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Anime total pnts rank Rank 2,721in 6,565 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 48.30
Anime rank of 1977 Rank 17in 36 titles
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Story2.33(Very good)3
Character/Setting2.00(Very good)3
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Graphic-1.67(Very bad)3
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Made me think67%2/3
Shed tears0%0/3
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Tokyu Ezyensey
Nixtutayoshitaka TAKASHI AN NOU
Chumei Watanabe
Hotomi Kougo ICHIRO MIZUKI Columbiayurikagokai KOUROGI73
Akira Kamiya
Kazuyuki Sogabe
Akio Nojima
Masaya Taki
Keiko Yokozawa
Masane Tsukayama
Fuji Natsuko
Kouji Nakata
Japan Released:1977/03/03(Thu) / End:1977/12/29
Opening movie (1)
Try Atack! Mechander RobotTry Atack! Mechander Robot
Song:ICHIRO MIZUKI Columbiayurikagokai Lyrics:Hotomi Kougo Compose:Chumei Watanabe Arrange:Chumei Watanabe [Fan reg.]
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2016/03/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2034 Host:2028 Browser: 5173
I will revise it by revising the revisions to those previously posted.

Since it was not broadcasted in our countryside, it will be the first time for viewing this time, but I will evaluate it in mind that animation of 77 years is the last one.

It was quite difficult to evaluate.
Although it is obviously broken down as animation and it can not be said that Ryosaku is also a complimentary compliment even if taking into consideration the work at the time, there are descriptive descriptions in the places and it is possible to feel the motivation of the producer, enthusiasm It was.

I think that it should be evaluated that it is a pioneer of the real robot route starting with "Mobile Suit Gundam" and it is a work of the first period that brought heavy military depiction and realism to super robot things.

However, the paintings and directing are not catching up to the story with such a heavy feeling about sadly (at a glance when compared with "UFO Robo Grenizer" in 1975)
It is sorry only to have become a poorly balanced work a little.

About 10 to 15 episodes, the charm of the strategy of how to find a way of traveling from overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation was drawn, and mechanic depiction and dialogue turning were excellent and it was quite funny.

It was also good that Mekander Robo of the lead role mechanics was not existence absolutely invincible but existed having many weaknesses and tasks.
Perhaps it was the first time that the main character mecha was destroyed by the time it was not perfect so far ...

I think that I could have become a masterpiece if the production system was properly set up and it was properly produced until the last round, but it was a painful work.

It is unfortunate that only the regret is that the bright merit has been ruined by the sponsor's convenience or the noise arising from the confusion of the production system.

[good point]

Setting is good. Mechander Robo has a weak point that the range is short and the armed is only a live weapon, and it can only work for 3-4 minutes to escape the threat of the Omega missile.
I think that we have set up such a weak point as a struggle to make the story excite even a little because the drawing is terrible, but it is doing a lot of effect.

The base King diamond of the ally is moving reasons to supplement the short range of this distance, and places the importance of supply logistics and reconnaissance also adds thickness to the story.

It shows a clever way of battle that makes Omega missiles shoot the 5th episode against enemy fortresses, and it is quite a work you can not reckon.

Besides, WGK's BGM is superbly cool.
Even in the battle scenes and the coalescence scenes of squirrel drawing, it is quite feasible that somehow feeling rises if there is that BGM.

[Bad point]

The drawing is really terrible.
It is awful that the Valdez of the later international film company and the J9 series are visible to the god level.

The grinderizer in 75 years has far higher level of drawing.

Although it is better than Chargeman Ken, it is the lowest level even if considering that it is a work of 77 years as a TV animation.
It might be daunting with Zanbot 3, but the time that Kanada Isao participated is reasonable because ...

The character does not stand still.
If the hero Jimmy Orion was a bit more vigorous personality it would have been nice, but it is awful that the backbone is too heavy and only the dark looks.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although I wrote a variety of things, I can not deny that it is a failed work, but the motivation of the staff, the challenging spirit are felt everywhere and it is a work that is too regrettable to be crowded as a trash.

Evaluation is as close as possible to [Good]
I will leave it to normal.

Mechanic design was due to Kunio Ogawara.
I mean, it is the design of Mekander Robo that refined the godam of "Gowapper 5 Godam" with 8 elegance.

Perhaps it seems that the zero robot of "0 tester" (73 years) is the origin of the idea.
It may be the closest in the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓 robot which a coalescing fighter aircraft docks and starts.

Just because that was bad parenthesis ...
It might be more popular if a mechanic appeared on 0 tester.

By the way, although it resembles Mach baron, perhaps when designing it, it may be because the sponsor says "Since we want to reuse the metal baron mold, make it a design similar to this".

2010/07/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13482 Host:13662 Browser: 11416
A giant robot animated drama aired in 1977. The `Kogistor Corps' commanded by the ruler of Ganymede 'Emperor Hedron' invades the Earth and occupies 95% of the area. Japan who escaped from the occupation of the Kogistor Corps Corps entrusts the last hope to the aircraft carrier `King King Diamond 'developed by Dr. Shijima and Super Combat Robot' Mechander Robo '. Former Lady Squadron with 'Ryusuke' `Kojiro 'with the principal Prince Ganymede' s Prince" Jimmy Orion "as the lead, and confronts the Kogystor Corps.

This work is a work produced by Wako Pro based on the giant robot animation boom which started from "Mazinger Z" and is a SF hard story drama made by name staff such as Kiyohiko Kodo, Yoshihiro Tomino, Yukihiro Okasaki and Takashi Anna is there.

In the state where the story was almost suppressed by the aggressor `Kogistar Corps ', the Japan left behind as the last fortress was a carrier aircraft` King.Diamond' under the doctor Dr. Shijima and a gigantic united robot of 120 m in length, Mechander Robo "It is trying to try to capture and the fighting at the head of it is a tragic story setting considerably heavy with the prince" Jimmy Orion "who came to Earth after being driven by Ganymede star by Kogista . That said, these feelings seem to have taken elements such as "Space Battleship Yamato", "Glendizer", "Getter Robo" etc, and not so innovative. Even though it was a coalition called "Maiko" even if it was forcibly gathering mecha, he was lacking in impact as compared with getter Robo, and even if it coalesced only for that, "Mechander Robo" itself, in such a style with impact Because I did not have much impression left. Moreover, the battle between Mechander Robo and Mechanical Beast is too speedy for deployment pursuing thrilling equipped with 'Omega missile' to destroy the nuclear reactor to seal the nuclear power which is the main energy source of the earth, and fulfilling I feel that it was not good not to be there. The appearance character is also hot-blooded.Nihil.This is the second piece of the serious type.This is the third one, which is not too impressive as it does not go beyond the line of common sense of the animation character of those days.

As a result, although this work was produced by the name stuff as much as possible, although the hard story setting that it surely pulls out from the hunted state may have been good, the main character 's robot and characters are a manneri Because, there was nothing to draw out other works, so the evaluation is [normal]. Because this sponsor went bankrupt at the end, this work was sorry that it took it in the form like a summary comprehension form at last, but it was able to be completed in the form, but it reached the last in a rapid form. Because of that it still remains unnamed, you can not try to rebuild and settle it again.

2010/04/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35635 Host:35571 Browser: 8759
[good point]
Well, although drawing is nothing except Tsunhiro Ninomiya and Ichihodo Ogikuni, it is a painting that gaga ga Ba, but well well a story is good enough.

[Bad point]
Well, it was disappointing that the sponsored bullmark went bankrupt and from the 29th talk to the 33rd episode it was a full compilation using film that had been broadcasted.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well because the story and mechanics are also good, the evaluation is very good.

2009/09/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23431 Host:23255 Browser: 15415
Anyway the regrettable robot animation. It might be a work that could not be cooked well while preparing delicious settings.
[good point]
Robot animation in the latter part of the 70's is a representative of Super Robot animation which feels something that Nishihama Roman Robo series and unbeatable series lead to Real Robo Animation, with a morality as well as a real-oriented honeymoon, but also possibly Mechander Robo played part in that It may be that it was.
At the start of the story of Mekander Robo, the story started in a state of almost destroyed, and the question as to why Japan is targeted is given a clear answer at that time because the world has been destroyed. Moreover, the theme of counterattack from the destroyed state is raised, a realistic story that has never been seen, such as securing supplies, rescuing refugees and remaining units, reconnaissance of enemy troops, recapture of occupied cities, etc. are shining. Episode 5 depicting the defense of transportation units, Episode 9 depicting the conflict of fathers as servicemen, Episode 10 turning to counterattack using what can be used, and the twelfth subject matter of the severity of the return after the battle Talk etc. There are many excellent works especially in one cool episode.
The defense force also stands at the main force of the strategy and depiction as the last fort defending Japan is accurate and can also evaluate the depiction of the defense force as a warrior fighting not only with the fighting role but also with Mekander Robo. In the last round there was a time to defeat a mechanical beast with just the defense corps, this might be the first time the defense team has defeated the enemy.

Next, the existence of the Omega missile also had the penetration and faults to be described later, but it is still the element that created Mechander Robo's originality.
Bring in serious weaknesses to robot animation and enjoy thrilling development by battle with the time until the Omega missile hit as well as the threat of the enemy in the battle scene. Also, not only mere threats but also the Tsushima Sentai are using Omega missiles as a means to defeat enemies, it is fun to describe not just a weak point.

[Bad point]
Regarding the drawing side, it is not very bad, but it is regrettable that you can see a lot of usage. Even then it will be quite a lot of use. Omega missiles explosions and even attack scenes were often used around. Bullmark (sponsor) After bankruptcy, I think that it was quite a hard time to show the same movement scene up to another scene by talking about that story.

And although it is an Omega missile, after the Mekander Robo has powered out, I think that the scene of losing the target and crashing into the sea or the mountain as it is is strange. Apart from that, it is too bad that the stationary satellite was destroyed in the seventeenth episode and the existence of the omega missile faded. Even though there was Omega missile, honest imaginary battle scenes were exciting.

Also, I also thought that the depiction of the characters was scarce. The bond between Jimmy and Medusa's mother and child was incomplete compared to the depiction of Kentaro Bortez, Heinel, Kentaro's father. Besides, there is an unusual loneliness on the enemy side that the gag factors such as Yuta and Goro Hy〓〓i are completely air, and the Kurgistar Empire has only Ozumeru and Medusa. Especially for the latter, robot animation has a character of the enemy side also kind of fun, so it can be said that only one boss and one executive are lonely. (It was a really lonesome organization after Medusa died)

And, as a result of the bankruptcy of Burumaak again, we can endure the 5th consecutive summer full of nightmare. It is regrettable that there was also a point that I could only think that the production system was clearly confused at the end of the day.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although Mekander Robo set originality by using its own realistic depiction for setting and weapon depiction, if I drew more human drama firmly, I wonder if I got a higher rating. Sponsor bankruptcy also sounded pretty. Especially, the latter is a situation that I must have sympathy to be unlikely at the moment, and I think that Mekander Robo was truly a tragedy at that point.

And, in the last round, probably the first bad end will come with robot animation. This may also be regrettable of the staff who had to take the curtain down in mid-term.

2007/01/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19991 Host:20226 Browser: 5234
Well, the heaviness of setting is wonderful. It felt quite appealing to the battle full of tension with time limit, the struggle of guerrilla warfare of a mighty enemy opponent, remodeling mother was brainwashed, on the enemy side, and dark in the invisible light development.
However ... as Mekander Robo is as bad as a headache as a mechanic (this is not good at showing fighting, so it's noticeable only in disadvantages), it's impressive in "coalesced" which is not clearly understood. Why are you going to coalesce until such a muffle?
The fundamental question is that. I felt very dissatisfied that there would be some way to show it.
In addition, as a result of the extensive use of the comprehensive collection, the latter half is confusingly confused.
Because the music side was also attractive such as the goodness of the Dasakakko of the OP and the Shimizime type ED,
I feel it is an unnatural work. Even though the design of Mekander Robo should be able to make a charm of power like a tatsunoko like a tatsunoko like a year ago, it was supposed to be able to make a muddy appeal, although the design of Mekander Robo was supposed to ... Although the material is ambitious, drawing and production (container?) Did not catch up I think that it is a work of disappointment. "Normal".

2007/01/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23770 Host:23641 Browser: 4184
Even if it says "Massachusete", Unit 1 is a mere substitute for three machines to combine on the back of the robot, and Unit 2 has four machines coalescing in a dubious way (Shin O'Ron merid?) Even if you look in the mind, it is a "dasa too much" thing, weapons are also equipped with arms like a shield of a bowl like a lid of the bowls to crush, coalesce and throw enemies, launch a missile from the foot from a football shark? It was hard to say "good-looking" to compliments such as doing, etc. (though I thought that only "Mechander Rocket Gun" which is shot like a machine gun by deforming hands is cool).
It is wonderful that this is a wonderful thing when it is shouted with the voice of Jimmy = Kamiya Akira who is the leading character, it will become enormously cool. Jimmy's impression is overwhelming among me among the three people who are responsible for roles (4 people later).

This Jimmy Orion obviously encompasses the "shadow" part compared to the Kamiya character until then, and there is no choice but to fight against the real mother who became the enemy by the prince of the lost country (sometimes return to sanity) I think that it also influenced the dark world view of the book work.
The lyrics of the ending theme and Jimmy's painting thinking of the mother are perfect for Jimmy's feelings.
Also, is a must-see gap between the goodness of the opening and the milder simulation of muddy with the sober of the main part?

Besides, East Asian supply points, cooperation of local people, hard style fighting the enemies who held the world in hand, thrill developments which Omega missiles reach reaching the settlement within 3 minutes etc ... etc ... etc ... Although there are many sights that I want to reevaluate, it is bad bad (haha) to despair when compared with works such as "Super electromagnetic machine Bortez V" and "Invincible superman Zanbot 3" which had been drawn at the same time.
The theme and realism that I am dealing with are Nagahama and I am sorry just because I can not get close to Tomino's work.

Personally I'd like to attach "very good", but when I look at it from an adult's point of view it is rough in general and the final stage is almost "summary" (this is due to various circumstances, Although it can not be helped), I will deduct the points and keep it "good".