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Kaoru Shintani
Noboru Furuse Toshiya Shinohara
Syuichi Kakesu
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Koichi Yamadera RyuuseiNakao Hirotaka Suzuoki
Hutizakiyuriko Tessho Genda Masashi Ebara
Toshihoko seki Sigeru Nakahara Kiyonobu Suzuki
Rei Sakuma Emi Shinohara Atsushi Anbe
Shinichiro Miki Hitoshi Takagi Gorou Naya
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Japan Released:1990/04/27(Fri)
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2013/11/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22865 Host:23049 Browser: 5386
[Good point] The atmosphere of WRC at that time and the depiction of each manufacturer and driver are examined very well and drawn as usual As long as this artist draws a mecha, let me draw a mechanism that works well and it is a national treasure If it is a national treasure The content which makes the world fight and makes the world fight like Larry to the main character with a driver (with no gratuitous achievement, but with a vague penetration) has been removed from war, death and seriousness from his masterpiece "Area 88", making it compact I remember even the illusion and illusion fighting rival and nature with various fields like (Kim in the star system, whether Abba plays a role as a wolf)
Anyway, we are firmly interviewed and speaking in motor sports, "Mr. Futari Hawk" also painted Mr. Mr.'s ability, so it is up to the character to go through the dialog and perform the reasons, which is said to be rude, problematic, harsh and so on, Audi and Lancia, who were strongest only as good as they can say but it is burning when a Japanese compact car confronts AT with AT!
In anticipation of the long-term series, there are plots of conspiracy and flags (foreshadows) scattered everywhere, there are also suspense parts and it is interesting

[Bad point]
Whether it was not popular or not its hint was not recovered, it was a part maniac that was tightly clogged up and it was not sold at this time baseball as it is in sports.Soccer club is major and Sepak takraw is minor like sports Rally which becomes a maniac department even in motorsport seems to have a line in the work as well, as it is written in a masochistic sense that "This is the goal of rally? It is because there is a part that is not clarified that "efforts on the way are too powerful and harsh but it takes time to adjust before adjusting the goal before adjustment"

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Shinya Kaoru + Mecha = Although it is a masterpiece but a little scaled was not enough The work of Mr. Mr. All likes the CPU except for everything, so I like the work I wanted to read more ... It will be an evaluation that now I will remember the meaning of supporting Japanese companies I think that it will be a good work

2012/10/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10947 Host:10878 Browser: 5682
[good point]

Larry 's subject matter was more of a different point of view.
The protagonist is an extremely rallybaka, unevenness with the love that was a black boys (?)
A combination was felt as well as a smile, and it became a picture, but the pattern of the rally also conveyed the presence feeling, the commitment etc of the creator was transmitted.

[Bad point]

The voice actors are luxurious, Mr. Koichi Yamadera's performance was a full-fledged performance,
Mr. Takagi Hirano and Mr. Goro Naya also had a presence like that for veteran.
However, Mr. Takaki Nakao of the role of love, I do not know the original, but there was a feeling of incongruity in the image of appearance and voice. I think that casting of love is more suitable for the appointment of female voice actor than male.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although this OVA seems to have been the content that imaged only the early episode among the originals which originally seemed not such a long-term series, it was probably a category of "Honorable Mention" Well.
Were not you thinking that you would like to look back over and over? Especially casting of love was a regrettable point, but the evaluation is "ordinary".