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Mahiro Maeda Shinichiro Watanabe Yoshiaki Kawaziri Koike Takeshi Morimoto Koji Peter Chung Takeshi Honda Ondanaoyuki
Carrie-Anne Moss Keanu Reeves Kevin Michael Richardson Pamela Adlon Phil LaMarr Kath Soucie James Arnold Taylor Rodney Saulsberry
Akio Ohtsuka Atsuko Yuya Miyoko Aso Rika Fukami Masashi Sugawara Hikaru Midorikawa Hiroaki Hirata Hiromi Tsuru Kaho Kouda Toshiyuki Morikawa Hiroki Touchi Mitsuru Miyamoto Kensho Ono Kouki Uchiyama Masane Tsukayama Takako Honda Jin Yamanoi
Japan Released:2003
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2004/07/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:82(52%) Normal:19(12%) Bad:56(36%)] / Provider: 13289 Host:13321 Browser: 3874
Well-animated and well-integrated with the rest of the Matrix franchise, almost more so than the sequels. The Second Revolution segments are excellent, and most are of very good quality -- Matriculation is a disappointment, and the art style in World Record is a difficult sell. Overall, something enjoyable for Matrix fans, and a good salve for those disappointed by Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

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2015/08/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28910 Host:29014 Browser: 7906
[good point]
I am only proud of image expression technology

[Bad point]
There is no content

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It's boring. It's too good to be searching for the rating of this movie and posting it here.

2013/02/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5017 Host:4885 Browser: 7405
It is a work derived from "Matrix" as animation. Madhouse. STUDIO 4 絮〓C. Square. DNA participated, part not dared to be imaged in the main part (history before the birth of the matrix or occurred in the blank period between trilogy or some appearance character Today 's previous day) and a completely new independent piece are expressed as high quality images, making it a work group that gives depth to the whole series.

.Final Flight of the Osiris: Animated in the movie "FINALFANTASY." Andy, who was in charge of the director, Mr. Jones is the director. This is also full 3DCG animation. The organic texture of the model and the quick action are impressive. It seemed not to be as good as expression in comparison with "Matrix" main part. The script is in charge of the Wachowski brothers, and it is a story complementing the blanks of "Matrix" and "Reloaded".
. The Second Renaissance Part I & Part II: Director Masahiro Maeda (collapse scenes of "Castle in the Sky"). Washawsky brothers are in charge of the script also here. An animation made of the body of the image material of Zion internal data archives that explained "Second Renaissance" (the history until the birth of the matrix) (In analogy, the matrix version "The century of the image" So, a magnificent apocalypse has been drawn. Prosperity of mankind by slave labor of humanoid robot, first time robot rebellion, persecution and violence against robots and banishment from civilized area, birth of state for robotic robot and economic friction with human nation, warfare, slaughter Massacre .... And then to the matrix, with a cut of news video and hand-held camera style, it draws a sense of realism and is depicting in a relaxed manner. Also it is good to have a brief summary of the theme of "confrontation between human civilization and machine civilization" that tends to become obsolete due to grandeur, with a cut symbolizing each scene.
. Kid's Story: Shinichiro Watanabe, Shinji Hashimoto et al. Kid that appeared in "~ Reloaded" and "~ Revolutions" (a boys sold who supported APU of Mifune in 〓〓〓"~ Revolutions". A human born in the matrix like Neo.) Depicts an episode when it detached from the matrix It is animation. I think that it is probably Rotoscope (live-action Torres), but a real-tone character drawn with a rough touch of a draft-like style draws a flashy action, and in fact the live-action action close to that full animation is at sights I guess. Wachawsky brothers are in charge of the script here as well.
.Program: Mr. Yoshiaki Kawira and Mr. Yutaka Minowa et al. In the image of Ukiyo-e style, successive patterns, dark contour lines, and contrasting coloration are impressive. It is a situation that we are conducting Warring States era style VR training. It was a work that felt a tribute to the innovative image expression that appeared in the past in live-action movies such as "Matrix" bullet time, "Hero ~ Hero ~" bow and arrow scene. A bold shadow expression of Amekomi style? Was impressive to me.
. World Record: Mr. Ken Koike and Mr. Yoshiaki Kawashiri. It was a script of a motif similar to "Running Man" of "Labyrinth Story" (five senses, body, reaching enlightenment by subjective experience). An impressive dramatic drawing drawn in high-speed camera style. The bold shadow expression of Amekomi style? Was also impressive here.
.Beyond: Mr. Koji Morimoto, Mr. Honda et al. The image looks like Mr. Hideo Honda's "Dennou coil" (this is the end). The stage is Tokyo in the matrix. It is a juvenile-style work where spatial "anomalies" are playgrounds for children. Paranormal inside the matrix, which was drawn also in the main part of the "Matrix", but it was the same in the case of rewriting the program (by agents and neo). There, this work inflates the new setting that inflates the space due to anomalies (〓〓〓bugs) (* a coordinate map in the matrix or variables such as gravity becomes abnormal) and inflates it. I was particularly impressed with the addition of such new settings and created a new image expression faithful to that setting. According to the interview it seems to be favorite of Wachowski brothers. Also, it is interesting to see that anti-realistic actions are born from casual scenes that are purely graphic in nature. Agents of red clothes appearing in the last stage are somehow like NASA staff of "ET". It was an exciting style that scented somewhere of scattered juveniles.
.A Detective Story: Shinichiro Watanabe. It is monochrome and an effect like coarse image quality is applied, while the line drawing is clear and unique texture. 3DCG which is used for prop in that monochrome is familiar well. Besides video footage, it is also a relaxing narration that was seen in cowboy bebop, JAZZ and HIPHOP style music as well. Trench coat. Purple smoke ... It was definitely a work full of originality while firming up with an image of a detective and a stereotype hard-boiled detective story.
. Matriculated: Peter of "Alexander Warfare" "Aeon Flux", produced by Mr. Chung. Animation of cartoon or image of about midway between Disney and Japanese animation. First of all, Columbus' egg is the situation that invades robot consciousness rather than invading the matrix. On the image side, a unique character deja and a straightforward original picture become a habit. The psychedelic image where the object is metamorphose is impressive, and the color is also very rich work.

The picture is wonderful. It was probably because of the name value of the matrix and the deep breath of the American film industry

2008/10/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
There might be more sights than movies. It has ease of stickiness in omnibus format and it is totally different from the original work.

2008/08/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31929 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Every one was unique and made use of the view of the world of the Matrix and the material, I thought that the picture was better than I thought it was superb and it was fascinating.

The first episode was like a movie 's Final Fantasy and CG was done well, but the scene to be done was not a sense of urgency and the cut was somewhat bad.

The second episode and the third talk were the deepest, it was shocking and fun.
A story till the world of the Matrix can be formed Anyhow it is a wonderful worldview, I looked into the contents.
I really felt that the setting was good.
Scenes of messing with the brain and laughing or crying were horrible.

The fourth episode tells the truth in the world of dreams and talks to get out to the real world, and the pictures and movements were unique and there was sense of presence.
It was interesting that the story that he was watching the continuation of his dreams in heaven was a good talk.

The fifth episode is going back to the world of dreams or trying to fight in the real world Test way to show it and the image was cool, but somewhat preaching.

The sixth talk was good because the world record holder of a short distance running is drawing a muscle movement and politely in a story trying to get out of the world of a dream.
It was good to pile up with the scene that will be free for a moment (escaping from the world of dreams) by breaking the wall of 9 seconds and the scene that kneels after being unable to run at all for the last time.
Those who watched over at the end freely and cried out, but they went on, but they kneeled ... that means they never get out of the world of dreams again and there was no one who was watching. The way of flowing was good.

The seventh episode is a story that the stage is in Japan and there are no cats and the place where I went searching is a bug happening and a magical experience can be done.
The story is simple, but the background was polite and beautiful.
It was good to return to the last casual daily life.

The eighth episode was a detective story and was overlapped with Alice 's fairy tale, and the story was pretty funny and interesting.
A request to locate the trinity first came and it was good that the other detectives that could not be found were to be missing, show suicide, abnormality and make that drawer first to make it interesting.

The ninth episode taught things to think by himself, taught trust relationships and talked about robots as a story telling a robot to feelings and make friends, and it was interesting that the robot's eyes were interesting, and robots that began to have last feelings were trustworthy A robot with a disgusting appearance that is dark like a woman hates and falls down to the bottom is impressive.
Finally, a robot looking at the blue light looking at the blue light over and over shows the mind and the sky I want to make friends, and it shows that it will last forever.

Again it is good to have a story in a short time and have a punch line.

2007/08/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
High quality is a place that everyone can appreciate, but because it is a group of works with too much habits as its omnibus, it does not accept everyone.
The story itself is very simple. In this work, I feel the sense of the work rather than enjoying the work itself as a matrix.

2004/07/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6668 Host:6610 Browser: 3846
Because it is a side story thing of "Matrix", I can not deny feeling somewhat unsatisfactory,
It is worth seeing only by this animation creators gathered! Way of expression is exactly "animation" indeed! It is a work that you want to see by all means in enjoying "Matrix"!

Personally I like the story is "KID'S STORY" "PROGRAM" "WORLD RECORD".
I think that these three works are particularly striking, "The goodness of animation.Powerfulness" stands out.

2004/07/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10885 Host:10586 Browser: 4352
There were lots of stories,
So, the quality got so scared and I got tired after seeing it.

"Final. Flight ... of the Osiris" ... Surprised by CG. I thought that I do not want to be bitten by a machine flying like a flying machine.

"Second. Renaissance" ... reminiscent of Tezuka cartoon. I was relieved by the unforgiveness of the machine side. Machine VS I felt like sub amatega.

"Kids. The story" ... The rough line was cool and it pounded. I arrived at Neo's feeling, "Why? How?"

"Program" ... Dokin to the witches' wonderfulness. I got missed by the male warrior's stomach. The movement was numb with the mad house.

"World record" ... I did not know Koike Kengo at all. I envy that there are gaijin people. The muscular pikpikunbikkun is impressive intense. I'm going to dream.

"Beyond" ... These are likely to be the best. But I was bored with myself. I am glad that the fray has been corrected. But the lingering finish. No more like this.

"Detective.Story" ... do not mind. I thought. Old-fashioned innovation of props was good. I bitterly smiled at the agent 's human nature.

"Matrigured" ... I got sleepy.

2004/04/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34197 Browser: 1641(Mobile)
Although it was interesting to see all the matrix series at one time, Animatrix was somewhat subtle

2004/03/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31652 Host:31507 Browser: 4632
Before doing, I have seen something. Probably from this title, it is probably this work ,,
So, I did not have any prior knowledge, so I suddenly saw it, but somehow I was watching it ...? The impressions were honest.
There were places where it seemed clever but the story did not have much impression left,
Just in omnibus format, various works ... Because it is not biased enough to fly to various variety,
It is fresh and unique, and I did not get tired of it in that sense and it was fun. (The entanglement of the matrix is 〓〓〓〓〓ubtle)
I agree with the trial so I think I can keep on getting on and on,
Although it is the impression that it is a work played for fans and mania,
Because I also think that if I look more properly it will be different again. If there is a chance to see the evaluation properly again.

2004/03/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 56180 Host:56209 Browser: 3646
It's fun to love animation, but I guess Matrix fans do not think it's a fraud !?

"Beyond" I think that it is the styling of Japanese animation technology as you are saying, but I also felt the shortcomings of Japanese animation that the screenplay is obsolete.
It is "Detective.Story" that I enjoyed in balanced.

2004/03/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39002 Host:38932 Browser: 3875
Well ... It's pretty interesting, but I think it's less powerful than a movie.

2004/03/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3764 Host:3569 Browser: 5092
"Beyond" It was good that Mr. Honda's work was seen. Like others want to hold back.

2004/02/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41412 Host:41436 Browser: 4483
It seemed rather ordinary.
But it is not bad.
Because there is no smell of Moe animation and I do not want to see a girl.

2004/01/17 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 10364 Host:10467 Browser: 4924
The movie "Matrix" which was a huge hit worldwide, the sequel "Matrix Reloaded" and "Matrix Revolutions" were released.
But before that, another world of "Matrix" by Joel. Silver and Wachowski brothers was sold on DVD.
It is not animation but animation. That name is "Animatrix"!
Although it is well known that the Wachawsky brothers are the opposite mania of Japanese animation,
This "Animatrix" shows the world view of "Matrix" which the Wachowski brothers made,
It is another 'matrix' imagined by the Japanese animation staff.

It consists of 9 short stories in all,
The main staff I added were:
Andy who played the animation of the game "Final Fantasy." Jones,
Masahiro Maeda of "FF: U / Final Fantasy: Unlimited", Shinichiro Watanabe of "Cowboy Bebop"
Kawashiri Yoshiaki of "Sengokuninzakusei", Takeshi Koike of "PARTY 7", Koji Morimoto of "MEMORIES", Peter of "Alexander Warfare", Chong etc.
The production studio is Square, Studio 4 絮〓C, Mad House, DN.

While the Wachowski brothers also wrote three legged garages among the work of 9,, "Final Flight of Osiris" is a positional work linking "Matrix" and the sequel "Matrix Reloaded" .

"ANIMATRIX" is an animated version of the episode that shows the backbone of "Matrix" which is a topic of unprecedented video expression by the marvelous VFX (visual effect), and it is an animation of all nine omnibus World project consisting of episodes.
Production / Legend is a large fan of Japanimation Larry & Andy.The brother Wachowski is in charge.
With the Wachowski brothers who worked on the "Matrix"
It will be a work by collaboration with top creators of the world centered on the Japanese.
The project members include the Japanese animation circle, the top creators of the CG industry, and others.

Among them are Mr. Hiroaki Takeuchi who worked on CG animation "Virtua Fighter" and "Shen Mu"
There are works of Square USA staff who gave the movie "FAINAL FANTASY" to the world.

2004/01/17 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 10364 Host:10467 Browser: 4924
Titre original: The Animatrix
Producteur: DNA, Madhouse, Square, Studio 4 絮〓C
Annee de creation: 2003
Genre: Action, Science-fiction
Type: OAV
Nombre d'episodes: 9
Notes moyennes (1 seule critique):
Animation: 9Son: 9History: 9Character design: 9Interet: 9Note globale: 9
Episodes Resume Critiques Staff Wallpapers Liens
Histoire originale: WACHOWSKI Andy, WACHOWSKI Larry,
Producteur (s) executif: SILVER Joel
Producteur (s): ARIAS Michael, TAKEUCHI Hiroaki, TANAKA Eiko, WACHOWSKI Andy, WACHOWSKI Larry
Realisateur (s): CHUNG Peter, JONES Andy, KAWAJIRI Yoshiaki, KOIKE Takeshi, MAEDA Mahiro, MORIMOTO Koji, WATANABE Shinichiro
Histoire: CHUNG Peter, KAWAJIRI Yoshiaki, MAEDA Mahiro, MORIMOTO Koji, WACHOWSKI Andy, WACHOWSKI Larry, WATANABE Shinichiro
Chara design orignial: GARCIA Veronique
Chara design: CHUNG Peter, HASHIMOTO Shinji, KOIKE Takeshi, MAEDA Mahiro, MINOWA Yutaka, MORIMOTO Koji, PATTERSON Owen
Directeur (s) artistique: KUNITAKE Tani
Directeur (s) animation: CHUNG Peter, KOIKE Takeshi, MAEDA Mahiro
Musique: DAVIS Don
Mechanical Design: CHUNG Peter, MAEDA Mahiro

2004/01/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 10364 Host:10467 Browser: 4924
〓〓〓"THE ANIMATRIX" (2003) 〓〓〓

["Animatrix" title. Episode. Staff]

〓〓〓ep1. "Final Flight of the Osiris"

Anti-warriors challenging the duty of living The anti-warriors riding the hovercraft "Osiris No." are responsible for placing an important message on the sanctuary Zion of humanity.
Sentinel's battle hits them.
Full size CG movie "Final. Fantasy" FF MOVIE "square of Wachowski brothers legs is converted to full CG animation.

Story: Hovercraft, Osiris' crew must give a serious message to Zion.
It might be easy. If there is no Sensinel (enemy soldier) warships awaiting them and Zion ...

The Animatrix # 1: The final flight of the Osiris

Writing credits: Andy and Larry Wachowski
Production Design and Animation: Square
Director: Andy Jones

Director: Andy Jones Screenplay: Brothers Wachawsky (Larry & Andy. Wachowski)
Character design: Veronique. Garcia, Ed. Nativiedad Production studio: Square

Director profile: Andy. Jones / (ANDY JONES) http://actionadventure.about.com/library/weekly/aa021003a.htm
Prior to "Final Flight of Osiris", he directed animation director with Final Fantasy.
It is chosen as an animation supervisor of 1997 movie "Titanic".
In Titanic, animation of a sinking scene such as a man falling toward the propeller is touched.
In Centropolis Entertainment, I added it as an animation supervisor to the production of the movie "Godzilla".

Although 3DCG is evolving more than "FF - MOVIE" and the texture is quite close to realism or there are places where some are almost indistinguishable,
As with "MATRIX" which is used for wire .CG, unnatural spots are unnatural in the movement of a person, there is also a slight sense of discomfort,
Also, although there were some difficulties in the texture of inner walls, people, etc. due to the reflection of the light of the blue interior light inside the hovercraft "Osiris No."
It is reputable at the point of evolution of 3D animation technology and new direction.

〓〓〓ep2. "Second Renaissance Part 1"
〓〓〓ep3. "Second Renaissance Part 2"

The real world has come out like this!
A machine with intention is a revolt. Mankind overwhelms them even in battle (Epoch)
Machine loses solar energy but finds way to exploit power source from human body (2nd period)
Mr. Maeshi Maeda, director of the Wachowski brothers' legs "Blue No. 6", animated studio 4 絮〓C.

Story: Genesis Matrix: Mankind loses to the edge of the last city of the human beings, the human race will be destroyed.
Archive of Zion (the city where genuine people not cultivated in computers in the real world live) 〓〓〓〓〓poetry = second that spells up the creation of the matrix described in File # 2 - 1 Renaissance is now spoken here .

The Animatrix # 2: Second Renaissance Part 1
The Animatrix # 3: Second Renaissance Part 2

Writing credits: Andy and Larry Wachowski
Production Design and Animation: Studio 4oC
Director: Mahiro Maeda

Director: Masahiro Maeda
Screenplay: Brothers Wachawsky (Larry & Andy. Wachowski)
Charadesa. Drawing director: Masahiro Maeda
Production studio: Studio 4 〓〓〓

Director profile: Maeda Masahiro / (MAHIRO MAEDA) http://www.doubleslashmedia.com/media/hudjo/news&features/f_maeda_q&a.htm
Born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1963. After graduating from Tokyo School of Art and Design, she arrives at Ginax with her studio ghibli. 1992 Established "GONZO" with volunteers.
Creator who exerts talent in various positions, such as mechanical design, animator, direction.
The sense of spirit and the variety of activities are great.
Directed work has "FF: U ~ Final Fantasy: Unlimited ~" (General Director), "Blue No. 6", Hideo Hotei Music Clip "Guitarism".
From the time of establishment to Gonzo which has released a number of cutting-edge works. He is one of the company's main creators.
In addition, once belonged to Gainax, it showed brilliant results such as image boards, designs, contests, layouts, original drawings, etc. with their company's representative work "The Royal Space Forces Onage Misses Wing" and "The Missile Nadia" .
In addition, special effects "Ultraman Powered", "Gamera" series is handling a strange design.

It is something that depicts the history of long-standing relationships and struggles between human beings and machines such as the movie "Terminator" and animation and "Andromeda Stories"
Inside of "ANIMATRIX", it is the only two-talk composition, the part which complements MATRIX's creative story and is supplementing it is a crowd, and the part with the most contents among the omnibus works "ANIMATRIX" It was like I was 臂〓〓

〓〓〓ep4. "Kid's Story"
Boys aim for the truth Kid, a high school student who sends a boring everyday life, receives a phone call from the man named "neo", "Call me from the matrix".
Following the guidance of Neo, the boy tries to find an exit to the real world.
Director Shinichiro Watanabe of "Cowboy Bebop" animated the legs of the Wachowski brothers. Keanu Reeves appeared with a voice.

Story: Kid sitting in a high school classroom. Neo 's invitation to him "Pull the Matrix out of the matrix" will rise. But finding that exit was more difficult than I imagined.

The Animatrix # 4: Kid's Story

Writing credits: Andy and Larry Wachowski
Production Design and Animation: Studio 4oC
Director: Shinichiro Watanabe

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe Screenplay: Brothers Wachawsky (Larry & Andy. Wachowski)
Character design. Drawing director: Shinji Hashimoto Production studio: Studio 4 〓〓〓

Director Profile: Shinichiro Watanabe / (SHINICHIRO WATANABE) http://www.bigappleanime.com/guests/S_watanabe.cfm
Born in 1965. Born from Kyoto Prefecture. Currently free. After joining Sunrise, we worked on production progress and then turned to production.
Attractive characters, beautiful and high quality images, cool and stylish witty drama making,
One of the most squished films in the days and animation circles in recent years, that is "Cowboy Bebop" which he directed.
The film composed of how to use the good sound of its sense was an SF animation series that can withstand adult viewing in appearance.
After that he directed the "Cowboy bebop heaven door" which is the movie version of "Cowboy Bebop". Even his work was in line with the expectations of fans.
In other representative work, there is also "MACROSS PLUS" which is also highly regarded by SF animation fans.
Watanabe Shinichiro is a director who makes me expect to see an ancient animation like never before.

Did you invent a dramatic frightening way to move limited animation with Gnogguhno in TV theater cartoons such as' 60's' Satoru and City captor award ',' Tiger mask ',' Karate fool's id 'etc Keiichiro Kimura from Toei animation It is a distinctive work of a special 〓泣〓(〓〓〓 that reminds me of work.
The main character, high school student Kid's skateboard action scenes that create a more realistic scenes with a more realistic feeling by pulsating work by Shinji Hashimoto.
However, it is not only that, but how to draw a scene that makes you feel like Watanabe Shinichiro reminds me of not being able to fit in the frame of animation expression so far.

〓〓〓ep5. "Program"
Sissy 's drama samurai.Sion of Zion' s warrior who trains flesh in training program is urged to choose love or friendship in the program world.
Director: Scenario is "Vampire Hunter D" Kawagiri Yoshiaki. The energetic of drawing is attractive.

Story: Samurai.Training.Pseudo world of the program. A story of Zion's warrior Sis who is forced to choose love and friendship in the real world.

The Animatrix # 5: Program

Writing credits: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Production Design and Animation: Madhouse
Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri Screenplay: Yoshiaki Kawajiri Character Design. Director: Yutaka Minowa Production Studio: Mad House

Director profile: Yoshiaki Kawajiri / (YOSHlAKl KAWAJlRI) http://tetsuwan_birdy.tripod.com/credits.htm
Born in 1950, Kanagawa Senboku Bama city. In 1968, he began producing animation with the introduction of Insect Pro of the Osamu Tezuka president.
In 1971 moved the place of activity to Mad House, and in 1984 he served for the first time in "SF New Century Lensman."
Japan is an animation director who boasts to the world, and is now a signboard creator of Mad House which is an old production company.
He is dealing with works of hard boiled touch & extreme actions such as "Wicked City" (WICKED CITY), "Ninja Scroll" (Ninja Scroll), etc. It is highly appreciated at home and abroad.
That stylish production and making Kawenen plenty of work are very creative.
While incorporating violence and erotic drawing abundantly, it is also the attraction of his work, which can be well-organized.
Other major works include "Makai City <Shinjuku>", "MIDNIGHT EYE Goku", "CYBER CITY OEDO 808", "VAMPIRE HUNTER D: Bloodlust".
Stylish style of Kawajiri directed director.
Reduction of time in animation / Liberal freedom of control and dynamism, camera work and flight sensation and euphoria produced by it, beauty of the composition.
It is brought about by the unity of goodness that comes after pressing "color", "screen composition", "action", "shadow" and "cut split" all together.
Also, he himself is an excellent animator, and the quality control of the entire piece making full use of his abilities is tremendous.

The color which pushed the red of the Takeda army which is said to give the feeling of pressure most effectively in the battlefield and the color tone which Kawashiri works as the base tone like the color every time will further accentuate the color, the color (red and black contrast The style that showed insistence on.
Also, from the battlefield, we will develop the background from the borders of the torii of Lianyu, the bamboo forest in winter, and from the castle to the outside of the castle.
The Japanese beauty that seems to be good overseas is included in the effective arrangement of Kawajiri flow.
For antique actions, directing attracted every scenes of promise, quiet and moving breathing in slashing.
Within THE ANIMATRIX it takes about 7 minutes, which is the shortest accepting time, but it is probably the most visually pleasing one with the most firmly retained points.

〓〓〓ep6. "World Record"
Sprinter's Challenge A land short-range athlete who holds the world record Dan tries to break the barrier of reality and reality in an unusual way to use that talent.
The director is Koike Ken who worked on the OP animation of "PARTY 7". Kawakiri Yoshiaki Screenplay. Add a new solution to the ___ world.

Story: Sprinter, Dan, who has a world record, pulls out the matrix with a striking spiritual power and physical strength, a glimpse of the real world beyond that.

The Animatrix # 6: World Record

Writing credits: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Production Design and Animation: Madhouse
Director: Takeshi Koike

Director: Koike Takeshi: Kawachi Yoshiaki Chara Design. Director: Koike Ken Production: Studio: Madhouse

Director Profile: Ken Koike / (TAKESHI KOIKE) http://www.bigappleanime.com/guests.cfm
Born in 1968 in Yamagata Prefecture. "Lupine the 3th Castle of Cagliostro" and "Galaxy Railway 999", I am willing to be an animator since I was a student.
In particular, it is strongly influenced by the dramatic movement produced by Isao Kaneda, an animator who got a brave name at the time.
In 1986 he joined Madhouse. Mainly as director of Kawachi Yoshiaki as drawing staff. "Yoga City (video)", "Goku (original picture)" and so on.
Shinwa Animator & Director who appeared suddenly in the animation world like a comet with brilliant style and powerful festival.
Until recently as a main animator to Kawachi Yoshiaki's director work, I was adding, as the opening movie "PARTY 7"
I animated director and character design, and I showed the personality and power to the world for the first time.
His animation which put together the stylishness that was influenced by Yoshiaki Kawiriya and the effective action of the punch that draws the flow of Kanada Isao was virtually vivid.
After serving as the animation director and character design for the first time at the opening of the acting film "PARTY 7"
In succession, "SMAP concert (animation part)" and "TRAVA Fist 〓〓〓Planet" successively released works, which were both unique films of him.
The current position is free. He is based in Madhouse. Currently, not only in the animation world but also from the CM world, the movie circle is drawing attention.

I think that you can understand immediately by looking at (〓泣〓, Kenke Koike is a perspective (perspectives) which was strongly exaggerated from extreme angles such as obliquely above and below,
Isao Kaneda (Yosuke Shinniti, Ochi Kazuhi ... etc etc are unknown?) 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓From Peter Kunshik Chung,
Regarding scene development of images and cutting techniques for images, it is heavily influenced by teacher Yoshiaki Kawachi.
In addition, the color and design as completely different as seen in the same "PARTY 7" OP animation and "TRAVA Fist 〓〓〓Planet" etc. The style is the same as the manga artist Araki Hirohiko etc. "Metal. "Heavy Metal" etc. and the influence from Rice-US COMICS clearly can be seen.
In the sense of speed or the feeling of speed of the image given to the viewer the image has, it has been published in recent JAPAN.ANIME.
Note) There is some kind of addiction in dynamic image of this line?

〓〓〓ep7. "Beyond"
Yoko who found a bug in the matrix system by seeing a sight that could cause a drastic change in the ___ world. A bug exterminator appears there.
Director Koji Morimoto of "MEMORIES - With her thoughts ..." Screenplay. With a city similar to Tokyo, a new machine character also appears.

Story: a quiet city (a world in which visible things are not real).
In a desolated apartment where everything seems possible, Yoko finds a bug in the matrix system.
Then, to eliminate the bug, the exterminator (harmless person) arrived.

The Animatrix # 7: Beyond

Writing credits: Koji Morimoto
Production Design and Animation: Studio 4oC
Director: Koji Morimoto

Director: Koji Morimoto Screenplay: Koji Morimoto Chara Design. Director: Yoshio Honda Production Studio: Studio 4 〓〓〓

Director profile: Koji Morimoto (KOJI MORIMOTO) http://www.notionwerks.com/akirastudio/koji.htm
Born in 1959. Born in Wakayama Prefecture. Animator. Director. After graduating from Osaka Designer College, joined Madhouse.
First time in "Ashita no Joe 2". It is free now, with such a fact that Mr. Ishizaki was established.
"SF New Century Lensman", "Kamui's Sword", "AKIRA" etc.
After handling the first director OVA "Robot Carnival (" Franken's Gear ")", gradually moved to the director gradually,
"People's peak", "MEMORIES (" EPISODE 1 MAGNETIC ROSE with her thoughts ") and so on.
In recent years, he worked mainly at the studio 4 絮〓C and showed his competence with short films such as "Survival 2.7-D".

"Morimoto of the world" became to be able to enter the spotlight with a music clip "EXTRA".
Since then, he has also produced new sensations such as "Survival 2.7-D", "Permanent Family", "Acoustic Life Noise Man" and so on.
Works that served as a director have short stories, but there are also long and middle films, "Tope! Kujira no Peak" and "MEMORIES (" EPISODE 1 MAGNETIC ROSE with her thoughts ").
In addition, he is well versed in digital technology, he has also worked on 3DCG works such as "digital juice", "aerial pub", "hustle !! when Yu Kun".
He himself is also an excellent animator and added to the director Katsuhiro Otomo's "Manie-Manie Labyrinth Story" ("Factory Stop Order"), "AKIRA" etc.
It is a major member since the establishment of STUDIO 4 絮〓C.

Koji Morimoto's motto is always exciting. In the early 1980s, as an animator "Space Cobra", "SF New Century Lensman", "Kamui's Sword" etc added.
I fascinated fans with a drawing style that combines realness and tricky fun.
In the late 1980s, as a main staff for topic work such as "Labyrinth Story", "Robot Carnival", "AKIRA".
In recent years, music clips such as "EXTRA" and "Survival 2.7-D", Longho CM "permanent family"
Theatrical Short "Acoustic Life Body Noise Man" and others are working on. Those works are both sensuous and artistic. In addition, he is active in digital, he is also working on 3DCG works.
What is common to all his works is "the charm of 〓〓〓which is a picture" and "playfulness".

"Iron Conk Muscle Cleat" or Sweat Punch "Professor Dan Petrie's Melancholy", "END of the WORLD", "COMEDY", "Higan" ... etc.,
Not only Morimoto, but recently studio 4 絮〓C was drawn with a flat knob and developed a story of unknown meaning Everyone like this kind of stuff I do not really understand what I want to do now, only to the end It feels like something like a short film (that stuff).

The taste of the production which shows the scene feeling of the sky at the time of the stopping fall and the screen feeling like the stadicam, the hand shake occurs deliberately, the correction is multiplied by the exquisite addition and subtraction, and the screen (camera work) showed further I thought that it was quite fine and fun.

〓〓〓ep8 "Detective Story (A Detective Story)"
Follow Trinity!
Detective ash searches for cyber criminals with codename alone as a clue. The existence of Trinity emerges.
Director Shinichiro Watanabe. Screenplay. Carry as a role of trinity Ann. Moss is a voice cast.

Story: Ash, searching for missing people, deals with unprecedented incidents.
It was to discover a mysterious computer.hacker with codename "Queen of Hearts" alone as a clue.
As we proceed with the investigation, we will be led to the targeted trinity.

The Animatrix # 8: Detective Story

Writing credits: Shinichiro Watanabe
Production Design and Animation: Studio 4oC
Director: Shinichiro Watanabe

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe Legend: Shinichiro Watanabe Chara Design. Director: Naoyuki Onda Production Studio: Studio 4 〓〓〓

Director Profile: Shinichiro Watanabe / (SHINICHIRO WATANABE) http://www.fansview.com/person/1027pers.htm
〓〓〓Nabeshin's Watanabe Shinichi (膣〓〓name: Watanabe Shinichi) http://www.rpi.edu/~gallas3/katsu/nabeshin.jpg Is a completely different person !?
One of the most squished films in the Japanese animation circles of the past few years is "Cowboy bebop", which he supervised.
Make a witty drama without stickiness, high quality images,
And the film made up of how to use good tune of sense is SF.ANIME which can withstand adult viewing in appearance.
After that he directed the "Cowboy bebop heaven door" which is the movie version of "Cowboy Bebop". Even his work was in line with the expectations of fans.
In other representative work, there is also "MACROSS PLUS" which is also highly regarded by SF animation fans.
Hopes for future activities such as opening production of the latest work "SAMURAI CHAMPLOO", "tATu PARAGATE (Anime" tATu ") will also increase.

Although the color tone is unified into full-length monochrome, only the character such as "FIND THE RED QUEEN" and the flame of Zippo lighter are colored, although it does not know from what manifestation.
Steam punk item detail with digital high performance is beneficial to the world view as anatomical surface layer.
However, it is not only that, but how to draw a scene that makes you feel like Watanabe Shinichiro reminds me of not being able to fit in the frame of animation expression so far.
But that does not make you feel particularly need to express with animation, too.
As for Onda 's engraving, there was not much hindrance on the haori (〓泣〓. The voice of the Japanese version of Ash, the voice of Tsugayama Odori was very shy?

〓〓〓ep9. "Matriculated"
Machine is a human companion Anti-warrior Alexa succeeded in reclining the enemy machine secured in the real world. Cooperate and fight against Sentinels.
The director is Korean American Peter, Jung. DNA production of Seoul. It has made the character of the machine cheap.

Story: A small anticorruded group capturing robots with good knowledge and skills has been programmed to cooperate with their own exercise.
They educate their robots to prefer their "Human Matrix" rather than machine and reality.
And the demand for robot 'Human Matrix' goes beyond human supply capacity ....

The Animatrix # 9: Marticulated

Writing credits: Peter Chung
Production Design and Animation: DNA
Director: Peter Chung

Director: Peter Chung Screenplay: Peter Chung Character Design. Director: Peter Chung Production Studio: DN

Director Profile: Peter Kunshik Chung http://www.5x5media.com/eye/inte/pchung.shtml
An American born in Seoul in 1961. Animator, illustrator, director.
He is active mainly in MTV and CM. Major work has "Aeon Flux". Character design etc of 'Alexander Warfare' in works in Japan.
〓〓〓Feature film Peter Chung "DEMO" http://www.acmefilmworks.com/dir_folders/dirChung/chung.html

As far as the perfection of the video is concerned, it is this work that was produced by casting the most yuan, except ep1 "Final Flight of Osiris" (Final Flight of the Osiris). Think as a deaf?
In the west (〓泣〓 way, like the "Alexander Warfare", there is little resistance to watching with the sensibility of the Japanese Americans,
CG quality, contemplative scenic outdoor scenes and sense of space production ... etc .. It was rich in artistic excellence.

2004/01/17 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:8(80%) Normal:2(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 10364 Host:10467 Browser: 4924
Regarding the "history of animation" that has been accepted as a bonus,
Somehow anime critic overseas? Anime researcher? Appeared, and it came to deeply invite selfishly,
Starting with Tezuka Osamu starting with Osamu Tezuka, it was said that the origins of Japanese cartoons were a thousand years ago, Ukiyoe "From the Pandora Scrolls" to the picture book "Birds and Elephants" Have you been afraid of falling water?

From the history that the Wachawsky brothers are large anime freaks and "Matrix" is also an inspiration from "Ghost in the Shell"
"AKIRA", "Gatchaman", "Space Battle Ship Yamato", "Vampire Hunter D", "Sengokuninzakusei", "Cowboy Bebop"
I was talking enthusiastically about the charm of ANIME by sending the images such as "Blue 6," "Tomb of Fire," "Yoga City" etc. one after another.

Wachawsky brothers just requested production as an animation artist on which the most oil is on now may have been a pretty good attempt and that personality also appeared, but Oshii and Otomo could not be helped anyhow In the point that it has a unique image sense even though it is rare, it seemed to me that it was quite interesting even if the neighbor did do it, Shigeyoshi Hayashi (Rin Taro), Ichiro Ishino, Yasuomi Umezu.

At the end is a complete snake feet,
Recently, JAPANESE.ANIME Was the video sense coming to be widely perceived by the general public? Is it due to enthusiasm for mania?
As well as "MEMORIES (Memories)", the original omnibus of the stuffed animation like the "ANIMATRIX" such as "Manic - Manic Labyrinth Story" Neo - Tokyo "and" ROBOT CARNIVAL " Currently it is getting very hard to obtain with VTR software
It is quite a pleasure to have become like a thing to watch on DVD.

2003/12/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3834 Host:3600 Browser: 3875
All-you-can-eat whatever you want to do with compilation style animation. Many animations have a sense of statelessness not captured by existing expression.
Feeling like watching CG video for a while. Clearly, the story is not funny, so I think that it is better not to recommend it to anything other than maniacs. People who did not know anything would be quite surprised.

〓〓〓Final.Flight. Of the Osiris]: Final. And fantasy Andy Jones movie version It became more realistic than FF, and the existence value became thinner. I also appreciate the opinion that if I do it in live action, I should evaluate that I dared to penetrate this route. However, it seems a bit awkward like a puppet show yet (although it is close to becoming the age of movies without an actor)
〓〓〓Second Renaissance Part 1, 2]: Masahiro Maeda No. 6 of No. 6 Explaining too much! Because even more characters are robots, it is a bit impressive. Is the reference value more expensive?
〓〓〓Kids. Story]: Shinichiro Watanabe of COWBOY BEBOP The scene where I get off the stairs most artistically, skateboard is impressive with psychedelic.
〓〓〓Program]: Yoshiaki Kawajiri Successively, I was surprised at Japanese setting. Many effects are used as much as animation !!
However, as Kawajiri's screen is drifting slightly misunderstood like "from Japan viewed from the Americans", this work also has no discomfort.
Is this episode really a gag, I remembered a bit of "Men's dream".
〓〓〓World Record]: Ken Koike of PARTY 7
I saw Vampire Hunter D, but I do not know well because I never saw Party 7.
I thought that this is American pattern, this is Peter Chung.
However, in a story it is linked to the setting of the movie version most, a serious story. I feel a little relieved.
〓〓〓Beyond] MEMORIES Morimoto Koji Otomo movie taste drifts. I am attacking the most Japanese expression at the extreme level among all animation works.
On the contrary it can not be said that it has been poisoned most by Japanese anime-style expressions, but it's so beautiful and impressive (〓〓〓it is inappropriate to be poisoned, because he is the original person who made Japanese anime) .
As expected after all this is the best, only this work can be thought of by Japanese people (the story of the story is Japanese, though).
〓〓〓Detective.Story] COWBOY BEBOP monotone Watanabe Shinichiro. Mr. Watanabe, if you let him do it, you look good and become artistic. However, as Trinity comes up, I will be relieved a bit again (if I look a bit like ~).
〓〓〓Matrix Curated] Peter of Alexander Senkou, Chung's most American Nori, who likes to do more and more 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓
Yi Ho!! __ ha ha ha ... a psychic matrix world suitable for concluding the last

2003/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38880 Host:38972 Browser: 3875
When I saw this work, I felt that the background of the matrix finally caught me.
There is a story which the movie did not speak, and Kore is also good!
However, although I think that the Japanese is more comfortable in the story of Samurai and Yamabushi (.. Kana?). (I saw it with subtitles)

2003/12/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50640 Host:50856 Browser: 5558
saw. Various animations of high quality are recorded in 'subject' called Animatrix,
All of them are spelled out with touch, angle, theme and directing very unusual and unique drawing and contents.
Although it is recorded about 9, there are no similar works in two. ("Japanimation", Disney style, CG movies, etc.)
I can not tell you the impression with my bad sentences, so it is best to see it first.
Although it seems to be acceptable to critics, it may not be a work that anyone can enjoy.
In a word it's pretty surreal. Personally I hate these new experimental things.

By the way it seems that works of Japanese creators gathered and produced.
I also heard the voice that I have heard, so try out the voice actor fans as well.

2003/12/24 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13417 Host:13117 Browser: 4547
Animatrix ... It is like "another matrix" made from the fusion of GC and animation.
I have not seen it yet, but I'm pretty much expecting it because I really like the matrix.
It is a story that I heard from friends on the net, but it seems surprisingly scary. I am curious.