difference between humans and robots, put together the contents of the neighborhood and make it a story and pay extra great words and etc. It probably became interesting.
It is regrettable not to respond to understand what you want to say.

Watching this, there is absolutely no interest in the offensive shells, are you going in a strange direction or are you going too far into the back? Are you getting too fine? The pure fun as a shellfire is better for movies in the previous movie It may have existed.

2011/04/12 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Pictures, music is wonderful. I think that beauty is quite a thing just as being called the theater version

[Bad point]
It is too difficult.
I remember seeing this only before seeing the Ghost in the Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell and I could not understand even the simple esoteric meaning better ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that overall is good. Although it was difficult, I enjoyed it for the time with just the beauty of image and music.
Especially the music was pretty good.
There are also many works by this director, but often the backgrounds and accessories of CG are too realistic, and the animated characters often appear to float and it is a bit of a mind ...

2010/11/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6766 Host:6937 Browser: 6301
[good point]
I think that the atmosphere exhausted exhausted by Batou as a whole has come out ...
I think whether this exhausted unclean atmosphere is better ...
Well, there are also scenes that brought Gatling gun to the office of the yakuza and rampage ...
Although GIS was a movie with a tension overall, I think that it makes me feel sleepy ...
GIS did not show much mobs like characters and there was not much community between people and people, but I think that this could be a conversation between Mob and Batou ...
Personally I like the scene of Kim's hall ... I heard that it is healed by being too inorganic and conversely ...
The image was exactly the quality that I felt like Mr. Oshii ... well though I might have felt beautifully as I saw it on Blu Ray ...

[Bad point]
I can not think of it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Very good ...

2010/11/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29414 Browser: 6793(Mobile)
The beauty of the image, the world view, the production and the music were just like being able to do.
... But somewhat comfortable, evaluation is normal.

2010/11/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47318 Host:47295 Browser: 11756
Amazing! It's too terrible! In many ways ...
The picture is definitely No 1 in the past animation It is quite useful to quote the philosopher's words and I can not understand it by the history animation No 1

To be honest, it is not a work that you can recommend to all

I think that feelings are not on the producer side to let others enjoy it other than enthusiastic fans That is OK!
If it is 100 times better to comprehend than the recent Moe animation which is wasted by the viewer unnecessarily, it is difficult to make it to the producer in an easy-to-understand manner, it is a talk that only the student should study, it is difficult because it is difficult I want to say that no mistake is to say nothing

Even just watching the beauty of the picture is worthwhile In the future, when will this beautiful picture beyond the picture be coming out ...

2010/03/09 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20820 Host:20825 Browser: 9827
[Good point] The content may be dark. There are many lines in which philosophical elements are interwoven, and the conviction adjustment after understanding the contents of the dialog is good.

[Bad point] I can not understand it by just seeing it. From the human who did not know the Ghost in the shell, it is difficult to understand the story outline.

[Comprehensive Evaluation] This work is a question raised to a modern society in which scientific and technological advances are remarkable,
It is also wonderful to have imagined some kind of taboo which asked about the difference between "human" and "humanoid".

2010/02/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17997 Host:17896 Browser: 10771
[good point]
When viewed from video and technical point of view.

[Bad point]
I understand the meaning.
While noticing what various directors are doing while watching it, there are too many things that you do not know what it means.
Personally, this work is exhausted to this. I do not understand the contents, but I read too much between lines and there are too many metaphor.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As long as you are watching it normally, it is true that it is hard to understand.
Although it can not be enjoyed in content, it is not normal as it is not bad.

2009/12/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13991 Host:14009 Browser: 3121(Mobile)
The picture is wonderful, music is also without complaint. The story was also good. However, although it is claimed that it is included in the work, I understand what you are talking about, but it is troublesome to understand. Works without inconvenience when it is removed.

2009/10/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1329 Host:1171 Browser: 11155
"It is the same whether one million people watch one movie once or one thousand people watch 100 times"
"The producer can not do more than making a work, afterwards the recipient side selfish"

This work is symbolized by a remark like this,
I thought that it is a typical work of Oshii "movie" which can experience the Oshii style dramaturis densely.
Rough work content,
The owner massacre incident by Android which occurred in the stage four years after the previous work "Ghost in the Shell".
Through Batou and Togusa who will resolve this through the obstacles of hackers and crab guys, we will emerge one contour to existence recognition and existential significance to the living beings, and even life definition.
It was contents of such feeling. (It may be a little different, but my head is limited by these interpretations)

Anyway, it is aimed at only some understanding persons, and the other style cuts down the BASSARI style is a work of art that enjoys "depth" by just the artistic vertical drilling.
Whether to choose this work without hesitation in order to taste the essence of Oshii work which continues to receive high evaluation worldwide as a high-class image literature.
In a somewhat exaggerated way of saying, it is a complete form as Japan should be supposed to be the original form of japanimation that will self recognize himself who feels creative appeal to subcar.

"... It was super fun"

On the other hand, I still can not forget the face of a friend raging with a rabbit eyed rabbit, such as Moro Barre.
It was already really simple, just unnecessarily wasted and unreasonable, too boring, boring, boring.
I was talking about what a doll is about a doll, but what I discovered just after viewing was that the face of a friend who was happy was about an inorganic thing like a doll when I left the theater is.
This is impossible, I immediately regretted having watched the theater and paid money and saw it.
Since it is a picture, the progress of the story goes forward without waiting for your understanding, so development is a demon because there is no time to rumin and chew.
Regarding this, Director Oshii said, "There is no need to understand movies at once"
I am leaving a very brief word in my book,
Honestly it is too boring, I do not like to dilute the concentration of the work by repeatedly watching it.
Of course, there are no leaders who have met with the recipients in the work, as well as being disgusted,
Well, it is a shitty thing of repairing the "movie" content that was caught by a sleepy, painful thing. I was the limit three times myself.

Works that have greatly cut entertainment elements that the director himself claims to be a "movie", including this work, have sold tickets at 3,000 in the movie theater, and only a few "chosen people" perform exceptional luxurious appreciation I wonder if it is OK to have a party.
I wanted you to stop selling like at least "deepness" of work that is not directed to masses becomes "pitfall" ... (Why incorporate the battle scene with the crab guy exclusively into the specials report)
Nonsense high sense, that is innocence of this work.
Because the badness of one's head is also caused as a cause, the evaluation is made with a sweet sweet and it makes it "bad".
After all, director Oshii's way of stepping on the accelerator is dangerous.
Production team's work As long as you do a rough selling way that opinions on the Commercial Code are not unified,
A person who functions as a brake with an equal power relationship and Director Oshii of "Urusei" system which is a mass of entertainment against the style of Director Oshii need to comply with the original work as the work which can not be displayed at the maximum speed I think there is.

2009/09/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29029 Host:29133 Browser: 10811
Public security action object with the theme of Denno Network.
One episode of the GHOST IN THE SHELL. Ghost in the river 's series I do not see any of the background. I do not know the premise.
Four years after the disappearance of "Major," in 2032, a girl-type pet friendly android caused a runaway of unknown cause, causing an incident of murdering the owner.
Because politicians and former public safety officials were among the victims, members of Public Security Section 9 headed for investigation.
Finally, Major who assimilated with the network comes into help.
Since the appearance of Major is also only voice, it will be totally unknown to the viewer for the first time.
The bad point of this work is that explanation is insufficient and it is difficult to understand.
What is noteworthy is that the amazing image beauty using 3D in the festival scene boasts the highest standard among the leading anime.
Also majestic acoustics are outstanding. We sing songs of 100 singers several times and tailor it to 400 songs.

Even though there are difficulties in understanding, it is outstanding with images and sounds, and it is evaluated as very good.

2009/05/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 555 Host:650 Browser: 7528
If you like Ghost in the Shell, it is a work you should see.
It is the highest peak in video, music, production and anything.
However, the story is quite difficult.
As a premise of knowing the Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell, we must know the behavioral principles of the element and the people of the 9th Division.
Furthermore, even if you know it, you can not understand with certainty just by looking at it once.
When you are distracted by beautiful images and music, you do not know what is going on.
As a result, it is Ryosaku as it is to see repeatedly, but it is certain that it is a work that can only be told except for image beauty if it is seen only once.
Furthermore, because the Oshii work is fully open, I feel sleepy. If I lie down I surely go to bed.

Although I like to choose quite a few people, it is a worthwhile work for fans at first glance.

2008/12/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5886 Host:5926 Browser: 6768
Innocence is also wonderful! Because it was because I was expecting a moving story like GHOST IN THE SHELL when I first saw it, it was a rainy day. After reviewing the impression after reconsideration, "The Oshii world is full of good and bad, the image was the highest peak, but the picture was not the best, but rather boring. It was rather boring." Since then the innocence has been I was listening to the surroundings when it was black history. However, I was thinking the other day trying to reconsider Innocence again by watching the TV series repeatedly and continuing to rediscover GHOST IN THE SHELL. This is definitely a masterpiece that remains in the history of animation. If Oshii fans think that Innocence is not interesting, please watch TV, theater version 1st and try again in Innocence. If there is a background, it will not be confused by speech turning (rather Oshii knee is irritated).
And not only once but also experiences the feeling that the story will soak in by watching it many times (it tells the importance of viewing other viewers repeatedly). If so, there is no doubt that it is a prisoner of this work. Although I was talking about music, I thought that the shells were made by Kenji Kawai. Yoko Kanno's TV
The series is also high quality, but I felt that there was only Mr. Kawai expressing the mystery of the shells or the feeling of Oshii's "static" work. ED is also good with an adult feeling.

2008/08/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23974 Host:23966 Browser: 4184
CG was wonderful.
The point where the message was clear was good.

In this work, I felt that I wrote the human face a little illegally. I think I was comparing it with a beautifully made doll. Because there were many parts that only the person who understands because it is a sequel, it is recommended to see from the first part of GHOST IN THE SHELL.
Otherwise, I think that I do not know the emotions in Bato 's chest and quite important points.

I think that it was a dark atmosphere throughout all the time, but it was a philosophical and thoughtful work.
Personally, I like this kind of thing.

2008/06/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10858 Host:10853 Browser: 7590
The picture is beautiful.
Never bring in dualism.
A spirit whose existence has diminished because of coexistence with machines and cyborgs is included in each word.
I cried somehow, I have not impressed.
The song is intensely left on the head.
There is no meaningless dialog.
I can not recommend it but it was awesome.
The depression may remain.
I am now.

2008/05/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15816 Host:15641 Browser: 8090
[good point]
〓〓〓delicate animation 〓〓〓how the viewing angle of the thing when the movement and the view point moved is changing beautifully 〓〓〓songs are wonderful 〓〓〓deep stories 〓〓〓atmosphere and air

[Bad point]
〓〓〓I do not feel attractive to people 〓〓〓I feel ambitious things like amazing things 〓〓〓I feel the difference of affection for each scene or scene 〓〓〓

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The dog is cute and ugly.

2008/02/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10245 Host:10185 Browser: 6391
In the rental DVD, a digest of the previous work supplementing the main part and a commentary on terms specific to this ghost world were inserted. This kind of consideration is pleasing, as it is originally difficult to understand Mr. Kazami.

There are only a lot of production costs being spared, and there is no deterrence on the director's image and sound.
Especially devised in how to use light, very beautiful and majestic. Among the animations I saw so far, is not there an example of how to combine CG and cell picture so well?

Batou is overlooked everywhere, contrary to physical appearance, and expresses self-theory that has already appeared while quoting various proverbs. The main character of the previous work.While Kusanagi Elements considered themselves exclusively and suffering, there is no battle in Batou that has been realized. I will conclude the conclusion in a frank rather than a roundabout consideration. Making abusive use of esoteric proverb something meaningless and obscure. This method as if it made a witness collection into a movie is innovative as a novelty, but it was not very enjoyable.
The previous work is more exciting as understanding progresses, but it is excited, but as I repeat this work, I do not know the division.

climax. Only the battle between Batou and the guardian angel was good. Comprehending information with DVD and Wikipedia, understanding the story line finally, understanding that it is not a bad content, but feeling of labor that occurred in the process of understanding is great. I can not feel motivated to see the rest battle other than last battle ....

2007/12/05 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13723 Host:13986 Browser: 4184
[good point]
The image is amazing. I'm dying that the mechanical chakkaku and unpleasant movements are closely drawn.

[Bad point]
I messed up quite difficult messages, and I felt that I was trying too much timing, is not it?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway the image was amazing. However, there are many serifs with a high degree of difficulty, and I was not hooked just before adding to the world of this work if I was thinking about the meaning.
Within the mind the story will proceed without mercy. I could not concentrate on animation. Because my head is bad?
I can not understand the contents of the dialogue without having to watch it again and again. I think some maniacs or advanced stories are very good, but they are considerably higher in level.

Evaluation is [good]. I saw crispy when the level was a bit lower, evaluation was also high and it was fun. Myself, it is an individual's evaluation.

2007/08/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
It is a work backed by excellent technology.
The value of the diluted human itself is highlighted in the electronic society. It depicts the merits and demerits of human beings.
It is interesting to balance the image of the world as an image and the man who smells people.

However, as a matter of course seeing "GHOST IN THE SHELL Ghost in the Shell" maniac story ignores the newcomer and progresses. It is not for everyone.