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Chris Buck Jennifer Lee
H.C.Andersen John Lasseter
Christophe Beck
The Walt Disney Company
Kristen Bell Sayaka Kanda
Idina Menzel Takako Matsu
Josh Gad Pierre Taki Eisuke Tuda
Alan Tudyk Youhei Tadano
Ciarán Hinds Motomu Azaki
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Japan Released:2014/03/14(Fri) Movie
Outside Japan :Released:2013/11/27
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1. http://www.disney.co.jp/movies/anayuki/ (Translation)
Ending movie (1)
Let It GoLet It Go
Song:Demi lovato
Lyrics:Kristen andersonlopez Robertlopez
Compose:Kristen andersonlopez Robertlopez [Fan reg.]
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2014/04/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:40(87%) Normal:2(4%) Bad:4(9%)] / Provider: 5140 Host:4893 Browser: 3750
[What is good]
Story is speedy and the musical was good.

[What is bad]
This is not directly about this work, but the short movie of mickey played before this movie was terrible.
It was sorrow to see that Mickey harmed the big one with enjoyment.

You can expect good feeling after watching Disney movie.
Ana and Orafu have good character which made me laugh.
True love which melted the ice in Ana was unexpected.

Considering the fall of status of Ghibli, I think Disney movie will enjoy the push of the movie industry even in Japan for a while.

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2017/05/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35675 Host:35610 Browser: 5213
"Ryosaku as an animation for Tibitti but it's not about reputation."

I watched it because it broadcasted on terrestrial wave.

〓〓〓Outline of the work]

Disney's huge hit work which was unknown.
If you are watching TV, who is the first person you do not know?

Elsa, an older sister who can use ice magic, and the story of his sister Anna.
"Love and friendship" is the center of the story, it is not difficult, so you can see it smoothly.

Ultimately beautiful image expression and super fashionable "as it is"
Feature Disney - It is characterized by many musical parts among works.

〓〓〓Good point]

A perfection degree that can be said to be almost the strongest in terms of "looking".
Magical effects of ice are beautiful every time, the depiction of the world is also wonderful.

in addition
Ancient fun characters
Increase the elements of action such as harassment,
Unexpected deployment is also prepared (once)
This work is basically fun from the things like musical and more.
It will be fun to see even a small child.

〓〓〓Bad point]

At first there is nothing in particular. At least for chibi-ko, kore is enough.

Also, there is something interesting,
Well it is not as bad as hating about "promise".


Well, I cited a good point in the evaluation of this work and wrote that there are no bad points.
Although Soreti is not a lie, though, if it is said that it is said that it is a work that it is recommended to people, this is probably not the case.
I assert that at least it was not a work that would at least be a boom in the world.

Because this work is about a degree that you do not have to worry at all for small children's enjoyment,
The core of the story of this work, making part of the theme is sweet.

In Elsa's magic -
Elsa is not able to control the magic of ice.
The reason is "self distrust" caused by exposing Anna to his danger by his magic.
So, what is Ohanashi that will solve the sole?
Although it was a mon that seemed to be rather worse when Ana was pickled in the last in the last, is it good?

In addition, the setting also does not come to be set as "the love of true love controls the magic".
Although I melted the country's ice with "Love of truth compassionate partner"
Elsa withdrawing for a decade and not meeting anyone Elsa is a country. Do you have love enough for "people to truth" to the people?

〓〓〓Ana's ice is -
"Ice can be melted by the love of truth" Hm.
Why do you think that solving ice is the role of Christophe who has traveled together and made a living together?
Elsa withdrawing from 10 years and having no dialogue with Roku and having a more quarreling tendency is its role?
"I know that family love is strong here!" But I can tell you the other but if you can withdraw from my childhood for ten years, it is real others.
Elsa is the only place to be withdrawn or being saddled by being skewed by his ability all through the night.

And, in meta, I think that Disney's series of hands is a place where one love romance can not be removed, is it good?
Finally Christophe is saying inner (my roles !!!).

If you are going to watch the story in a story, these two things are surely anxious.
Even if you do not have a sole, there is an expeditious flow all over the place, it's only a child deed.
It is good for children to rejoice and celebrities praise at work.
Just for junior high school students, I would like you to say something if you talk about ideals personally.
I want you to have about that much eyes. I wish I could.

Although there is a suspension bridge effect, it seems that there are many people who misunderstand the impression coming from the image as the impression coming from the drama.
In addition, it seems that there are people who are praising without knowing well because it is popular due to the band wagon effect.
Something sad.

Also, one more thing to translate "Let It It Go" as "as it is" ...
Although it was good for dubbing, it was quite bad in the story.

The original meaning is rather a retrograde word.
It is "like anything" to what you can do in spiritual places.
Remove spiritual restraint, words to abandon patience if it speaks badly.

Elsa at that time released the responsibility of the princess and all the nations, ana, etc. and "Wow, it's bad! Wai lives freely -! Magic will not endure! Cola!"
There is no good word in the word "as it is" in the meaning.
Although the magical image of ice wastefully beautiful, there was a sense of freedom and it was moving,
Just thinking calmly just escapes from dynamic reality.

Because Sole is decorating a buzzword award, now Japan is in control.
It is a word I want to tell people who are being caught up by black companies.
Something sad.

.... However, being able to fool the public itself is also evidence that this work has superior points.
There is nothing wrong with just merely enjoying without thinking.
So if you evaluate this work even if you complain it is nothing other than saying "I'm good" for the time being. It is not more than Sore.

2017/03/11 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29220 Host:29313 Browser: 8284
[good point]
Let It Go songs, there is only a way to outpace the world.
Just that is good. The pine song was good, but the acting is terrible.

[Bad point]
After all too much is impossible in the story. Everything is abrupt.
Succeeded queen as Queen, where did the parent of the predecessor go?
Ice castle abruptly. Although child skill has a high depiction from a childhood despite sudden there is a technique that can make fine-grained modeling, every time it is conveniently runaway every time.
A criminal abruptly. It is not translated into another harm, and it is only a magical use of the king of a country to call and criminalize a criminal. It's strange.
A musical in a sudden. Situation of a scene a little more or a connection.
All resolved suddenly. I understand my sister love, but "all right, love me!" And everything is solved with momentum.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If we do not change the scene a bit more solidly, it will only be a favorable opportunism.
Thanks to the singing scenes of ~ as it is ~ the entertainment was a great success, but thanks to that it was overestimated.

2017/03/05 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25756 Host:25963 Browser: 4721
[good point]

[Bad point]
The sweetness of making the setting.
I do not explain why Elsa alone has such a mighty magic that it can not be controlled even in the royal family.
Parents who leave without leaving the vassals that will take the place of themselves just by passing gloves are meaningless.

Misaligned musical production.
Production that forcibly brightens the scene falling darkly makes the story unnatural in reverse.
In a sinking place, it is difficult to emotionally transfer to a character if it does not submerge properly, it is annoying in the first place.
"Sounds of music" is handed down as a masterpiece in the way of using the goodness of the script (skeleton) and appropriate directing (fleshed).

Character depiction with situations.
I do not deny itself that Anna chooses Christophe, but because he is the responsibility of the hero, Prince Hans is flapped and he changes suddenly in order not to be a man.
In addition, the people appreciate the warm season for the sake of their sisters and worship the royal family.
I do not want to live in the countries where the Queen 's broken heart and sister quarrels will soon become extremely cold hell.
I can not imagine there was a theme that portrays the convenience of magic and the dangers of the two sides.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it was acclaimed at the time of publication, it is not a masterpiece that makes noises as already pointed out.

It seems like "Rapunzel" broadcast this week, but the heroine of the Disney work is patterned like a dream maiden in love with love ... ...
Although it does not absolutely deny itself, this work (Elsa is still good) There is no minimum race brought up by Anna as a princess,
I do not have a name character that firms aside it, I make a heavy makeup with the emotions of the hero and a story that progresses with thoughtful thoughts.
Even though "Anne of Green Gables" was a masterpiece Anne. Even if Charlie's personality is the core of the work, adults with feet on the ground are arranged and the thread breaks to extend her sensitivity in a good direction Because I will admonister you not to become like a kite and will watch over you.
"Bay max" with the theme of brotherly love was drawing on these points and was able to draw growth of the adults' surroundings and the growth of the hero, but this work was uncomfortable to be gripping the sister love. The early stage is annoying, the middle stage is sleepy, what the solo stage is in the final stage.

Evaluation is "worst".

2017/03/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12243 Host:12616 Browser: 7878
I watched it on DVD.

[good point]
The animals are cute. A snowman's character is good.
A blow overturning a thin story. I realized immediately that love of truth = sister's love, but I did not see it looking at it. Just because there is that, I can tolerate that part that is thin.
Let It Go singing Takako Matsu in the play is good.
I like Elsa's loneliness.

[Bad point]
The relation between Elsa's feelings and ice is unclear. There are scenes that I think that I will freeze things in nothing circumstances, there are also scenes that froze to match the high emotions, and when I get badly shocked the ice will weaken. Because it is a work dealing with unexplainable magic, it may be as idle as you say, but it is still a disappointing and appropriate point.
Thanks to that blow, I will forgive so soon, but the story is still thin overall. I felt it was made for children in a bad way.
The musical succession in the early stage is the feeling that the other side of the screen is excited without permission, it is painful to see.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since I saw it after the handling in the public was decided, I saw it rather fun rather personally. I am scared of sudden scenes where my parents die. It seemed to be the same for Disney's "Zootopia", but the way of explanation of setting gives a creepy impression that gag and horror mix. I am afraid of a scene where a snowman is stuck in the ice. I do not want children to imitate that sharp ice is really dangerous. Although there are many strange places, it was a movie with a nice place as mentioned.

2016/06/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21049 Host:21009 Browser: 10021
[good point]
The picture is beautiful anyhow.
The song was also good, and the story is perfect.
It is privately one of my favorite movies.
[Bad point]
The original is called Andersen's "Snow Queen", but it is too different from the original.
I was still good if I had made a hint from the "Queen of Snow", but it was still good (although it is still too different) I guess the degree is a little bit over.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall it is really nice.
If you do not know about the original, is not it adult enough to enjoy it?

2016/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1830 Host:1884 Browser: 5171
[Good point] It is amazing that Takako Matsu is so good at singing. Even though I did not think that cover songs sung by Matsu Takako sing a long time ago are so good. Mostly, it is a perfect "original story", rather than love affair, the style that emphasizes sister love, I want to evaluate it.

[Bad point] The story is different from Andersen's "Queen of the snow" at all. I have read most of the Andersen fairy tales, but I like the story of this story. About ten years ago, NHK broadcasted faithful anime "Snow Queen" for the original work, but that was more interesting.

[Comprehensive evaluation] It is a work that pleased the Japanese to be a dollar box even for the original Disney by making too much noise in Japan. It does not prominently call it a wonderful work. "Beauty and the Beast" was more impressed and shocked. The incitement that gives priority to viewership ratings by the mass media in Japan is good at forcing everyone to see the same direction. I want to cultivate the ability to carefully examine my work with my own sensibility.

2016/04/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13573 Host:13673 Browser: 7911
The original is unread.

Clearly, the line of the story is bad and thin.
It is not exaggerationistic, but it seems to me that it seems that we forcibly ended up without being able to put together.

For example, if you have true love, can you control power?
If love is the theme it is fine.
The problem was that Elsa crippled so that he did not hurt because he loved Anna, did not he?
Is not it love?
I will not deny if it is simply said that I am single-minded, but still the underlying will is to protect Anna.

If there is a problem there is not Elsa but Ana.
Is not it okay not to be able to control with the power together with Elsa, by noticing the true love (Elsa's thought), growing bigger and more self-conscious Ana, regaining power (awakening)?
Nevertheless, Anna is not growing anywhere in the work.
Just to slap it.

I do not know ...

In addition, this Elsa's power problem is not solved.
After all, when this person pushes down, the country goes away .......

In view of the fact that the hint of the first Christophe could not be recovered, I think that it was the result that I originally changed the story which was originally a different story, or the result of proceeding with the departure departure.
Therefore, I feel that thinness is outstanding with Tig Hag.

To be honest, adults can not stand admiration, so it's perfectly for kids.
But, that's not fun to talk about.
There is no simple clarity, just pulling out and pulling out, the rest is meaningless and only heavy.
However there is no meaningful thing or lesson learned from something deep philosophy .....

Hey, who is it for?

I wonder why this is being evaluated.
Because the song was good?
But I wish I could only listen to songs.

It is a fatal wound that the story is not connected to himself.
The picture is okay.
Therefore evaluation is "very bad".
To be honest, if you inscribe a world-class hit with this story, I am worried about whether the future of animation will be distorted.

2015/09/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19178 Host:19261 Browser: 9155
[good point]
Music. Music (Mr. Takako Matsu 's achievement is great!)

[Bad point]
Story. Disney is one pattern too ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2015/05/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45022 Host:44877 Browser: 10268
[good point]
.Insert song.
Although it was quite a hot topic from the time of publication, it certainly thinks that the quality of the inserted song was good. There was an impact, and the insertion timing was also perfect.
It is really beautiful. About image beauty is probably almost perfect.
[Bad point]
Personally most interesting part. Hans, who was Disney. Villans of this work, had no atmosphere like Villands at all until the end, and there were no hints such as taking dubious actions in the middle of the story. In spite of that suddenly "... pathetic Ana." It was a bit irrational to say.
The idea that the prince had never had before was a wonderful thing, but how to bring that far was not good. I think that it was better to have a little more hints.
[One word]
Although it is this work which was the biggest hit work of 2014, personally it was not thought that it is interesting so much. Other people have also written, but it is not bad, but it is not that good, it is quite normal.
When thinking carefully, it was not a story but a song that became a topic. Is it like everyone who saw in the theater had come to hear the song?
[Comprehensive evaluation]

2015/04/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13598 Host:13708 Browser: 5173
A catchy song called "You are the one that is still there" is left in the ear, and the movie has continued to be released even though it should have made it to DVD at the earliest, a Disney movie that was unfamiliar.
However, it may not be said that it is a rugby rice cake if it is told clearly. Well, personally, in the Disney movie of CG, there are many compositions which usually become a picture considerably, comedy depiction was also interesting, so the evaluation in the first half was somewhat expensive ....
However, "Although the first half is interesting, some question remains in the behavior of a certain person in the second half". There are also many people with similar impressions.

Well, I think that the first half was really good.
It was Elsa that "queen of the snow" who chose to be obstinate because he hurt Anna because it has a mysterious ability to make the touched ice. I did not know it until recently, but these two are sisters .... There are not many viewers who think Elsa is an anonymous person.
So, the separated sisters will be reunited by the coronation ceremony of the adult ... There will be troubles again from there (Tsukkomi here, Elsa living in that room until that meal And what about the baths and how are you doing?).
Elsa got to the mountain at the coronation ceremony at the coronation ceremony, so Elsa went to the mountain, made a castle of snow while singing a song of example, feeling ashamed by the costume, "living in the human world It is the composition of the conflict that you can not have an older sister and the younger sister who is trying to live in the world of people without knowing the world.
I was wondering what will be going on next, and I think that there are plenty of masterpieces in heavy stories, sightseeing places such as name direction and image beauty.

However, in the second half, Hans of Anna's fianc莨〓showed tremendous betrayal, only the forced pushing of the story will be conspicuous.
This is the feeling "Why!? Why?", Is not it, really. You, you were a super brave prince until a while!
At the time of the first contact with Anna, it is a friendly royal ally character with somewhere amusing gentleman and animals, and after having been appointed the country to Ana it shows the work that is competent and considerate of the people, Elsa's castle Then he hid himself from the evil soldiers who planned to kill Elsa by himself and hid himself ... and while doing that brave action so far, he said, "Because I wanted the throne, I just came close to you and I was a bad guy" What's that?
Even in acting, it surprised me that the man who was stretched and did various things and suddenly underwent a sudden change in the man who was ordained as a regular. It is a level like "suddenly change the character to attach Anna to another character" is not it? The foreshading hints about brothers ...?
There seems to be someone who sings singing duets with Anna and Hans as a couple and singing out and talking to youtube as something goes up, but it is worried whether it will catch up in the world.
By the way, in the official answer, "Hans is a mirror". ... It is a meta-like solution. I do not understand.

After that, there is a dropping office saying "The snow of Elsa can be solved by the love of truth", but it was shocking that this also ended with a sister love as the story rolled back.
When I heard that "the snow can be melted by the love of truth", a fairy tale thought leaping as "Well, then the prince should kiss" is a bit funny, "Hans Kana?" 〓〓〓"Hans betrayed ... (crying ) "〓〓〓quot; Well then Christophe?? "〓〓〓quot; Let me make it think "Elsa!" Combos is a nice expansion going on it?
What? In a way it was the ultimate mislead.

Evaluation is "good".
Oh well. I do not get tired of it until the end, and how to use Elsa's ability is also cartoonistic and funny.
Just a bit of Japanese ability Do not you want to mix with battle things?

2014/12/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27822 Host:27792 Browser: 7872
I finally watched Anna Snow.

Catch - the songs that you want to squirrel in caught the hearts of many people.
I am impressed that the characters' expressions and movements are truly researching each time.
Also, it is the reason why this work has noticed that it has not become a popular princess story.

Well, but privately I wonder if there are honorable works.
Since the movie is raw, it may have been different in evaluation if it was watching in the theater while it was popular.

2014/09/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10066 Host:10020 Browser: 5779
I finally saw the biggest hit this year.
Well, it was interesting so far, but it did not seem like a work that would go beyond 25 billion box office income .... Well live-action Japanese movie box office first prize (17.3 billion) Odoru Daisakusen Line 2 is also not so good for box office revenue, so the box office income is not high = know the masterpiece I feel like I am shoulder watermarked.

The story is quite a royal road. It is easy to understand, and the ending is also a pleasant shape so it is ok to see the family together.
It's just an ordinary work, but the reason why this piece exploded hit so far is probably a song. Although songs are inserted all over and are finished like a musical, many of the songs themselves are quite familiar, so it seems to be good for children as well.
Also, "snowman making", "opening the door," "being born for the first time", etc. are used, but I think that it is becoming a good accent by inserting such an insertion song for a simple story I will. It would have been a normal work that would never happen if there were no songs.

I guess the sights of this movie are still songs. Regarding singing, I did not complain,
After all the story is too simple & royal road is too funny ... but personally 〓〓
I also understand why I got a big hit, but I personally thought that it would be that good ~?

2014/08/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19071 Host:19271 Browser: 7921
[good point]
The picture is beautiful and soft, the movement of water and ice is very natural

[Bad point]
Finally understand love in a moment, where everything melts.
Also, I think that I never felt love to my parents.
I thought that it is difficult for children to fight part in succession rights to the throne.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There was no pin as to what kind of love was.
Also, I felt the tempo faster.

2014/08/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9816 Host:9719 Browser: 7471
[good point]
I used a fresh and talented talent as a voice actor. Recently, I'm fed up with just saying Hanazawa Kana, Kamiya Hiroshi, Miyano Mamoru 's voice, so I want you to abolish voice actors and focus on talented talent for future animation movies.

[Bad point]
Story power zero.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As you can see from the conversation, it is a movie completely for toddlers. "What if you have a habit of sniffing yourself or eating that booger!" It's up to you to be six years old to laugh. A movie that puts top priority on putting elements that children receive for more than how the overall theme is. That is fine, but the best mystery is Japanese intellectuals such as Miya Miyabe who admires that this is interesting even if it is seen by an adult. I can only believe that he is also receiving money from Disney.

Disney's marketing machine, which made this movie a hit so far, is amazing, as infants are more important than movie quality, as trendy is important so that you can see the youkai watch. What you can not imitate absolutely in Japanese animation is the power of the brand with a sense of fashion that completely odorizes the otaku odor. Even Miyazaki animation, which has a weak otaku smell, is absolutely below this point. A case to be put in a textbook of a business school.

2014/08/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24128 Host:24279 Browser: 4685
Is this book which Bun Bun's columnist cut as "Imaichi" and the sarcastic sociologist praised "it is wonderful", which one is true? How is that situation?

[good point]
Being properly "musical". Singing and dancing are largely wonderful.
Speaking of "dancing", there is no such thing as "the limits expressed by living human beings" such as Fred Astaire's tap, but there is freedom unique to animation, realizing the goodness of compatibility between media called animation and musical did. It was a good thing without moving hands to singing because the movement is good. In that sense it can be said that it is a work that fully utilized the advantage of the medium.
Bad point and back and forth? (Actually different, but details later) But, the heroine two people finally "love man and woman"
Points that have not been entirely in classical fairy tale "relief by the Prince". Disney Princess Route has a dilemma "The princess is happy ending with the prince's salvation," incompatibility between classical women's view and contemporary audience sense of value "," answered "as it is" answered "(personally dissatisfied, see below) .

[Bad point]
Amander Sen 's works are also the most inclusive of the work, a little irrelevant strike lacks depth. "Although it is not bad, it is a fun masterpiece."
There are many scenes where the actions of the characters feel unexpected, and I feel that it is scarce in efforts to pursue the reality of human psychology (in short, the theater is lying). Although I have no leisure in the literature, it is already unnatural from around Hans and the Wieselton Duke, who are the outsiders of the "country" central person who follows Elsa who ran away. Although the central figure who impersonates Elsa to impeachment should be able to draw as much as any minister of the country.
Also, is "emotion" between Ana and Christoph the Christophe's goodness, the chivalry spirit's development,
Will it be a favor among men and women nurtured soon, I will not be clear until the end Moyamoya.
Also, although it is the most important part, the confusion of Elsa and Ana leads to reconciliation also lacks persuasive power due to lack of depiction. Personally, I do not clearly describe that a serious conflict mediates between understanding each other's love, sister love, although he has a character that symbolizes the two happy past "Olaf" However, very dissatisfied has risen. Because it is not because of the meaning that Olaf came out for, is that the script is crude and immature after all. What I complained about with a "good point" discontentedly is an excuse of "modern feminine heroine", which is caused by abandoning ambiguity and insufficiency of such psychological description.
Although the entire work is so clearly oriented towards "musical", the directing that the closing of the last is not dancing and singing is really one - sided.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"good-". It is not terrible to regret by watching and listening, but it is too overrated to overlook if it seems disappointing to listen to the downcomer reviews. Well if you look without excessive expectations it will be pretty cool. However, as I mentioned long ago at "bad points", the actions of the characters can not wipe a sense of incongruity here and there, and the excitement is also pounding up with a brutal reinforcement. Especially, there is a difficulty in describing emotion between Ana - Christophe and Anna - Elsa (this is the major part of this work), it is superficial and it is not enough to dig into. In order to think about where this sense of shortage comes from, we have reached the conclusion that "perspective of respecting partner" and "perspective of self refusing" viewpoint are missing. Christophe helps the adventure of the good deed or Ana, but there is no depiction that shows Ana's sister 's thoughts for Elder or Prince Hans, showing "respect" or "impression".
Naturally speaking, because Anna is casual, Elsa said "It was a good sister,"
And, as for Hans, "I really like him."
And it is necessary to depict while understanding. Otherwise, until the end Anna will not be aware of her older sister's love for Christophe, because he keeps being frivolous among men and women. Even without fully affirming the passion of love,
If you do not admire pure and strong thoughts and souls, Anna ends up in a miserable existence.
Even in the scene where Anna hits Elsa in the last, Ana embodies "I want to protect my sister", while there is no imperative that Elsa understood the sacrifice he paid for himself. Speaking of the ideal development,
Anna standing in front of the sword "An older sister lives alone and tolerated with a spicy feeling alone to protect me ...
I am sorry for not being noticed. You should vomit a stingy word like "I will protect my sister this time!" Moreover, Olaf clearly insisted that it is a symbol of the sister's bond, to fill the groove of the sister who became deep, clearly insisting that "I think that I am here? Because I am two happy memories" You should provide persuasive power to a loving affair. Since deep grooves are filled with greater love, it is moving, so somehow it is somewhat misunderstood by "insufficient talking" and "misunderstanding" to make up with each other, so the sense of synergy precedes.
Although this work is drawn to seemingly understanding of mutual understanding of the main character Anna, Elsa, Christophe, it seems that all of them act on their own one-sided thought in actual expression To get away.
Because such descriptions as "self reflection" and "understanding of partner's love, emotion" are missing,
It seemingly appears to be a ryosaku, while incongruity and unsatisfactory spread. In that sense, it is an overvaluation that "aiming at a modern woman image, a work that has gone out of the classic princess"
It can even be criticized as "actually a superficial template fairy tale itself".
Well I said it badly, but singing and dancing are not so bad. It is preferable to show it to children of the house.
However, the reputation is overrated. If you think so it will be a good work.

〓〓〓Although various opinions about the translation of "Let It Go" have been said variously, Japanese translation is still quite different in nuance and dissatisfied with Japanese translation every time.
* Pixar is limited to "Mr incredibles" after all. That is "affection" and "introspection"
"Honor and understanding for the partner" was drawn properly.

2014/08/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14704 Host:14682 Browser: 5135
[2d dubbed version viewing]
[good point]
Beauty of .CG animation, smoothness It is highest peak at the present time. The advantage of CG lives and there is little unnaturalness
A character is standing. The double heroin system is a success,
Olav's behavior when it was laughable was also good
Let's go get a lot of talk "let it go" musicals, the goodness of music
The tempo of the story is surprisingly good
The skill of voice dubbing performance is part that can be evaluated. Especially surprised by Shinya Kanda. I have to admit even from the standpoint that I usually use professional voice actors
[Bad point]
Because it is a movie of this hand, it can not be helped but love, love succession All - purpose theory state
Prada change of the prince, how to bring a happy ending, etc. Coarse story carry
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anime works that will be looked back on being the most talked about in 2014. Although there is certainly a portion of publicity too much, I could not help feeling the evolution of overseas animation enough to think that there was only that much.
Evaluation is "very good".

2014/07/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Video Elsa's song, the songs were also very good for the video.

[Bad point]
The setting of the first lover of Ana may be unavoidable to make it a character he says, but it is complicated that he says the last ay though he kept the country of Ana hard until the middle.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although I can enjoy enjoying it, I'm basically making late night animation, because I'm watching a beautiful animation company around Kyo An and PA Works so I did not receive any impact on the video there ...
Well, to be honest, I like the scene of Elsa's famous songs ....

2014/07/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Let it go" seems to be more meaningful than "you are as it is" rather than "you can not do anything!"
I wonder whether this was the feeling of the director who had reached the point of giving up as the talk boiled down.

You can not even see such an element of metaphor, such as "hikikomori" or "autism".
But, furthermore, the whole story seemed to be seamlessly felt.
It seems that there is no consistency as to whether the deployment is an ad hoc connection.
Every time the scene changes, it seems like a different person is writing a script.

Initially, I think that it was meant to talk about two couples.
"Queen's older sister" and "Prince", "Princess's sister" and "Iceber".
The actions of the prince who was appointed the country from his sister, who is leaving, was absolutely fantastic.
(Distribution of goods to citizens in frozen country, future conference meeting etc. by gathering the cabinet etc)

However, it seems to be hard for us to talk about a couple from the situation development, and forced to sister's story.
So I made the prince a villain and managed to narrow down the central character of the story somehow.
To make love with Queen's older sister and Prince who have not met Roku, it seems that too much contact and time were made too much in the making.
It seems that the production side himself was being dragged to the word "Are you married to a newly met human?"
(Personally, if you are a smart Queen, I think that it is okay to expand in love by seeing the other person's item at first sight)

As part of the story aside, the image side was beautiful.
Add that part and evaluate "with good".

2014/07/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I watched the movie twice with a dubbed.

[good point]
The picture is very nice. Even people like Anna and Elsa, but how to draw snow and ice was beautiful.

After all, "let it go" was good. Since I went to see it since becoming an annow snow boom, I was preparing songs and images beforehand, so I enjoyed watching it at the movie theater.

Where we can cry. (A friend told me that my lacrimal gland is loose only lol)

Anna is pure and cute, Elsa feels cool and beautiful, and I think that the existence of Olaf gives this movie a laugh and warmth. Each character was also done well.

[Bad point]
Story development?
For example, when Anna met Prince Hans. I was somewhat aggressive despite being lonely because I missed myself so much that my parents died after deciding it as an opponent of just one night alone.
Also, I wonder if the scene of the area around which Elsa felt it was "love" to restore the frozen country could not be expanded a bit better.
Finally, Elsa is entertaining everyone with magic. Because Elsa freezed the country and had a hard feeling, is not it scared for people? It is not clear how Elsa trusted the people.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Based on the above, the evaluation is "very good".

2014/06/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Completed viewing at the late show on the way back from work (dubbed version)

The person who is honest talks is full of holes (only in Ana ..) and was not praised for expedience by doodrache but it was a wonderful performance and song by Mr. Sayaka Kanda and Takako Matsu so I watched it to the end .

Especially "LET IT GO" singing by Takako Matsu who played the sister's queen is really goose bumps.
When this song flowed in the scene to make an ice castle it was brisk.

Shinda Kanda raised the stock at once with this work, did not he?
She is being compared with my mother who has a strong sense of presence and a strong sense of shoulder but I think she may have grasped the way he should go. I am expected to be active as a voice actor and a stage actor in the future.

[good point]
I think that it is the highest standard as CG animation.
I wrote expressions of snow and ice even on superb words, but I was impressed by the construction scene of the castle.
Even just to see that scene it is worth having a visit to the theater.

Pierre Taki who played Snow Dharma was also good.
I guess this guy is completely focusing on acting as an actor.
Does electric grooves no longer do it ....
Although there are somewhat lonesome things.

[Bad point]

Screenplay is obsolete and inconvenient.
Too many "love".
You are the "Space Battleship Yamato" theatrical version series in the second half!
Tsukkomi There are too many places to cry.

How long Prince Hans captured Queen Elsa and brought him to the castle and the time when it caught up was much earlier than Anna was hugging in Christoph and came back to the castle ...
It is strange that you think about it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The original plan is Andersen 's "Snow Queen", but the content is completely different.
I end it with an absolutely disney movie like supremely brutal happy end, but I wonder if I managed to manage this place ...

Even when "Animals of Notre Dame" animated, I made it a happy ending forcibly.
Occasionally it may be a bad end, a bitter end.
It might be bad unless you distribute it all over the world beyond being a happy ending, but those who stopped already are already ....

Well, despite having a fatal defect as such a work, I was able to watch it to the end as it is because the voice actor's songs and acting were great, that one point is exhausted.

I did not think Mr. Takako Matsu was such a singer.
I was licking.

People who are experiencing theater theater are still different even if you make an animated voice actor.

We will leave the evaluation "good" for the performances by the two leading actors.

2014/05/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Because the content is also fantasy in musical style animation, it is not heavy and can be easily seen.
Soundtrack is addictive. Lol

2014/05/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The picture is beautiful.
Music is good.
[Bad point]
The story is weak.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The picture was very beautiful.
The depiction of snow was also wonderful, but the pattern of the walls was also fine and amazing.
The waste is a bit unsatisfactory for the story.
In conformity with the times I thought that I wanted to represent "a woman independent of men depending on self-reliance", but aside from Snow White, there is Cinderella, and the coolest prince is a fact that is always fascinating.
Perhaps it was better to have made it a royal story without seeking much innovation.
If you are Elsa, the older brother of a second - hand shop, I do not leave my mind whether it is close to unemployment.

2014/05/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Animation too much! Real too!
Princess sisters are too cute (laugh)
Also, the power and beauty of Elsa 's snow has been tremendously emphasized by great realities.
It was nice story.

[Bad point]
Finally, although the ana was frozen, the place melted and saved was a little miracle.
The reason is also somewhat ambiguous ... ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
With this animation, the impression was also doubled.

2014/04/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Running story development and musical

[Bad point]
Although there is no defect in this movie itself, I thought that Mickey 's movie broadcasted as the undercut was unnecessary.
Punching too much.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It made a way to enjoy it steadily.
The last method of melting magic was different from what I was thinking from the previous development, and there was unexpected development as well.
Voice is important because it is a musical, but the voice of the dubbed version of the character was high and it was enjoyable.
Also, Ana and Olaf have a funny character in them, and they made a story of snow.
As family oriented movies, I thought that Disney movies will be featured every year in the future, more than Ghibli who has lost power.

2014/04/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Spinning sensation of songs, beauty of images
Musical part, "Let it go" scene

[Bad point]
There was a sudden change in one character, the feeling made a villain by the circumstances of the story ...
How to solve the curse that was hit by Ana, how to take it to the happy end is forced

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The topic Disney movies, I was curious that it was flowing well with CM.
It seemed interesting and I thought that the song which I am working on is a good song so I decided to visit the movie theater.
I saw it by 2D dubbing, but I often thought that the story was? But it was pretty fun.
Anyway songs and images are wonderful in this movie. Scenes where the heroine tells their feelings in songs are several times and none are very good songs. Elsa's songs are good, but Ana's songs also remained impressive.
I thought that I was glad I went to see the video of ice and snow with great power when I saw it on the big screen. Next time I will see subtitle version.

2014/04/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I went to see it with my friends about the topic of the movie now!

The story is honest, like usual stable and safe Disney, it is said that it was fun but it is a bit of disappointment that it was disappointing.
However, the snowman character Olaf was very good, I think that this work itself probably was not very good impression if there was not a guite.
It's a moving snowman and a snowman who admires the summer, but it's also attractive, it made me laugh each time with a cheerful personality, standing in an important position that connected Anna and Christoph, and was quite a good character .
I guess that it is good to give a dream to the audience when Disney is watching such a thing.

In the opera characteristic of this work, there are "operators sing" in the opera style, but it did not suit me properly for me ....
Certainly there was something that I could miss with a beautiful picture and a very wonderful singing ability but I felt that the tempo was getting worse at any rate. Although I was still fine at the beginning, I thought that "I will not go so far ..." from the way.

Besides being bad, there is one thing that cares. I wonder if it was a trade osean.
It seemed to me that Prince Hans eaten the standing position of a villain (rather than a villain?) And its existential meaning is gone.

The story itself is "usual" as "usual Disney" that "love always win!", But although Olaf was really good, evaluation is "good"!