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Yasuhiro Yoshiura
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Ueda Reina
Manami Numakura
You Taichi
Kenta Matsumoto
Iwasaki Ryo
Makoto Furukawa
Japan Released:2014/03/01(Sat) Movie
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2014/06/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15235 Browser: 5173
The top batter of "Animation Mirai 2014" is this "Almoni".
I felt a little strange about the title alone, but when I was talking about it, I thought that it would be such a kind of work that I thought it was a school youth.
And + 〓〓made fantastic fantastic drawing as an individual image world possible ... so it is somewhat close to saying that Makoto Shinkai or something like that.
It is a feeling that we are building a line that is generally accepted like Mori Hosoda and Makoto Shinkai, who are making something like "Eve's time" or "Sakashima's Patema".

The main character begins with the everyday scenery of high school who is doing real real conversation with Ani Ota.
His skill is absolute piano and piano. It seems like music, but when you look at the room it is a very ordinary boy.
Atmosphere that it does not rush at all, the atmosphere which is close to the geek 's geek anyhow.
Besides that, the reactions of charotic guys in the classroom were also real, and high school sense appeared.
Such a story till it gets connected to people like the DQN group and the hanging girl who had long been admiring.
The reason to break up like an otaku group or a DQN group is because the individual "world" is connected and it can not become intimate as long as there is no point of contact ... something somehow sensibilities stained in everyday life It is like an animation that shaped it as it is.
The dream that the girl sees is probably just an image that the animator has something that he wants to animate and there is no other deep intention, and at the end the girl in the dream wears a skirt to show off the machine- The turning also is a fantastic and erotic erotic feeling, just a picture that remains in the impression. That would be enough.

The story also did not connect perfectly, so I switched the problem little by little from "music" 〓〓〓"dream" and connected with joy to get people to understand the world that was not understood by anyone.
The hero's boy was interested in music, and I saw that image because "commentary was in the recording tape." Finally, the fact that the image matched is also due to misunderstanding.
The heroine girl had an image that nobody could understand and seemed to have a strong obsession with "almoni" without attaching deep obsession to the music itself flowing there.
It is a misunderstanding, but in the end the world is connected. I do not fully understand each other, but it seems that it is a story that totally different things connect with little trivia.

Personally, I liked the picture without interesting any music, so I wonder if I saw it from a girl side perspective.
... It is OK when I am asleep, so I'd like to see the dream of a fantastic world view once, but I have never seen the scenery like that in my dreams.
Mostly the image you see in a dream is just everyday + just things like 〓〓....

Evaluation is "good".

2014/05/27 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7541 Host:7412 Browser: 10481
[good point]
Ending crying !!

[Bad point]
Nothing 〓〓〓

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was good about beating !!!!!!

2014/04/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18598 Host:18642 Browser: 9673
[good point]
Picture design

[Bad point]
Well, surprisingly, the ack is strong

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I enjoyed drawing and I enjoyed talking well, but I do not think I want to see it many times (sweat)

At the last minute 'Good'.

2014/04/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23997 Host:24145 Browser: 8951
That daughter of a longing is actually a big bullying who shared "world" with myself Oy

Directing is good but there is nothing special to tell the story, the main point is a junior high school student who escapes to fantasy only Just high-level drawing is finely moving well, especially the character design from real that I do not see so much at the moment is favorite

About school caste and so on, is that when you do not qualify for yourself, saying that it was not that troublesome at all, is not it supposed audience layer?
You can probably imagine that you will draw well.

The story is well organized There is no place to be strange in strange, you can understand the story anything. It is important here in the short story.
Especially, I can sympathize with that age.
Although there is no other praise, considering picturesque goodness, evaluation is normal.
If a continuation is made, it probably looks. Probably, I think that it is a pattern to become useless w

2014/04/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15816 Host:15622 Browser: 7910
Sure enough Animation Mirai 2014 was interesting only this.
It was the most interesting if halfway work was inside the history of 80% animation Mirai.
It is truly Yoshiura Yasuhi only to organize the short story The constituent power of entrance consolidation is brilliant.
The content was really good with a story that seemed to make a little happy "Kirishima club stoppage", or rather Yoshiura work is a basic happy, even if it is bad it is a bitter happy, that is good. Although it can be seen even with glee of such overseas drama, but belonging to that group which is charged rear,
Hiding the real feats, hobbies and interests like that (definitely not going to be in this group)
Someday I'll be waiting for someone who is not in this group to find it. I really like girls like type I am.
Production of the standing position within the hero's class is also good. If my seat is occupied fully in the rear or it gets excited with Otaku Talk, it is told that "You are loud?" Or when you hear a voice nearby, your friends will quiet in a moment or die too deeply.
The story will explore the true identity of the dream she is seeing after this, and one indignation in class conflict or something, while the main character makes a song by a directive like "April is your lie" and she is at a cultural festival Personally God if you talk about her relationship with her boyfriend after being singing and being accepted in the class.
I'd like you to keep talking about what I'm talking about like Eve 's time, but I think this story is over because it ends with this.
This non - rear hero is the upper caste girl (even if the wind is going out with the group 's Choiwaru boys!
It is exactly one of the school dreams that two people with caste disparity that had contact zero until yesterday with some special skill and something in common became friends.
Although I love this scene, it is recently that it is recently that pinpoint is my favorite, so I only want to increase the manga "Flower of Evil" high school, so I want it to increase more, and among the main characters belonging to the lower ranking with such caste as a subject, there is a special skill properly A good impression that I have prepared to fight when saying that.
Although it is a girl's cartoon it's just such a thing for men too little and I think that it is one of the genres that no one has handled yet if it's an animation, so this is not necessary for this line, so for Yoshiura Yasuhiro, I want you to make it, do not mimic Ghibli (sakasama's patema) do not do it.