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Toshie Kawamura
Yuko Sanpe
Jyunko Takeuchi
Mariya Ise
Ai Nagano
Ai Maeda
Takeshi Kusao
Miyu Irino
Eri Sendai
Romi Park
Keiichi Sonobe
Yukiko Hanioka
Kokoro Kikuchi
Yasunori Matsumoto
Mari Adachi
Kumiko Nishihara
Sakiko Tamagawa
Yuko Minaguchi
Wasabi Mizuta
Shigeru Chiba
Takehito Koyasu
Wataru Takagi
Kaori Yamagata
Kenji Nomura
Reiko Suzuki
Bin Shimada
Ryotaro Okiayu
Sinya Fukumatu
Mayumi Asano
Tomoaki Ikeda
Mari Yamada
Kumiko Itou
Chie Koujiro
Yuri Amano
Michizoe Ami
Kanae Oki
Kunihiko Yasui
Yuko Kato
Toshiya Ueda
Youhei Oobayashi
Satoshi Tsuruoka
Daisuke Ono
Yuko Tachibana
Ako Mayama
Yuko Saito
Mahiru Konno
Mayu Itsshiki
Rie Ishizuka
Nanaho Katsuragi
Takehiro Murozono
Kazunari Kojima
Noriko Shitaya
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Japan Released:2008/02/03(Sun) TV Asahi TV / End:2009/01/25
Official sites
1. http://asahi.co.jp/precure5gogo/ (Translation)
2. http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/precure5_gogo/ (Translation)
Ending movie (2)
Te to Te Tsunaide Heart mo Link!!Te to Te Tsunaide Heart mo Link!!
Song:Kanako Miyamoto
Arrange:Kameyamakoichiro [Fan reg.]
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2017/01/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26511 Host:26562 Browser: 4693
[good point]
The character deza is basically pretty, roses and butterflies are likely to accept girls in the costume of the main motif.
On the men's perspective, girly is too weak to be conscious, but design is good for young children. Kindergarten girls like this kind of design.
The sarcastic settlements of executives who are used as organizations' dogs and the small items of Mr. Bunbie who survives on the tightrope as a spice are working as spices. But pretty cure for young children,
Content that the middle-aged man enjoys ... Also, this has become like the best sight,
My head hurts my poorness of other elements.

[Bad point]
The world view is unclear and confusing. If only the Kingdom of Palmiers is still four kingdoms,
Cure rose garden, mystery of syrup, secret of blue rose, relationship between director and flora ...
It is a cheap sale of "mystery" and "secret". The story goes forward without thinking about the basic background being almost revealed, so I can not wipe the feeling that it is constantly being driven. Perhaps you thought how many times you are not thinking properly? And, even if the truth is revealed, it is caught in the inner rings of God and the fairy world, and it is already ant any condition. After all, you do not think properly. Originally the pretty cure type fairy world setting is short of explanation, the disadvantage of forcing is noticeable,
This work was dismayed with suitability to line up with smiles.
Even though drama for each character has a large number of people, it is not deep down and every time it is like a bashing work.
Even a good episode is extremely rare, but there is no such thing as they converge towards the great circle,
It ends in a single shot.
Battle is also monotonous. Originally, because of each characteristic 5, the battle should be able to attract various variegated ways,
I can not see much evidence of the effort. Especially when using Fleure, the deciding technique was further biased toward the beam system.
In addition, power is overwhelmingly powerful and its characteristics are omnidirectional, versatile, like Milky Rose is added,
Feeling I lost sight of how to draw a battle. I certainly hold my head if I can say that I can draw a battle with this setting. Even after the power balance collapsed because the Milky Rose was too strong battle there was no ingenuity and power inflation system afterwards. I am not convinced either by the hardships or by the settlement. Each battle is falling into style beauty, it is not fun at all.
Fairy form of fairy form of felony vocabulary talking and cold It is nothing special. Ikemen The gap with the human form is a gag? Because this was too bad reputation, "taste" in the "fresh" if I settled in the Kansai dialect youth character, I will caught.
The love pattern, although you can tolerate even though Mr. Nozomi may well be worn out, are you surely coming out?
Well, it seems to be persistent, but every time I see a fairy form, it gets tension down.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Very bad +". To be honest I think that it is terrible terrible. Impression that I guessed promises of the squadron thing without ingenuity by repeating the pattern that enemy executives appeared, they are done. As mentioned above, the world setting is suitable and distracting from the beginning. The digging of characters is also Gudaguda. Whether it is a bad habit of Toei or want to get creative devised away from easy business.
Although bumme 's salaryman lament can be enjoyed occasionally, the charm of Pretty Cure is not so.
At the beginning of the appearance of Milky Rose became more conspicuous in the fighting battle, the battle was less satisfactory,
It is a very troubling work.

2017/01/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19944 Host:19745 Browser: 11076
[good point]
As usual a cute character deaf voice voice actress who can listen with confidence

[Bad point]
What I am doing does not change the presence of milk

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is correct that it has not been made for the second year since this work.

2016/02/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
New character syrup and new pretty cure will appear in the sequel of the previous work.

Although there was good or bad of individual times, I feel that it became even more interesting from the way as in the previous work.
Although it is possible to lose to the previous work also in the last stage, it was exciting after all.
It was good that Mr. Bumby who finally was a wonder that the enemy has always been an enemy from the previous work finally this last!

However, I was bored after seeing it on the way this time and I did not care to keep watching it quite.
Because it seems strangely realistically dark, especially when it fails in a corporate enemy organization more than the previous work (especially in the first half) whenever it fails in the report every time this time, it seems that you do not eat anything hungry, especially Gamao In a situation ...
There are times when it seems that it will end up fighting with PreCure as a result of having eaten the big ice prepared by PreCure because of that cause and something in the first half is something many feel that it is not so clear even if PreCure kills the enemy somehow I guess it is.
+ After a milk resurrection, it may have been a little influenced that that personality was as usual for a while.
However, the late milk was getting much better!

Evaluation is close to normal "Good"!

2015/08/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10537 Host:10575 Browser: 5171
[good point]
That the Uzakara milk recovered its honor

[Bad point]
The collapse of the time axis. This word is exhausted.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Following Max Heart, it is the second sequel in the series, but I can not deny the feeling that I've exhausted it. However, in the case of Max Heart, as a new story of Hikari can be drawn as a growing story, it still holds as a story, but in the case of this work it has become completely decoctioned in the previous year and Milky Rose appeared unexpectedly There were not any new items in particular. By the same grade in the second year of the noises due to the collapse of the time axis, just changing the purpose of reaching the enemy of the previous work has made the subject of the work the same as the previous work. (Since that time point Max Heart is advanced in time axis, you can enjoy enjoying the story on the same year even if the event is the same time without considering the previous year)

2015/04/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45932 Host:45978 Browser: 10433
[good point]
By becoming Milky Rose, problems such as not being reflected on the bad things of previous milk were solved.
Pretty Cure's costume design has become gorgeous.

There is only this.

[Bad point]
Because I did it with the previous work, depiction of the growth of each thin character by outing.
Theme song not matching the image of the work.
I got tired of gaining balance at the third time.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The previous work PreCure 5 was a theme that chasing the dream of individual characters is consistent and it was made to compensate for a poor subject line, whereas this work is completely exhausted.
The interaction between the characters and the story of the character has been completely completed in the previous work, so if it says now this work, it is like the appendix OVA.
If it says SPA ROBO only the work after the original work is chosen as a participation work and it is the state as if it is struck with the enemy who is not familiar with the enemy remnants and the original enemy remnants endlessly.

Although there is a glittering episode in some places, overall I can not wipe it back because I can not wipe a sense of imitation.
I also feel that the number of regular characters is also pressing on the scenario, but almost almost all of the characters are excluded as described above, so it is not an excuse. If you look as a fan service to 5 fans, I think that it is not possible to evaluate it as a single work.

2015/01/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10015 Host:10094 Browser: 7420
[good point]
I will change the future animation. This is pretty gogo.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

2015/01/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1860 Host:1893 Browser: 4693
What remained in the impression was that it was a nightmare (Nightmare) that became an additional member and became a member of PreCure All - Stars, which was a favorite character fucking, and the painting collapse and Mr. Takezawa Mr. Kenji

Although it is good for the two to collaborate with the series as the 5th anniversary of PreCure
5gogo! Honestly subtle

Since it can be thought that it became serious more than the previous work if we know the reality that audience rating has fallen than splash star, the worst evaluation is a little

2015/01/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11595 Host:11325 Browser: 10092
[good point]
Like the previous work, the character is nice.
The theme song is a good song.
The content is interesting.
Battle scenes are cool as well as powerful just to talk about excitement every time.
[Bad point]
Drawing is not stable.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I drew firmly deeply about the future dreams of five people and I think that it is settled also in the Precure series.

2015/01/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21752 Browser: 1974(Mobile)
The milk of the favorite character is increasingly more favorable and the worst became again. The collapse of the work remains the same as ever, the story does not need with Manneri Bumby or Maji, do not know why such a hedge accessory is good

There is no match between the theme song and the main story that everyone's support is waiting at all.

I understand why the audience rating dropped below Splash Star I understand I feel I want Milky Rose to be removed from Allstars

2014/05/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20122 Host:19952 Browser: 9309
[good point]
Expanded with an unexpected battle of PreCure increasingly powering up

[Bad point]
Slightly one pattern

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I would like you to see this if you like the previous work

2013/09/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9703 Host:9653 Browser: 8236
It's like Max Heart though ...
When it becomes a sequel, Gudaguda may be the fate of PreCure. Max Heart There are a lot of things being made that are not in parallel.
For example, Nozomi and Coco. The two people are tangled only about a movie.
Walnuts originally milk is still as usual and milk is so strong but I can not convince him .... If you are a veteran like Moonlight ...

It is only Bunby who does not make the evaluation bad, but is an enemy character.
As I learned murderous intent in milk, I liked enemy characters

Bunby helped the PreCure and the scene where Dream said "Thank you, Mr. Bumby" was a good day

2013/09/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 412 Host:430 Browser: 7419
It is led by Yumeimaru Nozomi who showed overwhelming charisma at the previous work (Personally, I do not like this way of saying that the hero is one person.) Sequel of PreCure 5. I tried listening to it.

The impression that the squadron heroine color got stronger than the previous work.
First, improve the quality of personal sports. As far as honestly speaking, the individual works of the previous work were similar to each other.
Dream, Rouge, and Aqua had a common line attack part, differentiation could only be lemonade of wide range attack and mint of defense personnel. Although Dream was differentiated in the second half, [Crystal shoot] of strengthening technique, Rouge and Aqua remained undifferentiated after all because the strengthening technique was also the same deathblowing bank.
Compared to that time, I am glad that there was a big difference in the bank this time.

Also, the presence of an additional fighter was an interesting development with the feeling that it was a squadron thing. Although the additional warrior was not completely unexpected with that milk though ... .... ^ ^;
The existence of Milky Rose has become a thing definitely to decide the feature of this work.
When Pretty Cure broke single enemy executives who could not be defeated even with five people, "Oh, oh oh oh oh !!!" was caught. Because it is cool.
Together with Mr. Sendai Eri who performed Milky Rose, she became a very hot hero. [Milky Rose, Blizzard] I was brave ... wow!

However, although significant improvements were seen in the action aspect, it seems that it was a sequel in which things that did nothing were to remain unless it became other than that.
Nozomi's five dream-related episodes, the story of syrup was good. That's for sure.
However, the goodness of the sequel has not appeared anywhere else.
For example, Ms. Masuko. She used to be alone because of differences in direction and way of doing. In the previous work, "I wonder if my friends will be able to do something again someday ...?" Was impressive.
Did not that "someda" have to be drawn with this sequel?

Also, one of the drawbacks of the previous work was [narrowness of the world view]. Because the time was drastic to delve into the main character of the previous work, I could not make use of the elements of the current school.
Then, in this sequel that the digging down of the person is finished and it was affordable on the scale, I think that I should have increased the depiction of such school side more.
I think that there were quite a lot of scenes that can be drawn, such as the state of activity in Lin's department activity, school trips by Komachi and Karen. It is unfortunate that these were not drawn as expected, ...

Besides, there are no breaks between Nozomi and Coco in relation to the fact that Kochi had not touched the keys of the kingdom that he had from the nuts, and Warri seriously told in the conversation with Princess Crape. I feel the sweetness of tightening.

In addition, there is a part that is a bit more irritating in terms of action in which quality improvement is seen as a whole.
One is bad power balance.
This may already be the only thing I can do because it is Toei, but the balance is bad.
Milky Rose overwhelmed the executive Scolp. If you watch this alone, you can do it with "Milky Rose Stronger !!". But in fact, before that, scenes that can not be comprehended even if all five Precure gathered are drawn.
In other words, viewers will recognize that [Milky rose alone has the strength of five PreCure].
Then, I feel a sense of incompatibility with the subsequent Milky Rose.
Because after Scoll fight, it is not uncommon for us to struggle with ordinary Hoshiner partner.

Milky rose appeared around the end of 1 cool.
A new technique of PreCure 5 at the end of 2 cool.
New skill of Milky Rose at the third cool.
The strongest skill at the end of the fourth cool eyes.

Looking at this, the timing to put the new element is not bad so it may have been that we should have aimed at creating a situation that considers consistency a bit more.
For example, as Mr. Milky took the opponent's opponent, PreCure 5 confronted Hoshiner as he had been working several times. If this is done, the use of Milky's Special Move will be gone, so if you switch roles from time to time you will lose the problem.

Also, despite strengthening the squadron heroine color, the executives that PreCure 5 has defeated are Nebatakos and Shibretta alone. Scolp is Milky Rose, Yadokane & Isogin a special case of Dream & Milky, and both the Mukadia and the Anacondi who were enemies were erased by the director and did not feel catharsis.
Particularly where Anacondi had a connection with Milky Rose, I definitely wanted to have settled in a revenge game. (The number of times you killed enemy executives with Metal Blizzard is zero)

Although there was not a lot of dissatisfaction, it is not boring that was boring never, so the evaluation is [good].

2013/02/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13195 Host:13242 Browser: 5345
[good point]
I finished with the previous work on the character's drilling and made it a variety variety.
A story about the syrup-related "letter".
Episodes involved in fairy tales more than certain works Improvement of milk

[Bad point]
But it does not reach the previous work.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Did you get discouraged? PreCure has stopped doing its second year.
But as a result it is now possible to offer interesting work every year, so this is fine.

2013/02/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5922 Host:6000 Browser: 12343
[good point]
The vividness of the cheat gag battle Mr. Bunby

[Bad point]
I was repeating the same thing

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there are pros and cons, it is interesting for me.

2013/01/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
Simply one funny story, comedy is more than the previous work.
Anyway, there are many laughable gag times that anyone can enjoy, so we can see a lot of room for everyone.
I collided with each other, fighting, and deepening relationships by doing so ... I did it with my previous work and there is no development that the first meeting will become my best friend with a mysterious fate.
Because of that, the drama is somewhat thinner than last time, but thanks to that you can do gag times.
Of course, there are many gag times, but the "dreams" of each pretty cure and the "passion" against it, which centered on Nozomi and Urara, are depicted quite well.
Nozomi has a lot of depictions trying hard for the dream I had over the year in my previous work. Even so, I am trying to do my best with my own power without borrowing the power of my colleagues.
Ulatan drew a figure that goes towards her dreams many times even in the previous work, but in this work there was a partner fairy called syrup, so its appearance is shining extraordinarily.
Sometimes, there are stories that dreams come true as it is for children, but the dream of Urara is the difficulty of "actress". It is well portrayed that it is a tough world, and it is also drawn firmly that the effort for that purpose is always neglected.

Coco and nuts also had descriptions that I was having trouble getting involved in the fighting in the previous work, I was able to meet with Nozomi and everyone but there was something I was worrying about when parting came coming, but almost no more from this work It was.
Originally, the fairy suffered from that kind of thing, it got bothered negative, I felt quite strongly responsible ... I feel like I was different, I also feel I returned to the usual pretty cure.
Besides, although nuts still have a depiction that makes me wonder "I am not helpful," I will overcome it.
I think I wanted him to grow his growth a little more.
In laughing times, I laughed at that cool human body crying (that fairy troupe is too cute).

Milk newly became Milky Rose, a beautiful walnut, but this was a bit different from the image of milk.
It was like a cool beauty system, but it is not like a milky feeling.
Well, Coco and Nuts are totally different, though.

A lot of new fairies came out, but I think that everyone was basically funny.
The princess of Crepe is a character that she wanted her body to appear. You can not even go on with Allstars.
Mr. Nishihara will play a regular fairy this time with "Doki Puri", so even if Allstars is going to take a turn a bit ... Is not there?

Cake false incidents, Riku's appearance of liver appetite, liver trial of Rinchan's debut, fake quiz divided into front and back edits, fake talk story more than smile (Urashima Taro, Alibaba etc etc ...), the quality of the gag times is high, distracting I think that it was good to be seen.
Serious times were as good as it was, and if the previous work is the human growth of Pretty Cure, I feel like this time it was a partly heroic part.

Enemy characters are also easy to have likable as usual.
I think that there were many character rich individuality and impact-oriented characters this time, such as Bomby too cool parents, of course, Scolp which was scattered in friendship with Bunby and thorough do Mukadia of a foreign doing outing.
Like Kiriya-kun and Kaoru and Kaoru, I think that enemy spies are usually reformed, but Mukadia was consistent ....
Especially, Rin - chan is my second broken heart in Mukadia (I do not see it very).
Is there a lot of growth due to failure, are 5 and 5 GeoGo attractions?

Maybe the biggest problem is Mr. Sazae time and space.
As a theme of dreams, I think that it is rushing into this space and making their dreams come true.
Fuji P senior has appeared continuously in the beginning, and there was a way to put out even if it is not Sazae's time and space.
Well, it was there that I personally became obsessed, I think the story was generally not bad.

Together with 5 and 5 GoGo and dividing by 2, it is "highest", but as a single body there was a sense of unsatisfactory, so "with very good".

2013/01/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6750 Host:6692 Browser: 7400
I got lost as to whether it is "good" or "very good", but I put it sweetly

It is the second term of the 5 series, and although 5 emphasis was placed on the depiction of the inside of the character and growth etc, this time it was a variety of contents composition.

Good quality point is the quality of the battle scene This was very satisfied with the TOP class even in all PreCure series.
Also, following the previous work Nightmare this time Eternal was also a very interesting match of men

The problem is the syrup which becomes the axis of the talk. Flora. Is there a lack of depiction of the director's relationship? Probably the senior director and Flora children are syrup,
It may be that the 5gogo riot was a magnificent couple quarrel.
The circumstances in that area are Kaori noodle Dorodoro and there was no other choice but to finish it as a screenplay with a blurred feel Shibretta and Anacondi's love increase depiction is also said that remnant can be depicted with animation for girls in the morning Perhaps it was a barely line.

Another problem is that the previous work was a work that deliberately dug in the inside of the characters, so if you compare it with it carelessly it makes me feel uncomfortable. Episodes are also small.
Well, since the character's work was done with the previous work, it may be more difficult than this.

As this problem was solved by becoming a completion system for one year from the next work, it may be meaningful in some way

2012/06/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 26920 Host:27114 Browser: 5230
Evaluation of the previous term included.
An interesting story was fun to really laugh, but the bad story was totally bad.
Fighting scenes of 23 episodes of the previous term. Besides that as a whole it's about that mascot character.

[good point]
Three people, Nozomi, Urara, Komachi, were pretty. Nozomi is a child like studying and exercising like Nobita, but is it about cute as a bad guy?
Mr. Bumby. I can relieve the bad atmosphere and I can not hate it though it is an enemy. Rather this person is more attractive than PreCure.

Some gag times
Name detective Komachi, funny quiz times were funny.

OP song
No matter how many times I listen, I do not get tired.

[Bad point]
Attitude to Nozomi
Attitude towards Nozomi by Rin and Karen. I am not convinced how to blame only Nozomi is bad.
As a result, although she ruined it, it is too unilateral.
I'd like to say it directly because there is a favorite place for Nozomi, so I can not say such a thing.

That additional mascot character is told unspoken in every place, so it is not to be said anything in particular. If I dare say it is out of the question. It does not matter before or after transformation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Actually, I want to do it the worst, but it is "very bad" by Nozomi and Mr. Bumby.

2011/05/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27752 Browser: 3458(Mobile)
I watched it with a bit of running fast, so I did not cover the detail, but I had a brief impression.
Since it is a direct sequel from the previous work, I make it as an impression based on the previous work to some extent.
Firstly, I decided that I can evaluate it as a feature, as the fantasy color strengthened more than the previous work. Originally the PreCure series belongs to a fantasy as a large genre, and I think that the siblings sorting times etc. are interesting situations. There was a dream such as Santa times.
Members are not advancing = I am ignoring the passage of time, but I can forgive it because it is fantasy.
It was interesting to describe the enemy side that made Bunby continued, and eventually I pulled out of wrong but it was good that it was influenced by the dedication of PreCure. Even though it is not direct, attracting the opportunity for the reversal of Pretty Cure is within the scope of his "Atonement" which could not be decisively permitted. It was a bit pleasant that I could thank Dream for mentioning my name.
Pretty Cure 's Special Moves and Transformation Banks are also good (although, on top of the other, mints and aqua transformation banks coming after the lemonade will look properly w).
In addition, there are many things that milk is usually wearing a walnut, and it may have been good that the badness of the bottom-conscious area hid him a little.
However, since it is almost always the case that everyday life only develops with regular members, the impression of the inner ring has not changed to the end. It is probably that the connection within the group is dense, but the impression of just tracing the previous work is also strong, I wanted a change.
In a coalescing technique, the setting that requires the power of coco and nuts is also a negative factor somehow.
Afterwards rasubosu and the final battle were not good. I think Mashi is better than the settlement end of the previous work, but it is not far behind that of MH and SS indeed ....

Yua, there are good and bad things as it is, but, while evaluating the continuing power of two years, it is supposed to be "ordinary" once.

2011/02/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24389 Host:24474 Browser: 15251
To be honest, it was a sequel that I did not need.

Milky rose that milk appeared as a sixth warrior on the pretty cure side.
What kind of easy deployment, it made me troubled to make a bad milk a warrior.

Although the four kings came out, I think that there was no meaning in appearance without particular success.

Coco and nuts wake up as the king and give power to the pretty cure,
On the contrary, I did not like the expansion of what it would be impossible without these two people.

Good thing is that on the enemy's eternal,
About what various dramas were drawn. Although Mr. Bumby is employed,
It is used as a newcomer.
The Scolp who first got along was an Anacondi's first,
Mr. Scolp is increasingly used. The director of Eternalal left valuable things,
It is an extreme value that erases what you do not have, and has an admiration in Flora,
Everything that Anacondi seems to turn to looking at himself without losing it, but everything is ignored.
It was such a complicated exchange.
I think that the battle award is still Mr. Bunbee. I thought that Anacondi was erased,
Barely saved, the last was to help PreCure,
At the end is reintegration to launch a company. It was fun that the employees looked like Kawarino in their entirety.

There was a drama on the enemy side, I thought what is nothing thin at the main player side.

2010/10/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28901 Host:28671 Browser: 10712
[good point]

[Bad point]

Even quote from previous work Even rogue has increased even though there are many people
[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is very widespread at the time of becoming 6, is not it the worst

2010/09/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15782 Host:15755 Browser: 10445
This work was produced as a sequel to "Yes Pretty Cure 5". However, it seems that the staff did not plan the second year of "Precure 5" and this work has a popularity in the previous work, so I can not deny the work that was made suddenly. Therefore, although the framework of the work was finished somehow, it seems that there was not time enough to enrich the contents. This shadows the whole work.

The content of this work gives the impression "monotonous" as a whole. The reason is that most of the stories occupied by the main characters were developed substantially. The main character, including Yumeshara Nozomi, is almost completed by the previous work, and there are not many elements that can be added any more. With only such epochs of Nozomi (the number of impressive side supporting roles such as Mika Miko and Taka have drastically decreased), it is natural that the content becomes monotonous.

There were several ways to avoid monotony. First of all, if you dig into sub-characters and make a story with them and the main characters, you should have made more diverse stories (for example, parents of Nozomi worry about the relationship between Nozomi and Coco, I am thinking that my main character was further enriched through relationships with sub characters, etc., and Mika knew the identity of PreCure, etc., Which is a long-awaited new member coming in the newspaper section of Mika Masuko who came back after a long time. Besides, it should have made a story of eternal catching a treasure other than rose pact and colliding with PreCure, talking about going to the newly set four kingdoms, etc. There was also a means to increase the episode that all members like the 15th and 16th episodes do not transform (although even if not all of them, I will upgrade individual pretty cure by rebounding the difficulties and winning) I think I could do it).

This work is the 2nd year of "Precure 5", but the members of PreCure 5 are not replaced, and also the age of the character was not changed and promoted. At the planning stage, "There was also a plan to withdraw from pre-cure 5 at the same time as graduation from junior high school and add new freshmen as a new member," but this plan was not adopted. According to the year of the previous work, the members of PreCure 5 were completely settled in 5 people of Nozomi, Rin, Urara, Komachi, and Karen, and that change of members may cause very much sad feelings for children watching Given that we did not make any member changes, we think that it is reasonable. On the contrary, it was a big mistake that we could not take the character to be old. In the work where the time in the work world advances to the future with beginning and end, it is too unnatural that the character does not take old age (what it was in the first year). Regarding Kamachi and Karen, it was done by setting up that the high school was newly established in the Sanctuilmieres school and entered there. In that case, the two will be an exceptional "high school stud premier", but it is not a big deal if compared to the harm caused by not being able to take old.

Regarding PreCure, it has become a costume design that emphasizes coolness rather than cute, and the deathblown technique was also more dynamic than the previous work. However, unlike the previous work, it is disappointing that an individual new mortal work technique did not appear in the second half (Precure of united technique, Rainbow rose.Explosion was a terrible technique). I think that it made it possible to have more various battles by letting a new type of different technique appear and also using the old technique together. Also, as for the new item Cure Fure, I wanted it to be used as a sword because it is a big sword. Besides, the point that I have to summon to Coco every day was giving the impression that he was "degenerate" than the previous dream torch and Precure Symphony set I was summoning on my own. After all, I think that you should have been able to summon with only PreCure.

The most problematic thing about Pretty Cure in this work is that the difference in power with Milky Rose was too much. Milky rose was very strong and there was even a feeling that most of PreCure 5 was over (although it was not always drawn like this). To the end the leading role is pretty cure, so extreme differences are not preferable either. At least in the latter half I should have given each individual pretty cure power and give him the ability to compare to Rose (it was 47 episodes that came to Super Precure).

Well, that milky rose. She is quite different from Shiny Luminous of "Max Heart" which seemed to be the sister of PreCure. It was an unrestrained, exquisite and brilliant, heroine that was truly reliable with extremely high fighting power. Beautiful wild walnut to transform into rose (milk) was a quasi-new character, but compared to the first year that was just a mean fairy, there was a feeling of growing remarkably internally.

Carry syrup of a new character. He did not know who he was because of memory loss, and had a personality that made it hard to trust others. While he interacted with the Nozomi people, I was drawn as if I gradually opened my mind. In addition, the relationship between Nozomi and syrup was normal friends (although there was something that seemed to be a sprout of romance between Urara and others). As a rule, for girls 'work, we tend to converge girls and boys' relationships into romance, but I think that it was meaningful to show that there could be other relationships.

Regarding the kings of the four kingdoms, I was concerned about the gap between the opening image and the main part. Although it seems that they seemed to be captured by the eternal regardless of how they looked at the opening, they were simply missing in the main part. Even in this volume, if the kings were set to be captured by the eternal, PreCure could have drawn a story to rescue them, so it would have made it more interesting.

Regarding Flora it was a mystery hidden to the last. Although that point can still be tolerated, it is a bit too late that the final story of 47 episodes is revealed the important fact that each rose blooming in the cure rose garden she is able to control is each responsible for life. I think that it should have clarified about what kind of role Cure Rose garden plays by about 40 episodes.

A new enemy organization Eternal was a thief group and it was an interesting setting called a dark museum. They have deprived many treasures that the people of the world have taken care of by stepping through many worlds with the aim of "to protect valuable treasure from fool who does not know its value and keep it forever". There is an element that can not be denied in all its logic, so in a way it can be said to be the bad enemy with the most characteristics. Therefore, I think that the significance of Pretty Cure fighting in this work was to confront Eternal's symbolic "refined burglar logic" and "domineering of the theory armed strong man". You should have emphasized this point more on the story (The 24-talk coach's theory was wonderful).

The headmaster, the eternal chief, had a dreadful belief that it would divide all things into "valuable things" and "worthless things", taking away all of the former and killing all of the latter. On the other hand, intense obsession with the flora of the director seemed like "love" (although he did not intend to respect the opponent at all), he seemed to have a human factor. However, the director could not understand the thought of Flora, he did not acknowledge his mistake until the end and was to be knocked down by PreCure and Milky Rose. After all, as the cure rouge said in the last round with the director, it probably was "existed only in robbing" existence. Unlike the previous work, it was a sad and severe development that seems to be possible to reconcile (although the result of the change by the leaders is not something that can be used many times, but can not be helped).

Appraiser Anacondi who is Eternal number 2. She loves the director and she also robbed the treasure of various worlds for the director. However, the dedication of Anacondi was not totally rewarded (the director's interest is only in Flora), when she first acted honestly with her feelings and tried to stop the director heading for Cure Rose Garden, the director was mercilessly I erased her. Of course, what Anacondi came to is not permissible, and thinking that she herself used ruthlessly by subordinating himself is a causal response. However, in Anacondi there is a common element with the pretty cure side in terms of "try hard for the favorite person" (despite the fact that the position is the opposite of justice and evil), hence in her last term You will not be able to forbid compassion (although only the soul seems saved).

Bunbie continues to appear from the previous work. Although he eventually converted, while the pattern of the conversion of conventional enemy executives (Kiriya, Mitsuru, Kaoru) was a pattern that friendship grew among PreCure, Bunbi had a different evil for two years It was an unusual type that I was completely disgusted by my organization. Bunbi had 47 calls for Cure Dream for the first time by name, but it seemed that he symbolized that he was a person from a part of the organization. In addition, it was interesting that his subordinate after conversion was similar to Kawarino.

As for this work, "opinion that it should not have made sequel of" PreCure 5 "in the first place itself" is also effective. Certainly, as the previous work was done in a way that was completely completed, it can not be said that the sequel was indispensable. But it was still the second year. I think that it can not be said that it was not "to have made this work" anyway, as long as it is after the third year that contradictions and breakdowns often start to occur (even though PreCure is a maximum of 2 years The upper limit was also protected in this work).

As I have said, there are certainly a few problems with this work. However, the theme and message of the work were good, such as "the importance of communicating your own thoughts", "what is really important", etc. Although the overall impression was monotonous, most of the individual stories I think I had met certain levels (although there were terrible things like 17 episodes and 35 episodes). Better points and bad points are almost antagonistic, and as a comprehensive evaluation, "normal" is attached. The monotony of the content which was the biggest problem was that it was able to be avoided with a slight ingenuity and if you think that there was no particular problem even if you let the character take years old, It is not too bad that I ran into "(although I was short of time and preparation, maybe there was a little more work since the middle stage). In addition, as a way to end the story, I think that it was good to put out the figure of five people who became adults and fulfilled their dreams.

What I was afraid a bit other than content was that Nozomi 's voice changed quite a bit like the first year. To be honest, I thought whether Mr. Yumiko Sanei had hurt his throat. Anything seems to have put out the voice of the first year considerably impossible, and the second year changed to a voice that can be more natural, but that is no use. Personally I like the voice of the first year.

The symbol of Milky Rose is "a miracle flower" blue rose. In English it is a symbol of impossible meaning, and indeed it was convinced that it was a miracle flower. In recent years, "blue roses" were created by genetic manipulation, but their color was nothing but "light purple" regardless. The blue roses seem to continue to remain miraculous flowers for now.

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2010/05/31 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It is good to be like "Sailor Moon".

[Bad point]
Whether or not an animal character named Coco and Nut transforms into a human being,
I have not been involved in the story too much, but it was only Nozomi but the character of the animal in the previous work did not transform, but the uncomfortable feeling remained

2010/03/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9399 Host:9545 Browser: 8573
How long do you want to continue the "PreCure" series?
The severity has increased year by year as being good at the beginning.
Do you think that fans will increase if you increase the number of people?
I just made "Precure 〓〓〓〓〓quot; or "〓〓〓〓〓ecure".
Pretty cure is too much nowadays, mostly graduating.
There is everything 5GOGO, please change the title Do you feel painting the earliest work in the draft?
I changed the channel thinking that I can not see 1 episode, it is not worth watching It is too childish.

2010/02/20 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4240 Host:4369 Browser: 14502
It seems like I want to make sure that Precure 5 did not exist due to this work. I wonder if it was such a work.
[good point]
There is nothing in particular.

[Bad point]
Clearly I still had room to evaluate Max Heart. Since Nagisa and Honoka were promoting to senior students, the point there is okay, but it is only a pity that Pretty Cure 5 members have become Sazae-san world without advancing. No, I do not dislike a senior student combination, but I think that there was freshness as having a fresh setting if two members were introduced and two members were promoted.
Although there seemed to be such a plan in a book, it was regrettable that pretty cure 5 was deceased for reasons that I do not understand well with these five people.
It is too bad that I was informed that Milky Rose = milk. I want to doubt the existence of her presence with five people 's power in PreCure 5.
I would like to make it to the end that there was no tried.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can not attach a complete evaluation because I am seeing only one course of Cool and early in the opening stage. However, I do not feel like seeing everything. If it were to be evaluated it would be very bad so far

2009/07/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19730 Browser: 7774(Mobile)
The character of PreCure side is getting increasingly severe.
Since milk became a walnut, it gets more and more spiritless as its arrogance is unprecedented and the goodwill almost completely becomes an air character. Rin got something sexy and Nozomi got polished a little more ... ... When six people who were made small by the technique of Mucadia raised the inner ring, after all I thought that PreCure would not need more than five people .
The newly added small animals said clearly and "Uzza too!" The kings who used the four gods motif as a group of servants except for the last person (who forgot their names). It was a bad personality that I thought that Princess Crape something like that could put out such a child on a child's program. The other two are just incompetent of May fly. Syrup was also a type of character whose behavior philosophy and personality were hard to grasp and skillfully speaking.
Eternal was also not bad, but I did not feel the appeal of the previous work Nightmare. Although it was strangely cool that the human body was like the character of a foreign movie. Medium boss is miserable even once again ...
It was pleasant that Mr. Masuko Masuko of Uzakara was reduced, as Mr. Bumby was alive at the end. I was able to smile unexpectedly the Kawarino of the last. fan service?
I wrote Borokkuso but it was not boring so I barely evaluate this.

2009/03/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31859 Host:31874 Browser: 7509
If you think it is a mission to enjoy the movie version, somehow.

Enemy executives are just good at the beginning.

2009/03/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10512 Host:10643 Browser: 4184
It was a regrettable sequel.

As milk became able to transform into two steps, it occupied the majority of extraordinary parts,
It was disappointing that the "daily little little non-daily collision" between the five previous work was almost gone. Just as it embodied it most like it was the fusion of grape juice and orange juice.

Shilo of a new character is also a little hospitable, if it is said to say it in a low-bodied way it is said that it was too harem.
I was trying too hard to get 5 people to exchange evenly, so maybe each story was scarce. Urara: I think that bee did not hit even if we had a little more deep relationship with either of the two milk.

I was sorry that the enemies passed the last day routine and took too much talk in the direction of love.
It seems that it was because the grandmother of mushrooms survived nevacutus and yadogin while breaking between the director, anacondie, and flora.
Because of that, Bumby who kept on going all the way was poorly treated (not in the play but in turn)
It seemed to have become so impressive I could not have had a good impression.

I was expecting what would happen just by breaking the growth of five people in the previous work,
I could not get any answers in this work even if it was the last round.
Especially for Nozomi, if you are stubbornly cranking up or staying in there, you will become worried that your dreams will not matter.

Although there was also a good story, the times where there was something like the story that Aqua of the previous work wielded the sword was equal to none at all, and the direction of the five people who wanted to see in the last round also was torn down by the tremendous momentum With this evaluation as it made me feel like I did.

2008/11/27 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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In the spring of next year it seems that the release of "The Precure All Stars" theatrical version was decided.
What are the three major pretty cure all co-stars? This is pleasure.

It is time to say next spring is the time when the next work is already started, but I am anxious as to whether I will do pretty cure next time.

2008/10/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Like the previous work, the character deza is good.

[Bad point]
It is the same as the previous work, and the one pattern has increased from the previous work.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I want you to finish already! The overall evaluation is "worst".

2008/10/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1346 Host:1425 Browser: 5234
This work is a sequel to the Precure series fifth work and is a sequel to the previous work.
Mascot characters are increasing and the cuteness is increasing.
The syrup played by Mr. Park Mihi who was playing enemy boss in the movie of the previous work is very cute.
But why can he transform from human beings from the beginning?
Is the sixth warrior Milky Rose a milk transformation? In the previous work, it was only a mascot character converted into a power up item that it got the power of a blue rose in this work and it will become possible to transform three steps into a human and a warrior. Well, it's better than increasing useless characters.
Enemy organization Eternal is the only two executives who died at the present time. There are also six executives, including the chief who is the leader and the anaconda of that adjutant presence. Up to now I have been out every time when I die one by one, but I've got to do away with this work.
Personally I was able to laugh the first cake story. Cocoes who were panicked and suspicious were very cute.
It is a pity that Mikuko Mika or his turn has not come out well in the previous work. I ended quickly if I thought that it came out for a while after talking about this time. I think from a long while ago that it may be possible to notice the identity of PreCure.
Next month there will be another theatrical version again, so it is good to have fun developments.