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Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Ryu Chuokoron-shinsha.inc
Joe Hisaishi
Sigeru Nakahara Miki Takahashi Masako Katsuki Hirotaka Suzuoki
KazueKomiya Bin Shimada Kouhei Miyauchi Ryouko Kinomiya
Toku Nishio Ohkubo Masanobu Mayumi Tanaka Reiko Muto Chikao Otsuka Hideyuki Tanaka Daisuke Gori Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Ichiro Nagai
Japan Released:1986/03/15(Sat)
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2006/02/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:82(52%) Normal:19(12%) Bad:56(36%)] / Provider: 3396 Host:3329 Browser: 6326
Very impressive for a 1980s film -- good cinema with some well-executed and exciting action and an excellent, involving story. A true epic in every way. Highly, highly recommended.

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2011/12/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4593 Host:4501 Browser: 7748
A dream of a rebellious child destroying the order named Japanamation.

Mr. Yasuhiko 's painting hardly feels interest in the anatomical accuracy of the human body.
Mr.'s approach is from the extreme of caricatures.
There I feel something like freedom to break the old order.
Its freedom was Mr. Attraction, and the visual of "Arion" which was also the animation of this era has shown the figure of the utopia which they finally reached.

The visualization of Japanimation reached completion in this era.
"It is easy to see" which is said recently (I think that the meaning of this word is "It does not go out of the standard, it is a petite sweet thing without venom ...").
, But the visual of "Arion" was a beautiful thing that embodies the dream of creators and fans.

It is depicted as a strong passion in the movement which is the original figure of animation as well as a stop picture as well.
It should be said that it is a dilution of floating feeling or ground touch.
In the era when society was heresyed as "anime" equal "otaku", the spirit was trying to separate from the real world.
I expressed it by letting people in the screen show a light footstroke and things show a movement with sharpness.
It is here that the artistic extreme is at hand.

In "Arion", many of them are painted with actions centered on the main character.
The hero is the half-god half man. Therefore, I have supernatural physical ability (reasoning around here was very good).
At the same time, it is what we dream that if we were in ourselves.
The hero runs with it, jumps, and swings the sword.
With the power of human beings, we can show the speed, jumping power, swordsmanship that can not be physically realized.
On behalf of us before the screen, the hero serves that role.

In the sharing of that dream, I see the beauty that anime of this age had.

In addition, Mr. Yasuhiko's distinctive Keren taste production is still developed in that action.

Characteristic is depiction when the human body is blown off or sliding down, or when it floats in the ghost space.
At such a time, Mr. Yasuhiko draws a picture that extends limbs straight. Physically, physiologically this is hard to think.

If it is blown off with a strong force and struck against the wall from the back, the limbs will be bending,
If there is a possibility of harm, humans will reflexively shrink limbs.
The astronauts floating in the zero gravity space are in the most natural state where their arms and legs are half bent.
The state where the limbs are stretched out is not suitable for reasons under many circumstances.
If so, it is, when sky diving and figure skating spin,
Is it that it resembles to increase the moment of inertia by the dispersion of the mass and suppress the rotation speed?

That is, this is Keren's expression unique to Mr. Yasuhiko, which represents the free state of the human body released from gravity.
Because it is Keren, every time I see it, I feel something unspeakable.

In the era of the era drama, a large number of villains surround the protagonist 's swordsmen, but it is always decided that one will hit it with a slash.
The villain's samurai is behaving behindly waiting for the number to slash himself.
That is the aesthetic of period drama, style beauty.
In the same way, Keren is one big factor forming Mr. Yasuhiko's style of beauty of contemporary animation.

Besides that, in this work the way to draw mobsheen is amazing.
Because the world of Greek mythology is the stage, in this work a lot of ancient battle scenes with fantasy are drawn.
Crowd simulation In the era when there was no such thing as CGI, all we had to do was draw by hand.
In this work, there is no compromise there.

The cavalry of the defense side who crawls on the hill first cut off the front line and make contact with the troops from the sea.
It becomes a melee battle with heavy infantry infantry and sub-mixed compound force.
Eventually, following the run-up of the general leader who is proud of the superior body to the masses, miscellaneous soldiers are scooped up and the rush begins.
A close fight played as if he could hear the breathing of the enemy by the large crowd,
It makes me think that such an extinction fight washing the blood with Blood in Troy Miyakijo in such "Iliad".

Indeed, Tezuka's dream has come true here, it seems to be able to evaluate.
It seems that this work was acclaimed by Tezuka Osamu,
Indeed, there are some common to "fire bird dawn edition" and "yamato edition".
Traditionally it is highly appreciated that we draw the myths and history historical materials which were difficult and difficult for us to the general public in an easy to understand manner for everyone.

This work was exactly one of the highest peaks Japanamation had reached.

However, the bold adaptation of the underlying Greek myth is good
(As a result, I'm falling into a confusing situation of the death of the Hades.
On the other hand, the story is somewhat disappointing if you are expecting too much because it is Yasuhiko every time.

The cursed fate of the protagonist is well drawn, it was probably mostly learned from the Greek tragedy.
The penchant feuds and the subtleties of affection are constantly drawn to the eye with high interest.
However, as the behavior of the hero of the hepatic kidna tends to be a matter of intention,
I refuse empathy of the viewers.

First of all, the hero who should be devoted to secret behavior, tailored as an assassin to Hades,
The cavalry of Olympus' s curtain where Zeus, who is an enemy aiming at going to take the neck positively,
Especially for no reason, in the daytime, it started rushing heavily,
From being able to be caught by suffering injuries in a lot of circumstances,
An idiot is charged with the hero.

When a boy of Kosorodo (and, for a moment to mention) Seneca appealing as a hero as a big brother appeared,
Being pushed by himself, the conversation of the two people will be at the pace of this child from beginning to end.
The hero is dubious rather than silent, is somewhat stupid.

And, at least, the hero of this theater version has no legitimate reason for killing the Hado.
With the lie about the reason why Mother is so bad, Hadamu has pulled away a young protagonist from her mother yet,
I might have tried to use it.
It may have been that my father (and, for the moment, write it down), met the king, he was informed of it and got a grudge.
Still, even if you slaughter the Hades, it will not be at all to get the hero,
At this point it does not contribute to the profit of the crown camp which the hero belongs to.
Nevertheless, the hero leaves it to anger and slashes the daughter as he travels its feelings.
As a result, until that time, I moved away from my mother at a young age and only had to reconcile with the way of living away from others,
It will take a curse of the Hades, which will lead to further suffering.
Certainly, seeing is a good-looking scene.
The tightening appearance of a "boys without a reason" like a boy is always the place where pop culture has been paying attention, there is something to feel.
However, considering the end of things, it can not deny that he is slightly saddened by the hero's shallowness.

As a stop, the point to be pointed out in particular is the scene where people rush to Olympus.
Well, from now on, we all got on to the shrine and kept us down all the time,
Trying to raise the mind that they will beat out the guys who caught more than humans,
I am late for launching its first voice and watching the young man who is our leader with expectation,
That's what I heard is super-private and like a bitches after the tangle of Godaguda's fellowship,
I'm really disappointed, even if they are not on the screen.

> Hero "I just want to help Les Feena (the heroine's name), so is that good (smile)?"
> People "Ooo !!"

It is not "Oh" (anger).

Indeed, now it is only amazing about the stupidity of this world work seen through the eyes of this hero,
But this work is fine.

Because this work is the world of Greek mythology, but what is drawn there is the fact that Mr. Yasuhiko '
(Meaning that it protruded a little "normal", that is, paradoxically quite "normal")
It is because it is Hanashi, the bad boy's soldier.

And, as for this bad boy, as mentioned above, the origin is a noble kind of semi-godmen,
I am born with supernatural strength.
If the hero runs, the cliff which is Aea is also a single leap,
If you take a sword, both enemy soldiers and cavalry enemies surreptitious enemies general two,
Whether it is a big rock or a big rock, it is easily torn apart, and the trimmed curtain is trampled steadily.
It is probably the correct view of this work that pleases the visual of the orderly destruction.

In the final stage, the hero's younger brother, Seneca collapsed and collapsed,
While striking enemy soldiers, they murmur off the back of the hero who is leaving for enemy headquarters.
"It's cool, it's okay ... ...."
That's right. No matter how stupid it is,
After all, the hero who knocks down the limitation of existing existence and throws away is cool.

In 1999, in the movie 'Matrix', the way to the visual expression of physical abilities exceeding the limits which human beings themselves can play even in live-action movies actually performed by the actual actors using the body was opened.
Experience beyond the limits of human beings, pleasure is born when spectators project themselves there.
"Arion" is a thing to precede it In more than ten years,
At that time, the expression which was impossible in the live-action still revealed to the world by the technique called animation,
It is a work worthy of that.

I often see the opinion that young people do not understand what they want to say "AKIRA"
There is nothing to say in the meaning of "assertion" in the same work.
However, it revealed an awesome visual that was never there before,
Acquisition of consciousness that we have done things that past generations could not achieve,
That is the theme common to Japanism of these lines.

As "Arion" as its one point of arrival, the classics to be kept through,
It is also the finest work.

2006/05/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31337 Host:31188 Browser: 5743
Arion in the east, colocoropolon in the west.
Greek mythology If you say anime (manga) that depicted the world, is it such a feeling?
Saint Seiya, which is far superior in popularity, is of a mythical motif, and even though the God monster in the early days of Kamen Rider X is pretty elaborate, it is not the gods themselves.
Mythology is inevitable from its origins, but it is not something that can be pursued consistency, but if you do not divide it somewhere, it will be that Arion's work is not completed (it does not start).
Yoshihiko Yoshikazu who was progressing with this first series at the same time as the first Gundam is saying that it is fine or reckless ... It is a translation that became a habit of going to hospital in the end, but with that outstanding depiction power, the visual image of Greek myth in Japan is reasonable I think that it was unified.
However, I am surprised that the timing of animation is somehow suddenly called suddenly theatrical version!
Well, in Tokuma Shoten shop, there may have been speculation that you want to secure the contents that are aligned with Hayao Miyazaki's work. Question arises when thinking now that "Yoshihiko Yoshikazu of Gundam" is equivalent to "Hayao Miyazaki of Nausicaa", but at the time it was not such a strange idea at the time. At least that time Mr. Hayao Miyazaki was a person who could reach the hands of anime fans.
Also, it may be that there is circumstance that Les Fina stand out conspicuously from such "Nausicaa environment afterwards" (as a theme song and "girl of Pegasus" in translation).
It is a sarcastic story that Arion, which had been serialized before Nausicaa, was animated after Nausicaa and forced to be influenced by Nausicaa ... (music also Hisaishi Joe).

Animation itself is a work that is not bad at all.
Although the drawing is not as well as Crusher Joe, I reproduce and sublimate the original cartoon more than enough, and do not appoint a famous actor meaninglessly on the casting side, just like a voice actor familiar with my ears likes You can have.
Well this is "Vinas Senki" ... Oh, it's already ... (it is regrettable that the director became Sakuko Kamura), well what is also compared with that, It seems that it can be said that it is a work that realized "honest anime".

However, I do not know that Kawamata Chiaki is attached to the unknown position of "composition". Even though there is a screenwriter apart from this. Well this may have been expected as a name value (Ryuichi Sakamoto was the most conspicuous in advertisements even in Honneamise), but there is no harm in viewing animation for the time being, it is a touch that I do not care.

2006/04/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21108 Host:21227 Browser: 5234
As Yasuhiko work was published in theatrical movie, it may be said that it was aimed at masterpieces that are in line with the previous year's TV work "Gigantic Gogue", but unfortunately I do not hear the story that it was a hit so much, Gogue was also quite pros and cons, but this work may not have been accepted by other than the core Answi Fan over its Gog.

I think that this work is the last work depicting the battle between human beings and gods based on Greek mythology and Yasuhiko character moving cheerfully with beautiful images ("Vinas Senki" and "Gundam F91" , It was not such a way of drawing with such an attractive Akihiko charm.), It can be said that Arion which is unreliable through the battle with the gods was also sticking points.
It may be said that Arimon 's personality with a slight vigilance and a winning figure was also the main one on the main point of human beings against such God.

However, there are points that could not be said to be for flattering for everyone, and as the many people say, the last scene is somewhat disinterested and it is certain that there were many mediocre areas.

Even if it is a robot like Gogue, there are parts that have continued boring development (episode until we meet the early Gogue), and I think that there was also a possibility that it could be better if we could improve a little more by such a prolonged point .

Honestly, Yoshihiko Yoshikazu better than Gundam something that these people draw, and I think that I want you to work on works other than Gundam again.

2006/04/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
I remember that the hero in CM was "minted at the child of a human being" and moss was made.
I thought how the hero who is just a human being challenges the gods was the true point of this work, but I feel that Arion's existence significance was also inferior to his sister Les Fina in that last .

2005/11/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7275 Host:7227 Browser: 4696
Arion ,,, This is the last lol. Suddenly a lover is the strongest ,,
But there was also an appointment called Rasubosu no good.
Well, is not it good?

2005/11/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44085 Host:44007 Browser: 3793
Since I saw it 19 years ago, I do not remember the story in detail,
The aftertaste was very bad.
There is something terrible, gruesome and slothful depiction,
It is also minus that the act of the hero was selfish and did not sympathize.
There was nothing wrong with only the worst.

2005/10/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3353 Host:3245 Browser: 3874
"Welcome ~ 〓〓〓Now was I ~ 〓〓〓quot;?
It is an interesting work that made me interested in myths.

Suddenly, it is a delusion of knowledge of knowledge ... ....
The uranos to the child Cronos, the Cronos to the child Zeus to be disqualified, who can be the next Zeus?
In "Arion", it seems to be Apollo, but I think that among the men it is a god Ha hepises of smiths and fire.
But he did not appear in this work. Hiking.
After all it was a beautiful man and an excellent Apollon, so why did not you talk?
As a god it was an ugly Nomark Hepaistus, so did not you talk to me?
I think that this is the true successor of Zeus if it is common also from the point of Zeus and Hera's eldest son.

He has a close relationship with Prometheus (Arion's father in that movie).
The fire that Prometheus gave to a man, how did you get that fire?
There is a theory that it is from the sun god Helion, but there is also the theory that it is from Hephaistus.

Prometheus's prophecy, "The goddess of the sea gets the force that the Tethys have over his father's power"
When Zeus heard of it, she avoided hands on her (Achilles' mother in the end)
It is her that brought up and raised Hephaistus, an abandoned parent.

Hephaestus is a god of smith and fire, which leads to technology and science.
Ideological ideas are declining due to advances in science.
Is not it because of His powers that God has become a mythical presence, became helpless?
Why did not we get along with Zeus gently, did it go down to destroy from the foundation sneaking behind?

One of the characteristics of Hephaestos,
When he was born, he was dropped from the heavenly spell to his mother Hera because of his ugliness, so he injured his legs, and thereafter he was lame.
Oedipus, famous for my father killing, reminds me of this, he is thrown away by my young child and hurt his legs. And back to the country of birth parents, a tragedy ....
Actually I thought that former story is Hephaestus. Just he did not carelessly make things.

It seems that he made the first human beings Pandora,
That mother Pandora and his father Prometheus' s child Arion (〓〓〓the last movie setting)
... ... I wonder if his aim has been fulfilled. If so, it's a fixator in the Greek mythology world.

2005/09/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10773 Host:10807 Browser: 4184
[Theater anime 1986 about 120 minutes Fantasy (myth)]
A good masterpiece. Arion is drawn as a master of instruments in Greek mythology and seems to be related to Doluca, but in animation it is drawn as a shiny kill that kills a lot of people without being related to the wind stream.
Although this animation, once Greek mythical fantasy, Z Zealand Gundam ... Kamiyu VS Shaa feeling. Father killing, close relatives love etc The story is like a myth, but the hero is not like myths anyhow, it surely was a hero with a hero who is not a heroic at all, I did the same thing as Gundam with a fantasy Right. It seems that it was difficult to get a convincing power as a hero with just one person, without borrowing the power of a gundam watching machine. This work does not draw something like the atmosphere of the fantasy world as the main theme, but it is painful halfway of the main character because it draws individual human and human relations as the subject.
Eventually visuals and music were pretty good, but the story is a little bored of being bored.
Well, the best point is where Les Fina is tied to a pillar and beaten Athena with a whip (lie)

2005/06/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50988 Host:51046 Browser: 5234
That's right. I can not help being attracted to Mr. Yasuhiko 's beautiful touch.
Especially Apollon was a person who said the captain of Bright Captain, but the animation was better for the design. It was more expressive than the dubious and dubious sex appeal.

2005/06/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8928 Host:8958 Browser: 4487
I watched it because I was doing at Animax the other day. Was funny !

Scenes that fly while fighting on a monster bird are probably more powerful than manga which is probably stopped picture without damaging the taste of the original (certainly animation - ju serial in the early 80's). The story is easy to understand and the bottom is not shallow, I think that it was well organized. Those animated cartoon subjects (battle of relatives that are based on Greek myths and whose relatives are hatred) are inevitably boring when the target is considered, but this is a good work! We have not compromised on Codomo. So there are tight depictions for very young children, but if you are over 10 years old it would be OK at all.

Anyway, the movie of the era that was truly economically blessed, Yasuhiko check picture over the whole picture is beautiful! In particular Arion 's face expression and the balance of the whole body is wonderful. Scenes of captured Arion are somehow memorable even in manga, but a nice scene. I am sorry that dense lamina with Les Feena ended up here only after all. Seneca's pretext is also quite nice. Apollon is also looks like she was transferred, it is pleasing with character depiction. First mention. Gundam Greek myth version.

2004/04/20 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50928 Host:50926 Browser: 3875
Alion often has a considerable feeling in that it is made to be thought that "This boy has a weak place but that is why I have to watch it firmly." In a certain meaning - a hero You did it. For the last of the movie version, if possible, I wanted to see a scene of entanglement with Seneca who wanted to be a woman somehow in addition to the scene hugging to Les Fina as the original.

2004/04/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23537 Host:23438 Browser: 3875
That's nostalgic.
In 1986, I watched it at the movie theater in real. As time passed since the release, it was a movie theater with considerable vacancy. A couple of college students were watching diagonally behind, but there was a portrayal who was committing Demeter and a strange description, so if I thought it was awesome, I thought I got drunk, I got home and returned home on the way. I saw till the end because I waste my money.
Near the end of the story, there is a scene that the hero speaks to call uprising on the people oppressed by Zeus, but to the people who rise up with "Oh" in a speech "What is oh, what is it In a speech you can not get on such a small priest, you guys, "you can not stay first in the heart. Since it has gone out of white here, the development after that has not remained at all in memory. However, looking backwards, I think that this place may have been a Yamaha place in a way that should feel the hero's growth and courage.
I am evaluating Gundam and I also know that Mr. Yasuhiko's evaluation of his painting power is high, but the story of this movie did not suit my taste at all. But 18 years ago? For me at that time, and for the time being, I will conditionally evaluate it

2004/04/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50928 Host:50926 Browser: 3875
> As the original scene of the last scene, I wanted Arion and Les Fina to hug and do it.

I agree with that opinion, too. Speaking of the last, in the original, Ethos survived, why did it die in the movie version? (?) I wonder if it will reappear with a feeling like "I was actually alive" (laugh) I was there.

> The dynamism of the person and the smoothness of the animation clearly reached the other unrivaled level. Miyazaki Hayao etc surplus with surplus.
> Yoshihiko Yoshikazu 's characters have universality that is not swept away by the times.

To put it briefly, I have read "〓〓〓〓〓typhoon", "namji", "my name is Nero", etc., except for Arion, but I think Mr. Yasuhiko readers, I think that it will enter five fingers among Japanese writers (regardless of genre) in that it drags into the unknowingly into the living world.
As I said repeatedly, the movie was wanted to be divided into wind, etc. as the first part, like the Gundam that he designed character design.

2004/04/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8677 Host:8644 Browser: 4925
Also, as I thought, the last scene, as I thought, was hugging Arion and Les Fina and wanted to do it.

2004/04/16 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8677 Host:8641 Browser: 4925
I watched it on DVD yesterday after a long absence, but I was told again the harshness of the talent called Yasuhiko Yoshikazu.
Certainly as an overall cohesion, I can not help feeling indigestion as a fan of the original, but individual scenes are wonderful.
The dynamism of the person and the smoothness of the animation clearly reached the other unrivaled level. Miyazaki Hayao etc surplus with surplus. Also, it can be said that this person's spatial grasping ability is exactly natural.
However, even if it says anything, it is not enough for Les Feena's cuteness. If this is the case, it still works well enough. Again, Yoshihiko Yoshikazu 's characters have universality that is not passed away in the times. Well, it might be just the fact that for fans, it is just now.
However, whether Ayanami Rei or Kinomoto Sakura, could you say that young guys who are 20 years later as Hahaha just as now?
The fact that the animation world lost the talent of Yoshikazu Yoshikazu was a very large loss (although what will be said again this also).
After completing 'Origin', you can also temporarily return home, so we definitely want you to make anime.

2004/03/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9800 Host:9517 Browser: 3875
Arion was definitely a part he could not rely on as hero but he was troubled.I think that he was trying to grow by being supported by Seneca, Lycaaun, Prometheus and others with scratches, I can have a favorable feeling. In the movie version, I can not deny the side like mere summary knitting (So, did Seneca become a woman or the ending of Aetos was different from the original?) I think that the good part of the original was not out of place Even just seeing a beautiful picture like Mr. Yasuhiko, I did not see movies at that time (in real time.)
It was an inspirational thing.

2004/03/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 56180 Host:56209 Browser: 3646
Although the absolute original is good for the story, it is an exciting thing that the beautiful Yasuhiko painting is moving.

2004/02/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34055 Host:34104 Browser: 3875
I was also surprised that Seneca was actually a woman, (I read the original one first.) Why did Ethos die?
? Although it is not definite, the original had survived properly. I did not understand this meaning there.

2004/02/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47097 Host:47099 Browser: 5978
From the generation who grew up reading the original in real time, I think that theatrical version of animation had a painful thing.
In the first half, it gradually worsened from the middle stage, it became a disagreeable incident in the second half, I was disappointed.
Still, I definitely went to the theater to see,
As Yasuhiko Fan, I am glad that the imaging itself is ...

2004/02/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25529 Host:25405 Browser: 4925
Even if you evaluate it favorably, the content of the work obviously is better than the manga version of the original, and the movie is nothing more than a summary if it looks like a story. However, it is impossible to deny that Mr. Yasuhiko 's face is an outstanding performance that has reached its height as an animator of his / her own if it is evaluated with a focus on the quality of animation. When thinking about the amazing perfection degree of "Yuhiko clause" which was supervised almost at the same time, as far as TCC's opinion is concerned, evaluation of this movie if it has increased by 30 to 40 minutes as it is now, that It can not help being thought that it may be said in line with "Nausicaa" or "Laputa".
Still, it is a video work which I'd like to recommend to those who only know Yoshihiko Yoshikazu as the current cartoonist.

2004/01/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9800 Host:9613 Browser: 4483
However, I think that it was best that the movie was divided into the first part and the second part.
Like Gundam. The former is until the curse of Hades and kill Poseidon, after that it is the latter. Actually this incident was one of the turning points for Arion. that way,
It might have reproduced that bold scene that fascinated the fans (?). (Lol)

2004/01/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5504 Host:5350 Browser: 3646
It was impossible not to be disappointed. What heroine likes to 〓〓〓〓〓〓of Z Gundam .... ...

2004/01/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34055 Host:34121 Browser: 4483
Previous correction

I am 〓〓〓he is

I was surprised that Seneca was a woman in the movie. Because the movie itself was a collection of stories of four volumes of paperback books, this is also thought to have appeared in fanservice, but where the scene unique to women (such as scenes showing favor for Arion) is portrayed. Immediately after discovering it, I explained the reason and I was impatient to have a place to curse Arion. The voice actor also started acting Shionobu Nakahara and so on acting as Arion, acting actively using the character. It is a shame that young voice actors today are few such people. Arion's human smell, which draws half of the human blood, was truly fascinating. I will continue to believe that Mr. Yasuhiko is a person skilled in drawing characters.

2004/01/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Arion is the hero, but there is no absolute strength, supported by the surrounding people such as Les Feena Seneca Lycaaun, and growing while being tossed by destiny. It was due to the power of Les Fina who won Apollo.
When I was in Poseidon, Arion was showing a weak face like a protagonist as typified by a dream come true from a trauma that killed Hades, but he was a very familiar hero. I am a person with a personality who usually likes sub characters rather than a hero, but Arion was an exception with Joseph of Jojo 2 division.

Other characters and voice actors ......
Mr. Shigeru Nakahara, who played Arion, was a young voice actor who was already a leading actor such as his debut work "The Legend of the Legend Acrobantch" and "The Holy Warrior Dunbine", but the 2nd person favorite role is superior . On the other hand, "Dragon Ball Z"
Android No. 17, etc. It has been demonstrated terrible at the performance of the second bad actor who got crazy ... ... ...
Mayumi Tanaka serving as Seneca is one of the "King of Boys' role. The original was that sex was changed,
Although it was unexpected feeling ........... Apollon received the impression that the theater version was superior like a charaderic but Mr. Suzushi also played the leading role Although it is about the initial number of works, it is definitely a powerful voice actor. I got the impression that Tom, "Interview with Vampire" covered with the cruise. Masako Masako who is the role of Athena can often perform a strong beauty role. She seems to be dislikeful to a big brother in this work, so I love him in fact, so it is jealous of Les Fina who is watching him because of it, and in the end she was injured by the illusion of Apollon trying to kill her.
Although I confessed myself to Apollon who visited the place I was sleeping, it was a character of a tragedy that was killed without being transmitted ... ......... Mr. Zuo Otsuka While Hades who plays is the elder brother of three brothers,
I used Arion to break the situation with an incompetent character that was poorly scratched, but he was killed as soon as he knew the intention. After that also appeared in Arion's dream, suffering mentally him,
I made a remote cause for my third brother Poseidon to die, but it was a creepy character and it was a character among the three brothers.
That Poseidon CV, Kiyoshi Kobayashi who is shivering low voice shines is one of the favorite veteran voice actors, but I protected him by falsely treating him as Arion's father, but regrettably I was let go off. Well, since the original is so, I could not do anything, but .......... Zeus was a small item that was nothing else.
Although it was already a good year, when Arion pursued me, I asked my mother for salvation ............

Regrettably it was regrettable that the theatrical version of Animation was many edged, but the hero Arion was very likable,
Because I love the original itself, I am sweet but I am going to evaluate to "highest" ............

2003/09/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This is quite interesting. I wish I could enjoy more if I know Greek mythology.
By the way, I was casting a voice actor, Shigeru Nakahara if I thought that the first Arion was Mr. Toda Mitsuo (person of Camille) ....
And Mr. Miki Takahashi, the heroine (who was Les Fina)?
This is a show of "Byston Well Story" Zama and Sheila Hime? (Haha)
I had a burst of laughter on Zeus' hethere. You mean miserable !!

2003/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is the strongest, ,,,,,,
Apollon blown away Les Feena Yan ,,, (laugh)

2002/12/16 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Long ago, set aside when God and man lived in one world,
Fantasy depicting the adventure and growth of Arion born between God and man.Adventure.
That character "Mobile Suit Gundam" character Yoshikazu Yoshikazu known for his design,
Directed by his own original comic.Written by Screenplay.Cara Design.It is a feature film for a theater made into animation by handling director director.
It is not surprisingly evaluated.
Whoever likes the characters of First Gundam please watch them once.

2001/02/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the meantime I found a used video and have inadvertently bought it.
Well, the story is a simple heroic fantasy thing,
Because I like Mr. Yasuhiko's picture, it is my favorite work like Crusher Joe.