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Other media: Game:Yes! Precure 5 / Comics:Yes! Precure 5
Anime total pnts rank Rank 5,006in 6,559 titlesTotal -1 / Deviation 47.35
Anime avg pnts Rank 2,218in 2,893 titlesAvg -0.01=Normal/71 reviews
Anime rank of 2007 Rank 141in 206 titles
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Hot heart33%8/24
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Shed tears8%2/24
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TV Asahi ABC TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD ADK Naritayoshimi Ken-ichi Yamashita Daisuke Habara Deko Akao Yabeakinori Takenori Kawada Shimizujyunji Otsukaken Tatsuya Nagamine Daisuke Nishio
Toshie Kawamura Naoki Sato
Yuko Sanpe
Jyunko Takeuchi
Ai Maeda
Ai Nagano
Mariya Ise
Takeshi Kusao Miyu Irino Eri Sendai
Mari Yamada Chie Koujiro
Kazuko Sugiyama Hiro Yuki Wataru Takagi
Eiji Maruyama KazueKomiya
Nobuyuki Hiyama Akio Suyama Youko Soumi Chihiro Sakurai
Yurika Hino Satoshi Taki Mayumi Asano Kumiko Watanabe Satsuki Yukino Hiroshi Naka Junichi kanemaru Ai Nagano Tomoaki Ikeda Kumiko Itou Michizoe Ami Kanae Oki Yukiko Hanioka Mayu Itsshiki Kokoro Kikuchi Ryoko Usami Mayu kudou Kanako Miyamoto
Kouji Yusa Norihisa Mori Susumu Chiba Wataru Hatano Sinya Fukumatu Kazunari Kojima Satoshi Tsuruoka Yoko Toshinobu Iida Akiko Nakagawa Yuka Imai
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Japan Released:2007/02/04(Sun) 08:30-09:00 TV Asahi TV / End:2008/01/27
Official sites
1. http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/yes_precure5/ (Translation)
Ending movie (2)
Kirakira shi chatte My True Love!Kirakira shi chatte My True Love!
Song:Kanako Miyamoto
Lyrics:Sasaki Miwa [Fan reg.]
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2017/03/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26346 Host:26232 Browser: 7878
[good point]
It is summarized very simply.
There is no unnecessary taste.

[Bad point]
Because there is no taste, entertainment is thin.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Is it the series that gathered most beautifully in the series?
The first half is a friendship triggered by PreCure, the second half is a dream.
To save the world with the result nurtured in daily life as a person not as a hero,
It is a completed form of a twisting hero that started with.
I was impressed that the remarks on dreams for milk Nozomi were made expressing pretty cure straight without escaping well.
This neighborhood also leads to the hero of Happiness which is the later series.

2017/03/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1469 Host:1363 Browser: 5213
[good point]
People who were masked in Nightmare 's company or the final battlefield. It was surreal and fun.
The rest is Bumby and Desperaia.
[Bad point]
Anyway the handling of enemy characters is bad.
Even from the first generation to 5 GoGo the enemy character often dies,
Even so, there are also funny interactions between enemy characters' comical and fun scenes and pretty cure and enemy characters.
This Precure 5 does not have much such a depiction. At most it is about Bumby.
There are also many scenes in which enemy characters do not cooperate with each other but a certain enemy character drives another enemy character to death.
If you are happy with pretty cure and fairies as well, feeling like how enemy characters can be unhappy.
I only like the final Desperaia. It is not like rasubosu, it is just a place to just flip.
If Rasubosu is Jaakuking or director, it was a place to make a minimum evaluation.

2016/05/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7250 Host:7204 Browser: 7908
[good point]
〓〓〓Pretty Cure who seems to be the ally of justice among works of the PreCure series

In this work, the existence of PreCure is clearly drawn as "hero".
Beginning with Nozomi helping Koko, all the clues that five Nozomi girls awoke as PreCure were anger towards unreasonable violence to fall to the weak.
In order to practice what it is natural, but of necessity, there are people in need, they fight to protect them from the violence that weakens against the weak.

The fifth episode and the sixth story such as this, the story which Fuji Mizuki Kennen fails to transform into Cure Aqua and then awakens again is indispensable in talking about what the hero is.

As a student council president, at first, trying to accept the butterfly of blue with the idea that "everyone is wrong unless I have one". As a result, the butterfly flew away.
And in the sixth episode, as a single individual named Shimizu Mizuki, not as a student council chairman relying on everyone, I have been accepted as a blue butterfly anew since I hoped to "protect important people" from the bottom of my heart.
It is useless in just a sense of duty. Is not this an important thing as a hero?

As described later, some enemies are on the road, and PreCure 5 is the most shining hero who stands for justice to protect the weak.

〓〓〓Growth depiction of Nozomi's

When the Precure series still had "two players" still in the title, there was something that the hero certainly could be said as a special feat.
However, the main character of this work, Nozomi, was the first person who was walking with clothes in the word of incompetence without any special skill (awfully rude !!).
Besides being just incompetent, it is poor quality because it is a so-called "incompetent worker". It is often a good match with Nobita of Doraemon who is an adult with actions in good faith and failing.
There were scenes that were dented by being reprimanded by that thing from around and scoured by many times, "No matter what I can do anything", Nozomi will change with getting a mentor named here. Coco never abandoned her and faced her seriously.
As a result, Nozomi gave himself confidence.
And the attitude to work seriously on anything of Nozomi is encouraging and inspiring people just by existence, and Nozomi is becoming an existence that can be called a "living banner" so to speak.
Of course for children who will naturally overlap themselves with Nozomi, for parents who are in the position of raising children, is there a place to learn about the relationship between Coco and Nozomi?

In addition to Nozomi, five people grew each other, including those who could not open their hearts to anyone, laugh at laughter, or come to care about friends, etc. Changes are depicted.
The element of "growth" as a Jubnail tale can be said to be outstanding even in the PreCure series.

〓〓〓fantastic romance depiction

One of the features of this work is that a man who carries out pretty cure and romance plays, unlike the PreCure series so far, is directly involved in the story of the battle.
Prince Coco and Prince Nutz of the Kingdom of Palmiers each had a love pattern with Komachi and became a good refreshing agent of the story.
First of all, Nozomi and Coco are plentiful like a newlywed couple.
The hero who fights with the determination of destiny, and the determination to protect a partner exposed to tragic destiny is the royal road. The only difference is that men and women are reversing.
And Prince Coco 's brother (Although it is not clearly said in the play, probably younger brother) Nuts had pride (Although it was circumstances in the first appearance scene, it was a shock to hit here) , It is seriously strange that it refuses that Bean Daifuku that was put out from this time from horseback despite being hungry, "I can not receive it because I do not have gold in this world", and it is seriously strange, It is a combination. But the compatibility is good only, the figure that mutually respects each other was awful.

Because of this pleasant love picture depiction, the work called PreCure 5 is recommended not only as a hero program but also as a love one.

[Bad point]

〓〓〓The villain halfway half humanly

The enemy Nightmare of this work is a good way to say that even in the Precure series it will enter five fingers.
Even though it is a fantasy world, it possesses overwhelming violence that will destroy a country, and also negotiations and bargaining sorts are not acceptable. The only thing they are thinking is how to compel others pleasure and profit. In addition, once you decide to target it obsessively chases you until the opponent breaks. Like a terminator.
Coupled with the appearance of the monsters appearing in the play, it would not be an overstatement to say that the evil backfire is comparable to the shocker of "Kamen Rider".

However, although it is such a nightmare, they are popular on the Internet by the nickname "corporation of evil".
Because they are often portrayed as a so-called "salaried man's sorrow".
"I will respond to your salary assessment if I do not produce results" "I'm an intermediate manager so I do not have any overtime payment" "I will not have a biteboy unless I bring home the dream collet" It must be dead for my life to succeed !! "etc., such a scenes are fresh and raw, scenes that unleash the lines with real words are exactly that.
A member of Nightmare who is not being able to raise "achievement" is being sacrificed for one person, one person and the head of Desperia, and nobody is gone.
Although it is shocker-like to rule that the useless one kills, it is not possible to write a sympathetic depiction on the side of the monster who is knocked down in the play.

How has such a Nightmare and PreCure 5 finally settled?
The way of making that settlement is to reconcile with Desperia who could not overcome fear even if we got eternal life and youth by using the powers of the robbed Dream Collet, and not to kill, but to be sealed met. This is the scene that calls one big impression ... If you take a closer eye to the fact that the Nightmare members other than her are annihilated.
When seeing that PreCure 5, who had bustlessly banished Gillima and Araknea, thought of setting options for suddenly reconciliation before Desperaia, it would be natural to wonder.
Whether Nozomi could not show it to the villains who appeared in the early stage, that Despondaria and Gillima 's have not changed in that the suffering is that they were suffering.
The cause of this unfairness is nothing but the fact that Nightmare had been given the attribute of so-called "salaried man's sorrow" as described above.

There was room for sympathy that should not be born in the Nightmare Ikkusen who actually takes the action in the exterior itself without necessity such as necessity to bring in sympathy etc, because it drew a strange smell like this in the evil corps of Nightmare was born. As a result, many people have an impression of Pretty Cure 5 as a slaughter rather than a hero. As a hero program that expects catharsis to beat down evil, this is a place that can not be overlooked.

〓〓〓I do not have a sense of life in the depiction of the heroes

Until "Futari wa" is attached to the title, people other than the hero who can transform into PreCure were positively depicted, and sometimes there were also individual supporting times of the supporting characters.
But if the number of heroes is 5, including those directly involved in the story of the battle, if it is 8, the length of the scale that can be devoted to a person per capita has decreased considerably.
As a result, the depiction per person has also become thin, and the life feeling has decreased considerably from the depiction.
How to spend your holidays, what time you will sleep at night, what time you get up, what to eat from the food you like, or whatever you like to drink tea or coffee, whatever you like, or whatever you like There are few depictions of life, including that of Nozomi and the hero, such as ... etc. It would be a story that we should use the imagination, but if you do it, it is over-casting.
More specifically, most of the families of PreCure will not appear. Nozomi 's father. Mother, Rin' s brother sister, Urara 's father and grandfather, Komachi' s older sister have not appeared five times. The rest of the father of Rin, parents of parents, parents of good-nature do not come at all.
Because the world view is closed only by characters that are directly related to the story of the battle, so to speak, the people who are in the "outer side of the circle" are almost out of the screen, so that the description in the play is a sekai type It has become.
For those who do not accept it unless they have a sense of life in the depiction of the characters, this may be caught.

〓〓〓thrown item depiction. Collection depiction

In this work, the answer to the question "Why does the enemy come only to the heroes?" Which is one of the tsukkomi that tend to be in the hero program is "The legendary item that Nightmare is seeking Dream collet is the Nozomi's It is at hand. "
This dream collet is a legendary item that only one wish will come true even if any wishes are captured when 55 people are captured by repeating picking up a type of fairy called Pinky with a wrist watch type item, It is supposed to be.
Nightmare destroyed one country in the desire of that dream collet, and stripped my fangs to the Nozomi who have it. In a sense it is also an item of magical, it can be said to be the most important item that created tension in the story.
And I thought that the progress of the story could be understood by counting the number that Pinky was remaining several others ... but that was not the case. I wanted you to count some remaining bodies.
Pinky does not come out if you defeat the enemy, it just fluffles around it. That alone, I will still digest the process until I have 54 bodies until the first broadcast of 2008, so I'm ruining the catharsis when I got everything together.
Dream collet has been established as a "system that you can see at a glance when you come here" like Saint Seiya's Golden Zodiac and Genji Hideo Daewoo Wataru's Creative Mountain, but it has not been clearly used effectively. It is as good as using high-spec desktop PC body part as pickle stone. Very unworthy.
In other words, why put 55 pinky in a dream collet makes a wish come true regardless of dragon balls Perhaps for certain meanings There is no explanation for the most important place. If I could explain that one logic, the catharsis when 55 people gathered at the end and the feeling of despair when I was robbed it would have increased ...

〓〓〓The writer's favor to the specific character by the screenwriter was noticeable

The third survivor of the Kingdom of Parmier destroyed by the invasion of Nightmare, milk was a very rare event in the animated area, a so-called "character hated by both fans and anti".
The reason is that no matter how problematic behavior the milk is playing in the play, nothing is being blamed for by anyone, feeling bad.
Especially in the 23rd episode about the accident that happened when Nozomi pursued the milk that robbed himself from drawing tools, a scene where no one accuses milk but four people concentrate on Nozomi, the scene of the subsequent division For the feeling that the rings are being forbidden, I wriggled the head.
As far as you see the same thing in Blue of Happiness Charge, it is difficult for Mr. Narita of the main writer to forcibly defeat specific characters in the world view level, or forcibly defend them There seems to be.
It would be a huge success if you wanted to teach the children "depicting a long thing" or "shadow of a big tree" through the depiction of milk.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There are problems such as evils caused by a large number of characters, a half-hearted human smell of a villain who must definitely be knocked down, but even in the Precure series, five of this work boast of one of the best coolness as a hero There. In addition, even if it is a romance thing, there is also the appreciation value as a girl growing as a girl nile. With that in mind, the evaluation is "very good".

2015/11/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21252 Host:21261 Browser: 7457
[good point]
The merit of the main character is appearing Masuko Masaka 's appearance When the design of the clothes when it became PreCure was the most coolest villain in history, Bumby is a straight thought of the middle nozomi

[Bad point]
Listening to the dialogue of milk often makes Nozomi a bad guy There are many stories not related to the story

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I found out good points in memory so I could not even look back on the video now, three results came out,
That's why I told you that if you search for a good point it is not enough rags to be found yet,
Although Nozomi is serious, I will want to cheer for the hardest place while aware.
The times when Masuko Masuko came out also remained in the impression, although there is a tendency to run through, I only took the necessary pictures so I did not get much of a viewer from viewers, I also liked the scenes where Bunby reconciled with Nozomi.
By the way, you can not put in a good point because you can not see the last place unless it's a later work, badly

2015/10/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
The number of pretty cure became 5 people, the color became colorful and the appearance improved considerably.
I feel that the variation of stories that can be done differently than before is increased due to the fact that the grade is mixed from 3 years to 1 year or 5 people.

As a character, it is urla, coco, nuts ...
And I think that the hope of the main character was good!
Not only was there a lot of actions that seemed like a hero, but also from the enemies, he was afraid, persuading Rasubos succeeded or was a terrible protagonist.

And although I thought that the story was delicate at the beginning, I felt despair despair of the last two fights because there were so many interesting times from the middle stage that many hope and despair were often mentioned, It was good!

Also since the enemy is the name Koiner, the production of a scary feeling was better than the pre-cure work so far.

Where the bad thing is most concerned is still related to milk.
As masks are put on pretty cure falling into the darkness, leaving milk saying that it is not my fault first when broke, only obviously do not get angry, apparently milk is only bad things like this It was a lot.
Especially since Rin is a setting of a long-time friend of hope, it was a feeling that it was ah.
In the second half I have not healed the badness of my mouth but if I think it got a little it will be deceived by the disguise of the enemy wonderfully ... No, I do not think there is any problem as a story development, but for usual hope What makes you feel bad is that you can not see that hope can be broken out in the movies, despite being great.
(Although Porn of the first pretty cure looks a bit like milk, unlike a milk, thinking that milk is about junior high school student ..

Because there are also bad places but it has become quite enjoyable than expected!
Evaluation is "good"! Hmm!

2015/08/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10537 Host:10575 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Contributed to the life extension of this series
I took over the cancer balance de dance
[Bad point]
As a result of shifting to a system of five people, the figure of a squadron x beautiful girl fighter has been completed, and the series has made a cause to call Pakli of Seram.
Two people do not feel a sense of life compared to the series, it is hard to transfer emotions
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it was pretty cure in the new regime launched to eliminate the slump of S 〓〓〓S, the above problems also occurred due to becoming five people, and Futari wa Pretty Cure series had no friendship The story has become extremely few.
As this talk progressed, it became noticeable thing, so even if the last round was over, I was able to feel only the "Oh .. PreCure 5 ended" position. In addition, the final round was also dismissed in the form of non-battle and seal, so it was finished to make it even more realistic as the final round.
Another reason is that the background is not Western and there are few depictions, but Mobchara in the school is not playing an active part even though there is no life feeling of Nozomi. I guess the power has been down compared to the "two series" here.
Personally, it is regrettable that the appearance of the world unique to Pretty Cure including the series after the appearance of this work was lost and it became a Sentai material by the appearance of this work personally more than anything else.

2015/03/14 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26508 Host:26543 Browser: 9250
[good point]

[Bad point]
It is a terrible work anyhow.
First of all it is funny that the existence of milk is tolerated whatever it is unpleasant.

Also, do not ask the story of the enemy.
If you get something like Saikai Hayato, you are enemy to the end

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even the pretty cure is the least trustworthy trash you can not believe.

2015/01/17 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10053 Host:10121 Browser: 9629
Chara design is my favorite among pretty cure ...

I tried to see it because it seems to be popular at the time, but I could not see this too ...
For now, I wonder if we should reconsider a strange mascot from the design ...

2015/01/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1860 Host:1893 Browser: 4693
[good point]
We made company efforts with renewing elements from the previous work, expanded sales Sales that made Pretty Cure's transformation a standardized thing Connected to life extended series

[Bad point]
Content is the severity of handling of obscene characters (especially making milk a favorite character, buying anger of viewers)
Although the same school does not have a uniform number of years (Because of this, the sequel collapsed the time series)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A dream is a work of a theme, but it only makes me say that "I want to become" to the main members.
Anything about other dreams is okay, the dream of early "restoring the Palmiers kingdom by collecting pinkies" is a denial of refusal that it is not your dream.
Although my dream is a work of a theme, I am truly lonely to think that I can only make a talk with a narrow idea.
If dreams are the theme, was not it necessary to draw stories about various dreams?
About character it was only individual personality that there is no personality than SS.
Especially it is only saying that the treatment of Rin Natsuki is too severe.

Although the enemy is a group "Nightmare" that brings a nightmare, it does not bring about a nightmare to the general public, it is just a single point of being like "I will give you Dream Collet" "Your OO is stupid, Dame Dame" It was. As an exception, I had a nightmare by masking the Palmiers citizen and Precure 5, but those who wear masks have contradictions that they temporarily dream of a nightmare temporarily and there is a contradiction in particular that suffers There was no depiction.
It should be that too, the top of "Nightmare" has a dream "want peace" and, despite being immortalized and immersed in preycure at the dream collet drawn from PreCure, the mysterious light of the fallen protagonist who was fallen down After receiving a runaway and reconciliation with the PreCure side, it works to reconcile with "Pretty Cure" and devote himself to deception with the excuse of "I was bad - I'm sorry" to make the sins so far chara. There are places that I admire in a sense that it was able to seal the enemies of the enemy well.
It was a story that fought with the composition of a dream VS nightmare like this like this, but when I looked to the end, I thought that it was full of contradiction.
You should not attack from the beginning if you want peace.

Besides, the worst evaluation is made for PreCure 5 which was annoyed by viewers excluding some fans due to the severity of milk favor and the collapse of power balance by mysterious ear bones.
It is "evaluation on the inside of the work" to the last, and since sales are not taken into consideration, I am afraid.

2015/01/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21751 Browser: 1974(Mobile)
Although it is good to have renewed characters and the like from the series, it seems that something seemed somewhere to open up the lid and there was no freshness

I think that it would have been good to design like fresh but I think that it was good to shift to a single transformation

Drawing full of collapse The early stage was impressed, but gradually tension down after five people gradually treated milk that appeared from the middle stage is too much favorite too Pinky attraction is a state of extinction but suddenly one person got up and suddenly withered with victory Earbone occurred in the reconciliation and the last battle wildly withered The true purpose of Rasubosu and the reconciliation scene also decayed

As a sample of a bad work, but at that time it was innovative so sales would be V-shaped recovery (lol)
Clearly saying that I did not need a sequel Because that worst milk is more favorable and now I'm a member of the All Stars Jokes are nice and funny

2014/09/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24864 Host:24796 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Nothing in particular

[Bad point]
The smile of having made it five makes all five members of the same class in this reflection of reflection.

Appearance of milk
23 episodes and obviously milk is bad Not only is it not only It is not only that Other things are non-existence It is quite uncomfortable to blame Nozomi instead of milk

Treatment of the enemy Although there was explanation that the pretty cure so far to return to original, this time it is not it Not only It is not only the scene which can clearly sympathize with the enemy without forgiveness Nothing has been talked to until now Even violence anyway If Kiriya, Mitsuru, Kaoru, Shun, Hayato, Satsuna, Mephisto and Trio the Minor were in this work, the enemy will remain confirmed.
Even though the suite thought of the baritones who were supposed to be enemies.

Lack of portrayal of family members
In SS, my family and friends were talking about my troubles, but this time there is no mother of Nozomi from the midst of it, but the depictions of my family no longer depict Precure is familiar with the connections of my family.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Mansee is funny SS and suite with more criticized content is better
Obviously failed for the second term, obviously serpentine in the second half of the second half
It was okay if it ends with 23 episodes

2014/08/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19445 Host:19330 Browser: 5137
[good point]
Bunby's gag

[Bad point]
The one-pattern sermon is bad tempo and talk does not seem to have persuasive power The last thrust
[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is a merit of making PreCure like five people now but I think that it is not a fairly praised honesty I think that the change in the mindset of Desperia seems to have been depicted largely but it will be reconciled or preaching Also seems to have destroyed the tempo of the battle and the impression bad story has only the impression that it repeats the turn of each character like a routine work

So it's very bad.

2014/05/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20122 Host:19952 Browser: 9309
[good point]
To exchange between fairies and humans,
Pretty cure with uniting power unique to the multiplayer.

[Bad point]
Descriptions of outsiders

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A classic masterpiece without overall snow.

2013/09/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9703 Host:9653 Browser: 8236
I started to like pretty cure enemy characters from this time.
Mr. Bumby was really a good character in the PreCure 5 series.
It was a bad character at first but it was a good character, as failure continued, seeing the position going down, hurting pretty cure

Also the fairy said only "miserable signs ~" to the previous work, except for milk Even if useless fairies did not become a fighting force Even the pretty cheers were supported by the rim who was bordering the edge Feeling was a good feeling It was a thorough work until the previous work The romance element which was thru in was also delicious

Pretty cure people were also better than individuals with SS but if you complain about it is milk That Uzakara is something I want you to manage some more

2013/08/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24654 Host:24689 Browser: 5386
In a nutshell, it may be better to think that it is almost a different work from the original "Precure".

This work is the third work of the "PreCure" series, but its reputation is not very good. Because it is because there are only pakuri elements in characters and settings, there is no freshness in content.
The first "Precure" and the "Splash 〓〓〓Star" which took over the concept of the first generation had become a bishop boyfriend different from "Sailor Moon", but because this work increased from two to five people , Content has become content which is not much different from "Sailor Moon".

From the failure of the previous work "Splash 〓〓〓Star", Toei and Bandai changed the route to bring back the popularity of the "PreCure" series, and as a result, this work was produced. TOEI and BANDAI commenced commercially the hit that surpassed the previous work "Splash 〓〓〓Star" broadcasting this work, so the answer is "No!", And the answer is "No!", I feel like seeing it on the way I lost it. (I have not seen "GO! GO!" Which is the sequel of this work.)

Regarding the setting, reworking of past works and pakuri from other works stand out, no content is innovative, and it is not interesting either.
For example, the setting that five girls, including the hero, team up and fight evil is a peculiar of "Sailor Moon" anyway, and about the main character "Yumeemi Nozomi (Cure Dream)" of this work, Sailor Moon "of the main character" Tsukino Usagi "and the same" Sailor Moon "Pakuri work" Love Angel Legend Wedding Peach "(this is a ryosaku differently from this work)" Hanasakamo Moko " , It is like a character that is added, and the dialogue for the transformation of this work "Precure! Metamorphose!" Is also a pakri work of "Sailor Moon" as well as a trash, "Miu Miu Power , Metamorphose! ", And there are many other pakuri elements, but only a part is explained here.

Speaking of the pros and cons which is good point in this work, the hero is a cute thing place, this work makes the disadvantage conspicuous, and there are no other parts that seems to be good points in particular.

In the past, Toei, when he was making "Marmalade. Boy", the "Crayon Kingdom of Dreams", "Ojamajo Doremi" series etc, which had been broadcasting in the same broadcasting frame as this work, still feels the production concept However, now Toei has already lost the concept of production, it is a work that is made only by sensitivity, there is no good impression on this work.
Toei is a work that seems to symbolize in a bad way that decent girl animation can not be made, and Toei and Bandai should cut off the "Precure" series and think about a new girl animation I think that.

2013/07/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9902 Host:9956 Browser: 7408
The 4th Precure series.
Because the series lasted because the previous work failed (to the last commercial), this work can see different attempts from pre-cure so far.
As the result of the trial, the good or bad will be described later, let me first write the impression of the whole, "It is a feeling that the failure of the previous work is pulling the tail ... ....".
This is because I do not feel like anything was a bad work, I guess the production environment seemed to be maddened inside.

Whereas the previous work was putting power (especially background) on the drawing side, this also seems that the production cost was also quite limited.
Specifically, PreCure other than Cure Dream has no difference other than New Mortal Armor made a new item (or items are drawn together), not just a new bank, and in the final round a special drawing I was not able to put power.

But still pretty cure. It was a work that can be said that this work is also amusing enough ^ ^
In this work, Precure - The main characters increased from two to five people, so variations were born in the story of one episode one episode. This is one of the beauty of this work.
And as for this work also the character is good!
Although it does not reach an intense presence compared to the first two people, it is rich in individuality overall.
The main character Nozomi Yumeima has no dreams. Therefore I thought that "I see that it is" to that figure that has a serious and strong feeling for dreams than anyone else. Also, I got a dream from here and I also like the relationship between you who gave hope to Coco. At first I thought "I'm just a noisy weather," but as the story progressed, the charismatic nature gradually got better refined, and there is no objection that Nozomi is the leader when it comes to the end It was.
No longer can not think of Precure 5 without Nozomi.

Rin Natsuki is pretty as it is on the mouth, the face of the man at the time of pretty cure and sometimes peeping [peer way maiden] one side and the usual gap are pretty, the figure transformed as a heroine was wonderful.
Urasuru Kasuga [Pretty Cure Bling]. At first I thought, "What do you mean to burn?", But I agree to see it. Certainly this is starting to break. Specifically, the will to make a dream come true. Wow active and positive. Another brightness different from Nozomi is refreshing. The fragrance of lemon is bursting.
Akimoto Komachi is a relaxing healing system. Tsukkomi is also friendly and sorry. Such a girl gets angry when she gets angry. That's why the mouth is "anger of the maid who shakes the earth." Her application of barrier, which is called "mint cannon" on the net and in part, will be a glance ant at first glance.

And Kiren Minzuki. I love her very much. She wanted someone to need it from a special family environment. That is as a student council president. However, on the other hand, I also had the desire to want to depend on someone, to be my own self. That is why the early stage is concerned about everyone, while having a retroactive thought that "I can not do it ...", a sense of mission and sense of duty preceded the result of the unprecedented situation that the transformation into PreCure is impossible It was awakened.
As soon as I truly exposed my feelings and after becoming pretty cure, I stepped up more and more women as I repeated the times. It can be said that it is skipping a head one even within a member as much as a woman.
Especially fascinating smile facing milk is wonderful. That's too much for milk, and it can be nod to take an attitude of only Karen against. Perhaps she was the one who had the greatest mental growth or change.

Beyond pretty cure, I was impressed by the last action of nuts.
He was once fooled by Kawarino, and as a result helped destroy the kingdom. Because of that, I became skeptical of trusting people, I always hanging the key of my kingdom, a symbol of my sin, on my neck.
When he is going to build a new kingdom from now on, give the key of the kingdom to Komachi. The key of the kingdom is evidence of sin for nuts. To give it to others, that is, it's a break from the past. As Koko said earlier, the manifestation of a posture to live positively forward without getting caught in the past forever. At the same time, giving it to others is nothing but wanting that person to remember your sins.
I was glad that the other party was Komachi ^ ^
Nasty question such as Ali in love with fairy is not pear.

Speaking of Coco and Nuts, unlike the previous Fairy, he smiled when the enemy appearance dialogue was not "evil sign" or "something came out!". About w w

The enemy character was a typical flat employee Gillima (I felt like I was watching the employees who worked since the company was founded in the rest of the world); it was a temporary employee, Gamao, a career woman It was fresh where the position was company employee, such as Arakunea who had fallen into a machine with a slight accident.
In the beginning Bumby who was a boss who is disgusting, as soon as his boss appears, scenes that are being treated like flat employees are strangely reality ....
Bunby had a strange humanity. Although I had a rebellious spirit from Kawarino on the way, it was probably because there was nothing wrong with the heart of justice who used to wake up to the heart of justice, I used my men without permission, because I punctuated himself well, Because I was afraid to lose my men just to be responsible for myself). However, it was charming as a character without such a thing and was also attractive. Well, Mr. Akira Takagi's performance (ad lib or anything else?) Has also made a big contribution.

Hadena is a character as the name. How to laugh is truly amazing and flashy. Actually, the villain who has a high basic tension was precious because there were only Bumby and her in this work.
Bloody Towns were pretty solid characters. Actually, the pretty cure of everyday, the behavior and the tactics of the enemy's role changed often, but it was different only for Mr. Bloody. Whether it is to make a whole coiner into space or just to say "Way of being a watashi," there is only a thing.

About the character is like this.
And a story.
This work was fun with variations in each episode.
Also, the composition of the story was better than that.
Initially, PreCure 5 was formed without any hope of Nozomi, and I was too good or bad to be at the center of Nozomi. Every pretty cure is connected with Nozomi, but the connection with other than her was thin and unstable many.
Such a state of something distorted human relationship, the terrible situation will come.
With carelessness of Nozomi and milk, the beaded figurines that we were making little by little are broken.
The relationship between the four people except Nozomi is getting worse at once. No, it will surf. Everyone who has fallen apart in an instant. Nozomi gathered and gathered together. That is why when Nozomi made a mistake there is no one who will follow it.

This is probably what Komachi was saying. Everyone embraced a different feeling for Nozomi, but everyone relied on Nozomi. It appeared as an argument.
In fact, at this time, what everyone had to do was not to consider the attitude towards Nozomi, but to pick up the beads that were destroyed by Nozomi. (Therefore, I really thought of Nozomi and I also found that Coco tried to support picking up beads.
However, all the people who could not do it worried without knowing what to do and put it in Kawarino.
I would have shaken off easily if it were true, such as the vision of Kawarino. I could not do it because I lost my confidence because of the previous one.
Then, the people who have fallen apart will be collected again by Nozomi.
The series of developments so far is the destruction of human relationships that have been grown distorted. Starting with that, reconstructing human relations with milk added.
Once all the unity that has tasted despair, sublimates to a firm one this time. There is the appearance of milk there. Her existence is precious. Even though there are many things that are basically disgusting, it is possible to say that Nozomi is the only one that can point out troubles and fears held in the depths of the heart towards the face.

So, after the 24th episode, the fruits of trust and ties that had been nurtured gradually through training camps and others are 39 episodes, and they are exposed in battle with Desperiah. Everyone who dismisses despair once here. However, I do not know if I can win with as it is.
Then, since the end of the 40th episode, the center of the story begins to turn to [the future].
Komachi and Urara share the difficulty and joy of keeping up chasing dreams, Karen and Lynn have friendship as a common goal of finding dreams and face seriously about parting with Coco and Nuts that will come over again , Hopes and dreams to overthrow Desperiah, and episodes to keep farewell from despair became prominent. (Incidentally, the appearance of mint guns is around here!)
Speaking of greed, this sort of somewhere between 24 and 39 episodes is OK, so I wanted an episode with Rin and Urara, Komachi Norin, Karen and Urara, each combination. Especially Urara Norin. It is painful that there was no landing point of the scene where the grimace of the graveyards in the middle grave had quite similarly cursed ... ....

It is finally the final battle. Means against rival Kawarino. It was a dream and a lot of hope.
I made that beautiful coco and nuts that I received [hope] from Nozomi.
Even in the worst circumstance that Dream Collet is used, it is good that he preached hope without giving up and regained the hearts of despairing kingdoms. Thank you for thinking Coco, "I've been hesitating for a long time".
I dismiss Kawarino, finally confronted with Desperaia. Desperaia's desire revealed before Dream, who will not lose hope to show hallucinations as resolute.
What was revealed here is despair that is associated with anxiety about the future, anxiety. It was the same figure as the pre-cure men who were desperate once.

Therefore, Dream is not as a pretty cure but as Nozomi Nozomi facing Desperiah, preaching hope. Everyone continues to Nozomi.
The dialogue here was after 40 episodes confronting the future, because each was drawing an answer within himself, there was firm persuasive power to move Dispaiah's mind.
Make the race boss' s heart move, make the story to the ending. Farewell to Coco and finally finished in a long fight finally dressed towards the dream I found the appearance of the five people was bright and relieved ... ...!

Although there was not much dissatisfaction about the story, action aspect is somewhat difficult.
Though it does not matter the individual action itself, it is modest in its entirety. To Wari who is able to defeat the coainer by one skill, the appearance impact is still inferior to the previous work, the second time work ... ....
Personally, I wonder if there was no individual new technique. In the second half I feel like I was good only with [Precure .5. Explosion]. No, [Crystal Shoot] was pretty cool in the new bank, but what other than Dream uses the old technique bank as it is ......;
Besides, the coiner is basically huge, and the fact that the technique concentrates only on the face of a huge enemy is still modest.
It would have been better if there were more patterns such as Mr. Karen, Komachi, using items other than Special Mortem, and applying Special Move.

What was even more serious was lack of catharsis to beat enemies.
This time it becomes a monster with a mask as a mediation, but that mask is only destroyed from the screen without being destroyed by a deadly technique.
Personally, I think how this is. It is a precious deathbed technique, and I guess it will not break as much as possible.
[5. Explosion] the mask disappears, but it does not rupture at any rate, it is a plain disappearance;
As the drawing of the action itself was not often good, I felt that such a basic part was not good this time.

The deployment of the last is good, but I wanted you to make Rasubos Kawarino at least as long as you transform Desperiah. Kawarino felt betrayed by Desperia runs away, PreCure kills. There was no problem at all in this trend, and I think that it was an exciting development.

Evaluation is very good [close]. If I did not deduct from the last round of excitement (although it was excellent in drama nature, but looking at actions) I gave it a [very good] ....

It was a bit disappointing that we had less exchange with school events and classmates;
The more disappointing thing is that the late ED was not able to catch up with production, but the fact that the regrettable ED that flowed up a character with one color did not move at all for the first few times is it? How dare not it move even though it is an ED of dance ... well ... well, I was able to enjoy Karen's embarrassment or upper cut.

2013/03/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16668 Browser: 3456(Mobile)
This work did not feel very good for me who liked the "Futari wa Precure series" Even though I have been watching the first ten story talks recently but also polite good story unexpectedly and the design is frankly honest, Although the sequel's "GoGo" was pretty delicate, this 5 (unmarked) has a well-balanced and funny honesty, the prominent goodness of each work like the first generation, SS, fresh and pigeon suit I do not see much, but it is not so bad

Just a design of five people reminiscent of a certain bishoujo warrior ... should have changed a bit more?
Team balance of five people got set up by Gachaman is not bad ...
Well if you think about the precure situation at that time

2013/03/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20453 Host:20255 Browser: 7644(Mobile)
"Good point" 1 Personality of PreCure. It is pleasant that the personality of five people who pursue their dreams can draw out well (excluding sanctions such as girlish). (However, although it is a character whose remembrance is clearly remembered as well as Takigi Sugi of "Doraemon", it is a place to wonder if there is such a familiar human being in such a real world) 2 atmosphere Difference. The gap of the difference in the atmosphere created by the time of coco and nut human figure and fairy figure is good. Three enemy mantis figure. The mantis figure of the enemy character is smart. 4 OP. "Precure 5, smile gogo!" Of OP is cool. "Bad point" 1 milk character. The character of milk is bad. Especially the attitude toward Mr. Nozomi of milk was unpleasant, like Shaymi's attitude towards Satoshi of "Pokemon Giratina and ice sky bouquet Shayimi". 2 Handling of Nozomi. In the process, Nozomi is being treated severely, being deprived of food from milk, being taken from Rin's brother and sister. Also, in the first scene of "Hot Air Balloon of Nozomi and Coco", I thought that there is a problem with Nozomi 's attitude, but I thought it was too much to do both sides of the Phosphorus' It was. "Doraemon" is also the same, "I want you to stop talks that" I am not good at studying and exercising and a hero who is daju with a stupid head "often miserable eyes. "Comprehensive evaluation" It is interesting. As a side note, Nozomi of "Yes Precure 5", Miyuki of "Smile PreCure", Yayoi, I will be out of Precure, but Nobita of "Doraemon" and Tuna of "Katekyo Hitman Reborn" are not good at studying and exercising . On the other hand, it will be out of the story of 'Pretty Cure 5' goodwill, 'Yuri' of 'Heart Catch Pretty Cure', Manaka of 'Smile PreCure', Mana of 'Doki Doki Pretty Cure', After this also PreCure, but beast of 'Tamagotchi' I am good at studying and exercising. But 10 people are "the same kind heart that caring for someone". Then, why is it divided into "honor student" and "inferior student" among the characters of "someone's kind heart that is kind?", "If you have any ability you absolutely" have a gentle heart to consider others " It is because I want to teach everyone that I can not forget ". That's why all the characters of 'Honorable mind thinking others' are 'Honor student', 'Those who think that' Inferiority student '', 'Characters of others who care for others' are all 'inferior students' '' Honor students '' I think that people think that it may forget the "gentle heart to consider other people" (to the last person's thought).

2013/02/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13195 Host:13242 Browser: 5345
[good point]
The number of people with 5 people, increased the pattern of pretty, contrasting with children with dreams and adults being chased by reality Nozomi friendship

[Bad point]
The character of milk.
Instability of drawing

[Comprehensive evaluation]
From the people who saw the previous series is a pros and cons,
Promising to spread the possibilities of precure should be praised.
Pakri of Miu Miu? What do you want?

2013/02/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5922 Host:6000 Browser: 12343
[good point]
Character's bustle acrobatic development team not knowing how to fall down

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This is funny.
needs to be appreciated more.

2013/01/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
I think that it is quite fun as a character mono and a story mono.
Many of the characters appearing on the side of the ally are probably even pretty cure.
I think that there were a lot of conspicuous characters including fairies (although family and classmates do not go out much).

First of all, I think that it was interesting that the position for each character's "dream" was clearly divided like Nozomi with no dreams, with the dazzling urls, finding dreams and finding dreams ....
Although Nozomi is positive, there were occasional occasions where there was a complex about what only yourself had no dreams, or something missing the sureness of parting with Coco.
It was nice to have a serious depiction in such a lot of gags.
The story of a dream of the Urara can be touched, and the story that makes a chance to find a dream is also very good.
I think that there was no character that was not cute, and the fairies feel that they were extraordinarily adults compared to others.

Especially, Coco and Nuts were very good, feeling responsible for involving Nozomi in battle, unlike the fairies so far. Furthermore, because we know that parting will come, the story is very serious.
I like this kind of serious part and there are things like milk with bad personality, but I think she was also very good at certainly growing up in the human world.

Also, it is good to describe where pretty cure quarrels on the way and "Are you sure you can combine pretty cure and dreams? Pretty Cure is not disturbing for a dream?"
Because we overcome such a place and unite, the early stage seems to be bad personality or it does not seem like a hero.
Ultimately, I feel like I grew up to be a respectable hero, and it is good to be a big growth as a human being.
With the last cut, it was very touching for the picture that everyone is making friends to flow.

Bunby is also strong enemy.
The structure of the nightmare is unique, and the organization of corporate evil is interesting, is not it?
And super black company. Bumby was changed to a good boss on the way, but the beginning was a bad boss ....

2013/01/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36185 Host:35950 Browser: 1971(Mobile)
Five Precure was not popular because it gained popularity at the center child. It is only a song that ED changed the lyrics of the previous work, or it seemed that mint seemed to be as if it pushed the green characters of Tokyo Mu Mui. It is subtle

2012/12/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4352 Host:4242 Browser: 5378
It was only the first five-person pretty cure, and when I first saw it was innovative.
It is good that we focused on each of the five characters properly.
In my evaluation,

[good point]
Each personality is well manifest as the main is large
Battle actions are often good times

[Bad point]
I am concerned about the instability of drawing
Power - up version of Special Move Bank is used other than Dream
Presence of milk

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Milk is a particularly disgusting character and I certainly can not like it.
Do not apologize to steal and eat steamed box lunch silently, make a husky remark, disqualification remarks for Nozomi and other words,
Such a personality was not accepted for me.

Nightmare was a fun organization like a company and the exchange of each character was interesting.
In particular, Bunby, who stands in the middle management position, was also attractive with its vivid characters.

Although it changed to Precure setting innovatively, such as increasing the main character at a stroke by comprehensive evaluation, it became a work with the problem in many places, but I think that the character is good and unique.

2012/08/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49931 Host:49833 Browser: 7541
Although the final stage was somewhat suddenly expanded, I enjoyed having it in the theme of "friendship" and "dream" in somehow.
Anyway, a positive protagonist and the surrounding people moved by the hero. The dreams of each were firmly drawn and it was fairly interesting to mention about the suffering that dreams go away by fighting.
Milk is awful and bad personality, but it was pretty cute and Ikemen Fairy also weakened to fairy mode, so I think that it is unfair in the fairy personality richness.
Although there are only three people, there are human bodies, each has a deep trouble and makes the story heavy occasionally.
Also, the milk that was masked in the last stage was surreal and it was funny. It's kind of cute.

Nightmare has many characters that do not have personality ....
Especially Bunby is surprised to become a good person if you notice it.
In All - Stars etc, I'm desperately cheering PreCure and there is nothing in the early stage.
Well anyway, it is certainly a work that will bring lively energy to live happily, I love the protagonist of character like Nozomi.

2012/06/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14154 Host:14321 Browser: 7306
[good point]
I think that it was nice that there was not a character character of a character.

[Bad point]
Everyone is always thoughtful, clearly, PreCure 5 has too many bad characters.

Nozomi "Why can not you understand such a thing?"
Dream 's speech in the movie version.
I was irritated by the words I looked down against the dark dream I did not know about feelings.
Moreover, it tells it to a person who is meeting for the first time ....

Rin "When I open my mouth I do not have any other friends like Nozomi?"
This line is said to be a false pretty cure one.
Because I was avoiding from myself, I thought that I could say well against urla who is not without friends.
Ever since, it seems like glittering when it comes to GoGo when it comes to litter.

Karen: "You are indecisive for sadness."
Although it was frustrating how frustrating it is that it is incongruous to say indecision in the moment he tried to stop the fight.
Rather, who is on your side, the idea that the thought changes depending on the place may be indecisive for those who are good.
I do not feel like a good friend whatever you look like it's okay ...

Nozomi is still good because I have a proper idea,
Rin and Karen are just feeling like a strong character in 5 ...
It seems only to be "stubborn and selfish hearted woman".
Especially Rin has not improved at all after that ....
I can not empathize with the character of PreCure 5. (Mr. Komachi was a nice person)

The technique is sluggish, weak I was disappointed with rouge and lemonade in particular.
There is no fighting power of lemonade everywhere, is not it? It is saved by mint, it is stupid, it is sticking out, even if it fights even the dark lemonade game of the movie version, it is fun.
I wonder if the rouge has a weapon meaning.
Even the dream was early in the beginning.

It is not fun to watch the story boring. I will not do it either.
All the same story.
Is it OK with animation like this?

Drawing collapse even without final motivation drawing final.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Needless to say evaluation is "worst".
On the contrary, this work painted mud in the history of pretty cure as much as fresh.
I never want to see it again.
Especially Rin and Kure do not want you to say Pretty Cure.

2011/09/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18393 Host:18388 Browser: 9556
[good point]
Attractive villain.
Personally I liked Mr. Bumby and Gillima-kun. Mr. Kawarino, Mr. Bloody and Mr. Hadena were good villains with taste.

Story after episode 23
The twists of 23 episodes deepened the bonds of 5 people, and personally I feel that the story that was slightly rude after 2 cools became interesting.


Especially BGM at battle is good and I think that it is top class even in the series. Even in PreCure all-stars it's pretty much that battle BGM of PreCure 5 is being used ....

[Bad point]
Because I watched the sequel "Precure 5 gogo" of this work first, I feel the pretty cure costume design felt in the series.

Scenery is sometimes terrible (especially background)

The presence of milk is a milk, but the early milk 's usability was particularly abnormal.
Milk appears for the first time in 21 episodes, but steals and eats lunch boxes, robbing bean Daifuku, hitting the hands of Nozomi with a tremendous attitude to the fairy tale, and moreover, it is a funny story that I saw. Although it is natural that it is not Nozomi, why no facebook other than Nozomi is obliged to not misuse the milk anyway.
Especially it is spinning discomfort that Rin - chan and Kuren are too sweet with milk. Nozomi is a child who makes an obsession with the behavior and behavior of milk,
Is Rin-chan responding to forgiving adults? However, you should be careful if it is an adult that bad things are bad. Coco and nuts should be more careful of milk. Even though the circumstances of milk have been hard, I think that it is too pampered. If you are a childless baby, you know that milk is 14 years old (equivalent to Nozomi and the same generation) in terms of human conversion, you do not know what you did in this year, so it's a kid's bastard behavior It is not a story of the level that there is no choice.
After the fight with Nozomi in 30 episodes, cheeky remarks do not change, but it is salvation to be much more round than before.

The majority of Pinky collection, one of the aims of PreCure, is to leave the theater version, unfolding and unfolding

Successful conversion of Desperiaia, the last round of boss.
It is not Kawarino, but if you convert over there, the dead subordinates will not come to mind. In the last development, I think that it was good to develop that Kawarino betrayed with the converted desperiae betrayed and Kawarino became rasubosu.

The design of the monster form of Bloody who is the highest executive is like a fishy fish.
Bloody appeared from 31 episodes, and finally a monster style appeared with 45 episodes, but it is regrettable that it did not seem so strong in terms of design in spite of pulling a lot.

In a fight with 23 episodes, 4 pretty cure except Nozomi did not blame the milk at all.

Episode 23. Twenty-four story is an important story, five people's bonds deepen, I like it because it's time to power up, but the problem is a fight of 23 episodes that occurred due to Nozomi and milk. If Nozomi was apologizing for the first time, I think that I could not get over there until then, Nozomi is bad, of course. However, either way it was not convinced that milk was bad, but no one blamed milk, but only Nozomi was blamed. Rin and karen should properly scold milk properly. Of course there are problems with coco and nuts that have left their buds so far and have not been careful of milk properly .... Nuts thought that I should scold Nozomi's cause and milk first, rather than cleaning up the beads. Anyway, no one blamed milk, but I was shocked that Nozomi was blamed. Nozomi was poor. Even in the 16th episode, although nuts were saying justice because the telling was too straightforward, the Rin and Karen, mainly treating the nuts as a bad man, blamed the naught as though it was not strange I will do.
In the same 23 episodes, Mr. linchan talked about bad things about every eight people, but I wanted him to apologize to the url properly. Even if it is eight in the first place, Rin - chan 's friend' s feeling should not say such a thing, and I think so unnecessarily because it is not an exaggeration to say that Rin - chan 's popularity has dropped considerably owing to that remark.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If you do "Feel like what if you make 5 Pretty Cure of two?", It is said that it is said to be a degraded version of splendid sailor moon. At this time, I think that Pretty Cure is still in the era of trial and error stages that is not supposed to make it series (as of 2011) so I guess it can not be helped.

It is a pity that the depiction of families and classmates is extremely small, but 5 pretty cure and 2 fairies, at least 1 Nightmare executives and 1 stuff from 21 story to footsteps are added each time, always regular 8 people + Nightmare At least one person should do it, so I think this is inevitable. If you have a number of people here, you can make talks enough.

Without the initial milk case, it was better.
Even among villains of Pretty Cure, Bunby who is still popular is a work that appears, so the evaluation is "good" for the time being!

2011/03/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 956 Host:842 Browser: 8926
Personally my favorite works among PreCure series

I enjoyed the human drama of the main characters carefully, liked the air feeling of the enemy organization.

However, regrettable that the battle scenes of high quality were few

2010/11/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24389 Host:24474 Browser: 15251
It increased to five people, but it was subtle.

First of all I could not like the novel "Nozomi".
It seems to be a stupid face at Doshi, but his habit of saying "Keep on!" Was also disgusting.
I understand the hard side, but it is the reason why I did not like the side that involved without reading the air was conspicuous.

When Coco nuts are on the earth, it is a setting to change appearance to handsome twinks,
I wondered if this was necessary. It was a coupling between Nozomi and Coco, Komachi and Nuts, but it seemed as if there was a romantic feeling,
I ended up with ambiguous feeling until the end. It was incomplete.

The milk was very unpleasant with a character with no good point that the first impression was the worst, he was stupid personality, selfishness, curse etc. However,
As I was involved with Nozomi and Coco nuts, it was improved,
I managed to forgive it.

Rather than the pretty cure side, the enemy Nightmare side is more impressive and I like it.
No matter what, you can not remove Mr. Bumby. Gillima. Gamao, the manager of Alakunaa,
It is a typical middle management who acts gently for his subordinates and is low on Kawarino,
The strange character was the first impression.
I just tried to stop Araknea who received a black mask from Kawarino,
The impression changed after I saw a considerate aspect such as sadness when I died.
Even though Hadenya and Bloody are lightly treated,
I drew a real salaryman so I gained a lot of empathy.

As for the desperial who is the boss of Nightmare, I think that it was not as villainful.
Planning to dominate the world with despair, Kawarino used a dream collet to take away the world in desperation and became immortal and immortal, but it is because I declared how to have hope for Nozomi, is not it?
I think Kawarino, who was ruthless and ruthless, was a wicked villain.